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Edgar Cayce Prophecies: Past, Present and Future

Almost every day, several times a day, for more than forty years, Edgar Cayce ( would induce himself into an out-of-body experience and reveal profound information on various subjects such as human origins, dreams, meditation, prayer, religion, afterlife realms, consciousness, the soul and spirit, and the Book of Revelation, to name a few. But it was the information that Cayce revealed about the future which he is probably most known for. He provided information about the history of humanity from the very beginning to a time in the future when humans will evolve into beings with supernatural powers. He described a new era of enlightenment and peace when divinity within humans would be manifested on the earth. But before this “kingdom of God” would rule the world, Cayce foresaw world events that can only be described as apocalyptic, a period of purification involving natural disasters that will dramatically alter the surface of the earth, wars, economic collapse, and socio-political unrest. These visions of the future agree with what is known about prophecies from NDEs.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction to Edgar Cayce’s prophecies
II. Cayce prophecies that came true
1. The U.S. stock market crash of 1929
2. Pre-war revolutions occurring in foreign lands
3. The rise and fall of Adolf Hitler
4. The beginning of World War II in 1936
5. America’s entry into World War II in 1941
6. Decisive World War II battles occurring in June of 1943
7. The end of World War II in 1945
8. America will maintain the “balance of power” in the world
9. The day of Cayce’s own death
10. The deaths of FDR and JFK before great social unrest
11. The establishment of the United Nations in 1944-1945
12. India’s independent from Britain
13. Predictions of human origins which later proved accurate
14. The Essene community and the Dead Sea Scrolls
15. The return of the Jews to the nation of Israel
16. The discovery of land from Atlantis off the U.S. coast
17. Religious freedom would come to the Soviet Union
18. The collapse of communism and the Soviet Union
19. An alliance between the Soviet Union and the U.S.
20. The shift of the Earth’s poles around the millennium
21. Psychic phenomena will be scientifically provable before 1989
22. The rise of major technological industries
a. The existence of the long economic cycle
b. The rise of the aviation and radio industries
c. The great influence of aviation upon the world
d. The development of infrared technology for night vision
e. The union of the radio and telegraph industry
f. A successful technological investment strategy
g. A successful consumer products investment strategy
h. Blood will be used as a diagnostic tool
i. The discovery of the La Nina and El Nino effect
j. The existence of two more planets in our solar system
III. Cayce prophecies occurring now
1. The second coming of Christ occurred in 1998
IV. Cayce prophecies yet to be fulfilled
1. War will occur in the Persian Gulf and other straits
2. Major discoveries on human origins will be found
3. China will become “the cradle of Christianity”
4. Volcanic activity will proceed earthquakes and tsunamis
5. Ocean levels will rise and devastate coastlines
6. Earth changes will destroy nations around the world
7. A thousand-year golden age will follow earth changes
8. The Battle of Armageddon will be a spiritual battle
9. A glimpse into the future and Cayce’s future
10. Human lifespan will be extended
11. A new human “root race” will evolve
12. A “city of gold” will be discovered in the Gobi Desert
13. A self-fueling perpetual-motion machine will be discovered
V. Conclusion

I. Introduction to Edgar Cayce’s Prophecies

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Edgar Cayce ( believed that these horrible future events could be averted if humanity changed its behavior. And this is the purpose for giving prophecies – to warn people to change so that the prophecies won’t happen. Because Cayce was not 100% accurate in his predictions, I believe this shows how some of his apocalyptic predictions have been averted. In fact, this demonstrates an important principle that a successful apocalyptic prophecy is one that has been averted. Cayce’s prophecies became well-known all over the world and a case can be made that Cayce may have had some influence in altering the course of history enough to avert some of his apocalyptic prophecies. Cayce would repeatedly say that even the Lord of Lords could not accurately predict future events because human free will can alter and change the future. Cayce is referring to the Biblical account when Jesus is asked when he would return. Jesus’ reply was:

“No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” (Matthew 24:36)

Prophecy is never given for any other purpose than to serve as a warning. For this reason, a successful prophecy is one that has been averted and therefore does not happen. Skeptics of Cayce’s prophetic ability like to point out that because some of his predictions did not happen, this means he was a fraud. But from the perspective just mentioned, apocalyptic prophecies can change enough people to prevent them from occurring.

Cayce envisioned a time would come when all individuals would realize their responsibility toward one another — a realization that would change the consciousness of humanity. During the height of World War II, Cayce saw the possibility of a united world and a renewed sense of spirituality all over the world. When asked in 1944 which religious thought would lead the world toward the greatest amount of spiritual light and understanding, the reply was simply, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself!”

II. Cayce prophecies that came true

Cayce received many visions of the future and many of them have already come to pass. From these visions he made a number of remarkably accurate predictions. The following is a list of them:

1. The U.S. stock market crash of 1929

During the mid-1920’s, Cayce gave over 700 readings on business and the stock market chronicling its rise and fall and teaching his clients how to play the bull market. On February 26, 1925, Cayce gave a reading for a young doctor whom he said would soon find himself in possession of a great amount of wealth. But Cayce warned him about financial danger:

“Hence in the present sphere we find these conditions in the urge of the individuality of the entity … one that within the present sphere will have great amount of monies to care for. In the adverse forces that will come then in 1929, care should be taken lest this, without the more discretion in small things, be taken from the entity.” [Edgar Cayce reading 2723-1]

Cayce issued a second warning about the stock market in May of 1927 that the bull run would not last and that his clients had two years (to May of 1929) to fulfill their goals or else they would have to start all over again in 1934. [Source] Cayce told his clients how to prepare for the crash and even outlined what growth industries would give them the best long term portfolio after the market reached bottom. Then on March 6, 1929, six months before the stock market crashed on October 29, 1929:

“We may expect a considerable break and bear market, see? This issue being between those of the reserves of nations and of individuals, and will cause — unless another of the more stable banking conditions come to the relief — a great disturbance in financial circles. This warning has been given, see?” [Edgar Cayce reading 900-425]

Cayce’s clients did not heed his warning about the crash and, six months later, they lost everything when the stock market crashed.

2. Pre-war revolutions occurring in foreign lands

On March 26, 1935, Cayce said that unless there is more of the spiritual attitude raised in groups here and there, world conditions would terminate in a revolution throughout many of the foreign nations. At the time, there was nothing happening worldwide that anticipated such unrest; however, Cayce said:

“As to the unrest, first, in foreign associations and connections; these for the immediate future should not cause a great deal of anxiety. Yet these will eventually, unless there is more of the spiritual attitude raised in groups here and there, terminate in a revolution throughout many of the foreign nations.” [Edgar Cayce reading 261-14]

Months after Cayce gave this reading, (a) the Spanish Civil War broke out; (b) Italy invaded Ethiopia; (c) Japan invaded China; (d) Stalin elevated the Great Purges throughout the Soviet Union; and (e), Arabs revolted in Palestine.

3. The rise and fall of Adolf Hitler

On November 4, 1933, when Adolf Hitler was chancellor of Germany — before the war and his atrocities — Cayce gave perhaps his most controversial readings on the subject, suggesting that even Hitler had the potential to be a force for positive change in Europe if his personal will could be turned toward the brotherhood of man. In the reading, Hitler was described as being “physically led,” and as having been called for a purpose, “not only in the affairs of a nation, but as in the affairs of the world.” Cayce admonished, “study … the impelling influence in the man, in the mind as it has acceded to power,” and pointed out that, “few [men] does power not destroy.” [Edgar Cayce reading 3976-13] However, Cayce specifically stated that Hitler would be a force for good only if he were able to avoid falling into the trap of the forces of “self-aggrandizement.” Cayce also tempered every positive statement about Hitler with qualifying clauses such as, “if imperialism does not enter in.” [Edgar Cayce reading 3976-13] But on January 19, 1934, Cayce predicted that Hitler would rise in power to reign over Germany by stating that, indeed, “[imperialism] is entering.” [Edgar Cayce reading 3976-15] On August 19, 1935, Cayce predicted Hitler would remain in power until it will “come as an overthrow or an outside war.” [Edgar Cayce reading 261-16] On March 25, 1938, eighteen months before war had officially broken out in September of 1939 when Germany invaded its neighbor Poland, Cayce condemned Germany in the harshest of words as “a smear upon its forces for its dominance over its brother, a leech upon the universe for its own sustenance!” [Edgar Cayce reading 1554-3] On September 25, 1939, three weeks after Hitler invaded Poland, when asked about Hitler’s future before the war ends, Cayce answered succinctly: “Death.” [Edgar Cayce reading 257-211]

Cayce gave two readings for a four-year-old girl named Faith Harding known at the time as “the Little Prophetess” whom Cayce affirmed possessed special gifts of prophecy and healing. On March 30, 1940, Cayce describes her as “a chosen channel of … love which the Father hath bestowed upon the children of men.” [Edgar Cayce reading 2156-1] Cayce suggested that she would never have a normal childhood, because she was not a normal child, having been born with gifts beyond those of even Edgar Cayce. One of the prophecies revealed by “the Little Prophetess” was that Pontius Pilate was a previous incarnation of Adolf Hitler.

It should be noted that, despite all of Cayce’s prophecies of Hitler, both positive and negative, Cayce’s trance readings seemed to have ignored Hitler’s 1926 “Mein Kampf” lunatic ideas of implementing Martin Luther’s anti-Semitism. Although Cayce was certainly no anti-Semite, he did instead advise Jews to consider Hitler’s attitude towards the Jews as fulfillment of biblical prophecy as a sign that it was time to return to Israel. In this respect, this is part of Cayce’s prophecy that the Jews will indeed return to Palestine to reestablish Israel as a nation.

4. The beginning of World War II in 1936

After World War I, President Woodrow Wilson was convinced that world peace would come only through international cooperation and the establishment of a League of Nations. His concept for the League was that countries would solve potential global issues through united political and military solutions. Wilson’s vision gathered international support, and the League of Nations was founded on January 10, 1920 as part of the Treaty of Versailles, which put an end to World War I. For his efforts, Woodrow Wilson was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1919. Unfortunately, due to American political conflict in the U.S. Senate, the United States never did become a member of the League. On January 15, 1932, Cayce gave a reading which suggested that the Spirit of Christ (through President Wilson) sat with the American delegation at peace table in Paris establishing the League of Nations:

(Q) “Will the United States be drawn into war or go to war within the next five years? If so, with whom and over what will the trouble arise?”
(A) “The position or conditions that exist in the affairs, or the hearts of nations, is much as has been described. Now as to whether this will come to pass or not, depends upon whether there is the arousing in the hearts, souls and minds of a sufficient number of individuals — who will align themselves with that that is right in his sight, or not! Some years ago — this, we understand, is out of line with what many would have one believe — There was a peace table, and about same were gathered representatives of every nation under the sun! In the soul of the representative of the United States [President Wilson] sat the Prince of Peace [Christ] …As to whether it will be in three years or five years, depends upon those who would rally to, ‘I will make of my life a channel of blessing to someone, today!'” [Edgar Cayce reading 3976-8]

On February 8, 1932, Cayce gave one of his greatest world prophecies when he predicted that America’s rejection of the League of Nations would result in a catastrophe beginning in 1936 which would “break up” many powers in the world involving the Soviet Union, the United States, Japan and England, and change the maps of the world:

(Q) “Please forecast the principal events for the next fifty years affecting the welfare of the human race.”
(A) “This had best be cast after the great catastrophe that’s coming to the world in ’36 (1936), in the form of the breaking up of many powers that now exist as factors in the world affairs. The first notable change will be the acceptance or rejection of the world’s interference, or court of last resort for the world, in this present meeting as presented by France — and as rejected by America. Then, with the breaking up of in ’36 (1936) will be the changes that will make the different maps of the world.”
(Q) “Name the powers that will be broken up in 1936.”
(A) “Rather by 1936. Will be Russia, United States, Japan and England, or United Kingdom.” [Edgar Cayce reading 3976-10]

On October 7, 1935, Cayce warned of catastrophic events that were building within the international community leading to an entire world at war:

“As to the affairs of an international nature, these we find are in a condition of great anxiety on the part of many; not only as individuals but as to nations. And the activities that have already begun have assumed such proportions that there is to be the attempt upon the part of groups to penalize, or to make for the associations of groups to carry on same. This will make for the taking of sides, as it were, by various groups or countries or governments. This will be indicated by the Austrians, Germans, and later the Japanese joining in their influence; unseen, and gradually growing to those affairs where there must become, as it were, almost a direct opposition to that which has been the theme of the Nazis (the Aryan). For these will gradually make for a growing of animosities. And unless there is interference from what may be called by many the supernatural forces and influences, that are active in the affairs of nations and peoples, the whole world — as it were — will be set on fire by the militaristic groups and those that are “for” power and expansion in such associations…” [Edgar Cayce reading 416-7]

In the wonderful biography about Cayce by Jess Stern, The Sleeping Prophet, the author describes an incident in June of 1936 when Cayce was in his garden working when he saw a vision in the sky of a chariot drawn by four white horses. He then heard a voice behind him saying, “Look behind you.” When he turned around, he saw a being of light wearing shining armor of silver who then raised his hand in salute, and said, “The chariot of the Lord and thy horsemen thereof,” then disappeared. Cayce was shaken by this vision and rushed into the house. He later explained to his family that he had seen the approach of World War II, with millions of people dead. It was an obvious jolt to his conscious mind.

The year 1936 was when events began the lead up to World War II, causing the League of Nations to collapse, bringing an end to the post-World War I dream of collective security. On March 7, 1936, Hitler defied the Versailles treaty by marching into the Rhineland and remilitarizing in which he encountered little opposition from other European powers. When civil war broke out in Spain on July 17, 1936, Hitler and Mussolini lent military support to the Nationalist rebels while the Soviet Union supported the existing government. In October 25, 1936, Germany and Italy formed the Rome-Berlin Axis. A month later, on November 25, Germany and Japan signed the Anti-Comintern Pact, which Italy would join in the following year on November 6, 1937.

5. America’s entry into World War II in 1941

On April 28, 1936, Cayce gave a reading where he mentioned America’s future role as the “balance of power” in the world:

“The activities from the Soviet Union or the Asiatic relationships present rather a different condition, yet the very fact that there will be more and more the attempts through the Italian, the Spanish, the English for their investments, is the greater reason why America must remain – as it were – the balance of power in not only the money forces of the world but those influences that will later be for the manning of those powers where greater destructive forces will arise in those portions of the world.” [Edgar Cayce reading 261-21]

On July 6, 1939, Cayce gave a reading for a retired naval commander for which America’s entry into World War II was revealed:

(Q) “Am I likely to be recalled to active service within two or three years?”
(A) “The only likelihood will be in ’41 (1941). This, too, if the people pray, and live as they pray, will pass.” [Edgar Cayce reading 1949-1]

On June 23, 1940, without specifically naming Japan, Cayce delivered a wide ranging prophecy about conquests of “isles of the sea” as the precursor for U.S. entry into the war. Cayce then went on to predict that eventually all of the activities of the Axis powers will be destroyed:

“Why then the turmoil in the world today? They have forgotten God! Not that it is merely a karmic condition of a nation, of a people; for, know ye not that the prayer of one man saved a city?… Then, as to the needs for those things and conditions which are to come to pass in America. When many of the isles of the sea, many of the lands, have come under the subjugation of those who fear not man nor the devil, but rather would associate with that in which they may proclaim might and power as being right in that of the superman, that would be of the generations as would be established, then shall thine own land see the blood flow as in those periods when brother fought against brother. Then, what may ye do, what may ye think? Upon what may ye call? Only He who is able to keep that ye have committed unto Him against any experience that may arise… Suffer with them by giving of thy means, thy mind, thyself as channels to make His message known in the earth! Ye each seek to know — or many do — as to what will be the outcome of those activities in Europe, in Africa, in Asia. All will be broken up.” [Edgar Cayce reading 3976-25]

Two months later, on August 31, 1940, Cayce refused to say U.S. involvement was inevitable more involved than it currently was (the U.S. was currently supporting Britain with its “lendlease” program). But Cayce observed that it won’t be until the later part of 1941 when the U.S. will enter the war:

(Q) “Will the U.S. go into war actively?”
(A) “Not much more than at present; that is, for the present — but the war will be brought to the United States.”
(Q) “Should i make any effort or attempt any plans to enter the Army or government service?”
(A) “No; not under present conditions, though there may be those activities later, but not in ’40 or ’41 – or until the latter part of ’41, if then.” [Edgar Cayce reading 257-225]

On August 3, 1941, four months before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Cayce gave a reading for a young man who was debating whether he should enter the Army or Navy and wanted to know how long he would have to serve. Cayce’s answer seemed to imply how long the war would last:

(Q) “Should the Army or the Navy be my life’s work?”
(A) “If it is chosen as a life’s work, choose the Navy by all means…”
(Q) “How many years are these [wartime] conditions likely to last?” “How many years are these conditions [wartime] likely to last?”
(A) “Until at least forty-five (1945).” [Edgar Cayce reading 984-4]

On December 7, 1941, the Japanese bombed the U.S. naval facilities at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, which formally led to America entering into World War II. It ended on August 15, 1945 when Japan officially surrendered to U.S. armed forces — the year Cayce predicted.

6. Decisive World War II battles occurring in June 1943

On June 20, 1943, Cayce mentioned “strange” events would occur during the war of a decisive nature to occur within five days that would determine its length and outcome. Cayce was asked:

(Q) “You will have before you the conditions in the world today, and that needed by those seeking advice in helping to construct a permanent basis for international peace founded upon understanding of one another’s economic, social and spiritual problems. You will answer the questions, as I ask them.”
(A) “Yes, we have — as we have had before — those problems which have brought about the upheavals and the wars, the distrust, the jealousy, the hate existing today. These are the result of man’s forgetting God, and that which truly represents man’s sincere attempt to worship, honor and glorify a living God… Thus — nothing new, nothing strange; yet on Friday next strange things will happen, that will determine as to how long, as to how many, as to what will be necessary..” [Edgar Cayce reading 3976-28]

When asked about a timeline concerning Italy, Germany and Japan, Cayce mentioned by June 25:

(Q) “Is there any indication of the time at which hostilities will cease between this country and Italy, Germany? Japan?”
(A) “These are dependent on the thoughts and principles of men. They will be able to determine much as regards more than one, by the 25th of June.” [Edgar Cayce reading 3976-28]

Indeed, during the time between June 20 and June 25, 1943, strange and decisive events were taking place which were about to change the course of World War II in the Allies favor. On Germany’s Eastern Front, the greatest tank battle in history was about to begin — the Battle of Kursk — which was originally planned by Hitler to begin on June 17, 1943, but was postponed until June 20, 1943 due to concerns of an Allied landing in the south of France or in Italy and delays in deliveries of the new tanks. But Hitler continued to delay the offensive to the dismay of some of his top generals involved which gave the Soviet Union even more time to prepare for a defense. Finally, on 1 July, Hitler announced 5 July as the launch date of the offensive. The Battle of Kursk ended on July 16 and was a great victory for the Soviet Union and was the turning point in the war. The battle was the final strategic offensive that the Germans were able to launch on the Eastern Front. Their extensive loss of men and tanks ensured that the victorious Soviet Red Army enjoyed the strategic initiative for the remainder of the war.

Meanwhile, in another theater, by June 25, 1943, the Allies had planned and fixed a date for the invasion of the “soft underbelly of the Axis” my means of Italy with pre-invasion bombing of Sicily through June 20-30, 1943, followed by an Allied landing at Sicily on July 9, 1943. The Allied invasion of Italy was highly successful leading to a coup in July which deposed Mussolini as head of the Italian government that ultimately removed Italy as part of the Axis forces. The Soviets had been pressing the Allies to open a “second front” in Europe which would lessen the German Army’s focus on the Eastern Front, where the bulk of its forces were fighting in the largest armed conflict in history.

In the Pacific, by June 20, 1943, Allied success in the Solomon Islands campaign paved the way for the planned Operation Cartwheel — an “island-hopping” grand strategy launched on June 30, 1943, which destroyed much of Japan’s sea and air supremacy and opened the way for Allied forces to recapture the Philippines and cut off Japan from its crucial resource areas in the East Indies.

Cayce had been asked about Italy, Germany and Japan, and he replied that more would be known “in respect to more than one [of these countries], by the 25th of June.” Cayce had observed, “There is nothing new, nothing strange.” Apparently, it was all part of a universal order in which there was no such thing as chance.

7. The end of World War II in 1945

World War II officially ended when Japan formally surrendered to the U.S. on September 2, 1945. Twice in 1941, even before the U.S. entered the war, Cayce gave a number of readings which predicted the end of the war would be in 1945 or 1946. On April 27, 1941, Cayce gave his first reading on the subject:

(Q) “Will the present European conflict create greater repercussions in the United States than those following the last World War?”
(A) “As just indicated, there will be greater repercussions [Pearl Harbor?, December 7, 1941], but as for the reactions afterward — these are being very well safeguarded and, if there is not too much of excitement, should come through in a very different form and manner.”
(Q) “When will this purge end and humanity enter a new era of peaceful living?”
(A) “In ’45 and ’46.” [Edgar Cayce reading 270-47]

Then on August 30, 1941, Cayce gave another decisively clear prediction of the end of World War II:

“For, through the efforts of the entity much may be accomplished when in ’45 to ’46 peace again rules in the earth. Much is to be taken into consideration. Keep ahead, in knowing that justice and mercy are the basic principles in dealings with one another, in dealings with groups, in dealings with states and nations. For these are right in the Lord.” [Edgar Cayce reading 1151-29]

On May 30, 1942, Cayce predicted that normality would return to the world in about 2 to 2 1/2 years after the war has been declared closed, or after the fighting has ceased:

(Q) “When will things return to normal once the war is over?”
(A) “In two to two and a half years after the war has been declared closed, or after the fighting has ceased.” [Edgar Cayce reading 257-244]

As mentioned previously, World War II ended on September 2, 1945 with the Japanese surrender. The time period that Cayce gave for when the world would return to normal was 2 to 2 1/2 years after the end of the war, which was from September 2, 1947 through March 2, 1948. Cayce was once again correct. When President Harry Truman signed the Marshall Plan on April 3, 1948, granting $5 billion in aid to 16 European nations, it ultimately resulted in a post-World War II economic boom. The post-1948 West German recovery has been called the German economic miracle. The U.S. emerged much richer than any other nation after the war and by 1950 its gross domestic product per person was much higher than that of any of the other powers and it dominated the world economy.

8. America will maintain the “balance of power” in the world

In 1935, after many predictions about the economic recovery, Cayce predicted that the troublesome “breaking up” events in Europe (conflict between Germany, Spain, France, England, Italy and others which destroyed the League of Nations, would drive a boom to recovery in many directions in America. He foresaw that greater and greater amounts of foreign capital which came into the U.S. for parking in a safe haven and as a growing demand for war materials. On April 28, 1936, Cayce predicted that America would become what Roosevelt later figuratively termed the “arsenal of democracy“:

(Q) “Will you comment on the present trends of events in Europe that will most affect conditions in this country, and what the effects here are likely to be during the next few months?”
(A) “… the whole of Europe may be said to be looking rather to America for a security in the monetary activities of new associations in world influence in this direction. The activities from Russia or the Asiatic relationships present rather a different condition, yet the very fact that there will be more and more the attempts through the Italian, the Spanish, the English for their investments, is the greater reason why America must remain — as it were — the balance of power in not only the money forces of the world but those influences that will later be for the manning of those powers where greater destructive forces will arise in those portions of the world.” [Edgar Cayce reading 261-21]

9. The day of Cayce’s own death

According to Jess Stern’s book about Cayce, The Sleeping Prophet, Cayce’s own readings repeatedly warned that if he “read” more than twice a day, he would disintegrate. But because Cayce would receive thousands of requests for help, arriving at the rate of fifteen hundred a day, he would ignore these warnings and people with readings anyway. Many letters were from mothers who were worried about their sons fighting in the far corners of the earth. Cayce had two sons in the war and sympathized with them greatly. But Cayce could not turn from anybody. Often he undertook seven or eight readings a day. As he helplessly looked at the huge mailbag, crammed every day with fresh appeals, he would lie down with a sigh, and pray that something would come through. But by the fall of 1944, Cayce’s final readings warned him that the time had come for him to stop working and rest. On August 28, 1944, in a reading for himself, Cayce was advised to get out the office and stay for awhile at a nearby nursing home.

(Q) “How can the body best free himself of worry and anxiety concerning the office routine?”
(A) “Get out of the office!”
(Q) “Would it be well for me to go to Roanoke, Virginia?…”
(A) “You can get all of these treatments there…”
(Q) “How long should I stay?”
(A) “Until you are well or dead one!” [Edgar Cayce reading 294-211]

Restless at home, and with each day’s bag of mail staring at him accusingly, Cayce went to the nursing home. By now he could neither sleep to read by, nor to rest. The vital energies were slipping away. On September 17, 1944, Cayce continued to be tired, frazzled, and worn out. A reading for himself reiterated the same message:

(Q) “Would you advise us staying on here in Roanoke for a while?”
(A) “Stay on until you are well or dead one, as has been given.” [Edgar Cayce reading 294-212]

In time, the man who seemed to know everything when asleep, could no longer go to sleep. His weary body and mind would no longer respond to his suggestion. In late November, as thin as a wraith, he returned home to spend his last days, and would tell visitors cheerfully, “It is all arranged. I am to be healed on Friday, the 5th of January.” His friends understood what he meant. On January 1, 1945, Cayce announced that he would be buried in four more days. His funeral was on Friday, the 5th of January. Cayce was elsewhere were his true healing would occur. He was sixty-seven when he died of pulmonary edema.

In April of 1926, nearly twenty years before his death, Cayce had a dream which he interpreted to be the way he would die. In his dream, he visualized himself immersed in a tub of hot water. Two weeks before his death, his doctor warned him that he was in danger of “strangling to death” of pulmonary edema. This was yet another prediction that proved to be true.

10. The deaths of FDR and JFK before great social unrest

On June 16, 1939, while giving a reading on “the mass thought of the American nation, its ideals, principles and purposes,” Cayce predicted two U.S. Presidents who would die while in office before “mob rule” would break out involving disputes between capitalists and labor in America including racial turmoil:

“All of these are problems in America today, as well as that of religious thought, religious principles, racial concern — which are mass as well as individual and group thought. And these as they are stressed become more and more of a problem… Ye are to have turmoils — ye are to have strifes between capital and labor. Ye are to have a division in thine own land before there is the second of the Presidents that next will not live through his office — a mob rule!”
(Q) “Are capital and labor fulfilling their responsibility toward each other? Where does the basic fault lie and what attitude should we take in correcting this condition?”
(A) “Who is to judge one against another? As has been indicated, so long as there are disputes among labor, capital need not fear. When labor becomes a united effort, capital may fear. As to the fault, and the attitude — in that same principle that he that labors may eat, he that labors not may not eat. These are principles; and, to be sure, capital labors as well as he that worketh with the hands. But not to the detriment of, but to the united effort of all to be a greater channel of service.”
(Q) “What should be our attitude toward the Negro, and how may we best work out the karma created in relations with him?”
(A) “He is thy brother! They that produced, they that brought servitude without thought or purpose have created that which they must meet within their own principles, their own selves. These should be taken in the attitude of their own individual fitness, as in every other form of associations. For He hath made of one blood the nations of the earth.” [Edgar Cayce reading 3976-2]

The two Presidents who died in office after Cayce gave this prophecy were President Franklin D. Roosevelt and President John F. Kennedy. President Roosevelt died in office in April 1945. In November 1963, President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, when racial tensions and race riots in the United States were just beginning to boil in the 1960s. Cayce is affirming that unless there is more give and take, consideration by capitalists for those workers who produce, with better division of the excess profits from labor, there must be greater turmoil in the land. Also, after the JFK assassination. President Johnson greatly increased American involvement in the Vietnam War which led to massive social unrest in the 60’s which can be described as a struggle between the capitalist, military industrial complex, versus the working class. Cayce’s reading on this subject was an excellent vision of the racial and Vietnam social unrest of the 60’s.

11. The establishment of the United Nations in 1944-1945

Cayce was clear about America being the world’s balance of power established upon principles of secular democratic ideas fused with older spiritual values. On August 13, 1941, Cayce gave a reading for a woman who was seeking guidance because she felt that a new life of service to humanity was calling her and she wanted definite information as to just what this work was. In the reading Cayce said:

“For, with those changes that will be wrought, Americanism – the ism – with the universal thought that is expressed and manifested in the brotherhood of man into group thought, as expressed by the Masonic Order, will be the eventual rule in the settlement of affairs in the world. Not that the world is to become a Masonic order, but the principles that are embraced in same will be the basis upon which the new order of peace is to be established in ’44 and ’45.” [Edgar Cayce reading 1152-11]

According to the oldest website on the Internet about Freemasonry, the following is the answer (condensed) to the question, “What are the Masons?”:

Freemasonry is a spiritual force which seeks to improve men morally and spiritually by associating with other idealistic men who want to improve the quality of life around them by means of teaching its members the principles involved in attaining a universal brotherhood of man which emphasizes the Fatherhood of God. The principal purposes of the Fraternity are to develop brotherly love and respect for truth, not the truths of scientific facts or history, but the truths which guide a man to live happily and harmoniously with his fellow man. For that reason Masonic meetings do not permit the introduction of discussions about sectarian religious differences or partisan political opinions. Freemasonry is an educational organization where Masons learn and teach the truths of morality, justice, patriotism, and the necessity of brotherly love to achieve those universal ideals.

George Washington, the first U.S. President and Royal Arch Degree Grand Master Mason, said of Freemasonry, “The grand object of Masonry is to promote the happiness of the human race.” The fact that many signers of the Declaration of Independence were Freemasons is evidence that America was founded on principles of Freemasonry.

After World War II ended in September of 1945, the only “new order of peace” which Cayce said in 1941 would be established in “1944 and 1945” that “will be the eventual rule in the settlement of affairs in the world” was the United Nations (UN). The UN was formulated and negotiated in 1944 among the delegations from the Allied Big Four (the Soviet Union, the UK, the U.S. and China) at the Dumbarton Oaks Conference. The UN is an intergovernmental organization to promote international co-operation and is a replacement for the ineffective League of Nations. The UN officially came into existence on October 24, 1945 after World War II to prevent another such conflict. The Preamble to the UN Charter is as follows (condensed):

We the peoples of the United Nations determined to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war…to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small, and to establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law can be maintained, and to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom. And for these ends to practice tolerance and live together in peace with one another as good neighbors, and to unite our strength to maintain international peace and security, and to ensure, by the acceptance of principles and the institution of methods, that armed force shall not be used, save in the common interest, and to employ international machinery for the promotion of the economic and social advancement of all peoples… and do hereby establish an international organization to be known as the United Nations.

To see how accurately Cayce’s prediction that a United Nations organization would be established upon the principles of Freemasonry, I compared the entire answer to the question, “What are the Masons?” with the UN Charter using special software and discovered they shared these same keywords:

achieve, acts, concern, develop, give, good, justice, law, life, live, means, measures, meetings, order, political, practice, principal, principles, promote social, respect, rights, standards, understanding, universal, with one, worth

Cayce’s prediction about the United Nations couldn’t be more clear.

12. India’s independence from Britain

On January 15, 1932, Cayce predicted Europe would be “a house broken up” and that Britain is losing India to non-resistance in a reference perhaps to Mahatma Gandhi:

(Q) “From the general trend of events, what is to be expected in the struggle between Great Britain and India?”
(A) “Great Britain is losing an excellent fight. Non-resistance is hard to be broken!! [Mahatma Gandhi] As to whether those peoples will remain, or whether the prayers and supplications of others will be with those, depends upon individuals.”
(Q) “What can be expected in the trend of events in the political and economic conditions in Europe?”
(A) “Europe is as a house broken up.” [Edgar Cayce reading 3976-8]

According to Jess Stern in his book on Cayce, The Sleeping Prophet:

“Through the clear channel of his subconscious he peered down the corridors of time into the troubled international scene, describing the future of the Soviet Union, China, Japan, England, the United States. He (Cayce) foresaw England losing India, when nobody else did; he saw a free India unloved, because it was unloving.”

In 1932, the British controlled Indian government granted untouchables separate electorates for which Gandhi protested by embarking on a six-day fast on September 20, 1932, while he was imprisoned. The resulting public outcry successfully forced the government to adopt an equitable arrangement. This was the start of a new campaign by Gandhi to improve the lives of the untouchables. Gandhi famously led Indians in challenging the British rule through non-violent resistance and later in calling for India’s independence from Britain in 1942. Gandhi’s vision of an independent India was based on religious pluralism. Eventually, in August 15, 1947, Britain granted India independence — more than fifteen years after Cayce’s predicted it would happen.

13. Predictions of human origins which later proved accurate

Cayce was far ahead of paleontologists on some of subjects. It took nearly 73 years for the predominance of evidence from around the world to prove Cayce correct in his claim that the human species is tens of million years old. According to Cayce, about 10.5 million years A.D., the first ape-like humans came down from the trees, formed into family groups, lived in caves, and began to become more human than ape. Cayce identified this time period as the time when souls (i.e., fallen angels) from heaven began to gradually possess the bodies of apes to become the human race — a time the Bible says was when the “sons of God” mated with the “daughters of humans”:

Bible: “When human beings began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose. Then the Lord said, ‘My Spirit will not contend with humans forever, for they are mortal; their days will be a hundred and twenty years.’ The Nephilim (their offspring) were on the earth in those days — and also afterward — when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.” (Genesis 6:1-4)

On May 28, 1925, Cayce gave a reading “regarding the information of the first laws concerning man’s relations to the Higher Forces” and stated that 10.5 million years ago there were 133 million human souls on earth:

“Now, as we see, as given, how and what the classifications were of the physical in the earth’s plane at that period, the numbers then of human souls in the earth plane being a hundred and thirty and three million (133,000,000) souls. The beginning then of the understanding of laws as applied from man’s viewpoint being in this second rule in the country now Egypt… The period in the world’s existence from the present time being ten and one-half million (10,500,000) years, and the changes that have come in the earth’s plane many have risen in the lands. Many lands have disappeared, many have appeared and disappeared again and again during these periods, gradually changing as the condition became to the relative position of the earth with the other spheres through which man passes in this solar system.” [Edgar Cayce reading 5748-2]

On July 17, 1925, Cayce gave a reading for a man concerning his relationship with “the Universal forces” and his past lives which extended 10 million years into the past:

“In this we find the entity developed much and gave much to the peoples who were to succeed in this land, and in the ruins as are found that have arisen, in the mounds and caves in the northwestern portion of New Mexico, may be seen some of the drawings the entity then made. Some ten million years ago.” [Edgar Cayce reading 2665-2]

The chimpanzee–human last common ancestor (CHLCA) is the last common ancestor shared by the extant Homo (human) and Pan (chimpanzee) genera of Hominini. Originally, protein studies in the 1970s suggested the CHLCA was less than 8 million years in age. Genetic methods based on orangutan-human and gibbon-human last common ancestor (LCA) times were then used to estimate a CHLCA of 5 to 7 million years. Later, Vincent Sarich concluded that the CHLCA was no greater than 8 million years in age, with a favored range between 4 and 6 million years before present. Since the 1990s, the estimate has again been pushed towards more remote times, because studies have found evidence for a slowing of the molecular clock as apes evolved from a common monkey-like ancestor with monkeys, and humans evolved from a common ape-like ancestor with non-human apes. Then, in December of 1998, a scholarly paper was published entitled, “Molecular timing of primate divergences as estimated by two nonprimate calibration points“, that through the use of mitochondrial DNA, it has been established that the date of the divergence between Pan (chimpanzee) and Homo (human) is 10-13 million years before present (MYBP) and that the date of the divergence between Gorilla and the Pan/Homo linage is approximately 17 MYBP. It appears that Cayce’s reading of human origins beginning approximately 10.5 million years ago is accurate.

