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Edgar Cayce on Dreams

Edgar Cayce was able to obtain virtually an unlimited amount of knowledge on a multitude of subjects. One of these subjects was dreams and dream interpretation. Cayce was able to astound people by interpreting their dreams and giving them insight into their psyche, lives and even past lives. Cayce revealed that dreams are actually journeys into the spirit world. Cayce once said:

“Dreams, visions, impressions, to the entity in the normal sleeping state are the presentations of the experiences necessary for the development, if the entity would apply them in the physical life. These may be taken as warnings, as advice, as conditions to be met, conditions to be viewed in a way and manner as lessons, as truths, as they are presented in the various ways and manners.” (Edgar Cayce)

Table of Contents

  1. The nature of dreams and dreaming
  2. Edgar Cayce on dreams
  3. Dream analysis tips from Edgar Cayce
  4. Dream and afterlife connection links
  5. Edgar Cayce on interpreting your dreams

1. The nature of dreams and dreaming

Each night the average person spends approximately ninety minutes in REM dream state. Some of us can remember all or most of our dreams, and others have trouble remembering even a snippet from one of their nightly sojourns. Ancient religious traditions held that it is your spiritual soul which creates your dreams and leaves the body to travel to other realms and meet other souls. They and other ancient cultures, including the Greeks, erected dream temples for seekers to find guidance about their lives. Many times purification rituals as well as other rites of preparation were performed by the seeker prior to entering the temple and the dream state. Upon awakening, the seeker consulted with the temple dream interpreters.

The dream state is an experimental playground which gives you a chance to explore and express emotions without the usual inhibitions you may display in your waking life. Dreams provide an avenue of expression for that part of yourself that knows both your history and your potential as a spiritual being. They are another way the universe provides guidance about relationships, careers, and health problems. Through dreams you may find answers to your spiritual questions and even receive encouragement to some challenge in your life. While some dreams may allow you to release bottled emotions from your day’s activities, others can lead to profound insights in a psychological or spiritual way.

However, Carl Jung said dreams are “the main source of all of our knowledge about symbolism.” This means that the messages you receive from your dreams are expressed symbolically and must be interpreted to find their true meanings. According to Jung, rarely do the symbols in dreams have just one meaning. And when interpreting the messages in your dreams, he suggests going with your first hunch, relying on your intuitive abilities, before applying more rational methods of dream interpretation.

Mark Thurston, former executive director for Edgar Cayce’s research foundation and author of the book, Dreams: Tonight’s Answers for Tomorrow’s Questions, says, “A dream symbol is the very best way for your unconscious self to communicate to your conscious self. The particular image chosen – be it an object, a person, an animal, or whatever – has shades of meaning and personal associations that make it the best communicator of some truth about yourself.”

Cayce believed that our dreams serve several functions. Somatic dreams – dreams referring to the body – are extremely important to be mindful of. Very often dreams will offer solutions to health problems. For example, one man was plagued with food allergies for many years, but was unable to find the source of his discomfort. Then one night he went to bed and he dreamed of a can of coffee. He quit drinking coffee and his symptoms disappeared.

Cayce also believed that deceased friends and family members do occasionally visit us in our dream state. These occurrences may offer direct communication with those people or allow us to resolve our feelings about their death. The person may also represent some aspect of ourselves.

One man reports that occasionally he hears a voice in his dreams. This voice usually is loud and strong and is not associated with any characters in his dreams. “Typically, I’m told something very specific to do or not to do,” he relates. “I know this is God speaking to me – loud and clear. And I know I’d better listen.”

Morton Blumenthal, who received more dream interpretations from Cayce than anyone else – often reported dreams of a disembodied voice, which offered counsel. Cayce usually indicated this was input from the Creative Forces, God. For example, in one dream, Blumenthal dreamt of a figure leading him by the hand, and a voice which said, “The Lord will lead you – but you must …” He had forgotten the rest of what was said to him, but Cayce interpreted it as follows:

“As in this, as is seen, again and again, the entity receives that reassurance of the higher forces guiding, guarding, and directing the entity in its actions, as it were, with the cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night.”

Blumenthal also had a fascinating dream in which God came to visit him. To the dreamer’s surprise, God was a modern businessman. Cayce’s interpretation pointed out that God was someone with whom we can “do business.” God is not only transcendent but also actively involved in human affairs. It was a powerful message and, in a sense, a wonderful revelation from the divine.

2. Edgar Cayce on dreams

The following is an excerpt from the excellent book by Harmon Bro entitled Cayce on Dreams.

During the dreaming state of sleep, we experience the different levels of consciousness and receive input from the different realms of the spirit world. Through dreaming, we have special access to our spirit within. According to the Cayce readings, there is not a question we can ask which cannot be answered from the depths of our inner consciousness when the proper attunement is made.

A dream may be of a physical, mental, or spiritual nature and may deal with all manner of psychic manifestations. These include dream telepathy, clairvoyance, prophetic visions, out of body traveling, remembrance of past lives, communication with beings in other realms including deceased friends and relatives, spirit guides, angels, Christ, and even the voice of God. Dreams can also give invaluable information on the status of the body.

All subconscious minds are in contact with one another. Through the subconscious, dreams may place us in attunement with those in the physical realm or those in the spiritual realm. We may be visited in the night by discarnate entities for many reasons: they may seek to give us assurance about their well-being in other realms of existence; they may come seeking our aid through prayer; they may come to bring us information which may be very helpful or limited; or they may come to influence us with their own desires or perspectives, which may be helpful or harmful. For example, there are dream reports of deceased relatives appearing and giving instructions about where to find a will or a lost object.

The events we experience in the third-dimension are, as it were, a “past condition” because this dimension is simply a projection or a reflection of what is being built at another higher level. Therefore, when we tune into these higher levels, as we may in dreams, we become aware of what is being built, and what may be projected into the physical in the future. Nothing of importance happens to us that is not foreshadowed in our dreams. Which is not to say that all dreams are precognitive or that the exact detail of everything we experience is given earlier in dreams. However, the word “foreshadowed” suggests that we may glimpse and be warned of what we are building now which may come into manifestation later. We call these dreams “precognitive” or “prophetic.”

