Religious Evidence of the Afterlife

  1. Biblical Support For NDEs
  2. NDEs and Ancient Greek Religion
  3. NDEs and Atheism
  4. NDEs and Bahá’i
  5. NDEs and Buddhism
  6. NDEs and Christianity
  7. NDEs and Hinduism
  8. NDEs and Islam
  9. NDEs and Judaism
  10. NDEs and Medieval Catholicism
  11. NDEs and Mormonism
  12. NDEs and Native Americans
  13. Religion and NDE Research Conclusions
  14. Religious Interpretations of NDEs

God Is With Us All: An Online Book by Dr. Ken R. Vincent

i. Online Book Home Page
ii. Dedication to Pam Vincent
iii. Foreword by Kevin R. Williams, B.Sc.

  1. The Search for God and Afterlife in the Age of Science
  2. Developmental Revelation
  3. Ken’s Guide to “Universals” in Religion
  4. Separating the “Super” from the “Natural”
  5. Religious Experience of Jesus Compatible with Research
  6. Resurrection Appearances of Jesus as ADC
  7. Resurrection Appearances of Jesus as ADC: Rejoinder
  8. Religious Experience Research Reveals Universalism
  9. Mystical Religious Experiences and Christian Universalism
  10. The Near-Death Experience and Universal Salvation
  11. An 18-Century NDE: The Case of George de Benneville
  12. Zoroaster: The First Universalist
  13. Omar Khayyám: Sufi Universalist
  14. Universal Salvation in Hinduism and Its Children
  15. Scientific Investigation of the “Dark Side”
  16. Magic, Deeds, and Universalism: Afterlife in Religions
  17. What NDE and Other STEs Teach About God and Afterlife
  18. Appendix A. The Salvation Conspiracy: How Hell Became Eternal
  19. Appendix B. Where Have All The Universalists Gone
  20. References
  21. About the Author: Dr. Ken R. Vincent
  22. Selected Resources
  23. Permissions
  24. Acknowledgements