14. The Essene community and the Dead Sea Scrolls

The Essenes were a sect of Second Temple Judaism that flourished from the 200 BC to 100 AD. The Essenes are not mentioned in the Bible; but people in Cayce’s day would have known about them from the classical writings of Josephus, Philo, and Pliny the Elder. Josephus gave a detailed account of the Essenes in “The Jewish War” (c. 75 AD) claiming first hand knowledge, he lists them as one of the three sects of Jewish philosophy alongside the Pharisees and the Sadducees. He relates the same information concerning piety, celibacy, the absence of personal property and of money, the belief in communality, and commitment to a strict observance of Sabbath. He further adds that the Essenes ritually immersed in water every morning, ate together after prayer, devoted themselves to charity and benevolence, forbade the expression of anger, studied the books of the elders, preserved secrets, and were very mindful of the names of the angels kept in their sacred writings. Pliny the Elder relates in a few lines that the Essenes do not marry, possess no money, and had existed for thousands of generations. Unlike Philo, who did not mention any particular geographical location of the Essenes other than the whole land of Israel, Pliny places them next to the Dead Sea.

Some modern scholars and archaeologists have argued that the Essenes inhabited the settlement at Qumran, a plateau in the Judean Desert along the Dead Sea, citing Pliny the Elder in support, and giving credence that the Dead Sea Scrolls are the product of the Essenes. This theory, though not yet conclusively proven, has come to dominate the scholarly discussion and public perception of the Essenes (Ellegard, 1999).

Yet, during the 1930s and early 40s, Cayce correctly described the Essene community and its specific location many years before the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1947. He revealed information concerning Palestine about people who were told they had past lives together during the life and times of Jesus. While the word “Essene” is never used in the Qumran texts (the Dead Sea Scrolls), most scholars accept that the Qumran sect were either identical or closely related to the Essenes of these classical authors. Nevertheless, the Dead Sea Scrolls were not discovered until 1947, so Cayce could not have been influenced by these authors.

The Cayce readings affirm that Jesus, his mother Mary, and Joseph were affiliated with an Essene community based on Mount Carmel, which was a continuation of a “school of the prophets” begun by Elijah, Elisha, Samuel, and ultimately Melchizedek. On May 20, 1941, Cayce was asked a question inspired by H. Spencer Lewis‘ theory that the Essenes were a Palestinian branch of the Great White Brotherhood in Egypt whose purpose was to prepare for the coming of the messiah. (Lewis, 324):

(Q) “What is the correct meaning of the term ‘Essene’?”
(A) “Expectancy.”
(Q) “Was the main purpose of the Essenes to raise up people who would be fit channels for the birth of the Messiah who later would be sent out into the world to represent their Brotherhood?”
(A) “The individual preparation was the first purpose. The being sent out into the world was secondary. Only a very few held to the idea of the realization in organization, other than that which would come with the Messiah’s pronouncements.”
(Q) “Were the Essenes called at various times and places Nazarites, School of the Prophets, Hasidees, Therapeutae, Nazarenes, and were they a branch of the Great White Brotherhood, starting in Egypt and taking as members Gentiles and Jews alike?”
(A) “In general, yes. Specifically, not altogether. They were known at times as some of these; or the Nazarites were a branch or thought of same, see? Just as in the present one would say that any denomination by name is a branch of the Christian — Protestant faith, see? … The movement was not an Egyptian one, though adopted by those in another period — or an earlier period — and made a part of the whole movement. They took Jews and Gentiles alike as members — yes.” [Edgar Cayce reading 254-109]

Cayce mentioned the Essenes in 171 different readings and revealed a lot of interesting information about them. Although Cayce was not consciously aware of it, while in a trance he confirmed what a number of occult gospels had written about the Essenes. For example, that Jesus and John the Baptist were members of the Essenes, and hence, members of the Great White Brotherhood. Typical themes include white robes (mentioned by Josephus), mastery of the healing arts (Philo’s observation that they cared for the sick), and a quasi-Masonic hierarchy (an extrapolation from Josephus’ comment that their order consisted of four classes). On June 27, 1937, Cayce gave a reading which said the Essenes were:

“…students of what ye would call astrology, numerology, phrenology, and those phases of the study of the return of individuals, or incarnation…” [Edgar Cayce reading 5749-8]

On November 6, 1937, Cayce mentioned the Essenes would record experiences of:

“…the supernatural or out of the ordinary experiences; whether in dreams, visions. voices, or what not.” [Edgar Cayce reading 1472-1]

On June 21, 1942, Cayce revealed that white-robed Essenes were mistaken for angels during the Annunciation to Mary, the mother of Jesus, an event mentioned in Luke 1:26-38 where Mary is made known she will give birth to the Christ child. According to Cayce:

“This was a part of that group of Essenes who, headed by Judy, made those interpretations of those activities from the Egyptian experience — as the Temple Beautiful, and the service in the Temple of Sacrifice. Hence it was in this consecrated place where this selection took place.” [Edgar Cayce reading 1010-17]

Cayce’s readings on the Essenes also revealed how the Essenes made the arrangements for the Christ child and his family for their flight into Egypt; and how they supervised Jesus’ resurrection which they accomplished through their advanced healing arts.

15. The return of the Jews to the nation of Israel

In 1933, Cayce advised the Jews to regard the advent of fascist anti-Semitism in Europe as the time to fulfill the biblical prophecy which foretold that the Jews would return to Israel. On November 4, 1933, in one particularly controversial passage, Cayce suggested that the Jews had wandered “far afield, and their rebelliousness and their seeking into the affairs of others has rather brought them into their present position,” and made reference to the fulfillment of end time Bible prophecy concerning “the beginning of the return that must come throughout the earth” referring to the return of the Jews to their homeland in Palestine:

(Q) “Analyze Hitler’s attitude towards the Jews.”
(A) “When the character of those that have received, in a manner, their dictations — or the dictates of the activity of the director in affairs — is considered, then it will be understood how that this is but that diction which was given of old; and how that those peoples though they were called — have wandered far afield, and their rebelliousness and their seeking into the affairs of others has rather brought them into their present position. Read they not that which has been given? ‘When ye forsake my ways ye shall be scattered, ye shall be without those things that would bring ye into the knowledge — until that time is fulfilled.’ Hence the attitude that is assumed is rather a fulfillment of that prophecy that has been made, and is the beginning of the return that must come throughout the earth.”
(Q) “What should become of the Jews?”
(A) “They should harken to that call given of old. Their gathering together in their own land.” [Edgar Cayce reading 3976-13]

The idea that Jewish citizenship within their promised nation of Israel was tied to their obedience to God did not originate with Cayce, but with the Hebrew Bible (see Deuteronomy 8:19-20; Deuteronomy 28:62-64; Ezekiel 6:1-10; Ezekiel 36:19) and the Judeo-Christian Bible (see Matthew 24:1-2). There were several Jewish diasporas recorded throughout history and all were due to the general rebelliousness of the Jewish nation according to the Bible. As a nation, the Bible describes how the Jewish people, as a nation, have been rebellious against God (Deuteronomy 9:24; Isaiah 1:2; Exodus 32:9); unfaithful to covenant engagements (Jeremiah 3:6-8; Jeremiah 31:32; Ezekiel 16:59), often displeased God by their sins (Numbers 25:3; Deuteronomy 32:16; 1 Kings 16:2; Isaiah 1:4; Isaiah 5:24-25). They were punished by God for: idolatry (Psalms 78:58-64; Isaiah 65:3-7), breaking covenant (Jeremiah 11:10), and transgressing the law (Isaiah 24:5-6).

Cayce’s reading affirmed that Hitler’s treatment of the Jews would be the fulfillment of Bible prophecy of a time when the Jews would return to their homeland and the nation of Israel be re-established. These prophecies were fulfilled on May 14, 1948, when the British Mandate for Palestine ended and a Jewish state in Israel was reestablished after almost 2,000 years. There are several end time prophecies regarding the reestablishment of Israel; and one of them was give by Jesus in the Bible:

Bible: “‘Jerusalem will be trampled on by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled. There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. People will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken. At that time they will see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.’ He told them this parable: ‘Look at the fig tree and all the trees. When they sprout leaves, you can see for yourselves and know that summer is near. Even so, when you see these things happening, you know that the kingdom of God is near. Truly I tell you, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened.'” (Luke 21:24-32)

On June 5, 1967, during the Six-Day War against its Arab neighbors, Israeli forces captured Arab-controlled East Jerusalem thereby ending “Gentile” control over Jerusalem and fulfilling Jesus’ prophecy of Luke 21:24-32. Along with this prophecy associated with Jesus’ return, he mentions astronomical “signs” in the sun, moon and stars; and world anxiety over the ocean’s strange behavior and threats from outer space. Jesus said this will be the time of his return. According to Cayce expert, Robert Grant, in his book, “Edgar Cayce on Angels, Archangels, and the Unseen Forces,” the “generation” which Jesus said “will not pass away until these things have happened,” according to Cayce, is a group of souls who are reincarnating to help fulfill the earth’s spiritual destiny — the reuniting in consciousness of humanity with God.

16. The discovery of land from Atlantis off the U.S. coast

According to Wikipedia, the “location hypotheses of Atlantis” are various proposed real-world settings for the legendary island of Atlantis, described as a lost civilization mentioned in Plato‘s dialogues Timaeus and Critias, written about 360 B.C. In these dialogues, a character named Critias claims that an island called Atlantis was swallowed by the sea about 9,200 years previously. According to the dialogues, this story was passed down to him through his grandfather, Dropides, who in turn got it from Solon, the famous Athenian lawmaker who got the story from an Egyptian sanctuary. Plato’s dialogues locate the island in the Atlantic Pelagos “Atlantic Sea”, “in front of” the Pillars of Hercules, a location that some modern Atlantis researchers associate with modern Gibraltar; however various locations have been proposed.

According to Cayce, the lost continent of Atlantis was located from the Gulf of Mexico to Gibraltar and was destroyed in a final catastrophic event circa 10,000 BC. — information which agrees with Plato’s account. Cayce revealed that new land will appear in 1968 and 1969 off the east coast of North America, the so-called “rising of Atlantis.” On December 20, 1933, Cayce was asked about a person’s past life in Atlantis which prompted him to give a prediction about where parts of Atlantis would be discovered:

“A portion of the temples may yet be discovered, under the slime of ages of sea water – near what is known as Bimini, off the coast of Florida. And in the temple records that were in Egypt, where the entity later acted in cooperation with others in preserving the records that came from the land where these had been kept.” [Edgar Cayce reading 440-5]

Then on June 28, 1940, Cayce gave a reading which mentioned when parts of Atlantis would be discovered:

“And Poseidia will be among the first portions of Atlantis to rise again. Expect it in sixty-eight and sixty-nine (1968 and 1969); not so far away!” [Edgar Cayce reading 958-3]

On September 3, 1968, in The Florida Times-Union, a Jacksonville newspaper, an article entitled Do Bahamas Hold Clue To Atlantis Legend? by Bill Middleton, described how a Miami archaeologist, Dr. J. Manson Valentine, was reported to have said he had discovered in Bahamian waters and ancient “temple” he thought might be part of the legendary lost continent of Atlantis. The archeologist based his information partly upon Cayce’s prediction that parts of Atlantis would begin to reappear in 1968 and that the first appearance would be that of a temple in the waters near Bimini.

Cayce maintained that Atlantis was an ancient civilization that was technologically superior to even our own. He said the Atlantians had constructed giant laser-like crystals for power plants, and that these were responsible for the second destruction of the land. Cayce blamed the final destruction of Atlantis and the disintegration of their culture on greed and lust. But before the legendary land disappeared under the waves, Cayce revealed that there was an exodus of many Atlanteans to ancient Egypt. Cayce attributed the Biblical Great Flood of Noah to be a result of the sinking of the last huge remnants of Atlantis. According to Cayce, a vast number of souls who lived past lives in Atlantis have been incarnating to America for a long time now to usher in a new era of enlightened human consciousness. In all, Cayce referred to Atlantis no fewer than 700 times over a span of twenty years. For more information about Cayce and Atlantis, read this article entitled, “Atlantis and the Edgar Cayce Readings.”

17. Religious freedom would come to the Soviet Union

The Soviet Union was established in 1922 by the Bolsheviks and became the first nation to have, as an ideological objective, the elimination of religion and its replacement with universal atheism. The communist regime confiscated religious property, ridiculed religion, harassed believers, and propagated atheism in schools. The confiscation of religious assets was often based on accusations of illegal accumulation of wealth. In the period from 1922 to 1926, 28 Russian Orthodox bishops and more than 1,200 priests were killed. Many more were persecuted. It was within this context that Cayce gave a reading on February 8, 1932, for a “plan for establishing peace on earth and good will among men” and predicted a strong religious movement would come out of Russia:

(Q) “What should be the attitude of so-called capitalist nations toward Russia?”
(A) “On Russia’s religious development will come the greater hope of the world. Then that one, or group, that is the closer in its relationships, may fare the better in the gradual changes and final settlement of conditions as to the rule of the world.” [Edgar Cayce reading 3976-10]

On November 29, 1932, Cayce again predicted a Russian revolution of religious freedom:

“..for changes are coming, this may be sure – an evolution, or revolution, in the ideas of religious thought. The basis of it for the world will eventually come out of Russia; not communism, no but rather that which is the basis of the same, as the Christ taught – his kind of communism!” [Edgar Cayce reading 452-6]

During World War II, more open expression of Christian beliefs was permitted when the Soviet government sought the support of Christians in the fight against fascism, but restrictions were reimposed when the war ended. But in the 1980s, under the reformist regime of Mikhail Gorbachev, a policy of “glasnost” (openness) allowed for greater toleration for the open practice of religion. The subsequent dissolution of the Soviet Union on December 25, 1991, made religious freedom a reality and revealed that large sections of the population had continued to practice a variety of faiths. Indeed, Russian nationalists who emerged beginning in the 1990s identified the Russian Orthodox Church as a major element of Russian culture. As Cayce predicted, the resulting freedom to practice religion released a flood of Russian spirituality. Gorbachev’s policies of glasnost did indeed become the greater hope of the world as Cayce foresaw.

18. The collapse of communism and the Soviet Union

Edgar Cayce gave 29 readings from 1921 to 1944 that have been grouped together as “World Affairs Readings” since the requestors were seeking to better understand the events happening around them from a global perspective. Some of these readings were about the future of the Soviet Union. On June 22, 1944, Cayce predicted freedom would come to Russia, instead of Communism, that would result in Russia becoming the hope of the world:

“What then of nations? In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of the communistic, of the Bolshevistic; no. But freedom, freedom! that each man will live for his fellow man! The principle has been born. It will take years for it to be crystallized, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.” [Edgar Cayce reading 3976-29]

This reading suggests that it is the Russian people’s concern for their fellow man that is the basis for this hope. Cayce’s words, despite all disbelief, were fulfilled on December 25, 1991, when the Soviet Union dissolved as a nation, abandoned Communism, thus ending the decades long Cold War.

19. An alliance between the Soviet Union and the U.S.

Cayce foresaw that the Soviet Union would one day become America’s ally. Russia, he said, would be guided by friendship with the United States. The Soviet Union’s attempt to rule “not only the economic, but the mental and spiritual life” of its people was doomed to failure. On February 8, 1932, Cayce was asked:

(Q) “Should the United States recognize the present government in Russia?”
(A) “Many conditions should be considered, were this to be answered correctly. You could say yes and no, and both be right, with the present attitude of both peoples as a nation, and both be wrong; for there is to come, there will come, an entire change in the attitude of both nations as powers in the financial and economical world. As for those of raw resources, Russia surpasses all other nations. As for abilities for development of same, those in the United States are the farthest ahead. Then these united, or upon an equitable basis, would become — or could become — powers; but there are many interferences for those already investments, those already under questions, will take years to settle.” [Edgar Cayce reading 3976-10]

Cayce suggested that an equitable partnership between the Soviet Union and the United States could become beneficial for both as the Soviet Union possesses more raw resources than any other nation and the U.S. has better abilities to develop those resources. Then on June 22, 1944, Cayce again mentioned a future friendship between Russia and the U.S.:

“…out of Russia comes again the hope of the world. Guided by what? That friendship with the nation that hath even set on its present monetary unit “In God We Trust… In the application of these principles, in those forms and manners in which the nations of the earth have and do measure to those in their activities” [Edgar Cayce reading 3976-29]

From November 1985 through 1988, President Ronald Reagan and Soviet Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev met for several important groundbreaking summits that led to a thawing of Cold War tensions, brought sweeping arms control reductions, and resulted in a friendship between Reagan and Gorbachev such that Reagan said to reporters, just outside the Kremlin, that he no longer thought of the Soviet Union as an “evil empire.” Just after the November 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall, in December 2, 1989, President George H. W. Bush met with Gorbachev in a conference on the Mediterranean island of Malta. Though no agreements were signed, the meeting was viewed largely as being an important one; when asked about nuclear war, Gorbachev responded that the Soviet Union would never start a hot war against the U.S. and would like their relations with the U.S. to develop in such a way that they would open greater possibilities for cooperation. The meeting was received as a very important step to the end of the Cold War. Another summit was held in July 1991, where the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START I) was signed by Bush and Gorbachev in Moscow. The treaty took nine years in the making and was the first major arms agreement since the signing of the Intermediate Ranged Nuclear Forces Treaty by Reagan and Gorbachev in 1987. START reduced strategic nuclear weapons of both nations by about 35% over seven years, and the Soviet Union’s land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles would be cut by 50%. After the dissolution of the USSR on December 25, 1991, President Bush and Gorbachev declared a U.S.-Russian strategic partnership, marking the end of the Cold War. Cayce’s vision of U.S. and Russian friendship was fulfilled.

20. The shift of the Earth’s poles around the millennium

On January 19, 1934, Cayce gave a reading regarding future spiritual, mental and physical changes coming to the earth regarding a shift in the world’s magnetic poles during a time period of 1958 to 1998:

“…there will be shifting then of the poles — so that where there has been those of a frigid or the semi-tropical will become the more tropical, and moss and fern will grow. And these will begin in those periods in ’58 to ’98, when these will be proclaimed as the periods when His light will be seen again in the clouds. As to times, as to seasons, as to places, alone is it given to those who have named the name – and who bear the mark of those of His calling and His election in their bodies. To them it shall be given.” [Edgar Cayce reading 3976-15]

Cayce’s prediction of a magnetic pole anomaly occurred in 1998. According to a 2002 NASA Jet Propulsion laboratory article, in 1998 something changed the Earth’s gravitational field which moved the magnetic poles closer together possibly due to climate change. The NASA article explained that as the ice on the poles melted, ocean currents moved water toward the equator, which factors researchers believe to be partly responsible, in conjunction with shifts in atmospheric patterns, for this ongoing shift in the Earth’s magnetic field. This NASA finding affirms Cayce’s prediction of a pole shift. On August 11, 1936, Cayce indicated that the pole shift would become apparent in 2000 to 2001:

(Q) “What great change or the beginning of what change, if any, is to take place in the earth in the year 2,000 to 2,001 A.D.?
(A) “When there is a shifting of the poles; or a new cycle begins.” [Edgar Cayce reading 826-8]

According to a 2011 GlobalRumblings Blog post, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) maintains a data set of annual magnetic north pole coordinates going back to the year 1590, noting that there has been lots of reporting of pole shift lately, to the point where the phenomenon is actually causing real-world issues such as temporary airport closures. Since 1860, the magnetic pole shift has more than doubled every 50 years. That is pretty significant. It’s alarming to discover the amount of pole shift just since the last 50 years. From the time period of 2000 through 2010, the magnetic north pole has shifted nearly half of the total distance of the past 50 years! In other words, the pole shift has apparently sped up substantially. And during the past 150 years, the pole shift has been in the same direction. According to the data set, during the year 2000 the magnetic north pole actually shifted more than 70 kilometers. In 2003, BBC News published an article entitled “Is the Earth preparing to flip?” which mentioned how some researchers think the behavior of the Earth’s magnetic field may presage a geomagnetic reversal when the north and south magnetic poles flip. A 2017 article, “Are the Earth’s Magnetic Poles About to Flip?” makes an even stronger case.

And the Earth’s magnetic field is now getting weaker. According to a NOVA PBS program entitled “Magnetic Storm“, according to university studies, the rate of change in the Earth’s magnetic field is greater over the last 300 years than it has been for any time in the past 5,000 years. It’s going from a strong magnetic field down to a weak magnetic field, and it’s doing it very quickly. And the rate of decline is increasing. In just a few centuries it could be gone altogether leaving the Earth vulnerable to the sun’s destructive radioactive magnetic storms.

The NOVA show revealed that the shift has indeed begun in the South Atlantic Ocean region, between Africa and South America. Here the north-south polarity is fluctuating back and forth, weakening the shield against solar radiation. During the pole shift process, the planet’s electromagnetic shield will no longer channel the solar winds to our current poles, where few people live. The Northern and Southern lights are a result of radiation moving to the poles. Since radiation causes many problems, the weakening of the shield is a concern. A weak magnetic shield also means that the Northern and Southern lights will be seen all around the planet, even along the equator making a beautiful display of lights in the night sky. This may be why Cayce links the pole shifting to “when His light will be seen again in the clouds” — a reference to the “signs in the sky” prophecy given by Jesus in Luke 21:25 concerning his Second Coming — which we will cover later in this article. Whether it’s recent increases in the Earth’s pole shift and anomalies, or decreasing magnetic field, or increasing dangers from the sun’s magnetic storms, Cayce’s prediction of pole shift is clearly accurate.

21. Psychic phenomena will be scientifically provable before 1989

On September 25, 1939, Cayce gave a reading predicting that within 50 years (ending 1989) psychic phenomena will become just as acceptable and provable as physics:

(Q) “Will psychic phenomena ever, or within say 50 years, be accepted and provable on directly scientific measurements; that is on meters (instruments) and mathematics? If not, why?”
(A) “When there is the same interest or study given to things or phases of mental and spiritual phenomena as has been and is given to the materialized or material phenomena, then it will become just as practical, as measurable, as meter-able, as any other phase of human experience. Ye did it before! Ye used it correctly, – even though the whole world was against you: Would you again?” [Edgar Cayce reading 2012-1]

Concerning scientifically proving psychic phenomena, Cayce said in archaic language, “Ye did it before! Ye used it correctly, – even though the whole world was against you” suggesting psychic phenomena was already scientifically proven in the past — before 1939 — but was worldwidely rejected. The study of physics and the study of consciousness converged around the beginning of the 20th century with the beginning of quantum mechanics which ultimately led to the study of quantum consciousness. Quantum mechanics gradually arose from breakthroughs by Max Planck in 1900 and Albert Einstein in 1905 paper which offered a quantum-based theory to explain the properties of light. Early quantum theory was profoundly reconceived in the mid-1920s. Later work by David Bohm, described as one of the most significant theoretical physicists of the 20th century, who developed the “holomovement” in quantum mechanics in 1980 which led to the creation of the holographic principle in 1995. In the same year, 1995, the holographic principle was incorporated into string theory which has emerged as the leading candidate of the ultimate theory of the universe. Cayce mentioned “the whole world was against” him, which could be a reference to the fact that Bohm was persecuted in 1949 during the McCarthy era, was arrested, suspended from Princeton University, and deported to Brazil. In his day, Bohm’s theories were considered “unorthodox”. Cayce was right that, at one time, it seemed the whole world was against David Bohm.

But according to Bohm’s holomovement interpretation of quantum mechanics, the possibility exists of an afterlife (a multiverse) where a person’s quantum consciousness can survive after death (quantum immortality). Read more about the mechanics in this article. Also, Dean Radin of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, maintains a selected list of peer-reviewed journal articles containing scientific evidence of psi (psychic) phenomena which you can download in PDF format. Cayce predicted psychic phenomena would be provable as physics by 1989. David Bohm described a “holographic universe” using physics in 1980 which allows for phenomena once considered paranormal such as Einstein’s “spooky action at a distance“, psychic phenomena, near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, and an afterlife.

22. The rise of major technological industries

Closely related to his ability to read science well in advance of its practitioners, Cayce astutely predicted the broad stream of the technological future. He was able to fully describe the major technology industries which would drive the development of the American economy after World War II. Consistently, 10 to 30 years in advance of the economy, while ideas were still in their novelty stage, Cayce advised his clients to focus on all aspects of radio, telegraphy, telephones, communications and electronics industries which were associated with war products, deluxe fine furniture cabinetry for electronic products, composite woods and molded materials, and plastic resins. For example, a man named David Kahn, Cayce’s best friend, made millions of dollars with this information. The following are Cayce’s most astute prophecies on science and technology:

a. The existence of the long economic cycle

On September 8, 1931, Cayce gave a reading describing a long term economic cycle of 24 to 25 years which predicts depressions and major recessions:

(Q) “When will be the peak of the next period of general business prosperity, and the bottom of the next period of general business depression?”
(A) “As the cycles come and go, these may be judged much for the future as they have been in the past. There is, as has been seen, those general periods — going back, as we find, the greatest depression as arose from ordinary causes. Those in the present are out of the ordinary, for they are the combinations of both wrath, oppression and sin, in the one nearer akin, as we find, in 1907. Hence a cycle seen — this, then, of the greater next depression, would be another cycle, or a seven (7), which comprises — as is seen — near to twenty-four to twenty-five (24 to 25) years. This, you see, makes the combination of peak made — oppression or depression, also of business.” [Edgar Cayce reading 282-3]

According to Cayce, starting with a base year of 1907, every 24th or 25th year precisely describes an economic downturn. Based on Cayce’s definition, assuming a 25-year cycle, the major economic downturns were forecast for the years 1932, 1957, 1982, and 2007. The next major economic downturn in a 25-year cycle will be the year 2032. The cycle does not describe all of the downturns but it definitely describes the worst downturns.

According to Cayce scholar, Michael Mandeville, in his book “Return of the Phoenix” (Volume 2), Cayce seems to be saying that there is a seven-year cycle which, in combination with other factors, makes a longer term cycle of 24 to 25 years. I cannot understand what Cayce is saying about a seven-year cycle but his projection about a 25-year cycle of depressions is pretty clear. Will we find them in the records? The answer is an unequivocal yes. The year Cayce references is 1907, which is not a bad pick but 1908 is better. A recessionary period started in 1907 and the GDP actually contracted in 1908 by 8%, a true “depression”. The next year it was up. Thus 1908 is the bottom year. There were two other contractions in the GDP between 1909 and 1930, but they were each smaller, which seems to correspond to Cayce’s commentary. If we add or subtract 25 years to 1908 we get the following table. Since 1858, the cycle hasn’t missed a beat, though the 1958 and 1982 recessions did not result in an actual contraction of the overall economy, just a slow down to almost no growth.

These economic bad years are not by any means all of the depressions or recessions which have been recorded in the U.S. There were several other recessionary periods. Economists have defined many different cycles, and there are many schools of thought on the issues of economic cycles. A 24-year cycle has been identified, as well as 54, 50, 48 (Kondratieff Waves), 7, and 3 year cycles. None of them work perfectly in predicting economic events in any given year and all of the long range models by the economists and the statisticians are quite “sloppy” indeed. They vary by several years. This Cayce cycle doesn’t predict all downturns, but it definitely predicts the bottoms of some of them quite accurately.

b. The rise of the aviation and radio industries

Months after the October 1929 Stock Market Crash, on May 29, 1930, despite the deepening depression, Cayce gave a reading which predicted the industries which would become the next U.S. focus of industrial activity: those of the aerial nature: radio and aviation. At the time, both the commercial radio industry and commercial aviation industry were still widely regarded as commercially unproven toys:

(Q) “What industry is to become this country’s next source of activity?”
(A) “Those of the aerial nature; that is, radio and its associations; aerial and its associations.”
(Q) “What existing or new leader of industry is to come out of the future to stir the creative genius of this nation?”
(A) “This has been given.”
(Q) “Give advice regarding shares held in Western Union.”
(A) “Hold to ’em!”
(Q) “Give advice regarding shares held in Great Lakes Aircraft?
(A) “Don’t dispose of them.”
(Q) “Give advice as to future handling of contemplated purchase of Missouri & Kansas Pipe Line stock?”
(A) “This we wouldn’t be too fast about.”
(Q) “Will a change of the Divisional Headquarters of the Telegraph Co. from San Francisco to Los Angeles materialize next year?”
(A) “Seems to be the year after. Thirty-two.” [Edgar Cayce reading 270-25]

Western Union was the first communications empire and set a pattern for American-style communications businesses as they are known today. Western Union is best-known for its business in the exchange of telegrams. By 1900, Western Union operated a million miles of telegraph lines and two international undersea cables. It first developed the intercity fax in 1935. The company continued to grow, acquiring more than 500 smaller competitors. Its monopoly power was almost complete in 1943 when it bought Postal Telegraph, Inc., its chief rival It developed commercial intercity microwave communications in 1943. In 1958, it began offering Telex service to customers in New York City. It became the first American telecommunications corporation to maintain its own fleet of geosynchronous communications satellites, starting in 1974. Western Union now as several divisions, with products such as person-to-person money transfer, money orders, business payments and commercial services. Cayce’s forecast of Western Union’s success certainly proved true.

Prior to 1927, the U.S. commercial radio industry was supervised by the Department of Commerce. Then, the Communications Act of 1934 created the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). During the 1920s, commercial radio broadcasting in the U.S. was a fledgling industry until the October 1929 Stock Market Crash when all radio stocks tumbled significantly. During the 1930s, the CBS radio network developed a successful business model that made CBS the first to become one of the largest radio networks in the U.S., and eventually one of the Big Three American broadcast television networks.

The U.S. commercial aviation industry during the 1920s were sporadic and most airlines were focused on carrying bags of mail. In 1925, however, the Ford Motor Company began construction of the all-metal Ford Trimotor, which became the first successful American airliner. With a 12-passenger capacity, the Trimotor made passenger service potentially profitable. Air service was seen as a supplement to rail service in the American transportation network. At the same time, a crusade began to create an air network that would link America to the world through the Pan American World Airways airline, a fleet of flying boats that linked Los Angeles to Shanghai and Boston to London. Pan Am and Northwest Airways (which began flights to Canada in the 1920s) were the only U.S. airlines to go international before the 1940s. With the introduction of the Boeing 247 and Douglas DC-3 in the 1930s, the U.S. airline industry was generally profitable, even during the Great Depression. This trend continued until it was interrupted during the World War II years. Cayce’s prediction of the rise of U.S. industrial activity proved true.

c. The great influence of aviation upon the world

During the 1930’s Cayce told his clients to get out of rails and to get into the air. On February 13, 1933, he affirmed the most outstanding change would come to be airplane manufacturing and transportation industry:

(Q) “The belief is held that the aeroplane manufacturing and transportation industry will become the outstanding cornerstone to mark this country’s return to prosperity, just as the automobile industry did in 1921 and the radio activity did in 1925. Is this correct?”
(A) “Partially so, yes. It may be given as the most outstanding change that would come…” [Edgar Cayce reading 270-30]

The “Jet Age” is a period in the history of aviation defined by the advent of aircraft powered by turbine engines, and by the social change this brought about. The British de Havilland Comet was the first jet airliner to fly (1949), the first in service (1952), and the first to offer a regular transatlantic service (1958). Jet airliners were able to fly much higher, faster, and further than older piston-powered propellers, making transcontinental and intercontinental travel considerably faster and easier.

On November 5, 1942, Cayce predicted that air transportation will become more and more the basis of all relationships with other nations, countries, as well as the internal or national activity:

(Q) “How, when and where should I associate myself with air transportation? If this is advised, please tell me something about the future of this business after hostilities cease.”
(A) “This, to be sure — air transportation — will become more and more the basis of all relationships with other nations, countries, as well as the internal or national activity. Thus, all communications are a part of this activity.” [Edgar Cayce reading 416-17]

When the Boeing 707 began service on the New York to London route in 1958, this became the first year that more trans-Atlantic passengers traveled by air than by ship.