Just as the angels spoke to people in dreams in the times of the Bible, the spirit world still speaks to people to this day. Some people came to Cayce with dreams of Christ. None was told that it was simply his imagination, but all were assured they were indeed in touch with him.

There is no dimension of human life, whether social, financial, emotional or physical, mental or spiritual with which the dream may not on occasion deal. Dreams may encourage or reprimand, instruct or deceive, inspire or seduce, guide or confuse. The potential for an immense array of experiences in consciousness is always there. What we actually receive depends upon our attitudes, motivations, the measure of our attunement, and the extent to which we have made applicable what was received in earlier dreams and in waking experiences.

Many people came to Cayce to have their dreams interpreted. An example was the dream of a young man about his father-in-law, who had recently taken his own life. In the dream a voice commented: “He is the most uncomfortable fellow in the world.”

Then the dreamer was shown his own baby crying for food. The image was to convey the dead man’s hunger for guidance and spiritual sustenance, said Cayce. The next night the dreamer heard the man’s own voice, together with “a wandering impression of restlessness.” The voice said: “I seek rest. I want to leave and be with my family down there.”

Again Cayce said the dream contact had been authentic, showing the dreamer how much his prayers were needed for the father-in-law, who was still an “earthbound discarnate“. He added that the reason the discarnate was turning towards people in earthly life was that “the lessons are learned from that realm, see?” It was a point Cayce often made, that souls who had once entered the Earth had to learn their final lessons in the Earth, where will is called into play in a fashion different from existence on other realms.

Yet contact between the dead and the living can be joyous. Sometimes it occurs because the dead want to show the living what death is like, to take away their fear and grief. Exploring the possible reality of such contact, one dreamer had her side pinched by a discarnate friend, so vividly that she screamed in fright, while another had his toe pulled when he asked for it – and did not ask again.

One dream took a man inside the brain of a woman dying of cancer, a relative, and showed him precisely what a relief death was, when it finally came. A later dream also showed him how a soul feels when awakening to consciousness after death.

Discarnates are not only rewarded by recognition from the living, they can experience the joy of teaching the living. They can also, in relatively unusual cases, work directly with the living for the fulfillment of worthy causes. The dead differ from the living only in this respect: they are in a permanently subconscious state because the conscious mind of the physical body no longer exists. But the body is an expendable shell, and all else is intact. On the astral level of existence, the subconscious mind (soul) replaces the conscious mind of the soul, and the superconscious mind (spirit) replaces the subconscious.

Hence, in dreams, we find that communication with those who have passed on is more logical than the average person is able to comprehend. The following are more excerpts from spirit communications in dreams as told to Edgar Cayce and interpreted:

One man related to Cayce: “Both my mother and father [deceased] came to me and were so glad to see me, but then they told me my sister had committed suicide.”

Cayce replied in trance: “This dream presents to the entity, through the mother and father both dead, the thoughts being entertained by the sister because of dissatisfaction to meet properly the conditions in her life. And as seen, the father and mother depend upon you to so instruct, to so direct, and to so counsel your sister. Give the sister spiritual counsel so that she may better understand, thereby enabling her to grow; otherwise, detrimental experiences will destroy her. Suicide is in her mind. Remember, too, that thoughts are deeds in the mental realm, and they increase or mar the activities of the higher self.” (Cayce Reading 136-70)

A woman related to Cayce this dream: “I dreamed my mother told me I should warn Aunt Helen against an accident between an automobile and a streetcar. My mother then became ill.”

Cayce replied in trance: “This is a warning. Tell Aunt Helen about it. If she observes the warning, and stays out of automobiles and streetcars until the waning of the moon, it will not happen. Warn her, then, for this is a direct communication from one in the spiritual realm to one in the physical realm. This attunement is made when the conscious mind is subjugated, as in meditation or in sleep, and an attunement with the universal forces is established. This is also an illustration of the ability of those in the spiritual realm to see the future.” (Cayce Reading 136-48)

Perhaps the most common dream experience in spirit communication according to Cayce is related by the message which in essence says: “I am fine and happy. Your grief, however, is holding me back and making me sad. You can help me greatly by trying to overcome your sorrow. You must stop grieving!”

3. Dream analysis tips from Edgar Cayce

• Keep a notebook beside the bed. Record your dreams as soon as possible after waking.

• Suggest to yourself every night as you fall asleep, “I will remember my dreams.”

• If you wake during the night, write down the main symbols, and the entire dream will usually come back in the morning.

• Practice keen observation in your dreams through self-suggestion prior to sleep.

• Look for these components in your dreams: the setting, the people, the action, the color, the feeling, and the words.

• Work on analyzing your dreams every day, otherwise their progression will be difficult to assess.

• If dreams are illogical, three reasons are possible:

  1. Only the fragments of the dream have been recalled.
  2. The dream is reflecting something illogical in the dreamer’s life.
  3. Mental blocks have erased your recall.

• If you are unable to decipher an important dream, suggest to yourself, before your next sleep, that the dream repeat itself more clearly.

Nightmares, which bring with them an inability to move or cry out, usually indicate the wrong diet. To end the nightmarish dreams change your diet.

• Dreams that are unchanged through the years indicate the dreamer’s resistance to change.

• Dreams of ill health can be either literal or symbolic warnings.

• When a problem confronts you, ask by prayer for guidance to be sent to you through your dreams.

• Be practical in your interpretations. Always look first for a lesson. What have you refused to face or been ignoring?

• Observe carefully recurrent dreams, as well as the serially progressive ones. These often illustrate progress or failure.

• Dreams are the reaction of the inner self to daytime activity and often show the way out of the dilemma. So relate them to current activity, because dreams may be retrospective as well as prospective.

• Dreams come to guide and help, not to amuse. They direct your attention to errors of omission and commission and offer encouragement for right endeavors. They also give us the opportunity to pray for others and to help them bear their burdens.

• If you receive an unusual message, reduce it to common terms. See if the symbolism of the Bible can be of help in interpreting the dream.

