Parapsychology Evidence of the Afterlife

  1. Deathbed Visions – by Carla Wills-Brandon
  2. Psychical Research and the Survival Controversy – by D. Scott Rogo
    Part 1: The Case of James Kidd
    Part 2: The Foundations of Survival Research
    Part 3: Apparitions and the Case for Survival
    Part 4: Mediumship and the Case for Survival
    Part 5: Cross-correspondences
    Part 6: New Developments in Research on Mediumship
  3. Psychics and NDE Afterlife Revelations – by Kevin Williams
  4. The Scole Investigation — by Montague Keen
  5. The ESP Experience and the ESP Impact – by Ingo Swann
  6. How I Broke Houdini’s Code — by Arthur Ford
  7. What Psychical Research Has Accomplished — by William James
  8. Some Personal Thoughts on Survival — by D. Scott Rogo
  9. Spontaneous Contact with the Dead — by D. Scott Rogo