On June 2, 1944, Cayce predicted that “any town that has any name will eventually be on an airline” in another ten to twenty years and will replace the railroad even in its “badness”:

(Q) “Would I make any changes in my present work, if so when and through whom?”
(A) “As has been indicated, there should be those tendencies towards expansions that must eventually, and will, be a part of the great changes which will come with the next two to three years when the present disturbances are more in accord, but there will come first some serious disturbances, not necessarily with this body, but in the general conditions. These still haven’t gotten away from Baltimore, and you needn’t get away from Norfolk or Virginia Beach, for any town that has any name will eventually be on an airline and when they’re off it’s as bad as being off the railroad (in another ten to twenty years).” [Edgar Cayce reading 416-18]

As of March 2010, there are around 5,200 general aviation airports in the U.S. that service civil aviation operations; and 560 scheduled commercial flight airports in the U.S. — for a total of 5,760 airports in the U.S. And as of 2013, the U.S. has a total of 3,144 counties and county equivalents. This means there is a ratio of 1.83 airports per U.S. county. That’s almost 2 airports per county in the U.S.. Cayce’s prediction that “any town that has any name will eventually be on an airline,” like it once was with the railroads, certainly came true.

d. The development of infrared technology for night vision

Humans normally see wavelengths from red to violet; but some creatures see frequencies on the outer edges of our visible light spectrum, namely infrared and ultraviolet. For example, eagles, hawks and owls perceive infrared frequencies — the energy waves created by heat. One of Cayce’s friends, Edwin Blumenthal, got an idea from a dream about fog-penetrating vision. But on December 7, 1925, Cayce gave a reading where he told him his approach wouldn’t work all that well. Instead the reading outlined a technology which was far ahead of its time, pointing directly to the concept of night vision. He correctly claimed it would be superior to any attempt to use artificial light to see in darkened conditions:

(Q) “The idea of inventing a fog penetrating lamp is one that I have in mind often. While thinking of this I saw an aeroplane fall to earth while in battle. The aeroplane had been trying to hide behind its own smoke screen, but the fog piercing lamp made it visible.”
(A) “…this may be produced; yet… hindrances… for the refractory rays from such a light would act upon objects on which the rays were directed, in such a manner as to bring destructive forces in many; yea most, movable objects. The success of such a rays or light may be made perfect, when a better understanding is gained of what may be termed the night side of life… The night side, or invisible side, which is meant by night, the abilities to overcome with those rays as are found now in those invisible forces to the naked eye in that of the ultra violet and the red ray, raised to an nth degree in its brilliancy or refractory effect, see?” [Edgar Cayce reading 137-38]

Cayce was probably the first human being to describe the concept of infrared night vision which is now one of the mainstays of U.S. military superiority.

e. The union of the radio and telegraph industry

Cayce foresaw the rapid integration and expansion of the communication industry which would be driven by the new technology. The following reading, given on April 7, 1929, is an interesting one on the convergence of large communications companies. These mergers did indeed occur. Also, Cayce’s description of how varied channels of communications working in a more cooperative and structured manner has come to pass:

(Q) “Will the consolidations take place of the communications company as given in 1928, American Telephone & TelegraphInternational Telephone & Telegraph?”
(A) “These combinations in communicative forces, as has been give will take place. As to when, and how, consider the conditions as prevent such a coalition at this time. Not only are there some of the laws as concerning same to be changed, but many of the larger holdings are to be won over by death even. In these changes, then, these are to be a gradual change, and will come about much in the same way and manner as the various Express companies came under the direct correlation physically in one form. Not that wars alone are to produce same, but the rumors of many of same, making the necessity of communications in the varied fields to come under one supervision, will make physical coalition. As to when, in time – it may be years, but all of the varied channels of communication will work one with another, and thus the varied commodities in their various divisions – as has been given – will offer an opportunity of investments as for holdings; and as for speculative interest – both those of the air and of physical contact, meaning those of telegraph, telephone, as well as radio or radial operative forces – including International American, Western Union, Westinghouse, and Radio.” [Edgar Cayce reading 257-36]

Cayce’s April 1929 prophecy above, of the united activity of radio and the telegraph lines, was predicted to be fulfilled by 1939 in a reading given by Cayce on October 7, 1935:

“As we find by ’39 should be a fact – that is, the united activity of radio and the telegraph lines. This is indicated by the entrance into the field of activity through the radiograms from not only communications in the distant portions and from vessels, but from land communications that are being handled in much the same manner.” [Edgar Cayce reading 416-7]

By the end of the 1930’s the ITU had created the technical standards which allowed all forms of communication to inter-operate. In November 5, 1942, Cayce added:

“Thus, all communications are a part of this activity. This means not only radio and telegraph (for these must be eventually one) … but more and more the air as the greater means of communications. With more and more satellite communication facilities coming on line, even in the 1990’s, it is more and more the air.” [Edgar Cayce reading 416-17]

According to Cayce scholar, Michael Mandeville, in his book “Return of the Phoenix” (Volume 2), in 1934 the International Telegraph Union was transformed into the International Telecommunication Union. By the end of the 1930’s the ITU had created the technical standards which allowed all forms of communication to inter-operate and various companies and services began to experiment with inter-operability. Using wartime advances in radio communications, Western Union pioneered the first commercial intercity microwave system in 1945 and inaugurated an 11,000-mile transcontinental microwave system in 1964. The communication industries spawned the electronics and mass broadcast industries. These industries in turn directly created the computer and advanced telecommunication industries such as the internet. Cayce had the beginning direction for the long-term industrial future clearly pegged.

f. A successful technological investment strategy

Cayce had outlined a master investment strategy for his clients to which he added those sectors in the communications and electronics industries which were associated with war products. On October 7, 1935, Cayce gave a reading advising a client to invest in communications:

“…deal with the communications. Especially as to those relationships that must eventually come, and that as we find by ’39 should be a fact — that is, the united activity of Radio and the Telegraph lines. This is indicated by the entrance into the field of activity through the radiograms from not only communications in the distant portions and from vessels, but from land communications that are being handled in much the same manner.” [Edgar Cayce reading 416-7]

On March 12, 1936, Cayce gave a reading where he advised a client to buy stock in allied industrials for the short term and long term as a safe investment:

(Q) “What are the best investments now and for next few years — want to know to help clients?”
(A) “Those that have to do with communications, when considered for years. Those that are of allied industrials, that deal with preparations of war materials, for the next few months. But the industrials having to do with communications of all natures, for long terms.” [Edgar Cayce reading 877-6]

According to the timeline of communication technology, Cayce’s advice to invest both in the short and long term in the communications and electronics industries was very sound. In 1942 the frequency hopping spread spectrum communication technique was invented. In 1947 Bell Labs proposed a cell-based approach which led to “cellular phones.” In 1947 full-scale commercial television was first broadcast. In 1949 Claude Elwood Shannon, the “father of information theory“, mathematically proved the fundamental bridge between continuous-time analog signals. In 1958 the first photocopier suitable for office use was developed. In 1963 the first geosynchronous communications satellite was launched. In 1965 the first email was sent at MIT. In 1969 the first hosts of ARPANET, the precursor to the Internet, is connected. In 1971 a computerized switching system for telephone traffic is invented. In 1976 the personal computer market is born. In 1981 the world’s first automatic mobile phone is put into operation. In 1989 a prototype system which became the World Wide Web was build at CERN. In 1991 solitary waves were transmitted through an optical fiber at high speeds for the first time. In 1994 Internet radio broadcasting was born. In 1999 Sirius satellite radio was introduced. In 2004 what would become the largest social networking site in the world, Facebook was launched. Investing in both the communications and electronic industries in 1935 as Cayce suggested would certainly have proven successful in both the short term and the long term.

g. A successful consumer products investment strategy

On September 24, 1942, Cayce gave a reading where he advised someone to buy stock in any electrical appliances, all forms of home appliances as a safe investment.

(Q) “What types of investments offer the best protection for investors of their principal and of the purchasing power of their incomes?”
(A) “Those of utilities in the present, as we find, and will be for some time to come, even following the eventual establishing of peace relationships through the world. These then will still offer the safer investments — such as the home appliances and those things that have been and are being curtailed so as to necessitate the better placing of same in homes throughout the land. Any electrical appliances, all forms of home appliances, those of greater conveniences — all of these will offer the greater investment now and for the future – for the next few years, at least.” [Edgar Cayce reading 261-35]

These consumer products drove the economy for a long time and companies which manufactured them become huge. It is still true today, in the form of computers and digital electronics. On March 29, 1944, Cayce again affirmed post-war economic leadership for technology in all of the industrial products, including radio, ice box, automobile, lights. He predicted at the same time that TV would become an important consumer product before the TV broadcasting industry had even been conceived.

(Q) “Upon termination of the last World War the automobile and radio became important industrial achievements. What principal product will enjoy similar leadership after present duration?”
(A) “All of the industrial products, including radio, ice box, automobile, lights.”
(Q) “Will electronic modulation coupled with television become an important consumers product when present war ends?”
(A) “It will.” [Edgar Cayce reading 270-49]

According to Cayce scholar, Michael Mandeville, in his book “Return of the Phoenix” (Volume 2), after a short period of re-adjustment at the completion of World War II, the advent of the baby-boomer generation drove the economy, creating unprecedented demand for household items of all kinds, especially for electrical appliances, refrigerators, radios, record players, and TV’s. During the 1950’s ice boxes finally disappeared, replaced with refrigerators. As an example, General Electric stock is probably as good an indicator of this strategy as one can find. In 1942, it could be bought for between 21 to 30. Its high in 1946 was 52. In 1951 the high had moved to 64, and to 92 in 1953, at which it split 3 for 1. The new low price in 1954 was 30, high was 48. In 12 years, investors would have easily tripled their money. It was possible that a $21 share would have turned into $192, depending upon the exact timing at which they bought and sold it. That’s an outstanding return for any 12 years, no matter what twelve years you are talking about.

h. Blood will be used as a diagnostic tool

During the course of a physical reading given for one individual, Cayce foresaw future medical advancements that might make diagnosis from a drop of blood a possibility. The reading was given on November 10, 1927, at the time when the prediction would have been considered the makings of science fiction:

“For, as is seen, there is no condition existent in a body that the reflection of same may not be traced in the blood supply, for not only does the blood stream carry the rebuilding forces to the body, it also takes the used forces and eliminates same through their proper channels in the various portions of the system. Hence we find red blood, white blood and lymph all carried in the veins. These are only separated by the very small portions that act as builders, strainers, destroyers, or resuscitating portions of the system — see? Hence there is ever seen in the blood stream the reflections or evidences of that condition being carried on in the physical body. The day may yet arrive when one may take a drop of blood and diagnose the condition of any physical body…” [Edgar Cayce reading 283-2]

Dried blood spot testing (DBS) is a form of biosampling where blood samples are blotted and dried on filter paper. The dried samples can easily be shipped to an analytical laboratory and analyzed using various methods such as DNA amplification developed in 1983. The concept that capillary blood, obtained from pricking the heel or finger and blotted onto filter paper, could be used to screen for metabolic diseases in large populations of infants was introduced by Robert Guthrie in 1963. Neonatal screening for metabolic disorders became nationwide in 1969-70; and more recently for congenital hypothyroidism, sickle cell disorders and HIV infection. The limitations of sensitivity and specificity when screening such small volumes of blood restricted the use of dried blood spots for many years. This type of blood testing is now available for use at home by consumers in the U.S. Available blood tests include vitamin D, estrogen, testosterone, cortisol, TSH and lipids.

i. The discovery of the La Nina and El Nino effect

Amazingly, on May 28, 1926, Cayce gave a reading which made a connection between temperature changes in deep ocean currents and weather changes:

“As the heat or cold in the various parts of the earth is radiated off, and correlated with reflection in the earth’s atmosphere, this in its action changes the currents or streams in the ocean …” [Edgar Cayce reading 195-29]

According to Cayce scholar, Michael Mandeville, in his book “Return of the Phoenix” (Volume 3), trendlines in various planetary databases directly prove that most crustal motion and tectonic change is directly driven by the constantly changing location of the pole in a 6.5 year cycle of Chandler’s Wobble which is due to a phenomenon called “vortex tectonics” to provide it a label for subsequent scientific discussion. Vortex tectonics can be used to accurately and easily forecast the danger periods for earthquake and volcanic activity in various regions of the earth. Most surprisingly, the El Nino phenomenon is directly produced by Chandler’s Wobble. As the earth wobbles through the midpoints of its 6.5 year extremes in polar motion, the great rifts of the ocean bottom expand and contract, permitting greater lava and heat flow into the bottoms of the ocean. This heats the ocean water which produces the El Nino weather patterns. Doubtless, this is the most surprising finding of the Cayce readings. The El Nino weather patterns are in fact a product of vortex tectonics, they are in fact an earth change within the meaning of Cayce’s predictions, and they do directly indicate and provide a measure of the rate of change in the earth. The record-breaking severity of the 1998/99 El Nino / La Nina oscillation in the weather directly fulfills Cayce’s prediction that the rate of change in the earth would be seen to have increased by the period 1998.

j. The existence of two more planets in our solar system

Cayce would give “life readings” where he would describe an individual’s past lives including pre-birth “astrological/afterlife realm” influences. Cayce provided many descriptions of the workings of the world and the cosmos. Many of them seemed implausible in his day but during the past 50 years none of Cayce’s comments about science or the natural principles of how the cosmos works has been unproven. Many have been proven and more and more of his ideas have come to form the basis of modern science. Concerning past lives, there is abundant scientific evidence suggestive of reincarnation. Concerning astrology, there is a growing body of evidence showing that the movements of the sun, moon and planets in our solar system have a significant influence on our lives. In his life readings, Cayce gave several readings mentioning the existence of the ninth planet, Pluto (which he called “Vulcan”), five years in advance before astronomers discovered Pluto on February 18, 1930. Here is an example of one of Cayce’s astrological life readings mentioning Vulcan which he gave on May 15, 1925:

(Q) “You will give the relation of this entity and the Universe, and the Universal Forces, giving the conditions that are as personalities, latent and exhibited, in the present life…”
(A) “Yes, we have the entity here, and those relations with the Universe and the Universal Forces, as are latent and exhibited in the personality and individuality of the entity in the present earth plane. In the entering we find the entity comes or takes its place from that of Mercury, Vulcan and Jupiter, with those relations in Leo that have to do with the personalities as exhibited, with adverse influences in Venus, with Saturn.” [Edgar Cayce reading 470-2]

Once Pluto was finally discovered by astronomers in 1930, someone finally asked Cayce during a reading whether or not Vulcan and Pluto were the same planet. On August 11, 1936, Cayce was asked:

(Q) “Is there a planet anciently known as Lilith or Vulcan?”
(A) “Pluto and Vulcan are one and the same. No Lilith. Lilith is a personality.” [Edgar Cayce reading 826-8]

In his astrological life readings, Cayce also referred to a yet unknown planet which he called “Septimus”. For example, on January 19, 1924, gave the following reading:

“Now with this we have those conditions in this entity that have to be considered so far as the will has already influenced the conditions under which the planets rule the destiny of the individual… and the influence of the Sun and of that of Mercury are the ruling forces, with that of Jupiter, Uranus and of Septimus. This gives then these influences with the afflictions afar of Saturn and Mars. In the Moon’s change the new or the early changing of the first quarter has the most influence from these lunar forces.” [Edgar Cayce reading 4361-1]

In a NASA article entitled, “Hypothetical Planet X“, it describes how in January 2015, Caltech astronomers found evidence suggesting there may be a “Planet X” deep in the solar system. This hypothetical Neptune-sized planet orbits our sun in a highly elongated orbit far beyond Pluto. The prediction of this giant planet is based on detailed mathematical modeling and computer simulations, not direct observation. If this “Planet X” turns out to be scientific fact, it will be yet another affirmation of Cayce’s prophetic abilities.

III. Cayce prophecies occurring now

1. The second coming of Christ occurred in 1998

Edgar Cayce had much to say about Jesus and the past lives of Jesus — even covering the “lost” years that were never addressed in the Bible. But Cayce also spoke of Jesus’ return and here is an excerpt on that subject. On June 28, 1932, gave the following reading where he revealed the world at the time was about to enter the Tribulation (test period) which is a reference to World War II::

(Q) “He (Jesus) said he would come again. What about his second coming?”
(A) “The time no one knows. Even as he gave, not even the Son himself. Only the Father. Not until his enemies — and the earth — are wholly in subjection to his will, his powers.”
(Q) “Are we entering the period of preparation for His coming?”
(A) “Entering the test period, rather.”
(Q) “Any message to the group gathered here?”
(A) “In that ye seek to know the manner of preparation of him that would be your guide, seek also to prepare yourselves to be his subjects with that same diligence as that which has prompted the seeking here.” [Edgar Cayce reading 5749-2]

Although Cayce mentioned nobody knows the exact date of Jesus’ return, Cayce did predict in another reading that Jesus would return in the year of 1998. Critics who are not familiar with the Cayce readings have declared Cayce wrong on this prediction because 1998 has come and gone; and Jesus has not appeared. Some of these critics wrongly expect Jesus to appear in the sky with a chorus of angels while dead bodies crawl out of their graves on the Last Day. But this false notion of the Resurrection of the Dead is the result of a misunderstanding of Jesus’ secret teachings of reincarnation — the true meaning of bodily resurrection — and how to be liberated from it (spiritual resurrection).

According to Cayce, it won’t be the second time Jesus returns to earth — but it is one of many past lives Jesus experienced. So it is more logical, and more realistic, for Jesus to return the same way as he did in his previous lifetimes — through childbirth. For this reason, I believe Jesus has already returned in 1998 just as Cayce foresaw; and this means that Jesus is currently living on earth as a young adult. On June 30, 1932, Cayce gave a reading concerning prophecies of the Great Pyramid in Egypt in which he gave the year of Christ’s return in 1998:

(Q) “You will please give at this time detailed information regarding the origin, purpose and prophecies of the Great Pyramid of Giza near Cairo, Egypt…”
(A) “In this same pyramid did the Great Initiate, the Master, take those last of the brotherhood degrees with John, the forerunner of Him, at that place. As is indicated in that period where entrance is shown to be in that land that was set apart, as that promised to that peculiar peoples, as were rejected – as is shown in that portion when there is the turning back from the raising up of Xerxes as the deliverer from an unknown tongue or land, and again is there seen that this occurs in the entrance of the Messiah in this period – 1998.” [Edgar Cayce reading 5748-5]

As mentioned previously in this article, the “Brotherhood” is a reference to the “Great White Brotherhood” who are a group of “master” souls who help in humanity’s spiritual and physical evolution. They are mentioned in Revelation 7:9-10 as the multitude of “saints” who are “wearing white robes” and standing before the throne of God.

On April 15, 1932, Cayce gave a reading implying Jesus will return before the “Millennium” — a literal thousand-year golden age of peace known in the Bible as the “Kingdom of God” on earth:

(Q) “Please explain what is meant by ‘He will walk and talk with men of every clime.’ Does this mean he will appear to many at once or appear to various peoples during a long period?”
(A) “As given, for a thousand years he will walk and talk with men of every clime. Then in groups, in masses, and then they shall reign of the first resurrection for a thousand years; for this will be when the changes materially come.” [Edgar Cayce reading 364-8]

Cayce revealed in his dream interpretation of the Book of Revelation that the “first resurrection” in the Bible refers to those souls who are the first to be reincarnated and born into the Kingdom of God on earth. These souls will incarnate from higher afterlife realms.

On July 9, 1933, Cayce gave a reading where he mentioned his generation was living during the time period known as “the day of the Lord” which prophets in the Bible always describe as an event when God brings judgment either upon Israel or upon Israel’s enemies:.

(Q) “What is meant by ‘the day of the Lord is near at hand’?”
(A) “That as has been promised through the prophets and the sages of old, the time — and half time — has been and is being fulfilled in this day and generation, and that soon there will again appear in the earth that one through whom many will be called to meet those that are preparing the way for his day in the earth. The Lord, then, will come, ‘even as ye have seen him go.'” [Edgar Cayce reading 262-49]

From the above reading, Cayce revealed “the day of the Lord” was indeed at hand in his generation — World War II and the Holocaust. The “time – and half time” is a reference to the 3 years and six months in Daniel 7:25, which is equal to the 42 months in Revelation 11:2, and the 1260 days in Revelation 11:3. America’s involvement in World War II against the Nazis (the enemy of Israel) was exactly 1240 days (about 3 years, 5 months) so the case can be made that World War II was the fulfillment of the Biblical Apocalypse described in the Book of Revelation that was to occur before the return of Jesus:

On August 6, 1933, Cayce affirmed Jesus had not yet appeared (which agrees with his prophecy that he returned in 1998) and that Jesus only existed at the time in spirit form. Cayce also revealed Jesus would appear in the flesh (as a human being) and suggesting he would even be born with the same body (i.e., DNA) he was born with the last time:

(Q) “Is Jesus the Christ on any particular sphere or is he manifesting on the earth plane in another body?”
(A) “As just given, all power in heaven, in earth, is given to him who overcame. Hence he is of himself in space, in the force that impels through faith, through belief, in the individual entity. As a spirit entity. Hence not in a body in the earth, but may come at will to him who wills to be one with, and acts in love to make same possible. For, he shall come as ye have seen him go, in the body he occupied in Galilee. The body that he formed, that was crucified on the cross, that rose from the tomb, that walked by the sea, that appeared to Simon, that appeared to Philip, that appeared to ‘I, even John'”…
(Q) “When Jesus Christ comes the second time will he set up his Kingdom on earth, and will it be an everlasting Kingdom?”
(A) “Read his promises in that ye have written of his words, as John gave, ‘He shall rule for a 1000 years. Then shall Satan be loosed again for a season.” [Edgar Cayce reading 5749-4]

Note that in the above reading, Cayce appeared to be “channeling” John of the Book of Revelation. In the above reading, Cayce references Revelation 19-20 which describes John seeing much rejoicing in heaven and the appearance of Christ (Revelation 19). Then Revelation 20 describes an “angel” casting the “devil” into a “bottomless pit” for 1000 years; but afterward, the “devil” is released upon the earth for a short time before being cast into “hell”. In Revelation 21, John then sees a “new heaven” and a “new earth” come into being. Cayce interpreted the dream symbolism of the Book of Revelation as follows: during the 1000 year golden age on earth, souls from lower afterlife realms will not be permitted to incarnate the earth (casting the “devil” into a “bottomless pit” in Revelation 20:1-3). At the end of the 1000 years, souls from lower afterlife realms will once again be allowed to incarnate, bringing with them their unsatisfied ambitions and desires (Revelation 20:7-10). This, of course, will attempt to bring about the former conditions of imbalance (wars and plagues); but after 1000 years of established peace on earth, these conditions of imbalance, all man-made, are now themselves eliminated and all mental forms and patterns not formed by divine will are purged (Revelation 20:14).

There are more reasons why I agree with Cayce that Jesus has been born, and is now alive on earth, since 1998. Here is a list:

Reasons Why I Agree With Cayce in a 1998 Second Coming of Christ

a. Cayce has a good track record about his predictions.

b. Cayce was a very spiritual person in love with Jesus. He actually met Jesus on occasion during his afterlife sojourns and had a strong personal relationship with him.

c. As a Christian “prophet”, the second coming of Christ would be perhaps Cayce’s most important prophecy to make. It would seem highly unlikely that he would be so accurate on other prophecies and not accurate on the event his heart was set on most.

d. One particular NDEr supports the idea that Jesus has already returned. Dr. Richard Eby had an NDE in which he was told by Jesus that he would not die until Jesus returns. But on December 2, 2002, Eby died. Thus, either Jesus is already here, or Dr. Eby and/or Jesus is lying. The lying theory seems improbable.

e. Another NDEr supports the idea of a early return of Jesus. In 1991 Angie Fenimore had an NDE where she was given information suggesting Jesus was to return very soon. Notice also that Fenimore agrees with Cayce about spiritual warfare going on at that time.

“Humanity is in the final moments before Jesus Christ returns to this earth. The earth is being prepared for this event. The war between the forces of light and the forces of darkness are growing so intense on earth, humanity is in danger of being consumed by the forces of darkness.” (Angie Fenimore)

IV. Cayce prophecies yet to be fulfilled

1. War will occur in the Persian Gulf and other straits

On April 28, 1941, Cayce gave a reading where he foresees a war arising near the Davis Straits, and in Libya, and in Egypt, in Ankara, and in Syria; through the straits around those areas above Australia, in the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf. The locations involved in the conflict suggest it is a worldwide conflict over oil mostly involving the Middle East:

“…we find nation against nation; the powers of death, destruction, the wrecking of that which has been and is held near and dear to the hearts of those who have through one form or another set ideals. These are not to be questioned, in that as may be a helpful force; but what is coming to pass? And how may ye as individuals help?… Strifes will arise through the period. Watch for them near Davis Strait in the attempts there for the keeping of the life line to a land open. Watch for them in Libya and in Egypt, in Ankara (Turkey) and in Syria, through the straits about those areas above Australia, in the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf.” [Edgar Cayce reading 3976-26]

Davis Strait” is a channel located in the arctic between mid-western Greenland and Canada’s Baffin Island. According to Wikipedia, it has been estimated that at least 13% of the worlds undiscovered oil deposits and 30% of the worlds undiscovered gas pockets are located in the Arctic, with the seas around Greenland potentially holding large amounts of natural gas and lesser amounts of crude oil and natural gas liquids. This has led to a large number of off-shore concessions to potential oil and gas extraction, primarily the Davis Strait and Baffin Bay. On March 20, 2011, the U.S. government began to authorize offshore oil drilling in the arctic Outer Continental Shelf which was a major breakthrough for the petroleum industry and big loss for drilling opponents. in 2012, Greenpeace unsuccessfully attempted to prevent a deep sea drilling rig manufactured in Turkey from being set up in Baffin Bay, Greenland. It is possible that this environmentalist attempt to prevent oil drilling in the arctic is what Cayce referred to as “attempts there for the keeping of the life line to a land open” in the area “near Davis Strait.” Could “keeping of the life line to land open” suggest that the “life line to land” is the Baffin Bay fishery (that Greenpeace is trying to protect) could possibly be in danger of being destroyed by another deep sea oil blowout?

Concerning Libya, Egypt, Ankara (Turkey), and Syria, a look at the current news headlines about the Syrian Civil War against ISIS and terrorism is enough to know how easily this prophecy of a greater war could certainly be a possibility. Cayce’s mentioning of the Persian Gulf, the site of the world’s largest single source of crude oil and world’s largest offshore oilfield, is even more evidence of a global conflict over oil as foreseen by Cayce. Iran control’s the Persian Gulf and their military power in the region has only grown stronger in recent times. The straits above Australia and the Indian Ocean are routes where marine tankers transport crude oil around the world.

The question is why would Cayce link the beginning of arctic oil development on March 20, 2011, with the Syrian Civil War? Probably because the Syrian Civil War began on March 11, 2011, when protesters marched in the capital of Damascus, demanding democratic reforms and the release of political prisoners. Coincidence? Given Cayce’s track record, I suspect it is not.

2. Major discoveries on human origins will be found

Cayce predicted there will be three profound archeological discoveries of a very ancient and important nature which will revolutionize the way we understand human origins, cosmology and religion. Cayce stated these discoveries will occur when humanity attains a more higher level of spirituality. The three repositories, called “Hall of Records” by Cayce, are located (1) in Egypt near the Great Pyramid, (2) the Bimini area where the possible portion of Atlantis has already been discovered, and (3) the Yucatan peninsula where the asteroid struck and killed off the dinosaurs. On October 29, 1933, Cayce gave a reading describing how the people of Atlantis became aware of the fact that their civilization was about to be destroyed. And as a result, they hid identical records of the Atlantean civilization in Bimini, in Egypt and in the Yucatan which will be discovered someday in the future:

(Q) “Give in detail what the sealed room contains.”
(A) “A record of Atlantis from the beginnings of those periods when the Spirit took form or began the encasements in that land, and the developments of the peoples throughout their sojourn, with the record of the first destruction and the changes that took place in the land… This in position lies, as the sun rises from the waters, the line of the shadow (or light) falls between the paws of the Sphinx, that was later set as the sentinel or guard, and which may not be entered from the connecting chambers from the Sphinx’s paw (right paw) until the time has been fulfilled when the changes must be active in this sphere of man’s experience. Between, then, the Sphinx and the river.” [Edgar Cayce reading 378-16]

On November 12, 1933, Cayce gave a reading predicting the Hall of Records in Egypt will be discovered when the earth changes are about to occur:

(Q) “In which pyramid or temple are the records mentioned in the readings given through this channel on Atlantis, in April, 1932?”
(A) “As given, that temple was destroyed at the time there was the last destruction in Atlantis. Yet, as time draws nigh when changes are to come about, there may be the opening of those three places where the records are one, to those that are the initiates in the knowledge of the One God: The temple by Iltar will then rise again. Also there will be the opening of the temple or hall of records in Egypt, and those records that were put into the heart of the Atlantean land may also be found there — that have been kept, for those that are of that group. The records are one.” [Edgar Cayce reading 5750-1]

Cayce provided many clues to the exact location of the Hall of Records near the Great Pyramid in Egypt. On May 1, 1941, Cayce revealed the Hall of Records lies somewhere between the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid:

“For the entity’s tomb then was a part of the Hall of Records, which has not yet been uncovered. It lies between — or along that entrance from the Sphinx to the temple — or the pyramid; in a pyramid, of course, of its own.” [Edgar Cayce reading 2329-3]

In 1992, scientists Robert Schoch and Thomas Dobecki used ground-penetrating radar and discovered cavities underneath the Sphinx. Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval‘s stated in their 1997 book entitled “Message of the Sphinx” that American archaeologists and the Egyptian government had blocked investigations around the Sphinx, including attempts to locate any underground cavities. In 1998, Dr. Zahi Hawass, Chief Director of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, undertook excavations beneath the main body of the Sphinx at Giza and re-discovered access tunnels to several large, apparently natural, caves directly under the Sphinx. Dr. Hawass commented, to the TV documentary crew that documented the 1998 excavations, that he suspected that there could be other cavities beneath the structure, based on the evidence of the small watercourse that had caused some minor structural damage to stonework on the flank of the Sphinx. Robert Bauval later wrote in his 1999 book entitled “Secret Chamber” that Egyptian authorities granted an American team a license to search for the Hall of Records under the Sphinx and how they discovered there may be three passages around the Sphinx; two with unknown origin and one that is supposedly a small dead-end shaft behind the head of the Sphinx of nineteenth-century origins. But according to Bauval, for decades any real and significant progress in the quest for the secret chambers at Giza has been thwarted by Dr. Hawass. In July 2011, however, Dr. Hawass lost his position with the Supreme Council of Antiquities during the Egyptian Crisis with the Muslim Brotherhood and it remains to be seen if the new administration will allow the search to begin again.

3. China will become “the cradle of Christianity”

Decades before the rest of the world was thinking about the enormous impact that China would have upon the global stage, Cayce predicted great things for China and its people. On August 3, 1943, Cayce gave a reading for a man who asked about the destiny of China just prior to going there to serve as a Christian missionary. In the reading, Cayce promised China would lead to more democracy and greater religious freedom. He also suggested that eventually the height of civilization would move from the West to the Chinese people:

(Q) “May it be indicated as to the destiny of the Chinese during the next twenty years — whether they are likely to take a more democratic turn or a more authoritarian turn?”
(A) “More of the democratic. For, as has been indicated, more and more will those of the Christian faith come to be in political positions, and this in China will mean the greater rule in certain groups — according to how well these manifest. And these will progress. For, civilization moves west.” [Edgar Cayce reading 2834-3]

Given the fact that, at the time of the above reading by Cayce, China was currently occupied by the invading armies of Imperial Japan during World War II, this reading is quite remarkable. Then on June 22, 1944, Cayce gave a reading which went even further when he envisioned a future for China:

“This, here, will be one day the cradle of Christianity, as applied in the lives of men. Yea, it is far off as man counts time, but only a day in the heart of God — for tomorrow China will awake. Let each and every soul as they come to those understandings, do something, then, in his or her own heart.” [Edgar Cayce reading 3976-29]

On the face of it, this prediction by Cayce about China appears to be completely ridiculous and highly improbable; and it has stumped a lot of people who are not familiar with the Cayce readings. Some critics use this prediction by Cayce in an attempt to prove that “the Sleeping Prophet” was fallible. My answer to these critics is that, first of all, Cayce has already been shown to be less than 100% in his predictions and there is no reason to believe that anyone with Cayce’s ability has to be perfect in their predictions. After all, the future is based upon mathematical probabilities and is not “set in stone”. As Cayce himself gave, free will can always metaphorically “draw the sword from the stone.” This aside, those who are more knowledgeable about the Cayce readings knows that the brand of “Christianity” which Cayce affirmed to be the highest form of Christianity, is neither modern nor traditional Christianity (neither Orthodox nor Protestant), but rather Christian Gnosticism. Christian Gnosticism is not only an esoteric version of Christianity, it has many similarities to the Chinese folk religion (Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism) because of common beliefs such as bodily resurrection (reincarnation), God’s law (karma), God within human beings (Buddhahood), the problem of evil (the problem of suffering), the need for liberation from the flesh (the need for enlightenment), etc.

According to Wikipedia article on religion in China, during the 20th century in China there was increasing urbanization and Western influence which led to the delegitimization of the Chinese folk religion as a superstitious obstacle to modernization.[1] The suppression of the local religion intensified with a 1928 policy attempting to abolish all cults of gods.[1] From 1927 to 1937, a civil war was fought in China between the government and forces loyal to the Chinese Communist Party. The Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945), a theater of World War II, forced an uneasy alliance between the government and the Communists; but after the war ended, the continued distrust between the government and the Communists led to the resumption of civil war. In 1947, constitutional rule was established; but the policy attempting to abolish all cults of gods were implemented in communist China after 1949. Note that Cayce predicted in 1943 that China would become more democratic within the next 20 years (by 1963) which it did in 1947; and would one day become “the cradle of Christianity”. But the “Cultural Revolution” in China between 1966 and 1976 of the Maoist period was the last systematic effort to destroy the Chinese folk religion. However, after Chairman Mao‘s death in 1976, the people responsible for the excesses of the Cultural Revolution were quickly arrested and held responsible. In 1978 Deng Xiaoping took power and instituted significant economic reforms. The Communist Party loosened governmental control over citizens’ personal lives, and the communes were gradually disbanded in favor of private land leases. This marked China’s transition from a planned economy to a mixed economy with an increasingly open market environment. After 1978 Chinese folk religion started to rapidly revive in China, with millions of temples being rebuilt or built from scratch. Since the 1980s the local government’s new relationship with local society is characterized by practical mutual dependence which gave much space for popular religion to develop. China adopted its current constitution on 4 December 4, 1982. In recent years, in some cases, local governments have taken an even positive and supportive attitude towards indigenous religion in the name of promoting cultural heritage. China’s economic development has brought a spiritual renewal and the Chinese folk religion provides the Chinese people a means to face the challenges of modernization.

Confucianism and Taoism, later joined by Buddhism, constitute the “three teachings” that historically have shaped Chinese culture. There are no clear boundaries between these intertwined religious systems and elements of each enrich the popular Chinese folk religion which is practiced by roughly 81% of the population today. There are also remarkable similarities between the “three teachings” and Gnostic Christianity which is why I make the case that China is indeed becoming “the cradle of Christianity.” One of the most respected scholars on the subject of Gnosticism is Elaine Pagels. She noted in her book, The Gnostic Gospels, that the similarities between Gnosticism and Buddhism have prompted some scholars to question their interdependence and to wonder whether “…if the names were changed, the living Buddha appropriately could say what the Gospel of Thomas attributes to the living Jesus.” Other scholars have dealt with comparative religious studies between Taoism and Christianity. This has been of interest for students of history of religion such as J.J.M. de Groot, among others. The comparison of the teachings of Lao Tzu and Jesus of Nazareth has been done by several scholars who believe that they have parallels that should not be ignored. In the opinion of on scholar, J. Isamu Yamamoto, the main difference is that Christianity preaches a personal God while Taoism does not. Yet, a number of scholars, including Lin Yutang, have argued that some moral and ethical tenets of these religions are similar. Concerning Confucianism and Christianity, ever since Europeans first encountered this ancient Chinese way of life, the issue of how Confucianism should be classified has been subject to debate. In the 16th and the 17th centuries, the earliest European arrivals in China, the Christian Jesuits, considered Confucianism to be an ethical system, not a religion, and one that was compatible with Christianity. The Jesuits, including Matteo Ricci, saw Chinese rituals as “civil rituals” that could co-exist alongside the spiritual rituals of Catholicism.

Tian (heaven) is a key concept in Chinese mythology, philosophy, and religion. The Chinese referred to their supreme god as Shangdi (“Lord on High”) or Di (“Lord”) and, over time, Shangdi became synonymous with Tian, or Heaven. Heaven worship was an orthodox state religion of China before the 20th century. Heaven worship is a Chinese religious belief that predates Taoism and Confucianism, but was later incorporated into both. Shangdi is the supreme unknowable god of Chinese folk religion. The worship of Heaven is highly ritualistic and requires that the emperor hold official sacrifices and worship at an altar of Heaven, the most famous of which is the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. Heaven worship is closely linked with ancestor veneration and polytheism, as the ancestors and the gods are seen as a medium between Heaven and man. The Emperor of China, also known as the “Son of Heaven“, derived the Mandate of Heaven, and thus his legitimacy as ruler, from his supposed ability to commune with Heaven on behalf of his nation. Early Abrahamic missionaries saw similarities between Shangdi/Tian and the Abrahamic God, and therefore rendered “God” as “Shangdi” in Chinese.