• Look for past-life experiences in your dreams. These manifest themselves not only in color, but in the proper costume and setting of their period. They come to warn you against repeating the same old mistakes; to explain your relationship and reactions to certain people and places; to reduce your confusions; to enable you to better understand life.

• Do not fear conversation with the so-called “dead” in dreams. If the communication is one-sided, it denotes telepathy. If both participate, it may be an actual encounter of bodiless consciousness.

• Dreams are primarily about self. Only a few dreams relate to family, friends, and world events.

• Watch for mental telepathy in dreams.

• Remember, persistence is necessary to learn any new language, and dream symbols are the forgotten language of the subconscious.

• Give daily thanks to God for all things and use daily prayer to improve the quality and reception of your dreams.

4. Dream and afterlife connections links

(a) Edgar Cayce’s Dream Interpretation of the Book of Revelation

(b) Dreams and the Afterlife Connection

(c) A Dream Induced Near-Death Experience

(d) Kevin Williams’ After-Death Communication Dream

5. Edgar Cayce on interpreting your dreams

It would seem that sensory experiences are permanently recorded by our subconscious mind, even though we remain consciously unaware of them. Under hypnosis, eyewitnesses to a crime are able to recall detailed facts that they had previously been unable to remember. Asleep or awake, the subconscious, like the tape recorder, registers continuously. This is because the senses are aware of the inner self which never sleeps. This may also explain why associations with some symbols appearing in dreams are difficult to interpret – they are not consciously observed.

Dreams symbols, such as a house, a bird, or a friend, always represent much more than that which first meets the eye. This is why the beginner can benefit from help received from those who have made a serious study of dreams. Carl Jung voiced much the same thought when he said that, if one understands symbols, one can understand the dream as much by empathy as by formal analysis.

The ideal, however, is for the individual himself to learn to understand his dreams by writing them down. Dreams are more easily understood in series. Dream researchers have discovered that three or even four of the dreams each night often relate to the same basic problem or subject, but in different symbols.

It is also helpful not only to pray for guidance, but also to learn to meditate. Meditation, which is the art of listening with the ego subdued, improves the clarity of dreams, expands the consciousness, and encourages extrasensory perceptions by breaking down the barriers between the conscious mind and the subconscious and superconscious.

Perhaps the most fundamental aspect of symbology is that it is a universal language, teaching and preserving permanent basic truths. What shorthand is to words, symbology is to ideas. This is especially true of religious concepts.

According to Edgar Cayce, the Book of Revelation is a compilation of the Apostle John’s dreams and visions while he was in exile. It illustrates his growth in consciousness as he sought, through meditation and prayer, to fully comprehend the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in his life.

Psychology Triggers of NDEs

The Trigger of Dreams: Ray Meir’s Near-Death Experience

Throughout history and in many cultures, the phenomenon of contacting the deceased through dreams have been well documented. Such dream experiences of the deceased are reported in many sacred texts such as the Bible. One particular example in the Bible is the story of Jacob’s ladder in Genesis 28:10-17. A more contemporary example is the amazing case of Claire Sylvia who was able to successfully contact the deceased owner of her organ transplant through her dreams. There have also been reports of near-death experiences (NDEs) being triggered through dreams. One example is the case of Ray Meir who, in March of 2002, had to undergo a number (4) catherization involving no anesthesia to determine if there was problems with his heart. The first procedure was exploratory and the results were that Meir had three arteries blocked, one of which was 99% blocked. During the second procedure, Meir had a near-death experience (NDE) triggered by a dream he had while the procedure was taking place. The following article describes Meir’s experience in his own words.

On the last procedure (one week later) we had problems. The local anesthetic was injected and the cath was inserted.

Within seconds of the cath incretion I fell asleep … (remember no anesthetics were administered).

I dreamed that I was in a very dark vast peaceful area (much like floating through outer space, total darkness). However, the feeling was extremely peaceful and I felt very comfortable.

I was surrounded by a total darkness, and I could not see anything in any direction (including down since I was floating). However, when I looked forward I saw a very (extremely) bright light. Much like looking at headlights in a car on a dark road, except that there was only one light and it was extremely bright. However, I did not have to shade my eyes because instead of bothering me the light was attracting me to it.

The feeling was extremely peaceful and I felt very much at peace.

I felt a great love emanating from the light.

As I walked towards the light (I’m still surrounded in darkness except for the light in front of me, which was attracting me to it) much like a child walking to its father, I felt very much at ease, and very much in peace with myself and my surroundings.

As I walked towards the light I noticed that there were two silhouettes of persons standing on either side of the light. However, I could not make out the persons in the silhouettes.

I continued to walk towards the light and at one point my entire surroundings light up (much like walking into a lighted room). I was now within the light along with the silhouettes.

I could now clearly see them. They were my mother and my father. They passed away in 1997 and 1999. There was a another person standing between them. It seemed as if this person was glowing, a halo around him (the light was emanating from the person). I could now clearly see the person also. It was Jesus Christ.

No words were spoken by anyone. We just looked at each other. Their facial expressions were very comforting, as if looking at me with approval and love. Much the way a mother or a father would look at a child that they had not seen in a long time, but were happy (approved of him/her) to see him/her.

The time passed quite fast and the next thing that I remember is wakening in the operating room, and asking “What happened.”

I remember seeing the nurse standing over me and telling me to wake up. I had a pain on my chest, much like getting hit with a baseball bat, and my chest area felt as if was burned. Much like a severe sun burn.

I was then given medications and transferred to the ICU. I was later told that I had coded. According to the nurse, within minutes of commencing the procedure my blood pressure immediately dropped and my heart stopped beating. I have been told that I flat-lined and had to be paddled 5x before my heart began to beat again. Later my doctor explained that my BP was 120/80, immediately dropped to 0/0, and would not rise. Then immediately returned to 120/80, after the fifth resuscitation procedure. The BP never dropped I just bottomed out and then returned to normal.

I sincerely believe that I died on the table, and came back. I sincerely believe that I saw my parents and the Son of God. I sincerely believe that God has placed me back on this Earth for a purpose.

