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Greetings! I am Kevin Williams, the webmaster of this website. I want to be completely frank with my wonderful visitors concerning why there are so many Google and Amazon ads on this website. Many years ago, I donated this website and all the revenue it generates to the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) — the premier organization dedicated to near-death experience (NDE) research. My donation of this website to IANDS wasn’t completely altruistic, however, because ever since I went on permanent disability (for bipolar disorder) I was not permitted to earn any revenue — even if it’s “passive income” from Google and Amazon ads on this website. So I couldn’t think of a greater organization to donate these assets to than IANDS. In return, IANDS was gracious enough to allow me to keep the complete creative, webmaster control over this site as well as the responsibility of maintaining it. And although my transition from computer programmer to permanent disability was a vow of poverty; my contribution to such a great NDE organization has over the years ultimately become a tremendous spiritual blessing to me. So you will see ads throughout this website, all of which are to help support the great mission of IANDS. And I highly recommend everyone help to further the mission of IANDS. In your life review, you will be very glad you did.

Table of Contents

  1. Why there is nothing better than being dead
  2. The teachings of Jesus in the gospels as “Spirituality 101”
  3. How near-death experiences solves Christian paradoxes
  4. The “resurrection of the spirit” versus the “resurrection of corpses”
  5. The gospel of love according to Jesus and the near-death experience
  6. The scientific, philosophical, and religious foundation for the gospel of love
  7. The gospel of love supports universal salvation
  8. My desire to promote NDE testimonies and the spirituality found within them

1. Why there is nothing better than being dead

Like many people, I became a fan of near-death experiences (NDEs) after reading Raymond Moody’s ground-breaking book Life After Life. For many years afterwards, I read every book on NDEs I could get my hands on. By 1996, I earned my degree in Computer Science and learned web development. The Internet was practically brand new at the time and there were only a handful of websites on the subject of NDEs. The synchronicity of learning web development at a time when the Internet was new, created within me a tremendous epiphany as my mission from God became crystal clear. I was to create a portal on the Internet totally devoted to NDE revelations: I happened to be at just the right time and just the right place to create such a site. Public interest in NDEs at that time was also beginning to grow. This ultimately led this website becoming the number one Google ranked website on NDEs. In the development of my website I have included content from many profound NDE books by the best authors on the subject. So much so, I am inclined to say with a celebrated French writer:

“I have culled a bouquet of varied flowers from men’s gardens, and nothing is my own but the string that binds them.”

Nevertheless, much of the content is my own and I am also the author of the book, “Nothing Better Than Death: Insights from 62 Profound Near-Death Experiences.” My website includes my personal testimony of how NDEs transformed me from being a Christian fundamentalist to a Universalist believing in universal salvation. NDE research opened my heart and mind to spiritual truth far beyond my understanding of the Bible. NDE testimonies reveal a person’s religious beliefs, or lack of them, matters very little to God and the afterlife. Heavenly bliss is all about love: “deeds” not “creeds.” What matters most to God and the afterlife is how we treat other people. Complete unconditional love for everyone is our goal and is the highest “heaven” found within us. The Bible is in agreement with this: God is love (1 John 4:7-8); the Kingdom of God is within you (Luke 17:20-21); loving others is the way to attain eternal life (Luke 10:25-28); and eternal life is God (1 John 5:20).

NDE testimony offers answers to the big questions: Who are we? Why are we here? What does it all mean? Where did we come from? Where are we going? How will we get there? When will we get there? NDEs also provide circumstantial and scientific evidence supporting the afterlife hypothesis for which scientific reductionism cannot adequately explain. The evidence suggests NDEs are transcendental journeys to another dimension of reality profoundly changing the lives of those who have them. One particular near-death experiencer (NDEr), Dr. Dianne Morrissey, eloquently stated this way:

“If I lived a billion years more, in my body or yours, there’s not a single experience on Earth that could ever be as good as being dead. Nothing.” – Dr. Dianne Morrissey, NDEr

This wonderful quote is the basis for the title of my book Nothing Better Than Death.

The main purpose of this website is to help people understand the tremendous importance of unconditional love which appears to be the most important revelation given to so many NDE experiencers. Unconditional love is also the primary teaching of Christ as well in many other religions. NDErs frequently learn how loving others unconditionally is not only the way to heaven after death, but it is also the way to create heaven within all human beings and the way to create heaven on Earth.

