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The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) provides the highest quality information available on everything concerning NDE-related topics. Along with an informative website, IANDS publishes the Journal of Near-Death Studies – the only peer-reviewed scholarly journal devoted solely to NDE studies. IANDS also publishes Vital Signs, a newsletter for members, and sponsors annual conferences and other NDE-related programs. IANDS’ mission is to promote multi-disciplinary research of NDE and NDE-like experiences including their effects on the lives of those who have them. IANDS promotes the exploration and implications of the NDE phenomenon as it relates to life, death and the possibility of life after death. IANDS has produced an online Index to the Periodical NDE Literature which is absolutely free with a Supporting or higher IANDS membership. This NDE Index is the world’s most powerful NDE search tool and must have for anyone interested in NDE research. This valuable tool provides bibliographical information on where to find almost every scholarly article concerning NDEs published in English between 1877 and 2011. Many of the articles are available for free or for purchase on the IANDS website. Other reprints can be obtained from libraries and the publishers listed in the Index.

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