Dreams and NDEs Psychology

William Harris’ Dream Near-Death Experience

The following is William Harris’ dream NDE.

About 7 years ago, I had emergency heart surgery because I had contracted pericarditis, which my physician stated it was by God’s grace I was still alive!

When I was in recovery I had a dream. I use this word very loosely because it was unlike any “dream” I had every experienced before. I will not go into the full details of that experience now, but I must say that never does a day pass that I don’t recall the experience. It changed my whole intellectual and spiritual approach to “religion“!

I am currently a person very much aware that this experience we call life is only transitory. It is a place of preparation, of choices, of opportunities to grow unlike any other place.

I found through my experience a “universality” that all religions and religious beliefs are merely vain attempts to express a simple truth. That the Golden Rule was the central Rule in which to live our lives!

I must admit also that it has been difficult at times to continue on with this process called “living” after experiencing an indescribable experience! Life here pales in comparison to what awaits us.

But I was told: “It is not Your time!” … and like a rebellious child I rebuked this and wanted to remain in this realm of “completeness” but found that it was an effort in vain … and I can recall returning to my body like a hand in a glove and bouncing on the floor beneath my hospital bed and up back into my body.

As I began to slowly awaken, there still was this wonderful feeling of love and acceptance … and as I awoke I began to experience my five senses in a new way, as if I had never used them before! And also, the feeling of completeness began to fade and I began to feel the coldness of my body, the staples in my chest, the weakness of my body, and I began to cry, both out of gratitude and also out of selfishness.

I have no fear of death now. I see each day as a gift and an opportunity. I try very hard to live the Golden Rule, and honestly some days I fail miserably. But the Living One is patient like a parent would be with a child, and for this I am thankful … because I now realize there is a universality, an inter-connectedness to all people, things, nature, etc. A Divine Plan if you will. So with this I will close for now, I could go on and on.

From: William Harris at

Kevin Williams’ reply: Bill, Thanks for sharing your experience with me. It sounds like you certainly had an NDE while in a dream state. I have several such NDEs on my website. Dreams, NDEs, hallucinations, psychic visions, and even thoughts and daydreams are all various forms of the same thing. That is, various forms of experiences in the realm of consciousness (the Other Side, the afterlife, etc.). We truly come from and really belong to this realm of mind and imagination. By comparison, this physical realm pales in existence. So, this is why we can have deceased loved ones appear in our dreams and why we are always connected with the realm of the mind and imagination – our real life after bodily death.

Dreams and NDEs Psychology

Skrzynski’s Dream Near-Death Experience

The following is Skrzynski’s dream NDE testimony sent to Kevin Williams by email.

I wanted to share an experience with you about information I received in a dream concerning the “next world.” Of course, it may have just been my vivid imagination; but I thought you might find what I was told intriguing.

In this lucid dream, I found myself in a seemingly utopian world that was rather like and idealized Switzerland or Austria (think The Sound of Music with all the lush rolling hills, the alpine scenery and lakes, very clean cut people in the lederhosen, women like nuns on bicycles, etc. Lots of beautiful sunshine that seemed to emit more than just physical light. The people here were still male and female, not genderless spirits.

In this lovely place, people were telling me that this was the “next level” higher than Earth. I went to a lovely quaint church (like an English country church) where I met people who continually prayed for children on Earth. They were male and female but with ageless faces full of wisdom and compassion. But then I saw the tombs and gravestones inside the church and in the churchyard outside!!

I asked them why there were graves when this was supposed to be the “next world.” They explained to me that (as in Jonathan Livingston Seagull), people here in this next level graduated on to further higher levels and that this also involved a form of “death.” Those left behind in this “next world” would experience a sense of separation in a similar way to grieving people on Earth.

But they also told me that unlike our Earth, they definitely knew that there was something more. The poignant thing was that this second death mysteriously involved losing the one thing you loved the most, whatever that thing could be; it was a very personal anguish that everyone had to go through in their transition beyond this second level.

In other words, there was still much spiritual growth going on. They showed me their “sun” and it was a beautiful coppery peachy orange. They said they could feel God‘s presence in that sun and that it gives off spiritual light as well as seemingly physical illumination. They said that those in the third level were that much closer again to this beautiful “sun.”

I understood that people on the next level enjoy a form of The Summerland (an idealized way of life so as to get things out of one’s system left unfulfilled while on Earth) but that they also aged, though much slower than we here on Earth. They are mainly occupied with praying for those still here, and particularly for murdered/abused innocents.

Just thought you might find this thought-provoking, Kevin!

From: Skrzynski at

Kevin Williams’ reply: The Sound of Music would probably be a very good description of The Summerland. For those who do not know what “The Summerland” is, here is some background:

Heaven as an abode of peace, happiness, and abundance is a fundamental religious belief in every culture, ancient and modern. Ancient Greeks called heaven the “Elysian Fields” or “Olympus.” To Hindus, heaven is called “Surga,” and it lies in the higher lokas. Ancient Egyptians referred to it as “Sekhet-hetepet.” Followers of Zoroaster describe it as the “House of Suns,” and the abode of the best thought – a place where the sun never ceases to shine – no doubt alluding to the luminous nature of the plane. To the Northern European or Nordic Traditions, for warriors it is known as “Valhalla.” For other, it is called “Noatun,” where the sun meets the water, “Asgard” and several others. Theosophists call heaven “Devachan.”

The concept of “The Summerland” is currently used by spiritualists, pagans (particularly Wiccans), and near-death experiencers and researchers. Near-death reports of very young children describing a land of beauty beyond belief called “The Summerland” provide strong circumstantial evidence that such a place does exists.

The traditional pagan belief of The Summerland is based on the ancient “Wheel of the Year” based on the seasons and pre-Christian Celtic holidays. Basically these holidays chronicle the birth, life, death and re-birth of the Sun King though the person of the Great Goddess. At Yule (Winter Solstice, December 21) the Sun King, conceived earlier in the year by the mating of the previous Sun King and the Goddess, is born. In the spring, after the Goddess has magically recovered her maidenhood, they mate, causing not only the conception of the next year’s King but also the growth and abundance of the food crops in the natural world. In the Fall at the time of harvest the old King dies and sets sail for The Summerland from which he will sail forth again as the new-born Sun at Yule. Samhaim, or Halloween, is that period between the death of the old King and the birth of the new when the natural processes of the Earth seem to be dying. At this time the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead thins to allow loved ones to communicate. For many pagans, Samhaim marks the new year and is celebrated not only with remembrances of the dead but also by letting go of the old (ideas, habits, etc.) and looking forward to the new.