NDEs affirm how living in a physical body can create an illusionary separation between people. NDErs describe out-of-body existence as a condition where oneness with everyone and everything cannot be denied. This condition of oneness can be described as heavenly if the NDEr has cultivated love for others within them — even as oneness with everyone and everything is oneness with God. NDEs reveal love to be the bond which actually connects everyone and everything together; and this bond of love is the “force” which people worship as God. But for people who prefer separation over oneness — hatred over love — the afterlife can initially be a temporary, painful experience of ego-loss. Such a condition is temporary because NDEs reveal the afterlife to be as dynamic as life in the physical — even more so. So when we die, we merely enter into the spiritual condition we have created within us during our life. Then we will find ourselves at a particular afterlife realm — a particular level of oneness — which corresponds to the particular amount of love we have for everything and everyone. In the lower afterlife realms, where there is less apparent light (and therefore less apparent love), the illusion of separation is even greater. In the highest afterlife realms, there is a reality of a oneness that can best be described as a complete realization of at-onement with God, everyone and everything. There is some evidence from NDEs that the physical realm — this physical universe — is roughly in the middle between the highest afterlife realm and the lowest. As citizens of this universe, we are roughly halfway to the highest heaven in God’s multiverse. In essence, we are evolving our way up God’s “ladder of success” — through the NDE “tunnel” — toward complete at-onement.

I am convinced NDE research is contributing greatly to the spiritual evolution of humanity and that there is no greater endeavor than planting seeds of love within other human beings. Love is literally what life, the afterlife, and God is all about. Paradoxically, learning about death and loss is also learning about love. Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder; and dealing with the loss of loved ones is one of the greatest lessons of life. Love conquers and transcends death. So in this respect, death itself is the “grand illusion”. Death is nothing but a “body problem” as one NDEr so eloquently put it.

2. The teachings of Jesus in the gospels as “Spirituality 101”

My spiritual journey began like many people as a child of the 60’s, believing the profound revelations of John and Paul: “All you need is love” — from the Beatles. But in the 70’s, after being challenged by my Christian brother to read the Gospel of John, I had what Christians call a “born again” experience. For me, becoming “born again” was a supernatural event in which I instantaneously became a completely different person. The “born again” experience should instead be called the “walk-in” experience because that is what it felt like to me. After reading the Gospel of John, I realized someone else walked into my body, kicked the other guy out, and took over my life ever since. Christians refer to the born-again experience as spiritual regeneration or spiritual “resurrection”. In traditional Biblical terms, resurrection is an event in which a dead body rises from the grave. In Christian metaphysical terms, resurrection can be defined as an event in which your conscious mind becomes aware of your superconscious mind. In terms of Christian mysticism, spiritual “resurrection” is an event in which you are spiritually “awakened” by the Holy Spirit.

Another analogy to the born again experience would be like living in a bubble all my life where God and heaven were fantasies of weak minds. This bubble burst after reading the Gospel of John; and I wasn’t even aware I was living in a bubble! In an instant, God and heaven became a reality. I was now living in an entirely different world, even though it looks the same. But more importantly, I am a completely different person. Now, I just wanted to put on my proverbial “white robe and sandals” and climb the mountaintop to shout the gospel and wait for Jesus to come. I was now what is called a fundamentalist Christian. I participated in follow-up evangelism with the Billy Graham crusade and the Josh McDowell ministry on my college campus. I led a number of people to Christ and gave speeches on Bible prophecy and early Christian history. I was a religious zealot with a savior complex compelling me to want to save everyone whom I perceived were deceived, hell-bound, and lost sinners who lacked the righteousness I had. My savior complex also extended to Christians whom I believed lacked the fundamental intellectual formula I possessed – a very arrogant position isn’t it? There is a fine line between ignorance and arrogance and at this point in my life this line was blurred.

But when I began to read about NDEs and I found a spirituality on a scale far grander than anything I could find in religious dogma. My narrow religious mindset began to crack which ultimately led me to abandon my rigid, systematic, intellectual religious theology. Reading these beautiful NDEs of love and heaven created within me a deep love for NDEs and made me a much more spiritual person. At the same time, I was becoming much less of a religious person. Reading enough of these experiences can make a person feel as if they are relearning knowledge they had forgotten long ago. My craving for more profound NDE insights made me committed to bring these insights to the Internet. I also believe it is my mission in life is to bring these profound NDE insights to the Internet for all to read. These NDE insights are universal because they deal with love. They speak to the heart and soul of everyone. These truths are already known to all of us at the deepest core of our being.