I should note here that Christian missionaries have gone to China with the mission to evangelize its people for hundreds of years including my great-grandfather. My grandfather, David Scofield, was born in China and lived there until he was 19 years old. He spoke fluent Chinese; and judging from his long life, I wonder if Chinese culture had more influence on him and his family than any Christian evangelizing that took place. I served one year in Seoul, South Korea in the military and can testify to how the great and wondrous ancient Asian culture can greatly change a person’s life and perspective in a very positive way forever.

4. Volcanic activity will proceed earthquakes and tsunamis

On January 21, 1936, Cayce gave a reading where he mentioned great volcanic activity from Mount Vesuvius (which is 9 miles east of Naples, Italy) and Mount Pelee (which is located in the Caribbean) would proceed devastating earthquakes and tsunamis on the western coast of the U.S.

“If there are the greater activities in the Vesuvius, or Pelee, then the southern coast of California — and the areas between Salt Lake and the southern portions of Nevada — may expect, within the three months following same, an inundation by the earthquakes. But these, as we find, are to be more in the southern than in the northern hemisphere.” [Edgar Cayce reading 270-35]

The last eruption of Mt. Vesuvius occurred in 1944. Over 3 million people live in the immediate area of Mt. Vesuvius. More people live dangerously close to it than to any other volcano anywhere in the world. The most famous eruption happened in 79 AD. when Mt. Vesuvius erupted continuously for almost a day, killing thousands of people and completely burying the nearby city of Pompeii. The last major eruption of Mt. Pelee occurred in 1902 in a massive explosion that killed over 30,000 people — an explosion also known as the worst volcanic eruption of the 20th century. The 1902 eruption finally stopped on July 4, 1905. On April 9, 1932, Cayce gave a reading where he stated that earth changes will begin to become apparent when volcanic activity (assumed to be great volcanic activity) occurs with Mount Etna on the Mediterranean island of Sicily:

(Q) “How soon will the changes in the earth’s activity begin to be apparent?”
(A) “When there is the first breaking up of some conditions in the South Sea (that’s South Pacific, to be sure), and those as apparent in the sinking or rising of that that’s almost opposite same, or in the Mediterranean, and the Aetna area [Mount Etna], then we may know it has begun.” [Edgar Cayce reading 311-8]

Mount Etna is the largest volcano in Europe and is considered the second most active volcano on the planet as of 2015 after Kilauea located in Hawaii. Almost half of Etna’s major eruptions have happened during the last 100 years. Major 20th-century eruptions of Mt. Etna occurred in 1910, 1911, 1928, 1950-1951, 1971, 1978, 1981, 1983, 1985, and 1987. Major 21st century eruptions occurred in 2001, 2002-2003, 2004-2007, and 2014. It is interesting that Cayce chose major eruptions by the volcanoes Vesuvius, Pelee, and Etna as precursors to major U.S. earth changes. These three volcanoes are among the most destructive volcanoes in history.

5. Ocean levels will rise and devastate coastlines

With the shifting of the Earth’s magnetic poles that began in 1998 will come a gradual melting of the polar ice caps and eventually cause inundations of many coastal regions resulting in a drop in the landmass of about 30 feet. In 1941, Cayce elaborated on this effect on August 13, 1941 when he gave the following reading:

“…What is the coast line now of many a land will be the bed of the ocean. Even many of the battle fields of the present will be ocean, will be the seas, the bays, the lands over which the new [world] order will carry on their trade as one with another. Portions of the now east coast of New York, or New York City itself, will in the main disappear. This will be another generation, though, here; while the southern portions of Carolina, Georgia – these will disappear. This will be much sooner. The waters of the [Great] Lakes will empty into the Gulf [of Mexico], rather than the waterway over which such discussions have been recently made. It would be well if the waterway were prepared, but not for that purpose for which it is at present being considered.” [Edgar Cayce reading 1152-11]

According to Cayce scholar, Michael Mandeville, a doctoral student in modern systems theory, consultant in energy technology:

“Without doubt, the wobbles of the Earth’s spin axis, which are primarily influenced by the Moon and the Sun, are directly connected to seismic and volcanic activities. In literal fact, this wobble of the spin axis is a chattering of the crust of the Earth around a slowly changing point. Most likely this chattering motion induces movement directly into the individual tectonic plates of the Earth, strongly aided and abetted by direct east-west pulls of the Moon and the Sun. A variety of cycle studies and forecasting techniques which have emerged during the past 60 years also demonstrate that there are connections of the motions of Earth’s tectonic plates with the motions and relationships of the planets of the solar system but there are no systems of cycles which directly correlate the whole of the 1958-2000 trends. Hence, within the material parameters as known by the sciences of the 20th century, there does not appear to be any known way to predict the timing of a major shift in the location of the axis.” (p.345, Mandeville, “Return of the Phoenix“, Volume 3).

6. Earth changes will destroy nations around the world

Due to the gradual shifting of the earth’s magnetic poles and volcanic disasters, Cayce foresees dramatic earth changes to Japan, Europe, America and around the poles. On January 19, 1934, Cayce gave a reading describing this description:

“The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea. The upper portion of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye. Land will appear off the east coast of America. There will be the upheavals in the Arctic and in the Antarctic that will make for the eruption of volcanoes in the Torrid areas, and there will be shifting then of the poles – so that where there has been those of a frigid or the semi-tropical will become the more tropical, and moss and fern will grow.” [Edgar Cayce reading 3976-15]

According to Michael Mandeville, a doctoral student in modern systems theory, consultant in energy technology and Cayce scholar:

“We can observe increasing earthquake activity (1958-2000) for the world as a whole, as wells as for Japan and for western North America. The increasing seismic activity clearly began shortly after 1958 and has at least doubled since then, perhaps tripling. There is no apparent end to the trend, but different regions of the world show a different profile of ups and downs. The correlation of this activity with the [earth’s] Wave motion of the spin axis impels one to conclude that this activity in the Pacific is strongly linked with the 6.5 year synchronicity of the Chandler Amplitude ‘low’. In Southern California and Japan, a sharp increase of earthquakes generally follows the low point of the [earth’s] Wave [motion of the spin axis]. Since the [earth’s] Wave is low during 1999/2000 it is likely that earthquake activity during the next low of the [earth’s] Motion during 2000 will be especially virulent in the Pacific region.” (p.345, Mandeville, “Return of the Phoenix“, Volume 3).

NDE researcher Dr. Kenneth Ring discovered how many near-death experiences he was studying foretell future Earth changes such as earthquakes, volcanoes, a pole shift, strange weather patterns, droughts, famines, tidal waves and a new social order followed by a golden age. These NDE visions of the future agree completely with the Cayce predictions.

7. A thousand-year golden age will follow earth changes

On April 15, 1932, Cayce gave a reading where he foresaw a thousand years peace on earth when Christ returns following the major earth changes:

(Q) “Please explain what is meant by ‘He (Jesus) will walk and talk with men of every clime’. Does this mean he will appear to many at once or appear to various peoples during a long period?”
(A) “As given, for a thousand years he will walk and talk with men of every clime. Then in groups, in masses, and then they shall reign of the first resurrection for a thousand years; for this will be when the changes materially come.” [Edgar Cayce reading 364-8]

Cayce’s prophecy of a thousand-year golden age corresponds with a doctrine in Christian eschatology called “Millennialism” which is based upon Biblical references in Revelation 20. A core principle of this doctrine is the expectation that the Second Coming of Christ is very near and that there will be an establishment of a Kingdom of God on earth. According to an interpretation of prophecies in the Book of Revelation, this Kingdom of God on earth will last a thousand years (a millennium). On June 20, 1938, Cayce gave a reading describing events leading up to the thousand year reign of Christ:

“It is also understood, comprehended by some, that a new [world] order of conditions is to arise; that there must be many a purging in high places as well as low; that there must be the greater consideration of each individual, each soul being his brother’s keeper. There will then come about those circumstances in the political, the economic and the whole relationships where there will be a leveling — or a greater comprehension of this need. For as the time or the period draws near for these changes that come with the new order, it behooves all of those who have an ideal — as individuals, as well as groups or societies or organizations, to be practicing, applying same in their experience — and their relationships as one to another. For unless these are up and doing, then there must indeed be a new order in their relationships and their activities. For His ways will carry through. For as he (Christ) gave, “Though the heavens and the earth may pass away, my word will not pass away.” [Matthew 24:29-35] …for all power in heaven and in earth hath been given into his hands… And his laws, his will, will not come to naught! Though there may come those periods when there will be great stress, as brother rises against brother, as group or sect or race rises against race — yet the leveling must come.” [Edgar Cayce reading 3976-18]

It should be noted that although Cayce interpreted the golden age through a Christian “lens”, the idea of a future golden age is not limited to the Christian faith. Under Hindu eschatology, the current age we are living in is called the “Kali Yuga“, a period of decline. Some day in the future, Kalki (the “Destroyer of Filth”) will appear to purge all evil, beginning a golden age of Satya Yuga. In Zoroastrian eschatology, the world to come is the frashokereti, where the saoshyant (the Zoroastrian savior) will bring about a resurrection of the dead in the bodies they had before they died. This is followed by a last judgment. Angra Mainyu (the Zoroastrian version of “Satan”) and the last vestiges of wickedness in the universe will be destroyed; and the world will ultimately be restored to the perfection it had at the time of creation. The late Hindu leader and guru of the Transcendental Meditation movement, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, is associated with the Maharishi “Heaven on Earth” Development Corp. (MHOED) which is a for-profit real estate developer whose short-term goal is to build utopian projects in the U.S., Canada, and Africa with a long-term goal to “reconstruct the entire world”, at an estimated cost of $100 trillion. The U.S. arm planned to work with developers to build 50 “Maharishi Cities of Immortals” in the US and Canada. There is also a concept in futurism often associated with the establishment of something similar to a golden age by technological means called the “technological singularity“. It is a hypothesis that the invention of artificial superintelligence will abruptly trigger runaway technological growth, resulting in unfathomable changes to human civilization. According to this hypothesis, an upgradable intelligent computer would cause an intelligence explosion resulting in a powerful superintelligence that would, far surpass all human intelligence. Ray Kurzweil, a prominent proponent of transhumanism, suggests that the singularity will lead to medical advances allowing people to protect their bodies from the effects of aging, making the life expectancy limitless. At the 2012 Singularity Summit, a study of predictions by experts for the year the singularity occurs, found a median value of a predicted year of 2040.

8. The Battle of Armageddon will be a spiritual battle

According to Cayce, the entire Bible can be viewed as the symbolic account of the past, present and future of humanity: from the fall of human souls from heaven (the Book of Genesis) to the restoration of human souls to their divine origins (the Book of Revelation). During several of Cayce’s journeys into the spirit realms, he was able to unlock the secrets to the symbolism in the Book of Revelation. He gave a large amount of information specifically for the purpose of discovering the book’s hidden meaning. The Battle of Armageddon described in the Book of Revelation represents in a symbolic manner both the spiritual conflict within human beings and within the earthbound realm where positive and negative spiritual forces coexist. Cayce foresaw Armageddon beginning at the start of the thousand-year golden age on earth when the “forces of light” from higher afterlife realms would start to prevent souls from lower afterlife realms from reincarnating to earth during the thousand years of golden age earth time. By preventing souls from the lower afterlife realms from reincarnating to Earth, only enlightened souls will be permitted to reincarnate. The result will be a thousand years of building an enlightened world of peace and “kingdom of heaven” on earth. After the thousand years of golden age, souls from lower afterlife realms will be allowed once again to reincarnate to earth. By this time, the so-called “kingdom of heaven” will have already been established on earth; thereby allowing the souls reincarnating from the lower afterlife realms to become enlightened. On July 1, 1932, Cayce gave a reading where he described the Armageddon struggle in the earthbound spirit realm:

(Q) “If the Armageddon is foretold in the Great Pyramid, please give a description of it and the date of its beginning and ending.”
(A) “Not in what is left there. It will be as a thousand years, with the fighting in the air, and – as has been – between those returning to and those leaving the earth.” [Edgar Cayce reading 5748-6]

On January 19, 1934, Cayce gave a reading where he linked the beginning of the earth changes with the Second Coming of Christ and the beginning of Armageddon as a battle between the influences entering the earth plane and those being forced out of it:

“And these (the shifting of poles and earth changes) will begin in those periods in ’58 to ’98, when these will be proclaimed as the periods when his (Christ’s) light will be seen again in the clouds (Northern Lights). As to times, as to seasons, as to places, alone is it given to those who have named the name — and who bear the mark of those of his calling and his election in their bodies. To them it shall be given… And those that in the inmost recesses of theirselves awaken to the spiritual truths that are to be given, and those places that have acted in the capacity of teachers among men, the rottenness of those that have ministered in places will be brought to light, and turmoils and strifes shall enter. And, as there is the wavering of those that would enter [into the world] as emissaries, as teachers, from the throne of life, the throne of light, the throne of immortality, and wage war in the air (spirit realm) with those of darkness, then know ye the Armageddon is at hand. For with the great numbers of the gathering of the hosts of those that have hindered and would make for man and his weaknesses stumbling blocks, they shall wage war with the spirits of light that come into the earth for this awakening; that have been and are being called by those of the sons of men into the service of the living God.” [Edgar Cayce reading 3976-15]

In an article by Cayce expert, John Van Auken, entitled “The Unseen Forces, Beings, and the War between Light and Dark,” Van Auken points out that even the light-bearing souls struggle against dark forces within themselves to maintain their hold on the Light; and how it is difficult to be pure channels of the Light in this life, in our families and workplaces, even in our own hearts and minds. It is a terrible battle, a war of selfishness and darkness against loving care for others and the light of truth, hope, and love. In order to avoid the subtle, insidious influence of evil and selfishness, even the best among us must seek the protection and assistance of the divine influence, that consciousness of the divine with us. And when we fail to maintain our mindfulness of the divine and the higher bodily vibrations of the divine awakened within us, we must get up and try again, never condemning ourselves or limiting the divine’s ability to redeem us, to cleanse us and make us stronger.

Cayce approaches the Revelation most closely to the symbolic view, but even here he takes it far beyond the normal symbolic interpretation. In fact, Cayce teaches that the Revelation should be studied as a kind of roadmap for the final spiritualization of our bodies and minds. The symbols and scenes in this mysterious book represent experiences and stages through which we pass in our struggle to awaken again spiritually and regain our close connection with God and the Garden we once shared. Cayce says that some symbols and places in the Revelation actually represent glands within our bodies and thought patterns within our minds that bring about spiritual enlightenment. On March 13, 1933, Cayce gave a reading in which he explained that:

“…the visions, the experiences, the names, the churches, the places, the dragons, the cities, all are but emblems of those forces that may war within the individual in its journey through the material, or from the entering into the material manifestation [i.e., physical body and world] to the entering into the glory, or the awakening in the spirit….” [Edgar Cayce reading 281-16]

In the same reading, Cayce describes the “Antichrist” and other aspects of the Revelation as spiritual concepts rather than literal interpretations:

(Q) “In what form does the antichrist come, spoken of in Revelation?”
(A) “In the spirit of that opposed to the spirit of truth. The fruits of the spirit of the Christ are love, joy, obedience, long-suffering, brotherly love, kindness. Against such there is no law. The spirit of hate, the antichrist, is contention, strife, fault-finding, lovers of self, lovers of praise. Those are the antichrist, and take possession of groups, masses, and show themselves even in the lives of men.”
(Q) “Will we be punished by fire and brimstone?”
(A) “That as builded by self; as those emblematical influences are shown through the experiences of the beloved in that builded, that created. For, each soul is a portion of creation — and builds that in a portion of its experience that it, through its physical-mental or spiritual-mental, has builded for itself. And each entity’s heaven or hell must, through some experience, be that which it has builded for itself. Is thy hell one that is filled with fire or brimstone? But know, each and every soul is tried so as by fire; purified, purged; for he (Christ), though he were the Son, learned obedience through the things which he suffered. Ye also are known even as ye do, and have done.” [Edgar Cayce reading 281-16]

9. A glimpse into the future and Cayce’s future

In Mark Thurston‘s book, “Edgar Cayce’s Predictions for the 21st Century,” Thurston mentioned how, on June 29, 1936, Cayce had a dream where he sees into the future during a future reincarnation in the year 2158 where he described himself living in Nebraska; but not the Nebraska as we know it today:

“I (Edgar Cayce) had been born again in 2100 A.D. in Nebraska. The sea apparently covered all of the western part of the country, as the city where I lived was on the coast. The family name was a strange one. At an early age as a child I declared myself to be Edgar Cayce who had lived 200 years before. Scientists, men with long beads, little hair, and thick glasses, were called in to observe me. They decided to visit the places where I said I had been born, lived, and worked in Kentucky, Alabama, New York, Michigan, and Virginia. Taking me with them the group of scientists visited these places in a long, cigar-shaped metal flying ship which moved at a high speed. Water covered part of Alabama. Norfolk, Virginia, had become an immense seaport. New York had been destroyed either by war or an immense earthquake and was being rebuilt. Industries were scattered over the countryside. Most of the houses were built of glass. Many records of my work as Edgar Cayce were discovered and collected. The group returned to Nebraska, taking the records with them to study…”

The next day, on June 30, 1936, Cayce gave a reading to further understand his dream:

“That is the interpretation. That the periods from the material angle as visioned are to come to pass matters not to the soul, but do thy duty today! Tomorrow will care for itself. These changes in the earth will come to pass, for the time and times and half times are at an end, and there begin those periods for the readjustments. For how hath He given? ‘The righteous shall inherit the earth.'” [Edgar Cayce reading 294-185]

Given some of the shocking earth changes Cayce foresees for the future, his subconscious mind seems to reassure himself and us to stay focused on today because “tomorrow will care for itself.”

10. Human lifespan will be extended

We know that humans are now living longer than at the time of Edgar Cayce, but his readings seem to indicate that a healthy human lifespan would extend years beyond that which we are currently living. On October 18, 1926, Cayce gave a reading where he mentioned human beings will one day live much longer than ordinarily:

“Now, we find there are many changes in the body since we have had this — many for good. Many of the organs and the conditions show the changes as come about by the natural, or so called natural conditions in changes as the body succumbs to the effects of age or usage in the system. Much of this may be overcome. (Man should live much longer than has been ordinarily given — and will!)” [Edgar Cayce reading 244-2]

According to the Wikipedia article on nanorobotics, future advances in nanomedicine could give rise to life extension through the repair of many processes thought to be responsible for aging. K. Eric Drexler, one of the founders of nanotechnology, postulated cell repair devices, including ones operating within cells and utilizing as yet hypothetical molecular machines, in his 1986 book “Engines of Creation“. Ray Kurzweil, a futurist and transhumanist, stated in his book, “The Singularity Is Near,” that he believes that advanced medical nanorobotics could completely remedy the effects of aging by 2030.

Biogerontologist Marios Kyriazis suggested that biological immortality in humans is an inevitable consequence of natural evolution. His theory of extreme lifespans through perpetual-equalizing interventions (ELPIs) proposes that the ability to attain indefinite lifespans is inherent in human biology, and that there will come a time when humans will continue to develop their intelligence by living indefinitely, rather than through evolution by natural selection.

11. A new human “root race” will evolve

The term “root race” is defined as a time period, an epoch, or a stage in human evolution according to Edgar Cayce and esoteric cosmology. However, many esoteric cosmologists believe the term “race” is a misnomer to use for modern humanity because root “races” have nothing to do with human racial types. According to Cayce, the time period around World War II (the end of Dynastic Imperialism) was the end of the so-called fourth “root race”, the “leveling” which was part of the process for the beginning of the next root race. Cayce predicted the fifth root race would begin to appear in the year 1998 and the advent of the “Christ Consciousness” on earth – leading to the creation of “a New Heaven and a New Earth”. I believe near-death studies and the proliferation of NDE insights are playing a part in bringing this “new heaven” to earth.

In an article by NDEr and NDE expert, P.M.H. Atwater, Ph.D. (Hon) entitled “The Fifth Root Race – In Ascendancy,” Atwater defines “root race” as “the gene pool in the human family.” In esoteric literature, advanced beings were used to describe groups of people who were decidedly different from their ancestors. The more of these advanced beings there were, the more assuredly they bore the mark of evolution-physiological and psychological traits characteristic of gene mutation. DNA changes over time and can be accelerated if transformative events occur in numbers large enough to jumpstart the evolutionary process. Once the new traits overspread land masses and population groups, a genetic “makeover” — a species-wide alteration can result. According to Atwater, that shift is now happening which can be viewed as an update within the human family. Cayce mentioned that the initial appearance of the first root race occurred around 4.5 billion years ago with the entry of spirit into matter. Cayce’s prediction is that the previous root race consciousness, the fourth root race, which was separated into two hemispheres (East and West), would fuse together during the fifth root race period; a global leap in species refinement.

The Cayce readings suggest that humanity’s fifth root race consciousness is an evolutionary occurrence that would mark the golden age to come and a new understanding of humanity’s relationship to God. On June 22, 1942, Cayce gave a reading to a 52-year-old construction engineer who asked about this expanding consciousness. Cayce commented that each individual had to essentially work with personal soul development in order to resonate to that new consciousness:

“You expect a new root race. What are you doing to prepare for it? You must prepare food for their bodies as well as their minds and their spiritual development!” [Edgar Cayce reading 470-35]

Ten years earlier, on July 1, 1932, Cayce gave a reading on the Great Pyramid in Egypt where he suggested that the ancient Hall of Records would be discovered at a time signifying the manifestation of this new fifth root race consciousness:

“There will come a greater influx of souls from the Atlantean, Lemurian, La, Ur or Da civilizations. These conditions are indicated in this turn in the journey through the pyramid. How was this begun? Who was given that this should be a record of man’s experiences in this root race? For that is the period covered by the prophecies in the pyramid…”
(Q) “What is the significance of the character of the figure of the Sphinx, mentioned above?”
(A) “…With the storehouse, or record house (where the records are still to be uncovered), there is a chamber or passage from the right forepaw to this entrance of the record chamber, or record tomb. This may not be entered without an understanding, for those that were left as guards may not be passed until after a period of their regeneration in the Mount, or the fifth root race begins.” [Edgar Cayce reading 5748-6]

12. A “city of gold” will be discovered in the Gobi Desert

Cayce predicted a “City of Gold” will be discovered in the Gobi Desert in northern China complete with a golden temple with elevators; electric cars, and magical elements. On August 9, 1935, Cayce gave a reading where he said the ancient “Temple of God” in the Gobi Desert currently remains intact:

“Then the entity was among the natives of the Egyptian land, and rose to power through those cleansings in the Temple of Sacrifice; then becoming a portion of the activative service in the Temple Beautiful when it made for those abilities within self to mete out to many those things necessary in their physical and mental understanding. And with the correlating of the thought, the entity became first as the representative of the Temple Beautiful in the Indian land; and later – and during the period of its greatest height – in the land of the Gobi, or the Mongoloid. There the entity was as the priestess in the Temple of Gold, which is still intact there.” [Edgar Cayce reading 987-2]

On October 28, 1935, Cayce gave a reading for a person who had a past life at this City of Gold named Taoi:

“The entity was among those that were chosen for such activities in the land of Taoi, in now the Gobi, or in the Mongoloid activity.” [Edgar Cayce reading 1037-1]

On September 12, 1936, Cayce gave a reading where he said the Temple of God will one day be discovered:

“As to the manner of locomotions in the experience, the entity injected much of that which – when there is the discovery of the Temple of Gold — will be found; lifts or elevators, the one-line electrical car, the very fast aerial locomotion – there were a portion of those experiences with which the entity had much to do.” [Edgar Cayce reading 877-11]

In Mary Ellen Carter’s book, “Edgar Cayce on Prophecy“, Cayce said of the lost “City of Gold” — Taoi — is buried somewhere inside what is now the Gobi desert (pp. 55-55). Cayce said that the “City of Gold” in the Gobi desert, the nation of Taoi, was thriving around 10,000 BCE, contemporary with the equally cultured nations of India, Norway and Og (which is Peru, not to be confused with the lost Atlantean island of Og.) Most tantalizing of all is that Cayce said that in the future we will discover temple records from these earlier times that are identical in Egypt, the Yucatan, and the Bahamian island of Bimini. (Carter p.115)

13. A self-fueling perpetual-motion machine will be discovered

Perhaps with the current focus on renewable resources and energy conservation, we will see Cayce’s prophecy of a self-fueling perpetual-motion machine come to pass in our lifetimes. In an article by Alison Ray entitled “Edgar Cayce’s Perpetual Motion Machine,” Ray described Cayce’s quest to build a motor capable of providing power for the whole world. Beginning in February 1928, Cayce met inventor Marion Stansell, who had a near-death experience while stationed in France during World War I. During the experience, a “spirit guide” escorted him to another dimension where he was given blueprints for a revolutionary motor. He was told that this motor would save the planet from environmental destruction in the next millennium. The motor was designed in the spirit realm by DeWitt Clinton, deceased governor of New York, who was largely responsible for the construction of the Erie Canal.

In hopes of building the motor, Cayce introduced Stansell to Tim Brown, an auto parts manufacturer from Detroit, and Morton Blumenthal, a New York stockbroker and friend of Cayce. Over the next few months, Cayce gave a series of readings on what was called a “perpetual motion” machine that once started could continue to run indefinitely “by creating energy of its own source.” The hope was that money generated from this invention could fund the future work of Cayce’s Hospital. On March 8, 1928, Cayce gave a reading during which he answered important questions about the machine:

(Q) “You will have before you the gasless motor invented by Marion Stansell.”
(A) “Yes, we have the body and inquiring mind of Marion Stansell, also the associations and those conditions surrounding the perfection of motor which will develop power in its own action. As has been given, the idea and the plans as have been worked out in part along those lines that pull more of the power as produced in compression in drum, with the leads made in these forms that gather vibrations from the air as is forced through drum, are, as we find, the better application of the created energy. In the cams as have been used too much slack or play is allowed in their rotation. This is in the drum’s head action that these must be shortened in play. The connection of Tim Brown and Morton Blumenthal with same — best that these have Stansell’s operations closer under their observations when the completed product is near attained.”
(Q) “How may we bring him under our observation?”
(A) “Bring him to… Ohio or N.Y.”
(Q) “Is this machine the same as brought to Washington now by Charles Lindbergh?”
(A) “No. As is here, the Stansell machine would operate on stationary conditions impelling forces; even for now that in gas motors — for, as tested by others, has more to do with that thrown in air and gaining its impelling force from that source.”
(Q) “Would it operate perpetually if perfected?”
(A) “Not perpetually, but once started could be kept in motion by created energy of its own source. Other has to have some source of impellation.” [Edgar Cayce reading 4665-1]

A reading for Tim Brown on April 7, 1928, confirmed that the group had indeed understood the instructions and would be able to demonstrate the motor in the patent office as well as explain how the machine works while filing a patent. The theory of how the motor worked was recorded in the Reports:

Theory of Motor Working: The phrase ‘getting something from nothing’ is incorrect — for we know there is no such a thing as nothing. We do know that everything is a force or some form of energy. We do not know the relation of these forces of energy to each other — or, in other words, the Relativity of Force — but we can assume that this relationship exists. Therefore, in the case of our motor, when we look at the two substances, water and air, we look at them as forces, and by using a mechanical contrivance to accentuate and retard these forces at the right time it is possible to utilize the resultant force or Component force. This is what has been done in Stansell Motor.” [Report of Edgar Cayce reading 195-51]

It was an unlikely partnership, and there was distrust amongst the group, but Cayce continued to give readings for the trio, trying to explain the details required to build the motor and provide the answers to numerous questions about diagrams that were created by the group. The readings touched on the topics of vibrations, the theory of relativity, gravitational forces, and more. While working on the motor, a letter from Brown indicated:

“Though the law of relativity which the machine demonstrates will for a time upset some of the present scientific statements…” [Report of Edgar Cayce reading 195-56]

Initially, two motors were built, one for test purposes and the other one (a smaller size) to be used at the patent office when the application was made for a basic patent. Further readings suggested changes to the design and the reports suggest that it was rebuilt several times. However, the motor was never completed or fully operational and the project was abandoned. In March of 1973, a letter was sent from the Cayce Foundation to Stansell’s daughter after he died. A new team of researchers was looking for copies of the original designs or the patent application from Stansell’s files. The daughter responded that her father had worked on the motor until he died 10 years prior. She added, “As far as anyone knows no papers were ever found. It does seem a terrible shame.” According to the Cayce Foundation, there are still individuals working on building a motor based on the readings of Edgar Cayce.

V. Conclusion

Less than 20 of more than 14,000 Cayce readings actually discuss physical earth changes. For the most part, Cayce’s perspective of the future is very positive. A number of Cayce’s readings suggest that the earth changes will be gradual not cataclysmic, resulting in the dawning of a “golden age” of hope and community for all of humankind. However, according to some individuals’ interpretations of the Cayce readings, there are a number of readings which suggest that the earth would begin to receive major physical changes before 1998. Earth changes of this magnitude would have had catastrophic effects upon all of humankind, most likely destroying much of the world’s civilization. Because Cayce was insistent that the changes would occur, and they haven’t (according to their interpretations), they assume Cayce was wrong concerning the earth change prophecies. But I don’t agree.

First of all, Cayce mentioned numerous times how humanity’s divine gift of free will had the power to overcome astronomical forces of nature. He also emphasized that the timeline of future events is not fixed or absolutely predestinated. In some of Cayce’s readings involving prophecies, he would not give a precise year – rather he would give a time range such as 1945-1946 suggesting future events are based upon probabilities. This may be why prophecies from other very credible sources rarely give an exact date. Jesus, for example, said even he didn’t know the date and time when he would return (Matthew 24:36). This should be a “grain of salt” to everyone who comes across a prophecy with an exact date.

NDE visions of the future also show how the future is not fixed and can change. For example, one of Margot Grey’s NDE research subjects stated:

“During my experience … I was also shown events that are likely to happen in the near future, but was made to understand that nothing is absolutely fixed and that everything depends on how we choose to use our own free will, that even those events that are already predestined can be changed or modified by a change in our own way of relating to them.” (Grey, 1985, p. 123)

This suggests that the future is always changing from moment to moment based upon our current actions and decisions. This principle is also supported by quantum physics.

Also, we must consider the main reason apocalyptic prophecies are given: a successful apocalyptic prophecy is one that doesn’t happen. This is because the goal of apocalyptic prophecies are to warn enough people and change current trends to prevent them from happening. Prophecies from other well-known “prophets” foretold to occur around the millennium did not happen. Skeptics point out this proves they were false prophets. But a better understanding of prophecy reveals that either (a), (b) or (c) is true:

(a) The prophecy was successful in permanently diverting the outcome by the raising of the world’s consciousness.

(b) If the prophecy gives an exact date, the prophecy may still be valid; but the date may be wrong.

(c) The prophecy was wrong.

So even if we agree with some interpretations of the Cayce readings regarding the earth changes that they have not occurred, this does not mean these earth changes will not occur some time in the future. Cayce insisted on it.

Psychology Triggers of NDEs

The Trigger of Mental Dysfunction: Inducing OBEs and Creative Genius

Mental dysfunction may trigger religious revelations, visions, out-of-body experiences (OBEs), near-death-like experiences, and even contribute to creative genius. In this article, you will discover that the nature of mental illness is not what the popular media portrays, and not what Hollywood typically dramatizes. Instead, you will learn, for example, that a medical doctor experienced an extensive OBE which was triggered by a manic-depressive episode that was so real for her that she was reluctant to take medication that would lose it. You will also learn how the nature of schizophrenia is related to the OBE phenomenon. The differences between psychic capabilities and psychosis will also be examined; and a theoretical basis for creative genius will be proposed.

Table of Contents

  1. Schizophrenia and Out-of-Body Experiences
  2. The Brilliant Madness of Bipolar Disorder
  3. A Near-Death-Like Experience Triggered by Psychosis
  4. The Dreaming God of the Bible
  5. A Psychoanalysis of the Hebrew Prophets
    a. Dr. Somers’ Diagnosis: The Prophet Hosea
    b. Dr. Somers’ Diagnosis: The Prophet Isaiah
    c. Dr. Somers’ Diagnosis: The Prophet Jeremiah
    d. Dr. Somers’ Diagnosis: The Prophet Ezekiel
    e. Dr. Somers’ Diagnosis: The Prophet Enoch
    f. A Brief Analysis of Other Biblical Prophets
  6. The Difference Between Psychic Intuition and Psychosis
  7. Edgar Cayce’s Psychic Revelations About Schizophrenia
  8. Jack Hiller on the Origin of Selected Works of Genius
    a. The General Health and Productivity of Geniuses
    b. An Explanation for Exceptional Achievement by Geniuses From Frozen Time Theory
    c. The Nature of Transcendental Knowledge and Its Availability for Creativity
    d. Select Discoveries by Genius May Reflect Abnormal Bouts of Mental Functioning

1. Schizophrenia and Out-of-Body Experiences

The term schizophrenia literally means “split mind” but it has nothing to do with so-called “split personalities” or “multiple personality disorder” (which is now known as dissociative identity disorder.) Schizophrenia is a genetic brain disease with common symptoms being delusions that include paranoia, visual and auditory hallucinations, and disorganized thinking and speech accompanied by significant social dysfunction manifesting as psychosis. Schizophrenia has been described as a waking, perpetual nightmare by those afflicted by it. Approximately 1% of the world’s population is currently afflicted with schizophrenia. Social withdrawal, sloppiness of dress and hygiene, and loss of motivation and judgment are all common in schizophrenia (Carson, 2000). In one uncommon subtype (catatonic schizophrenia), the person may be largely mute, remain motionless in bizarre postures, or exhibit purposeless agitation, all signs of catatonia. About 30% to 50% of people with schizophrenia do not accept their condition or its treatment. People with schizophrenia often find facial emotion perception to be difficult. People with a family history of schizophrenia who suffer a transient psychosis have a 20-40% chance of being diagnosed one year later. The first-line psychiatric treatment for schizophrenia is antipsychotic medication, such as risperidone, which can reduce some of the symptoms of psychosis in about 7-14 days.

There is also scientific evidence of a relationship between schizophrenia and out-of-body experiences according to a study performed by Dr. Sohee Park, a neuroscientist from Vanderbilt University who works on schizophrenia. The test subject, known only as RM, had his first OBE at the age of 16. By the time he was 55, he has had more OBEs than he can remember. They usually happen just before falling asleep – for 10 minutes – then he views himself floating above his body and looking down on himself (called “autoscopy“.) If the same thing happens while he is awake, his sense of displacement is stronger and his real body feels like a marionette while his out-of-body self feels like a puppeteer. Then his OBE soon changes into religious delusions in which he communicates with angels and demons; and psychotic episodes follow. After four or five days of this, RM is then hospitalized.