To pagans, The Summerland has traditionally been a place where, after death, the soul is said to rest in this Land of Eternal Youth, where it is refreshed, grows young, and is made ready to be born again. Rebirth is not considered to be condemnation to an endless, dreary round of suffering, as in some Eastern religions. Instead, rebirth is seen as the great gift of the Goddess Mother Earth.

Spiritualists and near-death researchers have also described The Summerland. The Fredrick Myer’s Cross Correspondences describe the soul’s journey after death in several stages. Stage Four, which Myers called the “Plane of Color”, appears to refer to Summerland. Spiritualist’s also believe the Biblical reference to the “third heaven” (2 Corinthians 12:2-4) is a reference to The Summerland, the Christian concept of paradise. According to Myers, one must leave behind all rigid intellectual structures and dogmas, be they scientific, religious, or philosophical. An infinite variety of new sounds, colors and feelings are experienced here and souls find a much wider freedom to function with more highly energized intellect and spirit. The most inspired and pure souls from Earth pass directly here after death; most people, however, must strive to reach it after a sojourn in the realm below where they assess their life on Earth and try to understand what they did wrong. It is from The Summerland that rebirth back on Earth supposedly occurs – although the decision to go back and try again is allegedly an individual one, and some may opt to forsake material life altogether and move into the higher spiritual realms. Some of the most accurate and most inspirational messages received via mediums are said to originate here. This may also be the place called “Marduk” according to the messages received by some researchers.

The Summerland is possibly another name for the afterlife realm known as the “plane of Venus,” described Edgar Cayce. Venus, as an afterlife realm, is not a reference to the planet. It is a reference to the invisible afterlife realm for which the planet Venus physically represents. Venus is the afterlife realm where love is dominate. Cayce says of Venus: “In Venus we find the lovely becoming the expressions in activities in which there is the beauty seen in love, in companionship, in association, in music, in art, in all the things that bespeak of the loveliness even of nature and material things, rather than the expression of same in the earthly form or manner.”

Here is an NDE that mentions The Summerland.

Dreams and NDEs Psychology

Peter Little’s Dream Near-Death Experiences

The following is Peter Little’s dream NDE testimony sent to Kevin Williams by email.

On October 29, 1996, I had a so-called “white light experience.” I never felt comfortable reporting this until I read your “triggers” section which includes other experiences, not necessarily “near-death”.

Just prior to October 29, 1996, I had had some very pleasant life changes and experiences. I was finally able to get my divorce in July of 1994, had just gotten joint custody of my two lovely daughters (Erika, then 9, and Krista, 6), had spent the weekend body surfing on Long Island with my best friend Paul Smaldone, plus I was newly “in love” with a wonderful woman from Guatemala who was living in Connecticut and who I had met through my foreign language club.

I had for a some time been feeling great about life and had episodes of overwhelming feelings of well-being. So over the weekend of October 27, 1996, all these pleasant things seemed to come together. Then on the morning of the 29th, I was about to wake up when I noticed an enrapturing white light in my mind’s eye.

I knew nothing about these things but I had enough curiosity and courage to hold onto the experience for a few moments. I felt myself in a state of bliss and remember looking at the sides of the tunnel which was enveloping me. Then telepathically, I heard a voice say, “We are very happy with you,” which I have attributed to my parents who had both died of cancer a few years before.

With this I became frightened and jumped out of my bed.

But the next night, as I was sleeping, I had the same blissful feelings and saw a procession of Christmas ornaments dancing across my mind’s eye; very overwhelming at the time.

I must tell you that I am not at all religious; actually I must confess I laugh at organized religion, but I also believe in live and let live. But after these experiences my fascination with philosophy, meditation and mysticism exploded.

I have always been a fun-loving fellow and enjoy sharing any good feelings with other people but these experiences were a little too much to share openly. Now I can share these things in a prudent manner depending on the situation knowing that I have the sense from your website that these matters are indeed real.

Having lost my job a few years ago, and returning to it finally, family court is forcing me to make my work the focus of my life. So I do not have much extra time but if you have any comments or suggestions, I am receptive.

Best regards,

Peter Little:

Dreams and NDEs Psychology

Norma H.’s Dream Near-Death Experience

The following is Norma H’s dream NDE testimony sent to Kevin Williams by email.

Is it possible to have a near-death experience without being sick?

I had this experience in 1981 whilst taking a nap. My father, who died in 1979, called me back and it seemed as if he were right beside me and I fully expected to see him when I opened my eyes.

I passed slowly down a tunnel towards a beautiful golden glow, I didn’t pass anyone, but when I was halfway I could hear my Dad’s voice calling me and the voice got more and more urgent until it brought me right back.

My daughter said she came into the room and saw me sleeping and she said I had the most peaceful look on my face and looked completely relaxed. My daughter was 21 at the time.

From: Norma H.

Kevin Williams reply: Yes, near-death-like experiences can be triggered by many ways other than death such as psychedelic drugs, extreme gravitational forces, traumatic stress, trance meditation, epileptic seizures, electrode stimulation to the brain, psychotic illness, dreams, religious ecstasy, astral projection, coma, after-death communication, death-bed visions, and even the controversial methods of sexual orgasm and even alien abduction.

A lot of people don’t realize that everyone has an out-of-body experience when they are in deep sleep and dreaming. Sleep has traditionally been called “death’s sister.” In the Bible and other sacred scriptures, the term “death” and “sleep” are used interchangeably. The Bible is filled with instances of people who are visited in their dreams by heavenly figures to pass on an important message. The Book of Revelation is actually the story of a dream or a series of dream by John of Patmos. The reason we know this is a dream is because dream symbols found in the Book of Revelation can be found in the prophetic dreams of the prophet Daniel in the Book of Daniel. Even without the dream symbolism from Daniel, the fact that the Book of Revelation is filled with symbolism is enough to prove it to be a dream. Dream symbolism is the language of the soul. And dreams are experiences in the afterlife.