3. How near-death experiences solves Christian paradoxes

As I began learning more profound NDE insights concerning life and beyond, the more these insights gave me better interpretations of Christian scriptures and doctrines. These NDE insights gave me a more spiritual view of Christian doctrines and a less literal interpretation of scripture. In the light of NDE testimonies, the light of universal love, universal salvation, and a universal God entered into my being. NDE insights filled the gaps in my understanding of Christian doctrines and solved many of the questions I had concerning spirituality and Christianity as it was originally taught by Christ. NDE insights allowed me to deal with the many paradoxes and contradictions I knew existed in the Christianity that I knew and loved and believed so deeply for many years. My resulting transformation away from Christian fundamentalism to Universalism caused me much mental anguish, but ultimately led me to connect NDE insights with the secret teachings of Jesus. These long lost texts and gospels were rediscovered in upper Egypt in 1945 and part of what is called the New Testament Apocrypha. This immensely important discovery includes a large number of primary “Gnostic Gospels” — over fifty texts once thought to have been entirely destroyed during the early Church’s struggle to define “orthodoxy” — scriptures such as the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Peter, and the Gospel of Philip. This discovery and its translation, initially completed in the 1970’s, has initiated a major re-evaluation of early Christian history, its rich variety of teachings and the nature of Christian Gnosticism. As I learned more and more insights from NDEs, the more I realized how much they agreed with the secret teachings of Jesus found in Christian Gnosticism. Additionally, I learned that Edgar Cayce, a multiple NDE experiencer and famous psychic, acknowledged Christian Gnosticism to be the highest form of Christianity. The Cayce material of psychic knowledge was also of great help as a bridge between mystical Christianity and NDE studies. And in my studies of the origins of Christianity, I learned that the Greek speaking core of early Christianity centered on Antioch and its Universalist tradition. For the first 500 years of Christianity, Christians and Christian theologians were broadly Universalist.

The suppression of these banned texts by the Church were also part of the political struggle of the formation of Christianity as a state religion. These lost texts, which were popular and circulated since the beginning of the Christian era, were later denounced as heresy by Church leaders in the middle of the second century. Many early gnostic followers of Christ were condemned by Church leaders as “heretics,” therefore almost all we knew about these heretics came from what their opponents (i.e., the winners) wrote attacking them. The Gospel of Thomas (considered to be the earliest gospel written), for example, was not included in canon almost certainly because it describes Jesus teaching his closest disciples how to obtain salvation — not through Church bishops and rituals — but through attaining a mystical, divine-human unity through spiritual rebirth – the born again experience. And it was the mystery of the nature of this divine-human unity, specifically, the nature of Jesus, which was the subject of most of the debate during early Christianity. Was Jesus literally God in the flesh as the Church taught? Or was Jesus a man who had the fullness of the Holy Spirit — and if so — can everyone become like him as the Gnostics taught?

4. The “resurrection of the spirit” versus the “resurrection of corpses”

Apparently, these mysteries were meant to remain hidden for almost two thousand years until the 1945 discovery of the lost Christian writings in northern Egypt and the 1946 discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls occurring shortly before Israel became a nation again in 1948. The restoration of Israel as a nation now makes it possible for all the unfulfilled Bible prophecies to be fulfilled concerning a coming Messiah. According to the prophecies, this Messiah will arise to bring peace and rule the throne of David when the so-called “Kingdom of Heaven” is established on earth. NDE visions of the future also support the notion of humanity currently existing at a crossroads when global catastrophes are about to occur, after which, a “golden age” will be established.

The mystery of the “Resurrection of the Dead” on Judgment Day when Christ appears has been misunderstood by the Church ever since reincarnation (rebirth) was declared a heresy in the 6th century A.D. There are mysteries and secret oral traditions that came directly from Christ and the apostles which were not given to the public at large. The mystery of the “Resurrection of the Dead” on Judgment Day is one of these mysteries. The organized Roman Church rejected many of these mysteries for a variety of reasons; but mostly because after hundreds of years since Christ’s death, the Church leadership was greatly influenced by doctrines from the public at large who were not completely privy to these mysteries which they considered heresy. The Roman Church advocated a misinterpretation of resurrection as corpses “sleeping” in their graves until Judgment Day when Christ appears and corpses come out of their graves and regain their physical bodies including genitals. But the secret teachings involve two forms of “resurrection” (John 3:5):

(1) a spiritual “resurrection” or spiritual regeneration by the Holy Spirit known as “born of the Spirit” (John 3:7-8), and

(2) a bodily “resurrection” or the rebirth of a human spirit in a new physical body — becoming “born of water” (John 3:3-6), symbolized by baptism, known as reincarnation.