2. The Brilliant Madness of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder (or manic-depression) has been called a “brilliant madness” because of the expansive ideas psychosis can create. In days of old, people recognized how mental illness can even be a gift. Socrates once declared, “Our greatest blessings come to us by way of madness, provided the madness is given us by divine gift.” Plato referred to insanity as: “a divine gift and the source of the chief blessings granted to men.” Native American Indians believed that their voice hearers (shamans) revealed messages that had great spiritual significance.

The archetype of the “mad scientist” can be traced to Nikola Tesla (1856–1943), the Serbian American scientific inventor-genius and NDEr best known his astounding contributions to modern science and over 700 patents. Tesla is responsible for the invention of the electric motor, alternating electrical current, the radio, x-ray technology, remote control, robotics, the laser, florescent light bulbs, wireless communications, limitless free energy, and the magnifying transformer which became the basis for television transmission. Yet he also suffered from mental illnesses – specifically obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), attention deficit disorder (ADD) and bipolar disorder. He also suffered from numerous psychological phobias and philias such as columbiphilia (an unusual love of pigeons), kakiphobia (the fear of dirt), scotophilia (the love of the dark), pathophobia (the fear of germs), spherophobia (the fear of round objects), triphilia (an obsession with the number 3), and an uncontrollable visual and auditory visions that often tormented him which could be described as bipolar hallucinations. He also believed he was in contact with extraterrestrials on the planet Mars (which I believe were spirit beings within the “Mars” planetary afterlife realm described by Edgar Cayce and Emanuel Swedenborg among others.)

Tesla experienced an NDE as a child which makes one wonder if his “brilliant madness” was the result of his NDE. As a teenager, he was swimming in the river near his hometown in Croatia. To impress his friends he dove and swam underwater to a diving dock some distance away from the shore, intending to swim under it and emerge where his friends couldn’t see him. He swam until he was sure he was clear of the dock and came to the surface. He banged his head on a beam under the dock. He swam farther and came up again, and hit his head once more. Now out of breath, he had an out-of-body experience which gave him a view of the entire floating dock and realized that he could come up to a point between the slats and breathe that way. Luckily for him, the strategy worked. It still took him many attempts before he reached open water.

Telsa would also exhibit grandiose thoughts which intelligent mentally ill people can have. John Nash, a lifetime schizophrenic, received the Nobel Laureate in Economics and his life was portrayed in the movie A Beautiful Mind. Other famous mentally ill people are: Leo Tolstoy and Earnest Hemingway (both NDErs), Ludwig van Beethoven, Vincent Van Gogh, John Keats, Charles Dickens, William Faulkner, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Virginia Woolf, to name just a few.

The nature of schizophrenia and other forms of psychosis are still under debate and a significant issue is the relationship between psychosis and the mystical, or religious, experience.

3. A Near-Death-Like Experience Triggered by Psychosis

Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison is the distinguished Professor of Psychiatry at the John Hopkins School of Medicine and co-author of the standard medical text taught there. Dr. Jamison is one of the foremost authorities on manic depressive illness. She is also a manic depressive herself. In her highly acclaimed book entitled An Unquiet Mind, Dr. Jamison describes a psychotic episode she had which transported her consciousness out of her body and into the solar system. Her near-death experience is similar to the out-of-body experience of Susan Blackmore‘s when she was under the influence of a psychedelic. Jamison’s consciousness traveled to Jupiter while she was enjoying the manic phase of her mental illness. The following is an excerpt from her excellent book and the account of her journey:

“People go mad in idiosyncratic ways. Perhaps it was not surprising that, as a meteorologist’s daughter, I found myself, in that glorious illusion of high summer days, gliding, flying, now and again lurching through cloud banks and ethers, past stars, and across fields of ice crystals. Even now, I can see in my mind’s rather peculiar eye an extraordinary shattering and shifting of light; inconstant but ravishing colors laid out across miles of circling rings; and the almost imperceptible, somehow surprisingly pallid, moons of this Catherine wheel of a planet. I remember singing ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ as I swept past those of Saturn, and thinking myself terribly funny. I saw and experienced that which had been only in dreams, or fitful fragments of aspiration.

“Was it real? Well, of course not, not in any meaningful sense of the word real. But did it stay with me? Absolutely. Long after my psychosis cleared, and the medications took hold, it became part of what one remembers forever, surrounded by an almost Proustian melancholy. Long since that extended voyage of my mind and soul, Saturn and its icy rings took on a elegiac beauty, and I don’t see Saturn’s image now without feeling an acute sadness at its being so far away from me, so unobtainable in so many ways. The intensity, glory, and absolute assuredness of my mind’s flight made it very difficult for me to believe, once I was better, that the illness was one I should willingly give up. Even though I was a clinician and a scientist, and even though I could read the research literature and see the inevitable, bleak consequences of not taking lithium, I for many years after my initial diagnosis was reluctant to take take my medications as prescribed. Why did it take having to go though more episodes of mania, followed by long suicidal depressions, before I would take lithium in a medically sensible way?”

Dr. Jamison says she still misses Saturn and the tremendous highs that go with manic depression; but the lithium (a simple salt/electrolyte) keeps her level and able to function as a normal person. One might say that this simple mineral found in the earth keeps manic depressives well grounded there.

Such experiences with the planets of our solar system is not unique to Redfield. In the 1970s, Ingo Swann (1933-2013), one of the most gifted OBE travellers ever to work under laboratory conditions in the U.S., carried through with a number of OBE journeys to various planets in our solar system while under laboratory conditions. Swann is considered “the father of remote viewing” and participated in the CIA’s secret psychic program called the Stagate Project. Swann was involved in a study by the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), the second largest “think tank” in the world, to see if his remote viewing powers could extend to the planet Saturn. On the evening April 27, 1973, SRI researchers recorded Swann’s remote viewing session of the planet Jupiter and Jupiter’s moons, prior to the Voyager probe’s visit there in 1979. The results of this study were published in the book entitled Mind-Reach: Scientists Look at Psychic Abilities. Swann asked for 30 minutes of silence while it took Swann about three and a half minutes to remotely view Jupiter. In the session he gave accurate reports on the physical features of Jupiter, such as its surface, atmosphere and weather. Swann’s statement of Jupiter having planetary rings, like Saturn, was controversial at the time. The 1979 Voyager probe later confirmed the existence of the rings. In a later setting, he visited the planet Mercury (and later Jupiter, under the same circumstances). Much to the gaping amazement of NASA scientists, all of his observations were later proved to be correct by probes sent to these planets (see Dr. Janet Lee Mitchell‘s “A Psychic Probe of the Planet Mercury,” Journal of the Society for Psychical Research 6, No. 4 (June 1975): pp. 17-21; and Mitchell, 1981.)

4. The Dreaming God of the Bible

Psychosis and religious visions have often been associated with each other since the earliest recorded history. Mental illness has traditionally been related to demon possession and prophetic ability as attributed to various personalities in the Bible. Saints such as Joan of Arc (1415 -1431) and Francis of Assisi (1182 -1226) heard multiple voices in their heads and the Church originally attacked them as being demon possessed. Of course, not all prophets were mentally disturbed people, many just practiced a kind of clairvoyance but remained balanced people, some even with a healthy critical intellect. So there is a very important note to make here: we must assume that people suffering from schizophrenia who are having religious hallucinations of God, may in fact be having real visions of a real God. The Talmud suggests that the prophet Hosea (8th century BCE) in the Bible was besieged with delusions of being Moses, even though the Talmud also claims that he was also the greatest prophet of his generation (Pesachim 87a). Skeptics often claim NDEs to be merely hallucinations because of their subjective nature. But this begs the question of what exactly is the difference between subjective and objective consciousness given the fact that scientists are not exactly certain what consciousness is. Or for that matter, what is the difference between a hallucination, a dream, a religious experience or any phenomena involving consciousness. Skeptics must first define what consciousness is before labeling any experience involving consciousness as being a hallucination; and this is something science has so far been unable to do.

5. A Psychopathalogical Analysis of the Hebrew Prophets

Not all mental health practitioners consider the symptoms of schizophrenia to be mental illness. Some consider it a “moral verdict” concerning certain forms of unacceptable or unintelligible behavior (Sorbin, T.B. and Monuso, J.C., , Schizophrenia: Medical Diagnosis or Moral Verdict, Pergamon, N.Y., 1980, quoted in Coleman 353.) This kind of behavior may indeed be culturally-bound (T. Szasz, The Myth of Mental Illness, in Schiff, T., ed. Mental Illness and Social Process, Harper Row, N.Y., 1967, and Laing R.D., The Divided Self, Twentieth Publications, London, 1960.) William Blake, the great English poet, artist and religious thinker has been labeled schizophrenic (Coleman, J.C., Butcher, J.N., and Carson, R.C., Abnormal Psychology and Modern Life, Scott, Foresman and Co., Glenview, Ill.,1984, pg. 379.)

With this in mind, it is possible to evaluate the mental health of various personalities in the Bible. Of course, to do this, one must assume the Biblical accounts of these personalities are accurate and can be accepted at face value. The psychologist Dr. Herman H. Somers (1921-2003) was a former Jesuit priest for forty years until he became a religious skeptic after discovering psychopathological elements in the utterances of some Biblical prophets. In June 1990, he published a voluminous book dealing with the Old Testament prophets called, When God Slept, Man Wrote the Bible translated from Dutch to English. Basically, it is the Bible explained by a psychologist. Here are some of the book’s most striking points:

a. Dr. Somers’ Diagnosis: The Prophet Hosea

What is important for us is to understand is whether Hosea‘s vision can be seen as a legitimate vision of God; or at best can it be called a “cultural aberration” or at its worst the writings of a schizophrenic? Many schizophrenics assume they have lost their former selves and have taken on a new identity … some believe that they are now someone else and attempt to assume the name and characteristics of the other person (Buss, A., Psychopathology, John Wiley, N.Y., 1966, pgs. 188-191). Hosea seems to have developed his own message of God telling him to marry a prostitute in Hosea 3 and it appears Hosea’s grasp of reality had disintegrated, as occurs to schizophrenics. In the latter part of his book (Hosea 4-14) Hosea describes a form of idolatry which was in fact not prevalent in Assyrian influenced Israel. Political problems abounded, both internally and externally motivated, but the temple cults were relatively clean of idolatry. Thus there appears a confusion between reality as Hosea seems to mix metaphors and reality. Jeremiah, a century later, also describes a political suicidal situation, and he does use the metaphor of idolatry to describe it. However Ezekiel, who lived at the same time described idolatry as a sin of the past as if it were present – see below. While Amos, Hosea, Jeremiah and Ezekiel are all burdened with impossible missions and hence suffer immeasurably from their task, Amos and Jeremiah reactions are within the normal range.

b. Dr. Somers’ Diagnosis: The Prophet Isaiah

For a more tragic example, we turn to Isaiah, the “man of sorrow.” He had a schizophreniform accident, a vision with schizophrenic contents, which deeply influenced his further thought, but did not form a chronic condition of schizophrenia. In this vision, he has sensory hallucinations, catastrophic revelations, and a strong delusion of being chosen by God to serve a mission. This will condition his self-image and his “prophetic” style of logorrhea, emotional exaggeration, and making predictions. Taking into account that some of Isaiah’s successful “predictions” are in fact later interpolations, we find that the remaining authentic predictions are little more than expressions of the prophet’s own vengefulness and wishful thinking. Liberation theologians get a kick out of Isaiah’s tirades against the mighty and the successful (who will be wiped away when the Lord cometh), thinking that he was a kind of social revolutionary; in fact, he was just another typical unhappy man who developed both an intense vengefulness against the successful and a, delusion of being special in a supernatural way. Unhappy and vengeful people are keen observers and critics of others’ faults. And who will believe that Isaiah’s walking barefoot and naked for three years (Isaiah 20:2-4) is not abnormal behavior but a deliberate sign of warning?

c. Dr. Somers’ Diagnosis: The Prophet Jeremiah

Jeremiah, the prophet of doom par excellence, is a clear case of paranoia querulans. Israel has fallen and will be punished. The king of Babylon who subdues Israel is merely God’s punishing arm; which will not save him, the idolater, from equally being punished in the end. Jeremiah is against everyone, including rivaling godmen and prophets, and God’s revenge will be total. His immense hatred for everyone who disagrees and his hammering on always the same allegations and promises of doom, and a secondary delusion of being persecuted, are typical signs of querulous paranoia. As Dr. Somers writes:

“The book Jeremiah teaches us nothing about God, it illustrates how a sick mind pictures God in terms of his own delusion.”

Jeremiah shows a characteristic trait of the paranoia patient: a deadly hatred against everyone who disagrees with him, a totally disproportionate reaction to the “other opinion” inspired by hurt narcissism. The inflated ego is invested with divine dignity and power. Whoever speaks up against God, must die. In a sense, this is a diagnosis of not only Jeremiah, but of prophethood itself.

d. Dr. Somers’ Diagnosis: The Prophet Ezekiel

Ezekiel, who lived in the Babylonian exile, reiterated the condemnation of unfaithful Jerusalem by his contemporary Jeremiah. But he is of a different psychological type: he is not aggressive towards his audience, rather he is indifferent. The evil has been done, the catastrophe is sure to follow, whether people listen or not. Ezekiel is an unmistakable case of schizophrenia. In the 22 years (592–570 BCE) covered by the book Ezekiel, we see a typical development of this condition: he gets hallucinatory visions, develops an increasingly bizarre behavior, isolates himself. In moments of calm, he relates his visions to others and gives detailed descriptions. Not every schizophrenia patient makes it to the status of prophethood. Ezekiel was not an extreme case, and he was a literate man who could somehow make his visions relevant through religion, which made them interesting for the Bible editors. It was also his initial deep religiosity that made him vulnerable to emotional collapse when Jerusalem fell, its temple usurped by Baal priests, and the people (at least, the elite) forced into exile in Babel. Unlike many fellow Hebrews, he could not adapt to this Pagan city full of opportunity, and his emotional collapse developed into a permanent mental affliction.

Webmaster note: Ezekiel heard a voice commanding him to lie on the right side of his body for 390 days then switch to his left side for 40 more days. A voice also told him to eat food cooked with human excrement.

e. Dr. Somers’ Diagnosis: The Prophet Enoch

The last Old Testament prophet we must mention in this brief survey, is Enoch. His book (mid-second century BC) is classed as apocryphal, but it is an integral part of the prophetic tradition. Enoch was a staunch Pharisee and leader of the Essene sect. Probably he was the sect’s “teacher of righteousness,” mentioned in the so-called Dead Sea Scrolls unearthed at Qumran. It is he who first applied the notion of the “Son of Man” (developed by Daniel as pertaining to the Israelite nation as a whole) to himself, which personalized notion Jesus in turn was to interpret as applying to himself. There can be no doubt that Jesus borrowed from Enoch: the New Testament contains 64 almost literal quotes from Enoch, plus other types of references.

Webmaster note: According to Edgar Cayce, Enoch was a previous incarnation of Jesus Christ.]

The Book of Enoch contains the writings of someone suffering from paranoid schizophrenia (with all the typical features of schizophrenia as Karl Jaspers described them). And it is these Enochian visions which constitute an essential component of the belief system of Jesus and his disciples. Once more, it should not surprise us that someone with such an affliction could be the recognized leader of a sect. Among other factors, people with a distorted consciousness are often capable of feats of asceticism which require tremendous will-power in ordinary mortals. And the common people of those days would naturally associate the abnormal with the supernatural, especially if it came clothed in the language of religion. But remarkably, in the case of Enoch, at least the guardians of the official religious tradition were suspicious of the divine character of Enoch’s book, mostly because of its very open self-centeredness. The typical thing with all people suffering from delusions, is that these delusions are very self-centered and allot special importance to the sufferer. But in the case of Enoch, it was conspicuous even to not very discriminating people that Enoch was glorifying more himself than Yahweh. Enoch claims that he had been given a divine job by God Himself, to reprimand the angels who, sometime before the Flood, had fallen in love with human females and begotten, on them the giants (remark the element of jealousy). Then, he is taken on a trip through heaven: “And I, Enoch, I alone have seen the vision, the end of everything, and no man will see the way I have seen” (Enoch 19:3). In heaven, he sees someone called the “Head of Days,” who comes to him and says: “You, you are the Son of Man, who was born for righteousness and righteousness remains with you and the righteousness of the Head of Days will not abandon you” (Enoch 71:17). In a vision of a terrible Day of Judgment, he refers to himself as the Chosen One.

f. A Brief Analysis of Other Biblical Prophets

Other prophets, such as John in the Book of Revelation, saw horrible monsters and devils which are remarkably similar to the dreams of the prophet Daniel. It is interesting that one particular near-death experiencer, Edgar Cayce, discovered that the Book of Revelation in the Bible is the record of a dream(s) by John the Revelator. This becomes apparent when the same archetypal images in Revelation can be found in dream of Daniel the prophet in the Bible. We also know from various sources that dreams, near-death experiences, and visions of the psychedelic, psychotic, and psychic are phenomena of an altered level of consciousness.

6. The Difference Between Psychic Intuition and Psychosis

At this point, one might ask, “What is the difference between being psychic and psychotic?” My own (i.e., the Webmaster’s) psychiatrist once gave me the answer which is paraphrased:

People who hear voices and see things that aren’t there can be classified into two groups. The first group are people who cannot cope with such phenomena. They are referred to as “mentally ill.” The second group can cope with them and they are referred to as “psychics.”

Historically, society in general has regarded people who talk to God as being holy. But if God talks to you, you’re considered insane.

Psychic intuition (or just “intuition“) is defined as “the ability to sense or know immediately without reasoning.” Carl Jung defined intuition as “perception via the unconscious”: using sense-perception only as a starting point, to bring forth ideas, images, possibilities, ways out of a blocked situation, by a process that is mostly unconscious. Some scientists, such as Dr. Yehuda Elkana and Dr. Gerald Holton, have contended that intuition is associated with innovation in scientific discovery. In the late 70s, Dr. Nancy Andreasen of the University of Iowa began investigating if there was a possible link between intuition and creativity. Her own intuition led her to begin investigating schizophrenic people. Schizophrenia ran in Albert Einstein‘s family and a considerable number of experts today believe Einstein had Asperger Syndrome (a form of autism) and displayed schizophrenic tendencies. Speculation also exists that Einstein’s Theory of Relativity could have only come from a schizophrenic mind capable of viewing things from the outside. Dr. Andresen’s study found very high percentage of the writers in her investigation had bipolar disorder. With modern technical advances in neuroimaging, Dr. Andreasen discovered evidence of activity in the “association cortices” of the frontal lobes which plays a role is making connections between one part of the brain and another. Creative people such as writers and artists often describe their creative process as an unconscious phenomenon with ideas and insights seem to come out of nowhere.

Researchers such as Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman are investigating the notion of “latent inhibition” (LI) which can be thought of as a fine line between novel productive thinking and pathological delusional thinking. LI is the brain’s ability to filter out information at the unconscious level thereby making available rational thoughts. In other words, LI is when the brain is biased in such a way that it ignores stimuli that has already happened in the past. For example, if somebody honks a horn every day outside of your home, it becomes less noticeable after a while, unless you really pay attention to it. People afflicted with schizophrenia have a very difficult time with LI. In such cases, the brain is overwhelmed by too many neurons competing for the attention of other neurons while the brain is bombarded with too much sensory and emotional input. LI also occurs with people who have bipolar disorder and are psychotic.

Latent inhibition appears to also connected to intuition. Decreased LI may make a person more likely to see connections that other people may not see. Psychologists such as the late Dr. Colin Martindale and the late Dr. Hans Eysenck have made the case for the important role that disinhibition plays for creative thought. A study conducted by Dr. Shelley Carson discovered that among a sample of Harvard students with a high IQ and decreased LI tended to have increased creative achievement. This suggests that a reduced LI, in combination with adequate levels of the brain’s ability to sort out the cosmic input bombarding it, can lead to the very highest levels of creative achievement which also involves intuition.

Those of above average intelligence are thought to be capable of processing LI effectively, enabling their creativity and increasing their awareness of their surroundings. Those with less than average intelligence, on the other hand, are less able to cope, and as a result are more likely to suffer from mental illness and sensory overload. It is hypothesized that a low level of latent inhibition can cause either psychosis or a high level of creative achievement or both, which is usually dependent on the individual’s intelligence. When they cannot develop the creative ideas, they become frustrated and/or depressive.

7. Edgar Cayce’s Psychic Revelations About Schizophrenia

Joseph Campbell once said that the schizophrenic is drowning in the same waters in which the mystic swims with delight. Edgar Cayce came to the same conclusion in his readings (e.g., 281-24). Cayce himself was a Christian mystic who certainly swam in deep waters. In a self-induced trance, Cayce’s unconscious mind and out-of-body condition would allow him to access seemingly unlimited amount of knowledge. Much of the knowledge he accessed were medical diagnosis and recommended treatments for those he gave readings for – including schizophrenia.

From a materialistic standpoint, physical reality is paramount. The psychological methods used to determine a person’s mental health are heavily weighted toward the materialistic view of reality. To be “out of touch” with material reality is, by psychiatric definition, to be psychotic. The Cayce readings on schizophrenia acknowledges that people experiencing psychosis, while out of touch with material reality, are closer to the “universal” or divine consciousness than most sane individuals. To explain the mystical aspects of schizophrenia, Cayce often used terminology from the Perennial Philosophy of other cultures such as kundalini, yoga, karma and possession. The therapies recommended by Cayce for schizophrenia were not only directed toward the regeneration of the nervous system, but also to help schizophrenic people to be more focused in material reality. Much of Cayce’s remedies for schizophrenia emphasizes simple, physical activities to help those afflicted to be more incarnate in their bodies and to participate in the physical world.

Cayce gave many psychic readings for persons suffering from schizophrenia; but he never used the term “schizophrenia.” In his day, the accepted medical term for schizophrenia was “dementia praecox.” Dementia refers to biological brain degeneration which results in cognitive deficiencies and psychosis. Praecox refers to the early onset of the illness which is usually in the late teens or early twenties. Cayce provided explicit descriptions of the brain deterioration in persons suffering from schizophrenia and recommended treatments for regenerating the nervous system. By doing so, Cayce acknowledged there exists mental and spiritual aspects to schizophrenia. Two books describing Edgar Cayce’s perspective on schizophrenia have been published. The Treatment of Schizophrenia: A Holistic Approach is a scholarly work written in APA (American Psychological Association) style. Case Studies in Schizophrenia is a less technical work describing individuals who sought Cayce’s help in cases of schizophrenia. Both books were written by David McMillin, MA.

8. Jack Hiller on the Origin of Selected Works of Genius

a. The General Health and Productivity of Geniuses

Jack H. Hiller, Ph.D., J.D., is the author of the book, Near-Death Experience of Space, Time, and Consciousness: How the World Was Created and Functions (2019), Volume 10, Issue 7, and the author of a series of papers in the Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research (2019). The following is Dr. Hiller’s research on the origin of selected works of genius:

It had become common folklore early on in the development of general IQ testing that the children scoring at the extremely high levels were sickly. To test this common belief and to learn how such children would fair in life, a professor at Stanford University, Lewis Terman, began a major long term study of children, with a sample size of 1,444 scoring at the genius level on the Stanford Binet IQ Test. That study started in 1921 and continues to this day. Early on in this study, it was found that:

Based on data collected in 1921-22, Terman concluded that gifted children suffered no more health problems than normal for their age, save a little more myopia than average. He also found that the children were usually social, were well-adjusted, did better in school, and were even taller than average. A follow-up performed in 1923–1924 found that the children had maintained their high IQs and were still above average overall as a group.”

However, much later on, Terman found that this group was not characterized by a high proportion going on to be more productive of great intellectual achievements:

“Well over half of men and women in Terman’s study finished college, compared to 8% of the general population at the time. Some of Terman’s subjects reached great prominence in their fields. Among them were head writer of “I Love Lucy” (the television program) Jess Oppenheimer, American Psychological Association president and educational psychologist Lee Cronbach, Ancel Keys, and Robert Sears himself. Over fifty men became college and university faculty members. However, the majority of study participants’ lives were more mundane. By the 4th volume of Genetic Studies of Genius, Terman had noted that as adults, his subjects pursued common occupations “as humble as those of policeman, seaman, typist and filing clerk” and concluded: ‘At any rate, we have seen that intellect and achievement are far from perfectly correlated.'”

Thus, it appears that simply having good health and a bright mind are not fully adequate to account for brilliant intellectual achievements. In fact, certain well known high achievers who had a genius mentality also experienced mental disorders, such as Nobel Laureate in mathematics, John Nash, the brilliant logico-mathematician Kurt Godel, and the revolutionary inventor Nikola Tesla. In Hiller’s study of the nature of knowledge keyed to the reports of people who have had the near-death experience, one of the reasons for their productivity may have been discovered, as explained below.

b. An Explanation for Exceptional Achievement by Geniuses From Frozen Time Theory

The mind or consciousness does not limit its potential function to what the brain does when it is completely detached from it (e.g., during an NDE) or partially detached (during dreams and deep meditation) thereby enabling it to function independent of the brain/body. Normally, the mind is attached to the brain and is thus normally restricted by brain limitations.

c. The Nature of Transcendental Knowledge and Its Availability for Creativity

When the human mind is weakly or temporarily disassociated from its normal brain attachment, then the consciousness of its spirit form has available to it the eternal knowledge which may be termed “Transcendental” to distinguish it from the Mundane sorts of knowledge created by living in the material domain (the 3rd Domain), as explained by Near-Death Experience of Space, Time, and Consciousness, Chapter 10. A theory of knowledge: the Transcendental and Mundane. The universal field of consciousness (UFC), as discussed in Chapter 2 of this text, has all of its existing knowledge made available to the individual consciousness (mind) when it is detached from its material body. Some refer to all human knowledge as existing in a mystical non-material field termed the “akashic records“. For biology, Rupert Sheldrake refers to a “morphic field” for knowledge that animals may tap into without their normal sense-perception mechanism. Frozen Time Theory (presented in Chapter 1 of the text) did not attempt to distinguish among the possible categories of information of transcendental knowledge contained in the universal field of consciousness (UFC), which is most likely God’s own mind, and thus too extensive to be neatly carved up into categories from what is known by science.

d. Select Discoveries by Genius May Reflect Abnormal Bouts of Mental Functioning

Select achievements by geniuses may thus reflect their having tapped into the universal mind (i.e., the transcendental knowledge in the UFC). Geniuses, such as Kurt Godel, Nikola Tesla, and John Nash, may have tapped into the transcendental knowledge contained in the UFC when their minds separated from their normal functioning locked to the brain.

Note too, that during dreaming (or deep meditation), the mind may separate from its attachment to brain to tap into transcendental knowledge. For example, Albert Einstein attributed his breakthrough in formulating Special Relativity to a dream (the one about watching cows getting shocked on a fence whose observed shock times depended on where an observer stood); but it is also important to note that his realization for what the dream meant depended on his mental preparation about the issue involved. Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1726), one of the most influential scientists of all time, suffered from mental illness. In 1693, Newton experienced a “nervous breakdown.” According to autism expert Simon Baron-Cohen, both Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton have shown many signs of Asperger syndrome, a form of autism that does not cause learning difficulties. Dmitri Mendeleev (1834-1907) attributed his formation of the Periodic Table to realizing its patterning in a dream. Nobel laureate James Watson (b. 1928), co-discoverer of the structure of DNA, reported stumbling upon the double helix image for the DNA chain through his dream of a spiral staircase. Srinivasa Ramanujan (1887-1920) was one of India’s greatest mathematical geniuses. He made substantial contributions to analytical theory of numbers and worked on elliptical functions, continued fractions, and infinite series. He worked for five years producing startling results and proved over 3,000 theorems in his lifetime. According to Ramanujan, inspiration and insight for his work many times came to him in his dreams. Niels Bohr (1885-1962) won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1922 for his discovery of the structure of the atom. He recalled that the electrons revolving around the nucleus, like the solar system, came to him in a dream. Upon testing his “dream” hypothesis, he was able to discover that the atomic structure was, in fact, similar to it. The scientist Friedrich Kekulé (1829-1896) discovered the seemingly impossible chemical structure of benzene (C6H6) when he had a dream of a group of snakes swallowing their tails. French philosopher and mathematician, Rene Descartes (1596-1650), claimed that the dreams that he had in 1619, revealed to him the basis of the scientific method. The German born physiologist, Otto Loewi (1873-1961), won the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1936 for his work on the chemical transmission of nerve impulses which came to him in a dream. Paul McCartney is one of the most famous and successful singer/songwriters of all time. According to the Guinness Book of Records, his Beatles song “Yesterday” (1965) has the most cover versions of any song ever written and, according to record label BMI, was performed over seven million times in the 20th century. The tune for “Yesterday” came to Paul McCartney in a dream. The scientist who is credited with working out that insulin is effective in treating diabetes, Frederick Banting (1891-1941) received the Nobel Prize in Medicine at just 32 years old. He dreamt about a diabetic dog and a surgical procedure that included tying up the pancreas. This led to a breakthrough relating to the disproportionate balance between sugar and insulin. Which led to another dream indicating how insulin could be used to treat diabetes. Millions of lives have been saved or revolutionized by this discovery.

Thus, it may be no random accident that some of our geniuses have exhibited mental dysfunction during their lives, because such dysfunction may actually have contributed to their exceptional achievements.

Research Conclusions Science

The Future and the Near-Death Experience

Many people were given visions of the future during their near-death experience (NDE). Download an ebook from Robert and Suzanne Mays‘ 2019 study presentation titled, “Prophetic Visions In Near-Death Experiences: Warnings For Our Times.” Generally, these visions foretell a future of catastrophic natural disasters and social upheaval leading to a new era of global peace and enlightenment. Some of these prophecies did not occur when they were foretold to occur; and there are good reasons for this which will be explained. Many of these apocalyptic visions have been predicted to occur within the next few decades. Remarkably, these visions of the future agree with prophecies of the Bible, Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, and the Virgin Mary visitations of Fatima, Garabandal, Medjugorje and Zeitoun.

Table of Contents

  1. Scientific evidence supporting the ability to predict the future
  2. A successful apocalyptic prophecy is one that doesn’t happen
  3. The future is not fixed and can change
  4. NDE prophecies predicting the 9-11 terrorist attack
  5. NDE prophecies of future natural catastrophes
  6. NDE prophecies of a shift in the earth’s magnetic poles
  7. NDE prophecies of a golden age of peace and enlightenment
  8. Non-NDE religious prophecies of a future apocalypse

1. Scientific evidence supporting the ability to predict the future

The 9/11 New York City terrorist attack seems to have affected global consciousness through more than news channels. There seems to have been a psychic dimension to the response. Since August, 1998, the Global Consciousness Project, located at Princeton University, has maintained observation of about 40 radioactive random number generators placed at locations around the world. Previous research has shown that the activity of such devices can be affected by psychokinesis (mind over matter). The project tracks psychokinetic effects on these sensitive instruments produced by dramatic events impinging upon global consciousness. After the terrorist attack, the project assembled data from the generators to see if there had been any extraordinary output from these devices. According to the project’s report, there was indeed an unmistakable and profound response. The interpretation of the result is that the world’s awareness of the terrorist tragedy created a powerful moment of global awareness, a unified and coherent psychic event which impacted the output of the radioactivity in data collectors. The global consciousness event appears to have begun approximately 10 minutes before the first crash until about four hours afterward.

2. A successful apocalyptic prophecy is one that doesn’t happen

The goal of apocalyptic prophecy is to warn people to prevent it from happening. The reason prophecies are given to humanity is to change current trends and change enough people so that the prophecy will be diverted. Well-known prophecies that were foretold to occur around the millennium have not happened. Skeptics point out that this proves these prophecies to be false. But a better understanding of prophecy reveals that either (a) or (b) is true:

(a) The prophecy was successful in permanently diverting the outcome by the raising of the world’s consciousness.

(b) Because the prophecy gives an exact date, the prophecy may still be valid and the date may be wrong.

Prophecies from very credible sources rarely give an exact date. Even Jesus said he didn’t know the date and time when he would return. This should be a lesson to everyone who comes across a prophecy with an exact date.

3. The future is not fixed and can change

During Karen Schaeffer’s NDE, she was shown her children’s future as it would exist if she decided to remain in the light. Because she decided to return, the future she was shown did not happen. This suggests that the future is always changing from moment to moment based upon our current actions and decisions. This principle supports quantum mechanic principles.

One of Margot Grey’s NDE research subjects stated: “During my experience … I was also shown events that are likely to happen in the near future, but was made to understand that nothing is absolutely fixed and that everything depends on how we choose to use our own free will, that even those events that are already predestined can be changed or modified by a change in our own way of relating to them.” (Grey, 1985, p. 123)

NDE experiencer Howard Storm was given information on how the future is not fixed: “We have free will. If we change the way we are, then we can change the future which they showed me. They showed me a view of the future, at the time of my experience, based upon how we in the United States were behaving at that time. It was a future in which a massive worldwide depression would occur. If we were to change our behavior, however, then the future would be different.” (Howard Storm)

Howard Storm was also told how a single person can change the world: “All it takes to make a change was one person. One person, trying, and then because of that, another person changing for the better. They said that the only way to change the world was to begin with one person. One will become two, which will become three, and so on. That’s the only way to affect a major change” (Howard Storm)

During Ricky Randolph’s NDE, he was told virtually the same thing: “You must return and help others to change by changing your life!” (Ricky Randolph)

Dannion Brinkley was told how the future is conditional upon human beings: “If you follow what you have been taught and keep living the same way you have lived the last thirty years, all of this will surely be upon you. If you change, you can avoid the coming war. If you follow this dogma, the world by the year 2004 will not be the same one you now know. But it can still be changed and you can help change it.” (Dannion Brinkley)

Brinkley was also told that the future is not cast in stone: “The flow of human events can be changed, but first people have to know what they are.” (Dannion Brinkley)

Brinkley also gives the following advice on how people can change the world: “The quickest way to change the world is to be of service to others. Show that your love can make a difference in the lives of people and thereby someone else’s love can make a difference in your life. By each of us doing that and working together we change the world one inner person at a time.” (Dannion Brinkley)

During Dr. George Ritchie’s NDE, Jesus said that Ritchie had 45 years to accomplish a particular mission: “It is left to humanity which direction they shall choose. I came to this planet to show you through the life I led how to love. Without our Father you can do nothing, neither could I. I showed you this. You have 45 years.” (Dr. George Ritchie)

When Dr. Ritchie was revived, he had no idea what he was supposed to accomplish within 45 years. Years afterward, his NDE attracted the attention of Raymond Moody. It was Ritchie’s NDE that inspired Moody to begin his ground-breaking research into NDEs and become “the father” of the near-death experience. In 1985, Ritchie published his near-death account which was 42 years after his NDE occurred.