Carl Jung, MD, who was the founder of analytical psychology and dream research, was inspired tremendously by his own near-death experience. It is evident that Jung’s experience with symbolism in his NDE was very influential in his formulation of his theory of dreams.

There are many reports of people having near-death experiences and contact with the Other Side through dreams. Besides the Biblical account just given, one of the most well-known cases in dream research is that of Claire Sylvia. Through a series of prophetic dreams, she correctly predicted events that would actually occur to her in the future concerning her heart-lung transplant and the donor. After her transplant, she would have dreams of a young man whom she understood to be her donor. She was able to describe him to a “T” and even receive his name from her dreams. Eventually, she tract the man’s family down and confirmed everything she learned in her dreams. You can read the whole account in this article.

You can read a near-death experience triggered within a dream in this article.

Edgar Cayce was a near-death experiencer who was skilled at dream interpretation. He interpreted the Book of Revelation to be a series of dreams concerning John’s out-of-body experience to heaven.

Bill and Judy Guggenheim ( has done much research into after-death communications through dreams.

Also, here are some Google search results for “dream interpretation“.

When my mother died suddenly about two years ago, she interrupted my dreams about two days after her death to let me know that she was still alive. The moment I saw my mother in my dream, the dream immediately became a “lucid dream“. A lucid dream is a dream in which you are fully aware and can even control your dream. She gave me a message that led me to document a series of after-death communications my family had with my mother.

We spend roughly one third of our lifetime asleep, so there must be a very important evolutionary and spiritual reason for it. Dreams are our connection to where we came from and where we will return. It is where our higher self (spirit) can communicate with our subconscious mind (soul) in the language of dream symbols which the soul can understand even though the conscious mind may not.

Dreams and NDEs Psychology

Nick Gabaly’s Dream Near-Death Experience

The following is Nick Gabaly’s dream NDE testimony sent to Kevin Williams by email.

I’ve been reading your site for about a few months and have been very impressed with it’s contents. All of the experiences of others has really given me a new form of spiritual awakeness. I do, however, need your opinion on what I believe to have been an NDE (through dreaming) About two weeks ago. Basically what happened was, after I fell “asleep,” for the lack of a better term, I remember “waking up” only to find myself in complete darkness. I’ll assume this darkness was the Void. I was not afraid, nor did I see anything else around me. All was silent and I was quite content to just sit there forever, thinking nothing odd and even being curious about my new situation. I knew I was not dreaming in the conventional sense of the word, since I was not merely a passive observer. It also wasn’t a lucid dream. I’ve had plenty of those in the past and they were all different in the aspect that I knew immediately that I was definitely dreaming. This was completely different.

I waited in the Void for what seemed like a few seconds after my “awakening” and saw a bright light take shape from out of the corner of my right “eye.” It was far away, a bit bigger than a pinprick though. I remember saying, “Ooh, that’s the tunnel” and knowing God was at the end of it. It kept vanishing for a split second at a time, and every time it came back, it was closer until finally I “physically” moved through the remainder of the journey and arrived at the top of the tunnel. Right in front of me was an open “portal.”

Immediately inside of it, I recognized a beautiful looking figure glowing the most intense blue I’ve ever seen. Eventually he allowed me to see him as how I’d always imagined him. It was Jesus. Directly behind him I saw God, but only as a ball of the most brilliant bright light. The sun is only a pale yellow shadow compared to his brilliance. Yet it didn’t hurt to look at him. I remember thinking that if these had been my mortal eyes I would have been blinded. Yet I was completely drawn to this light with such a longing that I didn’t want to leave.

They appeared to be suspended in a bright blue sky with swirling white clouds around. When I tried to cross from the tunnel into the light, I was stopped at point where Jesus was standing. At first I thought he had just physically blocked my way and I had bumped into him or something. So I tried again and again, about five more times, before realizing that there was just no way he was going to let me pass to the Other Side. I was neither disappointed nor angry. Just intensely curious.

I can’t even describe the way I was stopped. I didn’t bump into any physical force wall or anything, nor even bump into Jesus. I would approach and just be halted. But it didn’t feel like being halted. There really aren’t any words for it. I was just gently stopped.

I never felt any infinite love nor any infinite knowledge being transferred to me in any way — just an intense peace. After failing in all my attempts to be with them, I backed off from the portal and just tried to catch glimpses of God behind Jesus. I kept thinking that I could see him a bit better if the Lord moved a bit. He did so as I thought this, but then promptly moved back in front to bring my attention back to him. We sat there for a while just staring at each other. I guess he was waiting for me to say something, but instead the only thought that came into my mind was, “I wonder why he’s not saying anything?”

After about a minute of this “staring contest,” I found myself backing away from the light and rocketing back down the tunnel. The light grew smaller and smaller until only a crack of it remained. I kept thinking, “Please don’t take the light from me.” It quickly receded and vanished after that. After I reached the bottom of the tunnel, I ended up being dumped into a “normal” dream, per se. Though it was one that I knew I’ve had before.

As an aside, I was not aware of any physical body, but I was more like a “puff ball” of energy. I was not breathing. It felt more natural to not breathe. I was neither cold nor hot — just the perfect temperature always. Nor did I have any sense of time or space — just contentment and peace.

After I woke up back in the world of the living, I found the aspects of my regular dream to be fading quickly as I would expect. However, my journey to God left me with complete recollection. There is not one detail that I cannot remember even to this day.

I don’t know if they were waiting for me to say something and just got tired of me, or whether they just wanted me to know that they were real. Either way, I had prayed previously for an audience with God and Jesus to ask for advice and guidance on my life to teach me to do good in his name and for his glory. And yet, the only thing I could think of was to wonder why there were just standing there, not letting me in, yet, not saying anything either. I guess I blew it.