Once a person is born of a woman (“by water”, reincarnation) then born by the Holy Spirit, spiritual “resurrection” as Jesus taught, they can enter the Kingdom of God (John 3:5). Reincarnation is the result of not being “born of the Holy Spirit” (spiritual regeneration).

The eminent Christian leader who championed this interpretation of the resurrection was the early Church Father Origen (185-232 A.D.) who was the first theologian after Paul to develop a system of theology around the teachings of Jesus. Origen headed the famed Catechetical School of Alexandria founded by Mark the Apostle where he learned the secret teachings of Christ. Unfortunately, Origen’s teachings on preexistence and its corresponding principle of reincarnation were later declared heresy and condemned at the Synod of Constantinople in 543 A.D. and was ratified by the Fifth Ecumenical Council in 553 A.D.

So this is why the history of the doctrine of the Resurrection of the Dead on Judgment Day was mistakenly believed to be “dead bodies rising out of tombs” after death, instead of “live babies coming out of wombs” after death and then being born of the Holy Spirit for salvation. This interpretation also agrees with reincarnation studies involving NDEs: people are immediately “judged” after death (the “life review“); and meet Christ or a representative of his, then are assigned either heaven or hell (or one of many realms in between, see John 14:2); then after spending a particular amount of “time” there, they are offered the option to return to another Earth life for further soul growth unless they have entered the Kingdom of God in the highest heaven. It is God’s will that no one perish (2 Peter 3:9) and no one can thwart God’s will; and God has provided a way of salvation for everyone through Christ, even those in hell. See (1 Timothy 2:3-4), (1 Timothy 4:10), (Lamentations 3:31-33), (Isaiah 52:10), and (Luke 3:5-6).

The evidence of reincarnation as the correct interpretation of the “Resurrection of the Dead” on Judgment Day is overwhelming. Jesus himself taught reincarnation as revealed in the Bible, the Jews believed in reincarnation during Jesus’ lifetime, the early Christians believed and taught reincarnation, the doctrine of reincarnation can be found throughout early Church history, and the doctrine can be found throughout Christian history before the Church officially declared it a heresy. Many early Christian texts had references to reincarnation.

The alternative doctrine of the Resurrection of the Dead on Judgment Day of corpses rising from graves did not originate from Judaism or Christianity. It is a doctrine that originated from the Persian concept of resurrection which existed before the time of Christ and was also well-known in Jesus’ day. This alternative doctrine of the resurrection of corpses won the political battle over the mystical interpretations of spiritual resurrection and bodily reincarnation secretly taught by Jesus and his apostles. The vulgarized Persian version of resurrection ultimately became more palatable to the Church and the secret teachings were declared heresy. When Rome conquered Jerusalem in 70 AD, many Christians around Jerusalem fled to northern Egypt where Jewish Christianity and Christian Gnosticism could continue to practice the mystical teachings of Jesus concerning attaining at-onement with God.

In conclusion, by studying the historical records and allowing NDE concepts to guide me, I reached the same conclusion many others have: reincarnation is actually a gift from God allowing humans to have as many opportunities as necessary to become permanent residents of the highest heaven. “Hell” means having to dwell in lower, hellish afterlife realms, then reincarnating to be subjected to death repeatedly until eternal life in heaven is attained. These hidden mysteries of Jesus were not limited to Jesus or to Judeo-Christianity. Examples of these mystical teachings of attaining a human-divine unity can also be found in the Perennial philosophy and the more modern school of psychology called Transpersonal psychology which includes NDE studies. All assume the same goal: liberating the soul from the flesh through the awakening of the spirit within. Reincarnation is to the soul, what evolution is to the body.

And for scientists who are skeptical of reincarnation, there is the reincarnation and NDE research of Dr. Ian Stevenson whose 40+ years of research yielded much scientific evidence suggestive of reincarnation. Dr. Kenneth Ring also studied reincarnation in NDE studies. Then there is my own reincarnation research where I provide evidence for the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln.