During Ned Dougherty’s NDE, a Lady of Light told him how to change the world to prevent these catastrophic visions of the future from happening: “I was told that the world could be saved, not by its leaders, but by prayer groups throughout the world. I was told that the prayers of a group of twenty could save a nation from war. I was told that the fate of mankind rested on our ability, individually and collectively, to change the direction of mankind in accordance with God’s plan … Depending on mankind’s response to God, these events may be altered, postponed, or cancelled.” (Ned Dougherty)

One particular experiencer told NDE researcher Margot Grey that catastrophic earth changes are a reflection of the social upheaval and violence that is happening all over the world at the moment.

4. NDE prophecies predicting the 9-11 terrorist attack

During his NDE, Ned Dougherty was given a vision of the future involving a terrorist attack. He wrote about it in his book, Fast Lane to Heaven, six months before 9/11 occurred. Here is what he wrote:

“A major terrorist attack may befall New York City or Washington, DC, severely impacting the way we live in the United States.” (Ned Dougherty)

This description of Ned Dougherty’s vision of a future terrorist attack is a perfect description of what happened six months later in New York and Washington.

Dannion Brinkley received a psychic vision of the September 11th terrorist attack before it happened. On September 1st, ten days before the New York terrorist attacks, Dannion announced that the world is on the verge of a… “spiritual awakening which calls for deep self-examination.” (Dannion Brinkley)

On September 1, 2001, Dannion Brinkley also called for a global Day of Truth to occur on September 17 where people could… “take time before this date to personally examine our own lives and priorities as citizens of earth in this time of transition. This is a wake-up call … For it is only as we are willing to see and to embrace all of our deeply human fragmented realities that the light of grace can shine upon us.” (Dannion Brinkley)

Brinkley gave this announcement ten days before the September 11th terrorist attack. Something certainly provoked Dannion Brinkley to make this announcement.

5. NDE prophecies of future natural catastrophes

In Howard Storm‘s book, My Descent into Death (2000), he describes the future of mankind as given to him by light beings he encountered during his NDE in 1985. Storm wrote how they told him, in 1985, that the Cold War would soon end, because “God is changing the hearts of people to love around the world.” Storm states, “Since the time in 1985 when I was told these things about the future the Cold War ended with little bloodshed due to the hearts of people being unwilling to tolerate oppressive regimes.” Storm also described what the light beings told him concerning the way things will be on earth in about 2185. He asked the light beings the question: “Will the United States be the leader of the world in this change?” The light beings replied:

“The United States has been given the opportunity to be the teacher for the world, but much is expected of those to whom much has been given. The United States has been given more of everything than any country in the history of the world and it has failed to be generous with the gifts. If the United States continues to exploit the rest of the world by greedily consuming the world’s resources, the United States will have God’s blessing withdrawn. Your country will collapse economically which will result in civil chaos. Because of the greedy nature of the people, you will have people killing people for a cup of gasoline. The world will watch in horror as your country is obliterated by strife. The rest of the world will not intervene because they have been victims of your exploitation. They will welcome the annihilation of such selfish people. The United States must change immediately and become the teachers of goodness and generosity to the rest of the world. Today the United States is the primary merchant of war and the culture of violence that you export to the world. This will come to an end because you have the seeds of your own destruction within you. Either you will destroy yourselves or God will bring it to an end if there isn’t a change.” (Howard Storm)

Howard Storm wrote: “…. I don’t know if the richest country in the history of the world is doomed to lose God’s blessing or if the people of the United States will become the moral light of the world. How long will God allow the injustice to continue? The future lies in the choices we make right now. God is intervening in direct ways in human events. May God’s will be done on earth as it is in Heaven!” (Howard Storm)

In a online newspaper article on August 18, 2003 by Michael H. Brown entitled Near-Death Prophecy: Man was shown Failure of Infrastructure, Power Grid, Howard Storm discussed America’s future as shown to him during his NDE.

Howard Storm wrote: “They made it very clear to me that God had given this country the greatest blessing of any people in the history of the world. We have more of God’s blessing. Everything that we have comes from God. We didn’t deserve it, we didn’t earn it, but we happen to be the wealthiest, most powerful nation in the world. And God gave us all this so that we could be the instruments of God’s light in this world, and we are not instruments of light. In other countries people see us as purveyors of exploitation, military might, and pornography. They see us as completely hedonistic and amoral — we have no morality. People can do whatever they want wherever they want with whatever they want. Our amorality is a cancer on the rest of the world, and God created us to be just the opposite.

“People get mad at me for saying it, but God is very unhappy with what we’re doing. When I came back from the experience I was almost out of my mind trying to convert people. God wanted a worldwide conversion thousands of years ago. God pulled out all the stops 2,000 years ago with Jesus. From God’s view, that was the definitive moment in human history. And the impact of the prophets and teachers and the Messiah has been a big disappointment to God because people have by and large rejected it. I was told that God wants this conversion. And if we don’t get with the program fairly soon, He is going to have to intervene in some ways that from a human point of view are going to seem cataclysmic. God is really tired of what we’re doing to one another and the planet and to His Creation. We were put in this world to be stewards and live in harmony with His creation and one another and we don’t realize the important spiritual consequences of what we do when we raise a child in a faithless society.”

“I asked how [America’s purification] would come about, and they said it would be simple, that our society is very dependent on a lot of very fragile things — energy grid, transportation. In each geographical area of the United States people used to be relatively self-sufficient as far as agricultural products. Now, how long would any state survive without the transport of food and energy?

“What would happen is these very complex and delicate grids of our economic system would begin to break down. We’ve created a society of such cruel and self-centered people that the very nature of civilization would begin to break down. The angels showed me that what would happen is that people would begin robbing the grocery stores, hording goods, and killing one another for gasoline and tires, and as a consequence everything would break down and would end up in chaos.” (Howard Storm)

When Guenter Wagner was a child, he had an NDE during which Jesus had an extensive conversation with him about averting a nuclear war.

Jesus told Guenter that there were very powerful and cunning beings who were his enemies with whom he had been constantly fighting. He told Guenter to warn the world against them. Then Jesus told him to turn around. When he did he heard people screaming and saw fire and smoke that gradually took on the shape of a mushroom. Jesus told Guenter that he will do everything in his power to prevent this from happening. Jesus also told him that this war has been going on for a very long time and the evil beings had become more and more powerful. Jesus said that if this continued he would not see any means of preventing them from taking over everything. He said that if the enemy had really succeeded in coming into his world, the war would have been lost. He would have been powerful enough, no doubt, to fight them off, but the war would have been lost in the long run. Jesus was afraid of loosing this war. Then it was intimated to Guenter that Jesus needed help. Jesus told him that the only way he could help him was by going back and telling the world about his experience. (Guenter Wagner)

Almost every day, several times a day, for more than forty years, Edgar Cayce would induce himself into a unique out-of-body state identical to an NDE. Through his sojourns he would reveal profound information on various subjects. But it was the information that he revealed about the future that he is most known for. The following is an listing of his prophecies which have already happened:

  1. The Stock Market Crash of October 1929
  2. The Great Depression
  3. The rise and fall of Adolf Hitler
  4. The beginning and end of World War II
  5. America’s entry into World War II
  6. The death of Franklin D. Roosevelt
  7. India’s independence from Britain
  8. The re-establishment of the nation of Israel
  9. The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Essenes
  10. The death of John F. Kennedy
  11. The Civil Rights Movement and 1960’s civil unrest
  12. The fall of the Soviet Union and communism
  13. The U.S. and Russia alliance
  14. New technological discoveries
  15. The existence of the planet Pluto
  16. A shift of earth’s magnetic poles (see this article)
  17. The day of his own death

Edgar Cayce’s prophetic visions yet to happen:

  1. Armageddon will be a battle in the spirit realm to prevent souls from the hell realms to reincarnate for one thousand years. It is also a battle within everyone between their higher nature and their lower nature.
  2. The possibility of a World War III
  3. Catastrophic natural disasters
  4. A dramatic rise in the level of the ocean

Dannion Brinkley‘s major prophetic visions which have already happened:

  1. The demoralization of America from the Vietnam War
  2. The presidency of Ronald Reagan
  3. Turmoil in the Middle East
  4. The 1986 Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster
  5. The collapse of the Soviet Union
  6. The Desert Storm war against Iraq in 1990
  7. The existence of chemical weapons in the Middle East

Dannion Brinkley‘s major prophetic visions yet to happen:

  1. Oil used as a weapon to control the world economy
  2. The economic collapse of the world economy
  3. A war between China and Russia
  4. Democracy in Egypt overthrown and fanatics rule
  5. An alliance between the Chinese and Syrians
  6. Catastrophic natural disasters in America
  7. The fall of America as a world power
  8. The rise of an environmental religion beginning in Russia
  9. A leader from Russia to become a U.N. leader
  10. The possibility of a World War III
  11. A scientific discovery to alter DNA and create a biological virus that will be used in the manufacture of computer chips (see this article)

Concerning Dannion’s visions of the future, the Being of Light told him the following: “Watch the Soviet Union. How the Russian people go, so goes the world. What happens to Russia is the basis for everything that will happen to the economy of the free world.” (Dannion Brinkley)

The following prophecies of the future were given to Dr. George Ritchie during his NDE:

  1. Increasing natural disasters on the earth hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes).
  2. Families are splitting and governments are breaking apart because people are thinking only of themselves.
  3. Armies will march on the U.S. from the south.
  4. Explosions will occur over the entire world of a magnitude beyond our capacity to imagine. If they continue, human life as we have known it will not exist.

The following prophecies of the future were given to Ned Dougherty during his NDE:

  1. Wars will continue to spread from the Eastern Hemisphere to the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Russia and China.
  2. A great threat to global peace will come from China which is preparing itself for a global war.
  3. The U.S. government will collapse because a staggering national debt will cause it to fail to meet its financial obligations.
  4. U.S. banking institutions will collapse due to natural disasters.
  5. The U.S. will be thrown into political, economic, and social chaos.
  6. Terrorist activities and wars will occur first in the Middle East, then in Italy the Vatican and Rome).
  7. A shift of the earth’s axis will result in massive earthquakes, volcanic and tidal waves disasters. (see this article)
  8. America will lose its ability to defend itself, leaving the country vulnerable to invasion by foreign troops, particularly by China.

Concerning the future of the world, the Lady of Light specifically told Ned Dougherty: “Pray for the conversion of China. The conversion of China to God is necessary for the salvation of the world.” (Ned Dougherty)

The following prophecies of the future were given to Ricky Randolph during his NDE:

  1. The earth will drastically changed because of turmoil, wars and death.
  2. A giant explosion in the earth’s atmosphere will cause much land to be destroyed.
  3. The U.S. government will collapse.
  4. A volcano will explode which will result in many cities in the U.S. being put in darkness.
  5. People will kill over food and water.
  6. Cities will fall and new ones will be built.
  7. Few cities will be left, but people will be content.

The following prophecies of the future were given to David Oakford during his NDE:

  1. Humans have fallen away from the balance of nature and allowed themselves to be affected by what they create which violates the natural laws of the universe.
  2. Humans must restore the harmonic balance of the earth if they want to survive as a race and live on the earth forever.
  3. The next overall goal for humanity is to learn about this harmonic balance.
  4. Before humans realize they must restore the harmonic balance, great damage will be inflicted on the earth.
  5. The earth is very strong but has been weakened considerably ever since humans have chosen to use its resources in a manner inconsistent with the laws of the universe.

The documentary entitled Ancient Prophecies aired on television and profiled three near-death experiencers (Martha A. St. Claire, Elaine Durham and Jessica Carde). The following prophecies of the future were given to Martha A. St. Claire during her NDE:

  1. There will be a 20 year period from 1992 to 2012 where events will be greatly accelerated on earth.
  2. Great earth changes will occur: earthquakes, floods, tidal waves, great winds. Areas of the east coast will be surprised regarding earthquakes.
  3. Japan will slip into the ocean.
  4. There will be three days of darkness due to natural earth disasters with smoke from volcanoes that will block the sun.
  5. Humanity will undergo a roller-coaster ride but it will not last forever. If we have darkness for three days, it will pass. We will always have the light.

The following prophecies of the future were given to Elaine Durham during her NDE:

These catastrophic earth changes upon America will come about by natural and man-made disasters. Unless Americans begin to make better choices, these changes will certainly come to pass.

  1. North America will be completely divided by a large body of water. A large part of both eastern and western shorelines will be lost. Icebergs and polar icecaps will melt significantly. America will be ravaged by earthquakes, hurricanes, fierce storms, massive fires burning huge areas of the country, explosions in some areas, and the western coastline will change causing California, Oregon, and Washington to become submerged. Much of the eastern coastline will be gone, though not as bad as the western coastline. The southern half of Florida will be under water. The oceans of the entire world will rise significantly.
  2. The seat of power will move away from Washington, D.C because there will be so much turmoil and warfare on the eastern side of America. America will come to the very edge of destruction because Americans have chosen to seek worldly things rather than loving or serving others, and because they refused to care for their precious natural resources, and because their greed and selfishness. The U.S. government will lose most of its power and no longer govern completely and lawlessness will reign on the eastern side of America as well as tremendous anarchy and crime. There will be less turmoil on the western side of America and even a certain amount of prosperity. A new seat of power will rise near present-day Kansas City. From this location, a true spiritual force will become the governing power over the whole land — a power such that emanates from Christ.
  3. Native Americans will be partially responsible for the peacefulness that will exist in western America. Their knowledge of how to live from the land, or how to be in harmony with it, will bring forth an abundance. Their spiritual knowledge will be taught to the people and everyone will start to learn to live in harmony with each other. Prosperity will come by becoming harmonious with nature or the natural elements upon which they depended.

The following prophecies of the future were given to Reinee Pasarow during her NDE:

  1. There will be tremendous upheaval in the world as a result of humanity’s general ignorance of true reality.
  2. Humanity is breaking the laws of the universe, and as a result of this, humanity will suffer. This suffering will not be due to the wrath of God, but rather like the pain one might suffer by arrogantly defying the law of gravity.
  3. Humanity is being consumed by the cancers of arrogance, materialism, racism, chauvinism, and separatist thinking.
  4. Sense will turn to nonsense, and calamity, in the end, will turn to providence.
  5. An inevitable educational cleansing of the earth will occur because of humanity’s transgressions.

The following prophecies of the future were given to Lou Famoso during his NDE:

  1. People from different nations, different religions, with different weapons, will kill each other which will result in hundreds of thousands of dead people.
  2. Man will prey on man until man will pray for man.
  3. Floods will spill across the earth on different continents in different seasons.
  4. Hundreds of lives and acres upon acres of crops will be lost as well as hundreds of animals.
  5. Volcanoes from around the world will erupt; first one then another.
  6. Earthquakes will destroy sections of almost every continent. One massive earthquake will occur in America. Most of the others will be in Europe and Asia and thousands of people will be killed.
  7. There will come a time when these things will happen all at once. It will come at the same time of humanity’s greatest sins.
  8. Millions of people will cry because of the devastation of portions of New York City. [Webmaster’s note: This could be a reference to the New York City terrorist attack.]
  9. A huge earthquake of magnitude 8.6 will happen at a place called Eureka (Eureka, California?).
  10. Thousands of people will migrate from areas of frequent disasters to places of safety.
  11. Missiles will be fired simultaneously into space from several nations.
  12. Eruptions on the sun will interfere with the earth – more than it ever has.
  13. A large mass from space will pass by the earth and cause it to wobble wildly like a spinning top.
  14. The oceans will rise, first along the Pacific Ring of Fire then others.
  15. A space station will fall from the heavens because of an internal explosion. [Webmaster’s note: This could be a reference to the doomed Space Shuttle Columbia disaster of 2003.]
  16. Landmasses will start to sink under the pressure of the ocean on it.
  17. These earth changes will result in a newer, cleaner, more beautiful planet.

The archangel Gabriel gave Lou Famoso the following message to take back to let others know that there is little to fear because the earth will go on forever:

“Look to Orion and you will know when the new world will come.” (Lou Famoso)

For more information about the prophecies of the star system Orion, read these wonderful articles: [1] [2] [3]. Famoso was told that when these visions of the future are realized on earth, they will bring forth an event called “The Gathering“.

“The Gathering” as revealed by the NDErs Natalie Sudman and Lou Famoso, and the OBE pioneer, Robert Monroe:

Lou Famoso was told of a future event known as “The Gathering” involving sudden, catastrophic earth changes and sudden tremendous loss of life. Surprisingly, there are other credible sources mentioning a similar future event also called “The Gathering,” such as by the OBE pioneer Robert Monroe, and the near-death experiencer Natalie Sudman. These sources appear to be in agreement: The Gathering is a future event where alien intelligences from other areas of universe (extraterrestrials) and other beings from other dimensions (afterlife realms) gather to observe the sudden upcoming earth changes. This event may also satisfy those who believe the second coming of Jesus will involve UFOs. It is also possible this event is part of the so-called “the Rapture” described by Christians when millions of souls are instantly translated into spirit — possibly when they are suddenly killed by the coming catastrophe. I believe “The Gathering” will be the “revelation” about the existence of UFOs and spirit beings. The higher beings who started life on this planet will finally stop monitoring earth’s evolutionary progress and will intervene to help humanity to the next evolutionary level.

The following prophecies of the future were given to Angie Fenimore during her NDE: “The war between the darkness and the light on the earth has grown so intense that humans are not continually seeking the light, the darkness will consume us and we will be lost.” (Angie Fenimore)

The following prophecies of the future come from Dr. Kenneth Ring‘s NDE prophecy research conclusions:

  1. An increasing incidence of earthquakes, volcanic activity and generally massive geophysical changes
  2. Disturbances in weather patterns and food supplies
  3. The collapse of the world economic system
  4. The possibility of nuclear war by accident (respondents are not in agreement on whether a nuclear catastrophe will occur)
  5. Dramatic climate changes, droughts, food shortages

Dr. Kenneth Ring says that near-death accounts sometimes involve a sense of having total knowledge and some are given a view of the entirety of the earth’s evolution and history from the beginning to the end of time. (Dr. Kenneth Ring)

The following prophecies of the future come from Margot Grey‘s NDE prophecy research conclusions:

  1. There are going to be a lot of upheavals such as earthquakes and volcanoes occurring in the next few years, which are going to get increasingly worse. I was given to understand that these activities are a reflection of all the social upheaval and violence that is going on all over the world at the moment.
  2. Among the many volcanic eruptions that are going to occur, I saw the one that just occurred in Hawaii. As I saw the pictures on the television, it was really quite uncanny, as I had already seen it taking place during the vision I had seen at the time of my NDE.
  3. There are going to be serious food shortages around the world due to droughts in many places. This will push the price of food up so that many people will have to start going without things that they have always taken for granted.
  4. There are going to be very severe droughts in many countries. Others are going to suffer from freak storms that will cause tidal waves or flooding to happen as a result of unnaturally heavy rainfalls … All in all, the weather is going to be very unpredictable from now on, in fact these disturbances in the weather patterns have already started.

The following prophecies of the future were given to Arthur Yensen during his NDE: “You have more important work to do on earth, and you must go back and do it! There will come a time of great confusion and the people will need your stabilizing influence. When your work on earth is done, then you can come back here and stay.” (Arthur Yensen)

The following prophecies of the future were given to Beth Hammond during her NDE:

  1. There will be poverty, many wars, and storms upon storms to rage the earth.
  2. Devastation from earthquakes and hurricanes will happen.
  3. A war will start in the East.

6. NDE prophecies of a shift in the earth’s magnetic poles

According to NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, in 1998 something changed the earth’s gravitational field which moved the magnetic poles closer together. The NASA article explained that as the ice on the poles melted, ocean currents moved water toward the equator, which factors researchers believe to be partly responsible, in conjunction with shifts in atmospheric patterns, for this ongoing shift in the earth’s magnetic field. This finding by NASA is verification of NDE prophecies that predicted this to occur. Here are some of them:

The following prophecies about the pole shift were given to Edgar Cayce’s “Source”: In the late 1920’s and early 1930’s, Edgar Cayce was the first to describe the concept of pole shift as a result of the crust of the earth moving independently from the core of the earth to bring different a surface area over the spin axis. During the past 30 years, this concept has received more and more attention by geophysicists, some of whom now seriously argue that the crust does move independently. Some geophysicists now also argue that the best way to explain a variety of paleo sea-level and other data is that it moves and shifts fairly frequently and more rapidly than previously imagined.

Cayce predicted changes to the earth surface to begin some time between 1958 and 1998. The cause of these dramatic earth changes will be the shift in the world’s magnetic poles. He stated: “There will be upheavals in the Arctic and Antarctic that will cause the eruption of volcanoes in the torrid areas, and pole shift. There will be the shifting then of the poles, so that where there has been those of a frigid or the semi-tropical will become the more tropical, and moss and fern will grow.” (Edgar Cayce)

“A shift of the earth’s axis will result in massive earthquakes and tidal waves.” (Ned Dougherty)

“There may be a pole shift … there are going to be polar changes … it’s not going to kill all the races off, but we’re going to have to start again from square one … There’s going to be a larger land mass.” (Dr. Kenneth Ring’s NDE research subject)

“The poles are going to shift.” (Margot Grey’s NDE research subject)

“Practically no coastal areas will be safe during the shifting of the earth’s poles because of the tidal waves. Many people will not survive this shift, but others will, because after a period of churning seas and frightful wind velocities, the turbulence will cease, and those in the north will live in tropical clime, and vice versa.” (Ruth Montgomery)

Pole shift prophecies are being fulfilled today according to NASA. The University of Colorado discovered upheavals occurring at the Antarctic pole: “Two ice shelves on the Antarctic Peninsula are in full retreat and have lost nearly 3,000 square kilometers of their total area in the last year. Researchers attribute the retreats to a warming trend … There is evidence that the shelves in this area have been in retreat for 50 years.” (Science Daily)

One of the most intelligent scientist who ever lived, Albert Einstein, had this to say about the pole shift: “In a polar region there is a continual deposition of ice, which is not symmetrically distributed about the pole. The earth’s rotation acts on these unsymmetrically deposited masses [of ice], and produces centrifugal momentum that is transmitted to the rigid crust of the earth. The constantly increasing centrifugal momentum produced in this way will, when it has reached a certain point, produce a movement of the earth’s crust over the rest of the earth’s body, and this will displace the polar regions toward the equator.” (Albert Einstein)

7. Prophecies of a golden age of peace and enlightenment

Prophecies from such sources as NDEs, the Bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Nostradamus, and psychic phenomena, all agree that a new era of peace on earth will come after the foreseen natural disasters purify the earth from the sins of modern civilization. The following information are some of the positive prophecies of the future that are foreseen to occur after the catastrophic prophecies take place.

The following prophecies of a future “Golden Age” were given to Howard Storm during his NDE:

  1. No nuclear holocaust will occur (but possibly 1 or 2 bombs go off).
  2. There will be almost no technology in the future.
  3. Children to be the most precious commodity in the world.
  4. Raising children is will be the highest priority.
  5. A euphoric future with no anxiety, no hatred, no competition, enormous trust and mutual respect.
  6. Love and prayer will become a stronger force on earth.
  7. People will garden more in the future with almost no effort.
  8. Gardens will grow by the power of prayer.
  9. Groups of people praying together will be able to control the climate.
  10. Animals will live in harmony with people.
  11. Wisdom will be more important than knowledge.
  12. All knowledge can be accessed through prayer.
  13. People will be able to communicate telepathically with everyone else in the world.
  14. There will be greater insight into life after death.
  15. It will be like the Garden of Eden.
  16. God will usher the paradise on earth within the next 200 years.
  17. For paradise to come, God will have to restrict some of humanity’s free will.
  18. This world will resemble some near-death descriptions of heaven.
  19. Travel will be instantaneous.
  20. The need for clothing and shelter will be eliminated.

Howard Storm was also given an important message from the Beings of Light concerning the future of humanity: “They want every person to consider every other person greater than their own flesh. They want everyone to love everyone else, completely; more, even, than they love themselves. If someone, someplace else in the world hurts, than we should hurt we should feel their pain. And we should help them. Our planet has evolved to the point, for the first time in our history, that we have the power to do that. We are globally linked. And we could become one people.” (Howard Storm)

The following prophecies of a future “Golden Age” were given to Mellen-Thomas Benedict during his NDE:

  1. The second coming of Jesus is about self-correction because we are already saved.
  2. Science will soon quantify spirit and discover what holds the universe together. They will have to call it God.
  3. Religions are about to become more enlightened because more light is coming into the world.
  4. There will be a reformation in spirituality that is going to be just as dramatic as the Protestant Reformation.
  5. There will be many religious people fighting against other religious people because they believe that only they are right.
  6. The world will become a safer place.
  7. The clearing of the rain forest will slow down and in fifty years there will be more trees on the planet than in a long time.
  8. The earth is in the process of domesticating itself and it will never again be as wild of a place as it once was.
  9. There will be great wild reserves where nature thrives.
  10. Gardening will be the thing in the future.
  11. The population increase will reach an optimal range of energy to cause a shift in consciousness. That shift in consciousness will change politics, money, and energy.
  12. Humans will soon be able to live as long as we want to live in our bodies. After living 150 years or so, there will be an intuitive sense that it is time to change channels.
  13. Humanity will eventually see the wisdom of life and death.

The following prophecies of a future “Golden Age” were given to George Ritchie during his NDE:

  1. The world will grow more peaceful – both humanity and nature.
  2. Humans will not be as critical of themselves or others.
  3. Humans will not be as destructive to nature.
  4. Humans will begin to understand what love is.

The following prophecies of a future “Golden Age” were given to Edgar Cayce from his “Source”:

  1. The second coming of Jesus will occur in 1998 through reincarnation.
  2. There will be a thousand years of peace.
  3. China will become the cradle of Christianity.
    [Webmaster’s note: Edgar Cayce affirmed that Christian Gnosticism is the highest form of Christianity and the closest form of Christianity taught by Jesus. This form of Christianity is practically identical to Buddhism except with intermediate states between earth lives. With the end of religious persecution in China today, Buddhism is flourishing in China once again.
  4. A new science will be developed from new discoveries in consciousness and spiritual research.
  5. A new discovery in astronomy concerning the revolution of the solar system, Arcturus, and the Pleiades will be found.
  6. Three major archeological discoveries of a Hall of Records which will revolutionize the way we understand human origins, cosmology and religion. This will occur when humanity reaches a higher level of spirituality. These discoveries will be found near these locations:
    a. The Great Pyramid
    b. Bimini, where a portion of Atlantis may have been discovered
    c. The Yucatan peninsula where an asteroid struck the earth and killed off the dinosaurs

“After the darkest hour had passed away, during which time all the former things of this world had disintegrated and decayed, I saw a new consciousness emerging and humanity evolving in a new form. Thereafter I beheld a Golden Age in which people would live in love and harmony with each other and all of nature.” (Margot Grey’s research subject)

“At the end of this general period of transition, humanity was to be born anew, with a new sense of his place in the universe. The birth process, however, as in all the kingdoms, was exquisitely painful. Mankind would emerge humbled yet educated, peaceful, and, at last, unified.” (Dr. Kenneth Ring’s research subject)

“The disastrous earth changes will be followed by a new era in human history, marked by human brotherhood, universal love and world peace.” (Dr. Kenneth Ring’s research subject)

“After the global disasters, the planet will become more peaceful. Humanity and nature will both be better. Humanity will not be as critical of themselves. Humanity will not be as destructive of nature and will begin to understand what love is. It is up to humanity which direction they will choose.” (George Ritchie)

“I saw the earth stretching and groaning while giving birth to a new consciousness. I saw that every so often in the history of the world this happens and is inevitable in order for the earth to bring forth a new state of evolution.” (Margot Grey’s research subject)

“Humanity will mature enough to assume a higher place in the universal scheme of things. But before this, humans must learn acceptance and tolerance and love for each other. There will come a new age of tolerance will come where the hearts and souls of humanity will be joined as all religions and doctrines will be joined. People will not be able to endure seeing others homeless and hungry. Only by helping each other could we truly help ourselves.” (May Eulitt)

“Within the next two hundred years a new era of peace, love and harmony will rule the world.” (Howard Storm)

“After the coming earth changes, the harmonic balance of nature on earth will finally be restored.” (David Oakford)

“Eventually, humanity will become more peaceful. A new type of human being will emerge with a younger and peaceful nature.” (Ricky Randolph)

“The world is on the verge of a spiritual awakening.” (Dannion Brinkley)

“People will be happier and more content although living like the native populations of old. There will be no more wars and true peace and happiness will finally come to humanity.” (Lou Famoso)

“A profound spiritual awakening will occur to everyone on earth. People will be able to perform supernatural events and miraculous healings.” (Ned Dougherty)

“Humanity will be born anew with a new sense of their place in the universe. This birth process will be painful, but humanity will emerge humbled yet educated, peaceful, and, at last, unified.” (Reinee Pasarow)

“A great Awakening has begun. People around the world are opening their eyes to their own spiritual natures. They are beginning to see who they truly are and what they have always been — beings with an eternal past and a glorious future.” (Betty Eadie)

Edgar Cayce stated that a purification of the world must happen before the new world comes: “A new order of conditions is to arise; there must be a purging in high places as well as low; and that there must be the greater consideration of the individual, so that each soul being his brother’s keeper. Then certain circumstances will arise in the political, the economic, and whole relationships to which a leveling will occur or a greater comprehension of the need for it.” (Edgar Cayce)

Near-death experiencers who were given information that the Second Coming of Christ is soon to happen are: (a) Edgar Cayce, (b) Angie Fenimore, (c) Mellen-Thomas Benedict, (d) Beth Hammond, and (e) Dr. Richard Eby.

8. Non-NDE religious prophecies of the apocalypse

Fundamentalist Christians in general use a literal interpretation of the prophecies in the Books of Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelation in the Bible to foretell the future. See these Bible verses: [1] and [2].

  1. The battle of Armageddon will be fought on the plains of Israel.
  2. A huge mountain of fire (asteroid? bomb?) will be thrown into the sea and kill a multitude of people.
  3. Russia, with an alliance of Iraq, Iran, Libya, Ethiopia, and some Eastern European countries, will invade Israel.
  4. A powerful alliance of 10 nations consisting of the former Holy Roman Empire (NATO countries) will go to war against this Arab and Russian invasion.
  5. China, with a 200 million strong army, will then march to war.
  6. When all the nations of the world are at war, the second coming of Christ will occur.
  7. Jesus will bring a new age of world peace. The kingdom of God will then reign on earth for a thousand years.

The following future catastrophes were foreseen by Jesus in the Bible:

  1. We will hear of wars and rumors of wars.
  2. Nation will rise against nation.
  3. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places.
  4. People will become more wicked and loveless.
  5. The teachings of Jesus will made known around the world.
  6. There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars.
  7. Nations will be anxious and perplexed about turmoil with the oceans.
  8. The heavenly bodies will be shaken and people will faint from terror.

In the year 1947, on the shores of the Dead Sea, scrolls from a monastic group known as the Essenes, dated to be about two thousand years old were discovered and was labeled the Dead Sea Scrolls. One of these scrolls is entitled The Last Jubilee. The scroll contains information about the last days during which time it says, a Melchizedek redivivus (reincarnated) will appear and destroy Belial (Satan) and lead the children of God to eternal forgiveness. Here is the segment in question:

“This is what scripture implies in the words, ‘Who says to Zion, your God has not claimed his Kingdom!’ The term Zion there denoting the total congregation of the ‘sons of righteousness’ that is, those who maintain the covenant and turn away from the popular trend, and your God signifying the King of Righteousness, alias Melchizedek Redivivus, who will destroy Belial … Our text speaks also of sounding a loud trumpet blast throughout the land on the tenth day of the seventh month. As applied to the last days, this refers to the fanfare which will then be sounded before the Messianic King.” (The Last Jubilee, Dead Sea Scrolls)

The person referred to in the Scroll displayed above is named Melchizedek was a priest described in the Bible as an eternal being. The Bible indicates that he had no beginning of days and no end of life, that is, he was not born of woman and did not die, but ascended into heaven. Many early Christians believed Melchizedek to be an early incarnation of Jesus. If Melchizedek was indeed a reincarnation of Jesus, then this scroll is describing the coming of the Messiah (Melchizedek Redivivus – reincarnate) at the time of Judgment Day.

The following Islamic prophecy of the future is found in the Quran: “When the earth is shaken with her violent quaking, and the earth brings forth her burdens, and man says, ‘What has befallen her?’ On that day she shall tell her news, because your Lord had inspired her.” (Quran)

Paul Solomon was a man who was able to have the same kind of near-death-like experiences as Edgar Cayce. Here is a portion of his visions of the future: “Considerable destruction in areas of the west coast of the United States will occur. An earthquake measuring 8.9 or higher in California is building and is close. A massive exodus from Los Angeles will occur. The continent America will split in half, down its very center, and a wall of water will come rushing across.” (Paul Solomon)

Many people, particularly Catholic children, claim to have seen visions of the Virgin Mary in which they were given prophecies of the future. Here is one of them: “A worldwide warning, perhaps a terrible catastrophe, will be experienced by everyone on earth. Its purpose will be to call humanity to amend its behavior and return to God. A great miracle will occur within one year after the warning. It will be a visible sign to all humanity of God’s presence, love and mercy. Permanent signs will remain on earth for all time at various locations of the Mary apparitions. A terrible chastisement, a time of purification and cleansing, will happen to earth during which two-thirds of humanity will die. The chastisement depends upon the response of humanity to the warning and the miracle.” (Virgin Mary visitation at Fatima, Portugal, 1917)

A remarkable 19th Century Bavarian seer named Matthias Stormberger was able to visualize with great accuracy the events that would take place in the future. He predicted three great world wars would happen: “After the second great war between the nations will come a third universal war, which will determine everything. There will be entirely new weapons. In one day, more men will die than in all previous wars combined. Battles will be fought with artificial guns. Gigantic catastrophes will occur. Everything will become different than before, and in many places the earth will be a great cemetery. The third great war will be the end of many nations.” (Matthias Stormberger)

In my, Kevin Williams, humble opinion, humanity will continue to evolve until the world is filled with people who can walk on water, communicate telepathically, raise the dead (NDEs), control the weather with their minds, etc. In other words, it will be a time when humanity has reached the pinnacle of human evolution through reincarnation. But before this happens, a purification of the “sins” of modern civilization foretold by many sources must come first. These devastating disasters will destroy much of our current technology forcing people to “return to nature” and, at the same time, all artificial barriers between people will be removed. These disasters will force people to once again rely, trust, need and love their neighbor in order to survive and grow spirituality. So there will be no “end of the world” – only the end of the technology which allows humans to destroy the world and each other. Humanity on earth will continue to live for a long time (probably not forever.) Heaven on earth is rapidly coming. (Kevin Williams)

Evidence Science

Some People Receive Verified Visions of the Future

Near-death experiencers have received visions of the future, both personal and apocalyptic. Some were told the future is not predetermined because humans have the power to change it by enlightening the awareness of enough people to change current trends. In this respect, an apocalyptic prophecy that doesn’t occur is a prophecy that was successful. An apocalyptic prophecy that occurs is a failure. The reason that God does not intervene to prevent them from happening, is because to do so, would interfere directly with human spiritual and physical development. An example of this principle can be found when environmentalists refuse to interfere with nature so that evolution can continue unabated.