Any thoughts or interpretations would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to post it if you see fit. Thanks.

Nick at

Dreams and NDEs Psychology

Ken Merriman’s Dream Near-Death Experience

The following is Ken Merriman’s dream NDE testimony sent to Kevin Williams by email.

I was wondering if you had any information on people crossing over while the person was dreaming. In all of your research has this ever came up? I ask this because I had an event like this happen to me, at least I believe I crossed over.

The dream at the beginning was very hazy and I was more of an observer as are most of my dreams. I was driving in an old beat-up van and felt that I was being chased by someone. I was trying to find an escape route when I found a tunnel to drive into and figured I could escape through there. As I was going through this tunnel, the light in front of me began to get brighter and brighter. This is when the dream took its turn.

As soon as I emerged from the tunnel, I became self aware, totally and fully. This was no longer a dream. I could see things as if I was wide-awake, think clearly, see clearer than I could in my waking state. Imagine the waking state that you are in right now. That’s how it was in the dream but far more colorful and visual. The colors were so sharp and crisp, there were clouds that glowed yellows, purples and golds. The sky was the bluest blue you could imagine.

I was just within moments of realizing that I wasn’t on Earth when the feelings of joy, happiness, love, glee, everything that is tied to all that’s good rushed over me and I can absolutely say I have never felt this way before. It was truly an amazing experience. (If everyone in the world could feel the way I did at that moment, wars would be a thing of the past. The Earth would unite.) Further down the road a little was a bridge that spanned a river. On the other side was a gigantic modern city, it reached as far as I could see. As I walked closer to this bridge there was a person that seemed to have human form but it was more or less just a formed black shadow. There seemed to be a slight aura around this person, it wasn’t much but enough to see it. I kept walking forward and said Hello to this person, but He/She just raised their hand as to say Hi and kept walking past me never saying a word. He/She then continued down towards the tunnel I just came from. Just as I reached the beginning of the bridge is when I was pulled back and out of this place and I was whisked through a tunnel feet first. I then woke in my bed with a jolt.

I have three theories on what might have happened:

(1) I actually did pass on but I was sent back.

(2) During my dream I crossed from the dream plane to the astral plane heaven on accident.

(3) I had a lucid dream I can’t explain the feelings of love if it was.

I’d like to hear what you think, Ken Merriman

Kevin Williams’ reply: What if I told you it was all three? There is compelling evidence in dream research that during our dreams our conscious awareness shifts away from our physical consciousness (physical body and conscious awareness) to our subconscious awareness (what religions call “our soul“). This is just a fancy way of saying that when we dream, we have an out-of-body experience into a different level of existence or consciousness (called the “astral plane” by out-of-body researchers – or the “soul realms” or “heavens” or “bardos” of the afterlife by religions – or quantum physics might call it is another “dimension” – consciousness researchers call it another level of consciousness). Whatever you call it, our dreams are actual “afterlife” experiences. Many people are not aware of this and pay no attention to their dreams or try to remember them or learn from them. This is unfortunate because we spend roughly one third of our lives asleep and our dreams are a wealth of spiritual information if we can only transfer it from our subconscious mind into our conscious mind. The fact that we spend so much of our lives asleep is one good reason to believe that we are actually spirit beings having a human experience. But because it was a lucid dream – that is, you were dreaming in your subconscious mind and suddenly woke up (became conscious) during your dream but remained physically asleep. In a sense, all dreams are NDEs in that they are out-of-body experiences in the afterlife (actually, we are already in the afterlife because the physical realm is just another level of consciousness or realm in the afterlife). But normally we are not aware of the full nature of being conscious during a state of complete subconsciousness (dreaming). And this is what makes lucid dreams so wonderful. I have only had two brief lucid dreams in my life. One of them was two days after my mother died and when she interrupted my dream by appearing in it (which immediately made me lucid) to tell me she was still alive. My sister had an identical dream of her that same night.

Lucid dreams are interesting because it feels like suddenly being aware of all the colors and detail in your dream. But the most interesting part is that you can actually make things happen during a lucid dream whereas, during a regular dream, things happen to you as if you have no control and are a passive observer.

Anyway, my understanding is that there are many different kinds of dreams. Some dreams are heavily symbolic (the language of our soul) and need to be interpreted to be consciously understood – like the Book of Revelation. Some dreams are ways for us to work out current problems in life on a different level. Some dreams are prophetic. Some dreams are just for fun. According to Edgar Cayce, nightmares are mostly the result of your body warning you about a health problem or about dealing with a difficult problem in life. Some dreams are highly sexual and personal and there are reasons for these as well. The point is this: If you want to know what the afterlife is like while on this physical realm, learn more about your dreams. They are more important that the general public is aware of in general. Perhaps this is the problem with this world.

I have many articles on my website with some good information about dreams. I did a complete search on my website and here are the results. Hope they help.

Peace and Light, Kevin Williams

Dreams and NDEs Psychology

J. A.’s Dream Near-Death Experience

The following is J. A.’s dream NDE testimony sent to Kevin Williams by email.

This happened around 1982 when I was 13 years old.

I remember going to bed at night without any problem. While sleeping, I suddenly found myself flying through space with someone in front of me like a guide. I could not see the person’s face but the love that was oozing from the person was indescribable; it felt like natural love between mother and child multiplied by 1 million. I actually thought this guide was my real mother.

While traveling through space, we passed through stars and they were beautiful.

Suddenly we got into a place that looked like a room or a church or a temple. The only thing was that it was shining brighter than the sun.

I can’t remember what happened after we entered the light, but when I came back I became a different person.

Firstly, I became very sensitive to peoples’ and animals’ feelings. I can’t bear seeing people suffer. Sometimes I would be crying like a baby when I see a sick person. I started to love people unconditionally and I became very religious.

Presently I pastor a Pentecostal church in the UK and the only thing that gives me fulfillment is when I make people happy.

I have also become very sensitive to the Holy Spirit and I always have God visiting me to give me instructions and guidance.

I could not share this with anyone until I stumbled on the near-death website last year out of curiosity trying to find out what that experience was.