5. The gospel of love according to Jesus and the near-death experience

Love is God (1 John 4:7-8) and loving God within everyone is the way to eternal life (Luke 10:25-28). That’s all there is to it! This is the entire gospel of Jesus and the message people learn from countless NDE testimonies! It means allowing the unconditional love from the kingdom of heaven within yourself and then allowing it to manifest into the world. It is about living forever with unconditional love for everyone and everything now. The gospel of Jesus is all about unconditional love: For God so loved the world he gave us his beloved son (John 3:16) that “whoever believes in him” will never die. What does “whoever believes” in him mean? Jesus taught this lesson in context with John 3:19-21 where Jesus refers to those who come into the light and live by the truth of this light – as opposed to those who fear entering into the light because of their fear of judgment. The gospel of Jesus is about finding and entering into the light of God’s unconditional love now and not waiting until death to go to heaven. Love is the only thing we take with us at death. This is the same message found in NDE testimonies.

So believing and knowing about unconditional love is not enough. It must be lived, practiced, experienced, embodied, until “I AM”. Although this is a very high standard for us to follow, it is the reason we are here in this “World-School of Hard Knocks.” We are growing our way to heaven by means of unconditional love (i.e., God) right here on Earth. We are bringing this unconditional love of heaven into this world right now. Perhaps a day will soon come when humans have evolved enough like Jesus to walk upon water, raise the dead and heal the sick. Fortunately, I believe we are getting closer and closer to this goal.

6. The scientific, philosophical, and religious foundation for the gospel of love

Evolution of man
The evolution of man according to Edgar Cayce

The following is my understanding of reality based upon the higher knowledge found in NDEs and their application toward the understanding of science, philosophy and religion.

How we began: In the beginning, there was nothing but one universal, collective consciousness, which people refer to as “Spirit” or “God.” Within this one Collective Consciousness are infinite points of consciousness. All things in the past and present, and all things which will ever be in the future, exists as eternal spirit in one of these infinite points of consciousness within the Collective Consciousness. In mathematical terms, our spirit is a fractal of God which means our spirit is both a part of the Whole, and contains all properties of the Whole itself. Like a drop of water from the ocean, we are part of the ocean and the very essence of the ocean itself.

The origin of species and dawn of humanity: At some moment outside of time, the desire arose for individuality and self-expression among the points of consciousness. This led to the creation of the cosmos and souls. The cosmos is a realm that is not limited to the physical universe. There are many unseen “spirit” universes which make up what people call the “afterlife realms” — the physical universe is just one of these realms. Our spirit body is the eternal part of God. The “vehicle” for our spirit body is our soul body. In the same way, the vehicle for our soul body is our physical body. Our soul is a temporary vehicle for our spirit to experience individuality of existence apart from complete oneness with God between the physical realm and the spirit realm. Humanity’s physical body evolved from ape-men millions of years ago. Souls descended upon these ape-men and began influencing them to come down out of the trees and eventually form societies. Then souls began inhabiting the bodies of these ape-men. Thus, the dawn of humanity arose on this planet. Humans will continue to evolve until they are able do those things which fully evolved people, such as Jesus and Buddha, have done.

Humans were created in the image of God: Humans are three-dimensional beings: body, soul, spirit. The divine nature is as a manifestation of life, light, and love. The Bible mentions a trinity of personalities: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Bible also mentions a trinity of human-divine unity: (Body of Christ, Mind of Christ, and Spirit of Christ.) Science and metaphysics describe human awareness in terms of consciousness (mind), subconsciousness (soul), and the collective unconsciousness or superconsciousness (spirit).

What happens when we die: After death, our soul body leaves our physical body. The physical body decays and is lost forever. As a soul, we can then experience various soul realms as we did every night on Earth in our dreams. While in the soul realms, our soul body is the vehicle for our spirit. Our soul mind functions as our conscious awareness and our spirit mind plays the role of the subconscious mind. Ultimately, we will want to leave the soul realms and enter into the higher spirit realms. When this choice is made and the soul actually enters into the light, the soul merges fully with the light and soul body is shed much like the physical body was shed at death. The memories of the soul remain forever in the mind and the individual is now once again only a pure spirit in the spirit realms. As a pure spirit, we exist once again in pure thought form in the mind of the one enormous and fantastic dream called “God.”