An example of the future being changed can be found in the NDE account of Karen Schaeffer. During her NDE, she was shown the future of her children, as it would happen, if she decided to remain in heaven. She was told that if she returned to life, the future she saw would not happen. Her decision was to return and, therefore, the future she saw did not happen.

Although God does not wish these apocalyptic prophecies to occur, God will allow them to occur for the purpose of instructing humanity. These apocalyptic prophecies are remarkably consistent. In general, they describe visions of global war and/or natural disasters of unimaginable capacity that threaten civilization. Experiencers were revealed the reason these catastrophes happen. It is because humanity is not in tune with nature because of war and environmental transgressions. For more information on prophecies yet to happen, read the NDEs and the Future web page.

1. Important NDE Visions of the Future Which Have Occurred

In 1975, the following prophecies were given to Dannion Brinkley during his NDE.

a. An actor will become president whose initials are R. R. and will project the image of being a cowboy to the rest of the world.

Shortly after his NDE in 1975, Brinkley told Dr. Raymond Moody that perhaps this person was Robert Redford. It turned out to be Ronald Reagan. This demonstrates that experiencers can receive visions of the future, but they may not be able to interpret them.

b. In the area of the Middle East, anger and hatred will reach a boiling point. Religion will play a large role in these problems, as will the economy. Israel will become isolated from the rest of the world. Saudi Arabia will give money to countries, such as North Korea, and make deals and shake hands. (Dannion Brinkley)

The following clip from a newspaper article verifies that Brinkley’s NDE prophecy of the future has occurred.

c. In 1986, a nuclear explosion of a massive cement structure, near a river in Russia, will occur. Hundreds of people will die. This disaster has something to do with the word Wormwood.

The Russian word, Chernobyl, literally means Wormwood, a type of plant. The nuclear explosion Brinkley foresaw was the Chernobyl explosion of the nuclear reactor in Russia.

d. The Soviet Union will collapse because of economic problems. The Russian people will lose faith in communism. Great food shortages will happen. The Russian mafia will gain much power. Soviet-style communism will die. The Being of Light told Brinkley the following:

“Watch the Soviet Union. How the Russian people go, so goes the world. What happens to Russia is the basis for everything that will happen to the economy of the free world.”

The collapse of the Soviet Union occurred in 1989 due to economic problems which created great food shortages of food and a stronger influence of the Russian mafia.

e. In 1990, a great desert war will be fought. Armies will race toward one another and lightning-like explosions will occur.

The U.S. military operation called Desert Storm occurred in 1990 where the U.S. army squashed the Iraqi army for occupying Kuwait.

f. Missiles with chemical warheads will occupy the desert of the Middle East. There will be worldwide fear of the intentions of the Arab nations that have them.

It is common knowledge today that chemical weapons exist in Middle East. One point of great interest is the Being of Light’s warning given to Brinkley:

“If you follow what you have been taught and keep living the same way you have lived the last 30 years, all of this will surely be upon you. If you change, you can avoid the coming war. If you follow this dogma, the world by the year 2004 will not be the same one you now know. But it can still be changed and you can help change it.” – The Being of Light to Dannion Brinkley

g. A biological engineer from the Middle East will find a way to alter DNA and create a biological virus that will be used in the manufacture of computer chips.”

A technological breakthrough occurred in 1998 when two Israeli researchers at the Israel Institute of Technology discovered a process in which strands of DNA are incorporated into a working electronic component.

h. On September 1st, ten days before the New York terrorist attacks, Brinkley announced that the world is on the verge of a:

“spiritual awakening which calls for deep self-examination.”

Brinkley called for a global Day of Truth to occur on September 17, 2001, where people could:

“… take time before this date to personally examine our own lives and priorities as citizens of Earth in this time of transition. This is a wake-up call. For it is only as we are willing to see and to embrace all of our deeply human fragmented realities that the light of grace can shine upon us.”

Something certainly awoke Brinkley to make this announcement and it is reasonable to assume it was the September 11 terrorist attack. Brinkley isn’t the only experiencers who received a vision of this terrorist attack.

Another near-death experiencer, Ned Dougherty, received similar visions of the future during his NDE. One of Ned’s visions was published in his book, Fast Lane to Heaven, six months before September 11th which states:

“A major terrorist attack may befall New York City or Washington, DC, severely impacting the way we live in the United States.”

2. Dannion Brinkley’s Near-Death Experience

In 1975, Dannion Brinkley was talking on the phone during a thunderstorm. A bolt of lightning hit the phone line, sending thousands of volts of electricity into his head and down his body. His heart stopped, and he died, but in the process, he had an NDE. When Brinkley revived in the morgue after twenty-eight minutes of death, he had an incredible story to tell. The following is an except from his book Saved by the Light with Paul Perry.

The next sound I heard was like a freight train coming into my ear at the speed of light. Jolts of electricity coursed through my body, and every cell of my being felt as if it were bathed in battery acid. The nails of my shoes were welded to the nails in the floor so that when I was thrown into the air, my feet were pulled out of them. I saw the ceiling in front of my face, and for a moment I couldn’t imagine what power it was that could cause such searing pain and hold me in its grip, dangling over my own bed. What must have been a split second seemed like an hour.

From immense pain I found myself engulfed by peace and tranquility. It was a feeling I had never known before and have not had since. It was like bathing in a glorious calmness. I had no idea what had happened, but even in this moment of peacefulness I wanted to know where I was.

I began to look around, to roll over in midair. Below me was my own body, thrown across the bed. My shoes were smoking and the telephone was melted in my hand. I could see Sandy run into the room. She stood over the bed and looked at me with a dazed expression, the kind you might find on the parent of a child found floating facedown in a swimming pool.

Tommy showed up in less than ten minutes. He knew something was wrong because he had heard the explosion over the telephone. I watched as Tommy held me and cursed the slowness of the ambulance, which we could hear approaching in the distance. I hovered above the three of them – Sandy, Tommy, and myself – as the medical technicians loaded me onto the stretcher and wheeled me to the ambulance.

From where I hovered, about fifteen feet above everyone, I could see the pouring rain hitting my face and drenching the backs of the ambulance crew. The perspective I had was that of a television camera. Without passion or pain, I watched as the person on the stretcher began to twitch and jump. I looked toward the front of the ambulance to a spot over my dead body. A tunnel was forming, opening like the eye of a hurricane and coming toward me. I actually didn’t move at all; the tunnel came to me.

There was the sound of chimes as the tunnel spiraled toward and then around me. Soon there was nothing to be seen – no crying Sandy, no ambulance attendants trying to jump-start my dead body, no desperate chatter with the hospital over the radio – only a tunnel that engulfed me completely and the intensely beautiful sound of seven chimes ringing in rhythmic succession.

I looked ahead into the darkness. There was a light up there, and I began to move toward it as quickly as possible. I was moving without legs at a high rate of speed. Ahead the light became brighter and brighter until it overtook the darkness and left me standing in a paradise of brilliant light. This was the brightest light I had ever seen, but in spite of that, it didn’t hurt my eyes in the least. Unlike the pain one might feel when walking into sunlight from a dark room, this light was soothing to my eyes.

I looked to my right and could see a silver form appearing like a silhouette through mist. As it approached I began to feel a deep sense of love that encompassed all of the meanings of the word. It was as though I were seeing a lover, mother, and best friend, multiplied a thousand fold. As the Being of Light came closer, these feelings of love intensified until they became almost too pleasurable to withstand.

The Being of Light stood directly in front of me. As I gazed into its essence I could see prisms of color, as though it were composed of thousands of tiny diamonds, each emitting the colors of the rainbow.

I felt comfortable in his presence, a familiarity that made me believe he had felt every feeling I had ever had, from the time I took my first breath to the instant I was sizzled by lightning. Looking at this being I had the feeling that no one could love me better, no one could have more empathy, sympathy, encouragement, and nonjudgmental compassion for me than this being.

The Being of Light engulfed me, and as it did I began to experience my whole life, feeling and seeing everything that had ever happened to me. It was as though a dam had burst and every memory stored in my brain flowed out.

When I finished the life review, I arrived at a point of reflection in which I was able to look back on what I had just witnessed and come to a conclusion. I was ashamed. I realized I had led a very selfish life, rarely reaching out to help anyone. Almost never had I smiled as an act of brotherly love or just handed somebody a dollar because he was down and needed a boost. No, my life had been for me and me alone. I hadn’t given a damn about my fellow humans.

I looked at the Being of Light and felt a deep sense of sorrow and shame. I expected a rebuke, some kind of cosmic shaking of my soul. I had reviewed my life and what I had seen was a truly worthless person. What did I deserve if not a rebuke?

As I gazed at the Being of Light I felt as though he was touching me. From that contact I felt a love and joy that could only be compared to the nonjudgmental compassion that a grandfather has for a grandchild.

“Who you are is the difference that God makes,” said the Being. “And that difference is love.”

There were no actual words spoken, but this thought was communicated to me through some form of telepathy. To this day, I am not sure of the exact meaning of this cryptic phrase. That is what was said, however.

Again I was allowed a period of reflection. How much love had I given people? How much love had I taken from them? From the review I had just had, I could see that for every good event in my life, there were twenty bad ones to weigh against it. If guilt were fat, I would have weighed five hundred pounds.

As the Being of Light moved away, I felt the burden of this guilt being removed. I had felt the pain and anguish of reflection, but from that I had gained the knowledge that I could use to correct my life. I could hear the Being’s message in my head, again as if through telepathy:

“Humans are powerful spiritual beings meant to create good on the Earth. This good isn’t usually accomplished in bold actions, but in singular acts of kindness between people. It’s the little things that count, because they are more spontaneous and show who you truly are.”

I was elated. I now knew the simple secret to improving humanity. The amount of love and good feelings you have at the end of your life is equal to the love and good feelings you put out during your life. It was just that simple.

“My life will be better now that I have the secret,” I said to the Being of Light.

It was then that I realized that I wouldn’t be going back. I had no more life to live. I had been struck by lightning. I was dead.

Like wingless birds, we swept into a city of cathedrals. These cathedrals were made entirely of a crystalline substance that glowed with a light that shone powerfully from within. I was awestruck. This place had a power that seemed to pulsate through the air. I knew that I was in a place of learning. I wasn’t there to witness my life or to see what value it had had, I was there to be instructed.

When we entered the structure, the Being of Light was with me no more. I looked around for him and saw no one. Rows of benches were lined up across the room, and that radiant light made everything glow and feel like love. I sat on one of the benches and looked around the room for my spiritual guide.

In the next moment the space behind the podium was filled with Beings of Light. They faced the benches where I was sitting and radiated a glow that was both kindly and wise.

I sat back on the bench and waited. What happened next was the most amazing part of my spiritual journey.

I was able to count the beings as they stood behind the podium. There were thirteen of them, standing shoulder to shoulder and stretched across the stage. I was aware of other things about them, too, probably through some form of telepathy. Each one of them represented a different emotional and psychological characteristic that all humans have. For example, one of these beings was intense and passionate, while another was artistic and emotional. One was bold and energetic, yet another possessive and loyal. In human terms, it was as though each one represented a different sign of the zodiac. In spiritual terms, these beings went far beyond the signs of the zodiac. They emanated these emotions in such a way that I could feel them.

Now more than ever I knew that this was a place of learning. I would be steeped in knowledge, taught in a way that I had never been taught before. There would be no books and no memorization. In the presence of these Beings of Light, I would become knowledge and know everything that was important to know. I could ask any question and know the answer. It was like being a drop of water bathed in the knowledge of the ocean, or a beam of light knowing what all light knows.

The Beings came at me one at a time. As each one approached, a box the size of a videotape came from its chest and zoomed right at my face.

The first time this happened I flinched, thinking I was going to be hit. But a moment before impact, the box opened to reveal what appeared to be a tiny television picture of a world event that was yet to happen. As I watched, I felt myself drawn right into the picture, where I was able to live the event. This happened twelve times, and twelve times I stood in the midst of many events that would shake the world in the future.

At the time I didn’t know these were future events. All I knew was that I was seeing things of great significance and that they were coming to me as clearly as the nightly news, with one great difference: I was being pulled into the screen.

[Dannion Brinkley is then given prophetic visions, then returns to his body.]

Exceptional Experiences

Ricky Randolph’s Near-Death Experience

In December of 1982, Ricky Randolph, a Georgia Department of Corrections Correctional Officer, was involved in a hunting accident and had a near-death experience. Since then, he has had many psychic occurrences which have been verified by family and friends. Ordained as a Baptist minister at age 17, his life even in childhood was filled with psychic events. The following is his unique near-death experience reprinted by permission. It can be described as unique for a very good reason. The reason is miraculous. As the saying goes: “Miracles happen.” Randolph’s near-death experience in his own words appears in Kevin Williams’ book, Nothing Better Than Death.

Table of Contents

  1. A Prelude to a Miracle
  2. A Miracle is Foretold
  3. The Miracle That Happened

1. A Prelude to a Miracle

I was looking forward to this morning, as I had planned a hunting trip on the ninety-eight acre farm, bordering the Chattahoochee River, my family and I lived on. I arrived home and gathered my gear trying to get as early a start as I could. My wife had already left for work as most people do who have normal working hours. I usually called her when I was going hunting but being in a hurry on this particular morning I didn’t.

I had about a two mile hike to my tree stand and arrived there around 10:15 a.m. My stand was about 20 feet high on the front side facing a thick patch of pines. The back side faced the river below and dropped off to huge boulders in the river below. I tied off my rifle to be pulled up after my climb to the top and began my upward ascent. I reached the top and positioned myself to pull my rifle up. Then without warning I heard a snap. I would later return to this site many times to reflect on my life. On one visit with a friend I measured the distance from the top of the stand down to the boulder I landed on – eighty feet!

As I began my fall to the river below I could see the river coming up fast. I knew this was the end for me and though it was just seconds before impact, it was as though I was in slow motion.

So many thoughts raced through my mind. “My wife, my daughter, my family, and no one knows where I am! Would I ever be found?”

Then, darkness. How long this darkness lasted I don’t know. Then something wonderful happened. I felt myself leaving my body. I was floating a few feet in the air above the river. I looked on my body with mixed feelings. I was bleeding from my mouth, nose, ears, and saw a trickle of blood underneath me on the boulder. As I was reflecting on the state of my body, I felt a pulling and began to rise very fast. I was traveling at a high rate of speed upwards through the atmosphere.

As I left the atmosphere, I looked back and could see the Earth! Such a beautiful sight! It was so brilliantly lit. As I looked ahead I could see the planets. I thought to myself, “This cannot be! Where is Jesus?” I was never told anything like this could or would happen when I died.

Faster, and faster the speed was increasing. I saw other star systems and galaxies as I raced onward. I entered what seemed to be a hole of some sort. It was long and dark. However around me I saw streaks of light made up of every color in the spectrum. I saw a faint light growing brighter and brighter in the distance up ahead. As I entered the light I felt it all through my being. I was not afraid anymore.

Then all of a sudden I was standing before a massive set of steps. They led up to what seemed to be a bridge or walk of some kind. In the distance I saw a sight so magnificent and astounding – a city made up of what seemed to be glass or crystal!

2. A Miracle is Foretold

The lights were of many colors that radiated from it. Never have I ever seen such a sight. I began walking toward the city in a daze of unbelief.

So many questions raced through my mind. “I had to know where I was. What was happening to me?”

I reached the front of the city and saw a double door that looked to be about thirty feet or so in height and width. It shined as if it was polished. As I stood there wondering, the doors began to open. I took a step back and looked inside.

I could see what appeared to be people walking about on the inside, much like they do in a mall here on Earth. These people though were dressed very different. For one thing, they all seemed to be dressed in some sort of robes with hoods.

I entered through the doors in amazement at what I was seeing. The inside was massive. It seemed to be square in shape, with a balcony all around that led down to different levels. I walked up and looked downward over the balcony. It seemed to go on forever!

As I looked up I saw many passing by me, yet no one seemed to notice me. Then as one was approaching me he suddenly stopped. He slowly raised his head and I could see his face.

He appeared to be human in every respect but one. His eyes. No pupils! Yet they seemed to change colors in colors of blue. His hair was snow white.

I wanted to speak but before I could he turned and pointed to a long hallway. Though we never spoke I knew I was to go down this hallway.

Then as if nothing had ever happened, he continued on. I knew I had to as well. Something was beckoning me forward.

I walked a long walk down to the end of this hallway. I did not turn to the right or the left. I knew somehow that my questions were about to be answered.

Again I saw before me a massive double door. It seemed to be of some type of metal – whether gold or not I could not tell.

Suddenly the doors opened. I heard a voice, though not as we speak, but from inside of me it seemed to say, “Enter.” I did as I was told and the doors shut suddenly behind me. I was afraid for the first time. Total darkness. Total silence.

Then after a space of time the length of which I could not determine, a bright light began to glow in the room. Brighter and brighter it became! It was somewhat above me and in front of me. I tried to look but was almost blinded from it! I held my hands up in front of me and could make out the appearance of a figure setting on some type of seat.

Then without warning it happened.

“What have you done with your life?”

The voice penetrated my very being. I had no answer.

Then to my right I saw what seemed to be like a movie, and I was in it. I saw my mother giving me birth, my childhood and friends. I saw everything from my youth up. I saw everything I had ever done before my eyes!

As my life played out before my very eyes I tried to think of good things I had done. I was raised in church and had been very active in church functions.

Yet as I pondered on this, I saw a man in his car that had ran out of gas. I had stopped and given him a lift to a local store about a year ago. I had bought him some gas as he had no money and helped him get on his way. I thought to my self, why am I seeing this? The voice was loud and clear.

“You took no thought to help this soul and asked nothing in return. These actions are the essence of good.”

I saw all the people I had hurt as well and was shown how my actions had set in motion the actions of others. I was stunned! I had never thought of my life having an effect on the actions that friends, family, and others I had met would take. I saw the results of all I had done. I was not pleased at all.

I looked on until the events came to an end. Indeed I had done so little with my life. I had been selfish and cruel in so many ways. I was truly sorry I had done so little. Then again loud and clear I heard the voice speak again, “You must return.”

I did not want to return though. I was content to stay and longed to stay even after the things I had seen and heard.

“I have so many questions,” I replied, “things I need to know and don’t understand.”

“You must return and help others to change by changing your life. Physicians will want to perform surgery on you. Do not let this happen. If you do you will never walk again. You will be visited by one who will bring you answers to the questions you have. When I call, you will come again. You will recover from all that has happened if you do these things. Look and see what lies ahead.”

I turned and saw the Earth in turmoil. Wars and death. Terrible sights. Cities fell and new ones were built. I saw the United States and a volcano exploding covering many cities in darkness. I looked on and saw the collapse of our government as we know it. People killing for food and water. Horrible sights. I saw what seemed to be a giant explosion in the Earth’s atmosphere and much land was destroyed. I looked on and saw a new type of people, younger and of a peaceful nature. The cities were few that were left, but these people seemed to be content.

“It is time for you to go,” I heard again.

But I wanted to see more!

Then the doors opened and I felt myself almost being carried down the hallway. I passed through the doors of the city and felt myself shooting through this hole I had came through. Faster I went, unable to stop.

I entered the atmosphere of Earth and saw the river below. I saw my body still lying there motionless.

Then it was like an electric shock so tremendous I felt my body jump. I opened my eyes and saw the trees above and the skyline. Then, Oh God, the pain! I was struggling for every breath, choking on my own blood.

3. The Miracle That Happened

I managed to roll onto my stomach. The pain was all I could bare. I looked at the sky and saw the sun was lower than I remembered. I looked at my watch. It was 5:30. My only thoughts were how I could get help. I noticed my rifle was not far from me, still attached to the rope I had tied around my waist. I began pulling it toward me. I managed to grab hold of the barrel and pulled it up to me. I fired a shot about every ten minutes hoping someone would come.

It was getting late and I knew I would not make it much longer, so I began crawling on my stomach, pulling myself with the stock of my rifle. I managed to crawl up a trail that ran down to the river. As I crawled and crawled, the pain was so great I passed out many times. Through thick brush and briar patches I crawled. I wanted to give up I was so tired and in so much pain. I knew though I had to make it at least to where I could be found – I hoped.

I looked out in front of me and saw the road I lived on through the trees. I could hear sounds in the distance!

“Yes, thank you God,” I thought to myself!

I finally found myself at the road and began a feeble cry for help. I was too exhausted though and just lay there in the road.

My father-in-law was returning from work and found me lying in the road.

“It’s all right,” I heard him say. “Help is on the way.”

That was the last I remembered until I saw the lights inside the ER. A doctor stood at my feet.

“Can you feel this?” he said.

“Feel what?” I asked. He had been sticking my feet and legs. I was paralyzed!

“We can not help you here son,” he said. “We are sending you by ambulance to a hospital that can handle your injuries.”

Whether from the pain or medication, I was out like a light.

The next afternoon I awoke to find two doctors standing at the foot of my hospital bed. They introduced themselves as my attending physicians and proceeded to explain to me I must undergo surgery at once. The bones in my back that were broken were putting pressure on my spinal nerve causing paralysis. Then I heard the warning I had heard before.

“Do not let them perform surgery, or you will never walk again.”

I understood completely, but I knew they would not. I told them I must see my wife and daughter first.

My wife arrived with my daughter shortly after the doctors’ visit. I told her what they had said. She advised me that I must realize they were doing what was necessary to help me. I did not know how to tell her what I had experienced. I tried to tell her it was my belief that I should not be operated on. Although she disagreed, she honored my wishes.

When the doctors returned and I told them of my decision, they were very upset. I listened to lecture after lecture.

“OK,” one of them said, “if you never want to walk again that’s up to you.” Then they left.

That night I lay upon my bed and wept sorely. Was I insane? What was I doing? A light began to fill my room.

“You will be well,” I heard a voice say. Then it was gone. I composed myself and dosed off to sleep.

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months. Then one morning I felt a tingling in my feet! I was overcome with joy! I told the nurse I wanted to get up and walk. She stared at me and said, “We’ll see, we’ll see.”

I knew I was healed without a doubt. The nurse put a call in to my doctor and the next morning he stopped by.

“So you think you can walk?” he said.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Well, we will see.”

A few hours later I was taken down to the physical therapy room. They carried me down and raised me up to a vertical position. The nurse helped me in front of a set of parallel bars. I gripped the bars and placed my feet firmly on the floor. One step. Two steps.

“My God, he’s walking!” the nurse said to the nurse who had brought me down.

The next few days were hard. I took many trips to physical therapy, and had numerous x-rays done per my doctors’ orders. My wife and family were all amazed, yet I knew. I had been told! The rest had to be true as well.

My doctor was more amazed when he found no bones pressing on my spinal nerve. I quote: “This is not normal. It seems a Higher Power has done for you what we were going to try and correct with surgery. I have never seen anything like this before.’ End quote.

Since that day, my life has changed and I have been able to help others in ways I never dreamed. I wanted to share this with all, as it is what has led me onward in my quest for truth.

Exceptional Experiences

RaNelle Wallace’s Near-Death Experience

On October 9, 1985, RaNelle Wallace and her husband tried to fly their single-engine airplane through a snowstorm in central Utah. They became disoriented and crashed against the side of a mountain, turning their small craft into a raging inferno. Burnt over 75% of her body, charred and in severe pain she struggled for her life as she climbed down the jagged and treacherous mountainside to seek for help. After giving all that was in her to give, she finally let go of her life when the paramedic said, “Stop fighting, well do all the work for you!” RaNelle Wallace died at that time – six hours after the plane crashed. What happened to her then has captured the hearts of thousands who have heard of her incredible journey beyond this life.

One aspect of her near-death experience is very unusual and quite amazing. While in heaven, she sees her son who was not yet born into the world. It is this aspect of her experience that makes her near-death experience very unique. What follows are excerpts from her book, The Burning Within in which she describes her amazing near-death experience. More information can be found at RaNelle’s Facebook Page.

Table of Contents

  1. RaNelle Experiences the Tunnel and Life Review
  2. RaNelle Enters the Light and Meets Her Grandmother
  3. RaNelle Meets a Friend from a Lower Afterlife Realm
  4. RaNelle Learns Heavenly Insights at the Speed of Light
  5. The Heavenly Garden and Its Sustaining Love
  6. The Floodgates of Knowledge Overwhelm RaNelle
  7. RaNelle Meets Her Eternal Heavenly Friends
  8. RaNelle Sees Her Burned Body and Told to Return
  9. RaNelle Meets Her Future Son Nathaniel

1. RaNelle Experiences the Tunnel and Life Review

At that moment I was sucked into a narrow tube, and I began flying through it feet first. The tube was extremely tight, and I became more frightened because it almost felt like my body was being sucked inside out. My speed was tremendous – indescribable. Nothing on Earth has ever gone that fast, nothing could. It felt as if I were whizzing past galaxies, but the colors and lights were right next to me, almost brushing against me, and my fears mounted.

Then I heard voices. It seemed people were traveling beside me somehow, although there was no room for them. I became aware of one person near me who was alone and not speaking. I couldn’t see anyone; I just knew the person was there.

The voices stopped and a brief scene flashed before me. A series of pictures, words, ideas, understanding. It was a scene from my life. It flashed before me with incredible rapidity, and I understood it completely and learned from it. Another scene came, and another, and another, and I was seeing my entire life, every second of it. And I didn’t just understand the events; I relived them. I was that person again, doing those things to my mother, or saying those words to my father or brothers or sisters, and I knew why, for the first time, I had done them or said them. Entirety does not describe the fullness of this review. It included knowledge about myself, that all the books in the world couldn’t contain. I understood every reason for everything I did in my life. And I also understood the impact I had on others.

A part of me began to anticipate certain events, things in my life I would dread seeing again. But most of them didn’t show up, and I understood that I had taken responsibility for these actions and had repented of them. I saw myself repenting of them, sincerely wanting God to remove the weight and guilt of those terrible actions. And He had. I marveled at His sublime love and that my misdeeds could be forgiven and removed so easily. But then I saw other scenes that I hadn’t anticipated, things that were just as awful. I saw them in horrible detail and watched the impact they had on others. I saw that I had let many people down in my life. I had made commitments to friends and family that I had just let ride until they were irreversibly unfulfilled. People had depended on me, and I had said, I’m too busy or it’s not my problem, and just let it go. My cavalier attitude had caused real pain and heartache in others, pain I had never known about.

I was shown a friend who I knew had suffered terribly in her life. She lived in a beautiful, spiritual world before she came to this life, and she had been confused and hesitant about coming here at all. But she was given the promise of good parents, family members, and friends, and she agreed to come for the experience and growth this life would afford her. I was shown that I was one of the key friends who had been given to her as a guide and help. Then I saw my own personal follies and uncaring attitudes. I saw how these had combined to mislead my friend and propel her into new mistakes and grief.

I had messed up my own life, not really caring about the consequences, and in so doing had hurt her as well. If I had followed through on my obligations to myself and others, she would have lived an easier and more productive life. Until that moment I had never realized that ignoring responsibilities was a sin.

What was happening? Why was I seeing all this? My mind spun with questions.

Next, I saw a woman whom I had been asked by our local church leader to visit periodically. I was just to check up on her and see if she needed any help. I knew the woman quite well but was afraid of her constant pessimism and negativity. She was locally renowned for her bitterness. I didn’t think I could handle the depressing influence she would have on me, so I never went to see her. Not once. I saw now that the opportunity to visit her had been orchestrated by Higher Powers, that I had been just the person she needed at that time. She didn’t know it, and I didn’t know it, but I had let her down. Now I lived her sadness and felt her disappointment and knew I was a cause of it. I had fallen through on a special mission to her, a responsibility that would have strengthened me over time. I had retreated from an opportunity for growth, both for me and for her, because I was not caring enough to fight through my petty fears and laziness. But the reasons didn’t matter; I could see that, even now, she was living in sadness and bitterness, living through it just as I now experienced it, and there was nothing I could do to go back and help.

I re-experienced myself doing good things, but they were fewer and less significant than I had thought. Most of the great things I thought I had done were almost irrelevant. I had done them for myself. I had served people when it served me to do so. I had founded my charity on conditions of repayment, even if the repayment was merely a stroke to my ego. Some people had been helped, however, by my small acts of kindness, a smile, a kind word, little things I had long since forgotten. I saw that people were happier because of my actions and in turn were kinder to others. I saw that I had sent out waves of goodness and hope and love when I had only meant to smile or to help in a small way. But I was disappointed at how few of these incidents there were. I had not helped as many people as I thought.

As the review of my life came to an end I was in agony. I saw everything I had ever done in vivid, immediate detail – the bad things, haunting and terrifying in their finality, and the good things, ringing with greater reward and happiness than I had ever imagined. But in the end I was found wanting. I found myself wanting. Nobody was there to judge me. Nobody had to be. I wanted to melt in the agony of self-indictment. The fires of remorse began to consume me, but there was nothing I could do.

2. RaNelle Enters the Light and Meets Her Grandmother

A dot of light appeared far off in front of me. It was just a pinpoint, a tiny speck in the distance, but its brilliance distinguished it from all other lights around me and I instinctively pressed towards it. Emanating from it was a love and hope and peace that my soul hungered for. I wanted, I needed this brilliant, radiant light. The black tube took the shape of a tunnel now, opening up as I neared its end. The light burst forth before me, filling everything with brightness, and I was coming upon it impossibly fast. Oh, my gosh, I thought, it’s brighter than the sun. It’ll blind me! It’ll kill me!

I remembered my burns from the plane crash and was afraid they would ignite again in this radiance. But I couldn’t stop myself. I was drawn to the light by forces I could not control, so I shut my eyes against my impending destruction. But my eyes wouldn’t shut. They felt shut – but somehow I could still see. And then I was in the light.

Like a nuclear explosion, the light pierced me. Every particle of me was shot through with blinding, brilliant light, and I had a feeling of transparency. My skin didn’t burn. My eyes still saw. I floated in this light, bathed in it, and the love that surrounded me and filled me was sweeter and finer than anything I had ever felt. I was changed by it, refined, rarified, made pure. I basked in its sweetness, and the traumas of the past were far behind me, forgotten and transformed by peace. Then an image appeared in the distance.

A woman walked toward me dressed in white. Her hair was white, and her face shone with light. I had no fear of her; the love I felt allowed no fear. She came forward and stood immediately before me. Then she smiled, and I loved her smile. It filled me with even greater love, and I wanted to know her. She spoke my name. “RaNelle.”

But her lips didn’t move. Her smile never changed and my first thought was, “Wow, what a trick! Her lips didn’t move.”

“RaNelle,” she said again, and I realized her voice sounded in my mind and not in my ears. How could this be?

“RaNelle,” she was more insistent. “It’s Grandma.”

And the moment she said this, I recognized her. She was my mother’s mother. But she looked different than I had remembered. She was full and rounded and vibrant. She appeared to be about twenty-five years old, but her hair was glorious white, and everything about her was radiantly beautiful. Her body was glorious, and I began to understand why I hadn’t recognized her. She had been frail and sick all the years I had known her. Then the realization hit me.

Grandma was dead; she had died a couple of years before. And I thought, if she’s dead, then what am I doing here?

“Oh, I’m dead.” The thought came out of me like spoken words, though I hadn’t moved my mouth.

Now everything fit. The colorful lights, the life review, and now this light of glorious love, all of it naturally occurred as my life continued in this next world. This definitely wasn’t some dream or some drug-induced vision. I was more keenly aware and alive now than I had ever been in my body. I immediately accepted this, and wanted to know where everybody was.

Grandma giggled. Her lips didn’t move, but her spirit giggled.

“Aren’t people supposed to meet me when I die?” I asked. “Aren’t there supposed to be people singing hallelujah and coming up to hug me and saying, ‘Welcome’?”

She giggled again, and I thought it was the most delightful giggle I had ever heard.

“Well,” she said, “everybody is quite busy. Come on. You have a lot to see,” and she reached out for my hand.

3. RaNelle Meets a Friend from a Lower Afterlife Realm

But I thought, “Wait, what about Jim?”

Jim was a friend who had been killed in an automobile accident several months earlier. If Grandma was here, maybe she could tell me what happened to him.

“What about Jim?” I said again, and then I saw him in the distance, walking toward us.

Instantly I wanted to run and embrace him, but my grandmother put out her arm and said, “No, you cannot.”

I was startled. There was a power in her words, and I knew I couldn’t oppose them. “Why not?” I asked.

“Because of the way he lived his life,” she said.

He had come closer now and had stopped ten or twelve feet away. He was dressed in jeans and a blue shirt that was unbuttoned to mid-chest. This was how he normally wore his shirts on Earth, but I thought, my goodness, that’s risqué. Do they let you dress like that in heaven? He smiled, and I could feel his happiness. Although he didn’t possess the same kind of light or power that my grandmother did, he seemed content. He gave me a message to give to his mother, asking that I tell her to stop grieving over his death, to let her know that he was happy and progressing.

He explained that he had made certain decisions in life that had hindered his growth on Earth. He had made the decisions knowing they were wrong, and now he was willing to accept their consequences. When he was thrown from the van that he and his wife and a friend had been in, his head had hit a rock, and he had been killed instantly. When he got to the other side, he was given a choice to stay in the spirit or return to Earth. He could see that his growth on Earth had come to a stop and that if he returned he might lose even that light which he had gained. So he chose to stay.

He asked me to explain this to his mother, and I said I would, not knowing how I would accomplish it since I had no thought of going back myself. Then he said that he had a lot of work waiting for him, and he turned and left. I could tell that he was very busy, very engaged in matters that were vital to him, that would help him, though I didn’t know what they were. I looked at my grandmother and asked why she had prevented me from embracing him. She explained that this was a part his of “damnation”.

4. RaNelle Learns Heavenly Insights at the Speed of Light

“The powers we are given,” she explained, “are self-given. We grow by the force of our desires to learn, to love, to accept things by faith that we cannot prove. Our ability to accept truth, to live by it, governs our progress in the spirit, and it determines the degree of light we possess. Nobody forces light and truth upon us, and nobody takes it away unless we let them. We are self-governed and self-judged. We have total agency. Jim decided to limit his growth on Earth by rejecting things he knew were true. He hurt himself and others by using and selling drugs. Some of the people were hurt severely. He had various reasons for turning to drugs but the fact remains that he knew these things were wrong. He chose darkness over light often enough that he would not choose light again. And, now, to the degree that he became spiritually dark, he is consigned to a similar degree of darkness – or lack of light – here in the spirit. Yet he still has agency. He can grow. He can still find all the joy he is willing to accept, all that he is capable of receiving. But he knows that he does not have the same powers to progress and achieve joy that others with more light have. This is a part of damnation, because his progress is limited. But he is choosing to grow. And he is happy.

“The Lord never gives more challenges in life than can be handled,” she continued, “Rather than jeopardize someone’s spiritual progression or cause more suffering than can be endured, he will bring that spirit home, where he or she can continue progressing.”

All of this rang utterly true to me. She had communicated it with lightning speed, faster than computers can talk. It was instant and total knowing. I found that Grandmother and I could think on several levels at once and communicate them all simultaneously. You can’t know something without knowing everything around it, what causes it, what sustains it. Knowledge dovetails in the spirit world, each piece fitting with other pieces. Every fact connected to it is seen instantly, in totality. We have nothing like it on Earth. We can’t even approach it. Our knowledge and ability to communicate is like a child’s who hasn’t yet learned a language. We struggle to communicate, but we don’t possess the tools. We’re like little children.