Some people still look at me like a strange man whenever I share this experience, while some think I am going crackers. However, I know what I experienced because it was personal.

Dreams and NDEs Psychology

Introduction to Dreams and the Afterlife

The Dreaming” (or “Dreamtime”) is a common term within the creation narrative of indigenous Australians for a personal, or group, creation and for what may be understood as the “timeless time” of formative creation and perpetual creating. They believe every person essentially exists eternally in the Dreaming. This eternal part existed before the life of the individual begins, and continues to exist when the life of the individual ends. Both before and after life, it is believed that this spirit-child exists in the Dreaming and is only initiated into life by being born through a mother. It was believed that, before humans, animals, and plants came into being, their “souls” existed; they knew they would become physical, but not when. And when that time came, all but one of the “souls” became plants or animals, with the last one becoming human and acting as a custodian or guardian to the natural world around them. These indigenous Australian societies share the notion that human beings and society were created in a distant time period referred to as the Dreamtime which the Aborigines considered sacred time. Simultaneously, the Dreamtime refers to the realm of the spiritual, which is coextensive with the time of creation. As the name indicates, the Dreamtime realm can be reached during dreams. Many of the rituals of Aboriginal religion also link the everyday world of human existence with the Dreamtime. As one might anticipate, at death the true soul returns to the eternal Dreamtime realm, where it had resided prior to birth.

Table of Contents

  1. Sleep as Death’s Sister
  2. Modern Dream Research
  3. The Interpretation of Dreams

1. Sleep as Death’s Sister

In the Bible and other sacred scriptures, the terms death and sleep are used interchangeably. Sleep has traditionally been called “death’s sister.” The Bible is filled with instances of people who are visited in their dreams by heavenly figures to convey an important message. In the Old Testament, Jacob had a dream of a heavenly “stairway” on the earth which extended into heaven with angels ascending and descending on it. Jacob’s description of this “stairway” could be a crude description of the NDE tunnel: “And he dreamed, and behold a stairway set up on the Earth, and the top of it reached to heaven; and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it.” (Genesis 28:12) Scholars believe that the Book of Revelation is an account of a dream or a series of dream by John the Revelator. The reason it is believed to be a dream is because the symbolism found in the Book of Revelation is remarkably similar to the prophetic dream symbology of the prophet Daniel in the Book of Daniel.

2. Modern Dream Research

There is much evidence that our dreams are actually out-of-body experiences and journeys to other realms. In one study by consciousness researcher Dr. Charles Tart, a test subject was documented to have left their body during sleep in order to read a 5-digit number from a remote location. The test subject was successful in returning the correct number. The odds of correctly guessing a random 5-digit number is 1 in 100,000. Yale University Pediatric Cancer specialist Dr. Diane Komp reported that many dying children have near-death experiences which often occurred during dreams. One boy told Dr. Komp that Jesus had visited him in a big yellow school bus and told him he would die soon. The boy died as he predicted. Clear evidence from sleep laboratories shows that we all dream nightly. Our dream periods come in cycles, typically about ninety minutes apart. Most dreams happen during these times of unusual body and brain behavior called REM sleep – rapid eye movement sleep. Of course, the mind is active all night long, not just during REM periods. Dreams usually happen about five or six times each night and they range in length from just a few minutes up to thirty minutes or more, with longer dreams more likely near morning.

Dream symbolism is the universal archetypal language of the soul according to Carl Jung, MD, the founder of analytical psychology and dream researcher, was inspired tremendously by his own near-death experience. During the early part of this century, while psychologists such as Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung were demonstrating the clinical importance of dreams, Edgar Cayce was providing people with guidelines for what has become one of the most practical approaches to dreams. Much of the metaphysical information that Cayce would discover during his out-of-body journeys dealt with the subject of dreams and dream interpretation. Perhaps one of the most important insights gained from Cayce’s revelations is the fact that each of us is aware of much more about ourselves, our physical bodies, our surroundings, even our lifestyles, at subconscious levels than we realize when we’re awake.

During the dream state, our minds become open to many different levels of our own unconscious where all of our previous conscious experiences are stored. Also stored there is information which rarely come to conscious awareness. The subconscious mind has a remarkable talent for finding solutions to problems. It can also assist us with self-evaluation and providing practical guidance for any question we may have. It even makes it possible for us to have psychic experiences.

The Cayce material reveals that dreams can diagnose the causes of our physical illnesses, point out thoughts and emotions that we haven’t dealt with on a conscious level, and suggest ways to improve our relationships with others. While we dream, we can become aware of our entire being — physically, mentally, and spiritually. The Cayce material shows that dreams are the easiest and most natural way for us to contact our inner, higher selves. According to Cayce, dreams are experiences with our very soul – our subconscious mind. Because dream symbolism is the language of the soul, it pays for everyone to learn how to interpret their dreams.

3. The Interpretation of Dreams

Tom Harpur, the author of the book and documentary, Life After Death, discovered this true report while researching his book on near-death experiences:

The following was dreamt by a dying woman in her hospital room:

“A lit candle suddenly appears on her window sill.
The candle goes out.
A terrifying, suffocating blackness envelopes everything.
Then, the candle relights but on the other side of the closed window.”

The woman died shortly after relating this dream to a nurse.

What did the dream mean? It must have been significant because, after all, this was the last dream the dying woman ever had – the final manifestation of her unconscious mind in this world.

According to the celebrated psychiatrist and dream analyst, Marie Louise Von Franz, and based on her analysis of over 10,000 dreams of the dying, the meaning being communicated is that the light of the individual, one of the common metaphors for life that we’ve heard so often, goes out at death but is miraculously renewed on the other side. In other words, the spirit seems to live on. This dream then illustrates perfectly a profound insight of the great psychoanalyst and mentor of Dr. Marie Louise Von Franz, Carl Jung, who once stated, “The unconscious psyche believes in a life after death.”

According to Jung, dream symbols which exist in the very depths of the soul behave as if the psychic life of the individual will continue. In Dr. Von Franz’ words, “These symbols depict the end of bodily life and the explicit continuation of psychic life after death. In other words, our last dreams prepare us for death.”