Humanity is evolving in mind, body, and soul: As human beings, we have been evolving on a biological level for millions of years. Between Earth lives, we spend “eternities” in spirit form in various spirit realms. We also return to these spirit realms every night during our dreams. The reason we choose to come to Earth for another relatively brief human experience is because we are also evolving at the soul level. Through the cycle of birth, death, life in the spirit realms, and rebirth into flesh, we are learning valuable lessons which only Earth lives can give. The goal for every human being is to evolve into perfection in a manner similar to Jesus, Buddha, and other great spiritual leaders. Ultimately, the day will come when the world will be filled with perfected human beings. It will be a time when humans will be able to live as long as they want and perform feats which today we would call “miraculous” – like walking on water. In such a state of perfected evolution, humans will have become “liberated” from this evolutionary cycle and will no longer be subjected to reincarnation. As taught in the mystical forms of the great world religions, liberation is attained by “becoming one” with all things and all people (i.e., “God”) through the practice of unconditional love. This spiritual state of oneness occurs when a person “awakens” their higher spirit-self and brings it into their conscious awareness. In Christianity, this liberation is referred to as spiritual resurrection or spiritual rebirth or being born again. In Buddhism, the state of liberation is known as Nirvana. In Hinduism, it is known as Moksha. In Gnosticism, this liberation occurs through attaining gnosis. All these concepts describe the same thing. It is the liberation of the spirit from the flesh. It is also the symbolism behind the crucifixion of Jesus.

Practicing love for one another is the way to heaven on Earth and heaven within: Jesus taught people how the way to attain liberation is through the practice of unconditional love. Love brings about a oneness between people and is necessary to attaining the higher dimensions of consciousness. Practicing unconditional love leads to the manifestation of the spirit within us and in our lives and brings our spirit into conscious awareness. It is an awakening of unconditional love within us and is the manifestation of our holy spirit within us. However, it is not enough to merely believe in love. Nor is it enough to merely know about love. To be spiritual beings living in a physical world, we must live love, manifest love, and become the embodiment of love. We do not get there by focusing only on the love and sacrifice of Christ nor through worshiping him.

The Christian life involves taking up your own cross and following in Jesus’ footsteps by practicing unconditional love: We can practice unconditional love by crucifying our self-centeredness through self-sacrifice and self-denial for the sake of serving others. “Crucifying the flesh” also means to put to death the desires of the lower self – the animalistic desires – to allow our higher self, our spirit, to come through.

The “beast” we are evolving away from: This lower nature within human beings is the unevolved animal nature within humanity of which we have been slowly shedding for millions of years through evolution and reincarnation. The nature of this unevolved beast within humanity is manifested as self-gratification, self-indulgence, self-centeredness, selfishness, self-importance, self-righteousness, self-delusion, self-condemnation, and the constant clamoring for self – “ego” (symbolically known as the “false god,” the “devil,” and the unevolved “beast.”).

Discovering a higher reality and the supremacy of love: It is the illusion of separation (i.e., the false notion of our not being part of one giant Whole), which is the source of many problems humanity has ever faced. This constant desire for self apart from the Whole must be overcome in order to become the spiritual beings we really are. We are actually spirit beings having a highly evolved human experience. Everything on the physical and soul level is slowly evolving toward perfect unity with the Whole. Here in the physical realm, we are “enrolled” in a “World-School” for a class called “Introduction to Eternal Life 101” to learn how to live with and love the people around us forever. NDE research reveals an open secret about our lives on Earth. Life is a test. It is a gigantic examination for which we will be graded on after death. There is no judgment except self-judgment and we shouldn’t even do this. There is no condemnation but self-condemnation and we should not do this either. The life review after death is for our educational benefit, enlightenment, and soul evolution. The life review is where we discover what we have been filling the void within us our entire life. The more we fill our void with love for others, the more we have evolved as soul. The love we have found within our void is what draws us into the light.

However, not everyone enters the light immediately after death. There are many reasons for this and they can be found within the NDE testimonies on this website. In general, it requires many human experiences (i.e., lifetimes) until our higher spiritual nature is brought into our consciousness awareness. In the end, no one is lost. There is no eternal damnation. Nobody completely “flunks out” of God’s University of Higher Knowledge. God’s love is inescapable and “tough” as well as unconditional not wanting anyone to be lost but to attain at the physical level what we are at the spirit level.

Life is about loving everyone and everything unconditionally forever as individuals and collectively as a Whole which is God.

7. The gospel of love supports universal salvation

Ultimately, I reached a point in my NDE studies where the hundreds of first-hand eyewitness NDE testimonies of Jesus I read became far more sensible and trustworthy to me than the four testimonies of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John in the Bible. These gospel testimonies are not first-hand testimonies as NDE testimonies are and there are contradictions in the gospel narratives.

