Near-Death Experience Article Directory

  1. A Critique of Mary Baxter’s Hellish NDE and Her Book – by Kevin Williams, B.Sc.
  2. A Critique of Susan Blackmore’s Dying Brain Theory – by Greg Stone, Ph.D.
  3. A Theory Accounting for All Occurrences of NDEs – by John F. Newport, B.Sc.
  4. Another Look at Beings Encountered During the Near-Death Experience – by Jody A. Long, J.D.
  5. Betty Andreasson’s Alien Abduction and NDE – by Kevin Williams, B.Sc.
  6. Grief and Loss from the NDE Perspective – by Kevin Williams, B.Sc.
  7. How the New Physics is Validating NDE Concepts – by C.D. Rollins, B.Sc.
  8. It’s Time for Volunteer “Flatliner” Near-Death Experiments! – by Kevin Williams, B.Sc.
  9. Lessons From Near-Death Experiences About the Fourth Dimension – by Jody A. Long, J.D.
  10. NDEs: Brain Physiology or Transcendental Consciousness? – by Kevin Williams, B.Sc.
  11. Near-Death and UFO Encounters as Shamanic Initiations – by Kenneth Ring, Ph.D.
  12. Religious Interpretations of Near-Death Experiences – by David San Filippo, Ph.D.
  13. Sex, Drugs, NDEs and Quantum Physics – An Interview of Kevin Williams, B.Sc.
  14. Soulmates and Consciousness: New Understanding from NDE Research – by Jody A. Long, J.D.
  15. The Science of Life Discovered From Lynnclaire Dennis’ NDE – by Kevin Williams, B.Sc.
  16. The Survival After Death Interpretation of Recent Studies Into NDEs – by Titus Rivas, Ph.D.
  17. Why Near-Death Experiences are Different – by Kevin Williams, B.Sc.
  18. Why the Fear of Death Is Irrational – by Kevin Williams, B.Sc.