NDE research dramatically changed my ideas of just about everything on a massive scale. I learned how God is immensely more loving and infinitely more forgiving than I ever knew. I knew God would never abandon anyone forever in hell. The “God of wrath” I once thought existed I now know to be a man-made construct for which to project our fear and own personal weaknesses on. Once I understood how the greatest enemy I will ever have to face and conquer is: myself, an interesting change occurred within me. The Devil I used to blame my sins on and whom I feared all the time evaporated. I began to appreciate the vastness of God’s love for all people no matter what their religious or cultural persuasion may be. My narrow religious system cracked and fell away as it became more and more ridiculous to me. Worse still, I discovered my former belief system to be highly dishonoring to God in how it portrays God as throwing the majority of humanity in hell fire to roast and be tortured forever. My former idea of God resembled Charles Manson more than it did of a God of infinite love and I regretted ever having ever believed it. I grew to resent the ignorance within the Church and sympathized with those still trapped by false doctrines. I knew God cannot be limited to any book and realized the universe itself is a greater revelation of God than a zillion Bibles. I realized we could have direct experiences with God. We do not have to rely solely upon 2000-year-old experiences in the Bible. I learned how bible-idolatry occurs when a person elevates a book to be the infallible words of God.

By studying NDEs, I found peace of mind and freedom from rigid beliefs systems and a far greater love for people and Jesus than I would ever have found in the Bible. I discovered truth was everywhere including in other religions. I began to view Christian doctrines in the Light of NDEs in a more spiritual way rather than the inferior literal way. I learned how NDE insights offered greater spiritual lessons in love which can transform the world into the paradise it is meant to be.

Although I see a lot of nonsense in every religion, I know the only critical component of every religion is teaching people to love others and God. I know how many people, including myself, need to begin with a narrow religion to direct us within where true spirituality dwells. From narrow religions, people can graduate from “Spirituality 101” when they learn the perfect “religion” is love for others. Because I would be comfortable to consider myself a Buddhist, just as I would be comfortable to consider myself a Christian or a Hindu or a Gnostic, it is difficult when asked what religion I practiced. I used to describe myself as a Christian. But what brand of Christianity believes in reincarnation, pre-existence, the divine nature within humanity, universal salvation, and the non-existence of a Devil? Then I used to answer, “Well, I am Christian, a Jew, a Hindu, a Muslim, a Buddhist” but found out this answer does not make a lot of sense to people. Then I would say, “NDEs are my religion.” Nevertheless, once I discovered the kind of love and spirituality found in NDEs, I realized I was no longer concerned about religious dogma anymore. Just follow the simple principle established by Jesus, John, and Paul when they said, “All you need is love.”

8. My desire to promote NDE testimonies and the spirituality found within them

My love for NDEs and the spirituality I found in them, combined with computer science background, led me to create this website and write a book entitled Nothing Better Than Death. This website is a wonderful labor of love for me and the zealotry I once reserved for religion is now direct toward my passion for bringing the spirituality of the NDE to the internet via my website. It is not my purpose to promote any single religion or even any religion at all. However, there are aspects to NDEs which have profound religious implications. My greatest desire is to promote the supremacy of unconditional love found in NDEs because I believe it is the key for humanity’s next stage in human evolution. I believe NDEs will soon prove the survival of consciousness after death without any doubt and this will bring greater love and unity to the world. Imagine a world where everyone understands how, after death, everyone is accountable for every thought, word, and deed. NDE insights equate death as a process of “stepping into” the heaven or hell we have created within ourselves during life. The afterlife is a spectrum of existence where the highest heaven is pure unconditional love and the lowest hell is the absence of love. At death, we awaken to the spiritual environment we have been creating within ourselves and actually inhabiting all our lives. Therefore, death itself is just a body problem. This is all there is to it.

My prayer is for this website — the NDE information on it — will enlighten people and help them on their spiritual journey towards the light of unconditional love. The light of love revealed from millions of NDEs is being poured out upon this world of great darkness starving for light. This tremendous influx of light from NDEs is bringing a new understanding of life, death, and what happens afterward. It will ultimately lead to the great spiritual revolution and unity of all humanity foretold by many religions, NDEs, and psychic revelations. It will be the “golden age” of paradise and global peace realized on Earth.