My grandmother held out her hand and said, “Come quickly.”

I reached out to take it and stopped. “Wow,” I said. “Look at my hand.”

My hand was clear, like transparent gel, but there was light coursing through it like clear blood. But, the light didn’t run in irregular patterns as it would in veins; rather, the light shot through my hands like rays or beams. My whole hand sparkled with light. I looked down and saw that my feet also sparkled with light. And I noticed again that they weren’t burned. My feet and hands were perfect and whole. They radiated this glistening, beaming light, and I looked at my grandmother and saw that her light was brighter than mine. Every part of her was more brilliant. Even her dress was glowing white. And I recognized the dress. It was the dress that she had been buried in. My mother had bought it for her funeral. I thought about what Jim had been wearing, and I understood that people there wear what they want to wear. They wear what they’re comfortable in, and I knew that my grandmother must have loved this dress my mother bought for her. Although she had never worn it in life, Grandma was wearing it now, and she was radiant.

Moments later we were walking, holding hands, and the most beautiful panorama I had ever beheld opened before us.

5. The Heavenly Garden and Its Sustaining Love

A garden cannot exist on Earth like the one I saw. I had been in gardens in California that had taken my breath away, but they were stuck into insignificance by the scene before me now. Here was an endless vista of grass rolling away into shining, radiant hills. We have never seen green in our world like the deep, shimmering green of the grass that grew there. Every blade was crisp, strong, and charged with light. Every blade was unique and perfect and seemed to welcome me into this miraculous place.

And the whole garden was singing. The flowers, grass, trees, and other plants filled this place with glorious tones and rhythms and melodies; yet I didn’t hear the music itself. I could feel it somehow on a level beyond my hearing. As my grandmother and I stopped a moment to marvel at the magnificent scene, I said to myself, “Everything here seems to be singing,” which was woefully inadequate to describe what I felt. We simply don’t have language that adequately communicates the beauty of that world.

I noticed something unusual about the flowers near us. My grandmother waved her arm and, without speaking, commanded them to come to her. Although it was a command, the flowers took joy in obeying her. They floated through the air and came to a stop, suspended within the circle of her arms. The bouquet was alive. Each blossom was able to communicate, react, and actually enlighten others near it. “Grandma,” I said, “they have no stems.”

“Why should they have stems?” she said. “Flowers on Earth need stems to receive nourishment, to grow to their fullest potential. Everything God has made is spiritual and is designed to grow towards it own spiritual potential. A flower reaches its fullness in the blossom. Here everything exists in its fullest form. These flowers have no need of stems.”

“But they just float.”

“Should they fall? Everything here is perfect.”

She took one of the flowers and handed it to me. “Isn’t that beautiful?” she said.

The whole blossom was filled with various shades of light, and its beauty was incredible. Then the flower became part of me. Its soul merged with mine. It experienced everything I was doing, or had done before. It was acutely aware of me, and at the same time it changed me with its delicate spirit, with its own existence and life. It affected my feelings, my thoughts, my identity. It was me. I was it. The joy that came from this union was more pervasive and delicious and fulfilling than any I had known until that moment, and I wanted to cry. The scriptures say that one day all things shall be as one. That statement has great power for me now. My grandmother commanded the flowers to return, and they floated gently back to their places just above the ground. The one in my hands also returned, but its essence remained with me.

“All this comes from God, and the power to sustain it comes from him. It is the power of his love. Just as the plant life on Earth needs soil, water, and light for nourishment, spiritual life needs love. All creation springs from God’s love, and everything he creates has the capacity to love in turn. Light, truth, and life are all created in love and are sustained by love. God gives it love. We give it love. You give it love. And thus creation grows. And, RaNelle,” she said, “I love you!”

As she said the words, I felt her love charge into my being, filling me with incredible warmth and joy. This was life. This was true existence. There had been nothing like it on Earth. I felt the plants loving me, the sky, the fragrances, everything. And as I received my grandmother’s words and this love, I knew that now I would be responsible to increase and heighten all love around me, whatever my circumstances. She was teaching me love, its definition, its extent and power, not just so I could take pleasure in receiving it, but so I could express it to others. I was being filled with love in order to become a source of love.

My grandmother took my hand, and as we walked through the garden she explained some of the basic purposes of our life on Earth, the need to live the golden rule, the need to help others, the necessity of a savior, the need to read scriptures and have faith, and I said, “Grandma, I already know this; I learned it all in Sunday school. Why are you teaching it to me again.”

She spoke simply, “It is within the simple principles of the gospel that the mysteries of heaven are found.”

What was she saying? I couldn’t see any mysteries in her words. I felt her immense love, but I could see no purpose in teaching me principles that had come clear to me years before. Yet she continued, reiterating the importance of basic goodness, religion, the power of repentance, things anybody can learn in the Bible. I listened, my frustration growing as we walked up the side of a hill. We came to the top, and I said, “Grandma, I know all that. I really do. Teach me more.”

“You’re not ready.”

“Yes, I am, Grandma. I’m ready for much more.”

“No, you don’t believe the basics yet. You lack faith.”

“What is it I don’t believe? How do I lack faith?”

Oh, but she knew me. She knew me better than I could have imagined. As we stood on the bluff overlooking a small valley, I saw a scene that changed me forever. The scene was sacred beyond words, beyond expression, and those who have witnessed it keep it hidden in their hearts. I saw that I had indeed lacked faith, that love isn’t simply a word or an emotion; love is a power that gives action to all around it. Love is the power of life. This was a turning point for me, something that allowed all of my understanding and love to magnify, but I can never share the details here except to say that I know that love between people here can be eternal. I felt Grandma beaming with happiness. I had passed a test. Grandma took my hand, and we traveled quickly over the landscape. I looked down at the ground flying under us. We streaked like a beam of light across this immense spiritual world then moved upward into space, traveling even faster.

6. The Floodgates of Knowledge Overwhelm RaNelle

Floodgates of knowledge opened, and truth poured into me without end or constraint. Its source was the light and truth all around me, and it was clarified, or explained at my level, by my grandmother. She gave me knowledge about God, life, the creation of the world, and even the reaches of eternity. The truths were comprehensive and complete and rushed upon me in such enormous volume that I thought my head would explode. It was coming too fast. I wanted to be able to absorb it, to remember it all, but it was too much.

“I can’t take this!” I said. “Stop!”

Instantly all communication ceased and we came to a standstill. My grandmother looked at me and I felt her surprise.

“Why are you doing this?” she asked.

“I can’t handle all you’re giving me. How can I possibly retain it all?”

“RaNelle, don’t worry about it,” she said to me. “Let go of the fear. Don’t doubt yourself. You will recall things as you need them, and they will be brought to your memory by the Spirit. Have faith. Believe in the power of God.”

Then I understood what had become the greatest block to my growth in life: fear. It had plagued me all my years, had stopped my progress, cut short my attempts at working through problems. Fear had limited my enjoyment of life and it was blocking me now. When I feared, my powers of travel, understanding and progression became paralyzed.

“Don’t fear this,” I said to myself. “Let go.”

And we were traveling again, knowledge pouring into me faster than ever.

Scene after scene of living truth passed through me: history on Earth, history of our existence before Earth, principles, facts, things that I had had no conception of. I saw them. I experienced them, literally becoming part of each scene.

I saw that we all stood before our Father before coming to Earth, brothers and sisters in eternity. I experienced this anew, just as I had experienced it in my own pre-mortal life. I saw that we chose to come here, to face trials and to gain the experience of this Earth. I saw that we elected to follow a savior who would redeem us from the sins of our mortal lives and bring us back to our Father. I felt love and joy sweep over me again as we accepted Jesus Christ as savior. Then we raised our right arms, just as we might in a court of law, and we made a sacred covenant with God that we would do all in our power to accomplish our missions on Earth. And I felt the tremendous honor of making this covenant before our Heavenly Father. We vowed, in effect, to become partners with him in bringing about goodness on Earth. We promised to use our time and energies and talents to help bring about the savior’s full purposes, to help bring our brothers and sisters back to him and to our Father again. I saw that our God knew each of us individually. He knew our hearts, our souls, and he loved us unconditionally. It was as though he spent unmeasured time with each of us, counseling us, loving us. Time did not exist; each of us had always had a relationship with Him.

7. RaNelle Meets Her Eternal Heavenly Friends

I saw that the people standing beside me on that occasion were people who would play an integral part in my life on Earth. We were connected to each other in vital ways. If one of us were to fail in his or her mission, all of us would be hurt in some way. If one succeeded, we would all benefit. It was as if we were part of a puzzle with millions of pieces. It was put together perfectly, but if one piece were removed, we all would be lacking and would not be content until that piece was found and returned to its rightful place. We needed each other. We still do, and always will. I believe that it is impossible here to imagine the grief of a brother or sister who is lost from that grand family organization. Many other events of eternity passed through me. I seemed to bathe in them, to become them. They were infused into my soul. And I know that all this knowledge is with me yet, some of which I remember, such as making the covenant with our Father, and some of which I am waiting to remember.

I asked my grandmother if I could visit my friends, the ones I had cherished throughout eternity. She said some of them were still on Earth and that I would not be able to see them. I asked for the others, and instantly they came to me, beautiful people of light and love. I remembered them and their names. Some had already lived on Earth and died, and some had not yet been born. All the memories of my existence before Earth came back to me, but I was told that I would not retain them, that they were for this place only. I accepted that, and my friends came and embraced me, welcoming me back. My friends embraced me again and committed to stay with me. I felt their perfect love and knew they would never leave me. One female friend lingered and embraced me for a long time. She seemed bonded to me in a unique way, but I didn’t quite understand what it was.

“You know I’ve always been with you,” she said. “I’ve never left you. And I never will.”

She hung on every word I said, and I was moved as I recognized her passion to be with me, her absolute devotion and love.

“I’ll always be there,” she said again.

My grandmother took my hand, and we found ourselves in the garden again, traveling above another beautiful hillside. Everything was harmonious, perfect, like sweet music. She waved her arm, and we stopped above another high hill, and I saw millions of people before us.

“These are the spirits of those that have died,” she said. “They are waiting for the work to be done. They’re waiting for those on Earth to finish their part of the work.”

“Their part of the work?” I asked. “What work?”

She showed me that the people were organized into family units.

“You committed yourself to giving your time and talents on Earth to further the work of the Lord. You need these people, and they need you. We are all dependent upon one another.”

My life review had already pointed out how remiss I had been in serving others. Now I saw that there was much I could do, sharing, sacrificing, offering what I have. The spirits of those who have died are waiting for each of us to come closer to the truth, to become part of the complete puzzle again, to recognize the divinity of God and live in his light. Before moving on I saw that each person wore clothing from his or her own time period on Earth. As with my friend, Jim, they wore what they were comfortable in.

8. RaNelle Sees Her Burned Body and Told to Return

Grandma waved her arm and the ground opened before us. I looked and saw a person lying on a hospital bed surrounded by doctors and nurses. The person’s face was bandaged.

“You will never be the same, RaNelle,” Grandma said. “Your face will be altered and your body filled with pain. When you go back, you will have years of rehabilitation …”

“When I go back?” I looked at her. “You expect me to go back?”

Sudden understanding came, and I looked at the person on the bed. The arms were spread wide, and both arms and hands had been sliced in several places to allow the fluids to drain into plastic bags. “Is that me?” I was horrified.

“Yes, RaNelle, it is you. You will be badly scarred.”

I became frantic. “Grandma, I’m not going back.”

“Your children need you, RaNelle.”

“No, no they don’t. They’re better off with someone else. I can’t give them what they need.”

“It’s not just your children, RaNelle. You have things to do – things that aren’t finished yet.”

“No, I’m better off here. I don’t want to go through all that.” I pointed to my body. “I refuse. I want to stay here.”

I sensed my grandmother’s awareness that time was growing short. “You must go,” she said. “Your mission isn’t complete.”

9. RaNelle Meets Her Future Son Nathaniel

“No, I’m not returning to that body! I’m not going back.”

In response, my grandmother swept out her arm and commanded: “Look!”

A rift opened in the space before us, and I saw a young man walking toward us. At first he didn’t seem to understand why he was there. Then he saw me and looked stunned.

“Why are you here?” he said almost in disbelief.

As I remained silent, his disbelief changed to grief, and he began crying. I felt his grief, his sadness, and I too began crying. What’s the matter?” I asked. “Why are you crying?” I put my arms around him, trying to comfort him.

“Why are you here?” he repeated.

Then I understood that my refusal to go back to Earth was causing his sadness. I belonged on Earth for him, I understood, and I immediately felt guilt for my selfishness. His name was Nathaniel, and he hadn’t been born on Earth yet. He said that if I didn’t go back, his own mission would be hindered. Then he showed me his mission, and I saw that I was to open doors for him, to help him, to encourage him.

“I will complete as much of my mission as I can,” he said, “but I will never fulfill it without you. I need you.”

I thought my heart would break. I was a part of his puzzle, and I was hurting him and everyone he would help by refusing to go back to Earth. I felt a great love for this young man, and I wanted to help him in every way I could.

“Oh, Nathaniel,” I said, “I swear to you that I will help you. I will go back, and I promise that I will do everything I can to do my part. I will open those doors for you. I will protect and encourage you. I will give you everything I have. Nathaniel, you will complete your mission. I love you.”

His grief was replaced with gratitude. His face lit up, and I saw the great spirit he was. He was crying now with gratitude and joy. “Thank you,” he said. “Oh, I love you.”

My grandmother took my hand and drew me away. Nathaniel watched me leave, still smiling, and I distinctly heard him say, “I love you, Mom.” My spirit was thrilled, but I couldn’t respond to him, as things began happening very quickly.

“RaNelle,” Grandmother said, “there is one more thing I need to say to you. Tell everybody that the key is love.”

“The key is love,” she repeated. “The key is love,” she said a third time.

Then she let go of my hand, and the word love reverberated in my mind as I left her and fell into a deep blackness. I was crying as I left the world of light and glory and love. The last thing I saw was her outstretched hand.

[RaNelle’s near-death experience ends when she returns to her burned body in the hospital. About seven years after her NDE, she gave birth to a son whom she gave the name Nathaniel. She says she often sees the same facial expressions on him as the Nathaniel she met in heaven.]

Exceptional Experiences

Ned Dougherty’s Near-Death Experience

In his mid-thirties, Ned Dougherty (pronounced “Dock-erty”) had everything: money, women, property, prestige, and power. He was a real estate broker for twenty-six years owning popular nightclubs in Palm Beach, Florida, and the Hampton’s – Long Island’s exclusive playground for the rich and famous. He lived in the fast lane every hour of the day, pursuing every pleasure money could buy. Despite his religious upbringing as a Roman Catholic, he had no interest in a spiritual life because he didn’t believe in an afterlife. He was too busy searching for a good time to be bothered with such things. This all changed on July 2, 1984 when he had a near-death experience (NDE) resulting from a heart attack after a heated, almost murderous, fist fight with a business associate. Dougherty’s NDE caused him to undergo a radical life transformation in which he gave up his nightclub business, and party lifestyle, and embraced his hitherto neglected Catholic religion. His NDE gave him a conscious awareness of his mission in life which was to embark upon charitable and missionary work. During his NDE, a wonderful “Lady of Light” (whom he identified as the Virgin Mary) revealed to him future global catastrophes many of which have already occurred which you will read in this article. Today, Dougherty is a featured speaker, a former director and media spokesperson for the International Association for Near-Death Studies ( He also hosts End Times Daily – a Catholic news site focusing on eschatology – where he publishes interior locutions he has been receiving on a monthly basis since 2005. The following is an excerpt from his book, Fast Lane to Heaven: Celestial Encounters that Changed My Life, published in March of 2001, which documents his amazing NDE and visions of Earth’s future.

Table of Contents

  1. Ned Dougherty’s NDE and the Heavenly Amphitheater
  2. The Hall of Records and Ned Dougherty’s Visions of Earth’s Future
  3. Ned Dougherty’s NDE Prophecy of the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack
  4. Other NDE Prophecies of the Future Given to Ned Dougherty
  5. About Ned Dougherty’s Messages from Heaven
  6. Important Links Relating to Ned Dougherty

1. Ned Dougherty’s NDE and the Heavenly Amphitheater

[After Dougherty’s heart attack, he has an out-of-body experience while in the ambulance rushing him to the hospital.]

As a massive field of energy began to form in the sky directly in front of me, I heard a loud, grinding mechanical noise as the mass of energy shaped itself into a cylinder funneling upwards. It seemed as if the darkness of the sky turned into liquid as the mass of energy curled like an ocean wave and formed a perfect tunnel that stretched into the heavens.

As I stared into the large and imposing tunnel of energy, a shimmering, luminescent-blue field of energy began to float down the tunnel toward me. As it rapidly approached, I watched the luminescent-blue field mass into a form and begin to materialize into an image of a human being. As the image composed itself, I found myself face to face with an old friend. His name was Dan McCampbell, but I had never expected to see him again. After all, he had been killed in Vietnam.

As Dan and I communicated, I realized that we did not speak to each other as we had communicated in our earthly lives. As soon as I thought, “Dan, I recognize you,” it was communicated to him. We were communicating telepathically, which connotes a communication of words between minds by means other than by vocal communication, but such a description falls short of the spiritual communication we were experiencing. We were not only communicating with words; we were communicating with feelings and emotions. As we thought, we also emoted our thoughts. Both thoughts and emotions were being communicated telepathically and spiritually in a manner that far surpassed normal human communication. Dan communicated to me:

“You are on the threshold of an important journey. Each of these places and events that are before you are for you to absorb as much as you can. It is important that you remember everything that you see before you. You will be going back, and you must go back with what you experience. You have a mission ahead of you in your life, and this experience will guide you on that mission.”

Suddenly, I was enveloped in this brilliant golden light. The light was more brilliant than the light emanating from the sun, many times more powerful and radiant than the sun itself. Yet, I was not blinded by it nor was I burned by it. Instead, the light was a source of energy that embraced my being.

I was alone in the glow of this light and suspended before a magnificent presence. I immediately believed that I was in the presence of God, my Creator. I felt that God was embracing me, and he had love for me, a love greater than any love I had ever known on Earth. I realized that God was bestowing his light of love on me, as his light transformed from a brilliant golden light to a pure white light. As I became more accepting of God’s love, the light of God became brighter, of a pure whiteness beyond description. When I sensed that my spiritual being had received God’s love to the point of overflowing, I became aware that God was stabilizing and energizing my being in preparation for my mission. I realized that I would be returning to earthly life and that God was preparing and orienting me for that return.

God began to imbue me with universal knowledge. I realized that I had always thirsted for this knowledge and I wanted to absorb as much as I could. As I remained suspended in God’s light, I felt this knowledge penetrate and absorbed by my spiritual being. This knowledge was flowing through me in the same manner as God’s love, pulsating through my being. Dan was back at my side again. We descended together from God’s light into a universe of bright stars. We were again in the deepest void of space, but now I felt comfortable in this environment as well as in my spirit body, and I felt at home in this celestial location. As Dan and I continued to descend, I was startled by the magnificent ethereal structure directly below us. The heavenly structure resembled an amphitheater similar to those found in ancient civilizations. This amphitheater was made of a brilliant, crystal-like substance that radiated multi-colored waves of energy throughout its form. The amphitheater was suspended in the void of space in the same fashion that a space station might hover in space. The amphitheater was similar in size to a sports stadium and conveyed a great majesty.

As Dan and I descended closer to the amphitheater, I realized that it was filled with thousands of spiritual beings. We hovered directly over the structure, and I felt a vibrant energy envelop me. The energy seemed to come from the crystalline structure of the amphitheater. The lower we descended, the more I was drawn to the energy.

I sensed that the thousands of spiritual beings there were also absorbing this energy. They were sending out waves of energy to one another as well as to Dan and me. We were now descending onto the celestial field, which was surrounded by the large arc of the amphitheater. Although I first felt it as energy, I recognized that the energy emanating from the crystalline structure was also a symphonic sound.

Soon Dan and I were suspended in the center of the celestial field which meant that we were the focus of attention for the thousands of spiritual beings positioned throughout the amphitheater. Above, below, and behind us was the deep void of space. In front of us, thousands of spiritual beings were communicating, by musical sounds, feelings of goodwill to me. Their sounds of greeting were in harmony with the symphonic sounds of energy emanating from the amphitheater. Once I settled onto the celestial field, I could look directly into the crystalline surface of the amphitheater and watch as multi-colored prisms of light pulsated through the structure.

I was overwhelmed by the awesome sight before me, but the feelings of love that were conveyed to me by the spiritual beings were even more overwhelming. The spiritual beings were cheering me, conveying loving encouragement and support:

“You are doing wonderfully. We are here to support you. Continue to do good work, and we will help you. You are part of us, and we are part of you. We stand ready to come to your aid when you need us, and you will. Call us. Beckon us. We will flock to you when the time comes!”

Frankly, I was confused by all the attention. There wasn’t anything wonderful about the way I had conducted my life. Perhaps the spiritual beings were speaking of what was yet to come. They certainly could not have been speaking of earlier events in my life. I thought, “How can I be doing wonderfully? I almost killed someone tonight. Could I be justified in what I tried to do?” Dan interceded:

“You were spiritually rescued from a negative event that was taking place in your life. You just tried to communicate a negative thought concerning this event. You cannot speak of such things here. There are no negative thoughts here, only positive affirmations. They cannot hear you; they will not hear you when you speak or think in negativity. You must be positive to perform your mission.”

I turned to my right, realizing that a group of spiritual beings had joined us on the celestial field. This event was indeed a homecoming for me. Among the group of spiritual beings, I recognized deceased friends and relatives from my life. I also recognized other friends from my spiritual life prior to my birth on Earth. I was filled with joy when I recognized my grandparents, aunts, and uncles who had died during my life. However, I was disappointed because I did not see my Dad among the group. I then recognized other friends from my life, including a girl from high school. I did not know she had died. The feelings of love and joy that I shared with these relatives and friends were far beyond the emotions I had shared with them during my life. As the child of an alcoholic and broken home, I did not communicate feelings to relatives or friends very well. In fact, I wasn’t aware that I had many feelings. Most of my feelings were hidden inside.

Now that I was at my homecoming as a spiritual being, the greetings were the kind that I had imagined took place in a healthy family. It seemed as if we were celebrating every major holiday, every birth and birthday, every wonderful event in all of our lives in a manner that we could never celebrate as mortal human beings. I wanted this celebration and homecoming to continue forever, but a silence suddenly fell across the crowded amphitheater.

[Dougherty then experiences a life review in which he finds himself being the sole judge. Afterwards, a being whom Dougherty identifies as “the Lady of Light” reveals to him his own personal future of creating a “Mission of Angels” as well as prophecies regarding the future of the world.]

2. The Hall of Records and Ned Dougherty’s Visions of Earth’s Future

As the movie-like scenes of my future life ended, I found myself in a building, which became known to me as the Hall of Records. I was sitting on a marble bench and waiting. From there I could look outdoors through a large opening at the side of the room. I could see columns of large pillars supporting an archway of the building in which I sat. In front of the columns, there was a long stairway leading to a large open courtyard. I sensed that I was in this great and magnificent structure on Earth, only during another time period. The architecture and design of the building led me to conclude that this place was probably in ancient Egypt. However, as I did not see any other beings or human activity I concluded I was still in the celestial realm.

The Lady of Light appeared in the room before me. She stood next to a large globe of Earth, which was suspended in a large circular frame attached to the marble floor. The Lady of Light began to speak to me about the future of the world as she pointed to the globe. I watched as she pointed to the Middle East, and I saw a flashpoint of light. She then pointed to Italy, and I saw another flashpoint. Then flashpoints broke out rapidly throughout the Middle East and Europe representing major incidents, world events caused by mankind: acts of aggression, terrorism, and war. Fanatical, self-proclaimed religious groups supposedly acting in the name of God performed many of these acts, but I was told that acts of war and aggression were not part of God’s plan.

I was shown a vision of a large plateau in the Middle East. The plateau was surrounded by a dusty, dry, and barren region that seemed to be deserted and devoid of any life. I was told that future events at this location in the Middle East would start a chain reaction of man-made catastrophic events, first in the Middle East, then in Africa and Europe, followed by events in Russia and China.

The Lady of Light showed me another scene of Earth suspended in space. I watched as the axis of Earth’s rotation began to shift significantly. I could not tell how much time the shift took, nor was I shown a time or date when it would take place. I could tell that significant geophysical changes to the Earth’s surface would take place as a result of the shifting of Earth’s axis. Great earthquakes erupted throughout the world, significantly changing the major continents. There were volcanic eruptions of great magnitude spewing clouds of billowing smoke and ash throughout the atmosphere, sending the Earth into a period of darkness. Great floods resulted from melting and shifting polar ice caps. Many low-lying land areas were engulfed by huge tidal waves. I watched scenes of these events taking place, depicted like black and white movies. I watched one scene from a hilltop location on the coastline of Long Island, New York, as rows of massive tidal waves descended on the coastline, burying the land under the water. I saw another scene from a street corner in New York City. A wall of water rushed down the wide street as surrounding office buildings began to collapse. In another scene, I watched as a massive wall of water hit the coastline of Miami Beach. In its wake, I watched as an entirely new land mass rose up out of the ocean.

The Lady of Light told me that none of these future events would have to take place if mankind began to recognize and work with God’s plan. The Lady of Light told me:

“The way to understand and work with God’s plan is through prayer and meditation, through prayer to call to God, and through meditation to receive His message.”

I was told that the world could be saved, not by its leaders, but by prayer groups throughout the world. I was told that the prayers of a group of twenty could save a nation from war. I was told that the fate of mankind rested on our ability, individually and collectively, to change the direction of mankind in accordance with God’s plan.

[At this point, Dougherty meets an incredible-looking being he refers to as “The Magnificent Man” who fits the description of Jesus Christ wearing a white flowing robe, having long-flowing and slightly curling auburn hair and a closely trimmed beard, and is preoccupied with little children.]

A flood of questions raced through my mind as I was shown events that I understood were to take place on Earth in the future, during the “End Times.” I was aware of the presence of the Lady of Light, visible to my right, viewing the scenes that were before me. I realized that the Lady of Light was also influencing my viewing of the scenes of the End Times. As I focused on her, I recognized her place and prominence in the sequence of events that were to take place during the End Times. I was aware that the earthly landscape of mountainside and valley was visible beyond the vastness of space that represented the End Times. In other words, I was being shown an earthly landscape that would exist following the End Times. I recognized that the End Times did not mean the end of the world. It meant the end of the world as we know it, but it also meant the beginning of a new world. I perceived that the earthly landscape in the distance was part of the new world, but it seemed so far away – barely discernible, almost mystical, like a dream world.

[The Lady of Light then shows Dougherty the wonderful future paradise that Earth will become after these great traumatic geophysical changes occur to Earth and its inhabitance. After this, Ned Dougherty’s NDE ends and his new mission in life begins.]

3. Ned Dougherty’s NDE Prophecy of the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack

During his NDE, Dougherty received many visions (prophecies) of the future from the Lady of Light – one of which came true six months after his book Fast Lane to Heaven was published in March of 2001. The prophecy revealed to Dougherty is as follows:

“A major terrorist attack may befall New York City or Washington, DC, severely impacting the way we live in the United States.” (page 253, Fast Lane to Heaven, March 2001)

This prophecy no doubt refers to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack in New York and Washington D.C. This is just one of the prophecies given to Dougherty during his NDE. Other prophecies he received are included further down this article. Other near-death experiencers, such as Dannion Brinkley, were also given visions of a terrorist attack in New York and Washington. It is not uncommon for near-death experiencers to receive visions of the future. One experiencer, P.M.H. Atwater received a vision of the September 11th terrorist attacks the day after it occurred which is documented in her free downloadable PDF file entitled The Challenge of September 11: A Memorial. In this short ebook, she describes her vision of the “wave of souls” that left the planet at the time it occurred:

“Wednesday morning, September 12th, and again in spirit form, I entered that state where the inner planes of the spirit realms are fully visible… Instead of finding the confusion and disarray of the previous day, I was surprised to observe the departed souls forming a huge oscillating wave the shape of a “hand” stretching upward. They were coming together as if one energy mass and they were “waking up,” becoming aware of what had happened to them the terrorists and their victims alike for the shock-blast from the cataclysm had first numbed, then snapped the assemblage out of the trance they had been in.” (P.M.H. Atwater, The Challenge of September 11: A Memorial)

4. Other NDE Prophecies of the Future Given to Ned Dougherty

a. Religious fanatics will ignite wars around the globe (Fast Lane to Heaven, pages 77, 251-252)

As mentioned earlier in his NDE, Dougherty sees a future vision of “Fanatical, self-proclaimed religious groups supposedly acting in the name of God performed many of these acts, but I was told that acts of war and aggression were not part of God’s plan.” He was shown a vision of a dry, dusty, barren region of the Middle East that would give rise to a chain reaction of man-made catastrophic events, first in the Middle East, then in Africa and Europe, followed by events in Russia and China. This is obviously related to the ISIS war in Syria.

b. The Earth’s axis will shift causing severe natural disasters (Fast Lane to Heaven, page 254)

The Lady of Light then showed Dougherty a vision of the Earth suspended in space. He watched as Earth’s axis shifted and could not tell when it began or how long it took. But he clearly observed the geophysical changes: great earthquakes erupting throughout the world changing the shapes of the major continents, and volcanic smoke and ash billowing into the atmosphere. He watched black and white movies of these events. Edgar Cayce, the so-called “Sleeping Prophet,” also predicted a shift in the Earth’s magnetic field. According to NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, in 1998 something changed the Earth’s gravitational field which moved the magnetic poles closer together. The NASA article explained that as the ice on the poles melted, ocean currents moved water toward the equator, which factors researchers believe to be partly responsible, in conjunction with shifts in atmospheric patterns, for this ongoing shift in the Earth’s magnetic field. This NASA finding affirms both Dougherty’s and Cayce’s prediction of a pole shift.

c. A massive tidal wave will hit the coastline of Long Island and New York City, then Miami Beach (Fast Lane to Heaven, page 78, 253-254)

It is very possible that the massive tidal wave predicted in Dougherty’s vision of the future might be related to the threat posed by the collapse of Cumbre Vieja in the Cabary Islands. This prophecy closely parallels a hypothesis connecting the eruption of Cumbre Vieja to an eschatological earthquake described in various places throughout the Bible associated with the Second Coming of Christ. After his NDE, Dougherty learned of this threat posed by Cumbre Vieja, and traveled to La Palma in the Canary Islands to investigate the area for himself. He is now convinced that the prophecy he witnessed during his NDE is directly related to the threat posed by the collapse of Cumbre Vieja in the Canary Islands. See this related article about a mega-tsunami which shows how this event appears to be the “huge mountain, burning with fire” being thrown into the sea, as described in the Book of Revelation (Revelation 8:8). In his book, Dougherty also discusses the apparitions at Turzovka in 1958 which also appear to predict massive tidal waves generated by a volcanic collapse. See also this article entitled The Casting Down of Mountains, which acts as a hub-page for the various passages in the Bible which may foretell this future event.

d. A new land mass will arise out of the ocean (Fast Lane to Heaven, page 78)

The Lady of Light revealed to Dougherty during his NDE that when massive tidal waves hit both the eastern and western coastlines of the U.S. “an entirely new land mass rose up out of the ocean.” This prophecy agrees with those of Edgar Cayce who predicted that the ancient continent of Atlantis will rise someday in the future.

e. China will become a threat to global peace (Fast Lane to Heaven, page 252)

“The greatest threat to global peace and preservation will come from China, which is preparing itself for global war and domination by building the largest army in the world, prophetically referred to in the book of Revelation as the army of “two hundred million.” Under the guise of population control, China has been systematically exterminating unborn female babies in favor of males in order to breed an army capable of dominating the world. The Lady of Light specifically told me, “Pray for the conversion of China. The conversion of China to God is necessary for the salvation of the world.” (Fast Lane to Heaven, page 252)

The greatest threat, he was shown, would come from China and a “two hundred million army” (see Revelation 9:13-18). The Lady of Light specifically told him to: “Pray for the conversion of China. The conversion of China to God is necessary for the salvation of the world.” He says the phenomena he has seen is similar to what he later learned about the apparitions of Mary at Zeitoun, Egypt, where was also called “the Lady of Light.” This also brings to mind the apparitions of Mary at Fatima, Portugal, where nearly a hundred years ago she expressed an almost identical concern about a similar threat from Communist Russia.

f. The U.S. government will collapse leaving the country vulnerable to attack by China (Fast Lane to Heaven, page 253)

“The United States government will fail to meet its financial obligations as a result of its staggering national debt and will collapse. As a result of the destruction of U.S. military bases from natural disasters, the United States will lose its ability to wage war or defend itself, leaving the country vulnerable to invasion by foreign troops, particularly by China’s “army of two hundred million.” (Fast Lane to Heaven, page 253)

Watch Ned Dougherty on YouTube about the future of the United States.

5. About Ned Dougherty’s Messages from Heaven

Ned Dougherty has been receiving interior locutions from Jesus, Mary, and St. Michael the Archangel since August 1, 2005. He usually receives interior information several days before the monthly messages instructing him as to the geographic location where he will be receiving the message(s). On the morning of the 1st of the month or occasionally on the 2nd day of the month, he awakens with an interior knowledge as to the time that he will receive the message(s). Upon presenting himself at the time and place designated, he prays and meditates while having his laptop computer ready to transcribe the interior locutions. Ned Dougherty is a practicing Roman Catholic and usually attends daily Mass. His Spiritual Director is Reverend Paul Lehman.

Concerning messages from other people on his site, he writes, “There are many messengers, seers, and visionaries worldwide who claim to receive messages from spiritual entities or interior locutions. To submit your own message, the following is required: (1) Initially, the messenger must be clearly identified by first and last name; (2) maintain a website or have a recognized and visible presence on other website locations; (3) and have an identified spiritual director. It is the responsibility of the reader/viewer of these messages to initiate their own individual discernment process in choosing to receive these messages, taking into account that this website provides only minimal criteria for acceptance. Due to the fact that a reader/viewer’s discernment process will necessarily include knowledge of the messenger, any “anonymous” messages or sources will not be accepted.

6. Important Links Relating to Ned Dougherty

Ned Dougherty’s End of Days Website:

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Exceptional Experiences

Lou Famoso’s Near-Death Experience

Lou Famoso ( is a Vietnam veteran having served two tours of duty there. Before he was to be discharged from the Navy in October of 1964, he returned to the U.S. from Vietnam and was going to attend a huge party for a friend of his. It was 1963 and he had just bought a brand new model of the up and coming 1964 Mustang. He was running late for the party so he was doing 100+ mph on an open stretch of road. With his radio blasting, he had nothing but a good night of partying on his mind. Suddenly, the front end of his car went nose down and dug into the asphalt. In less then a second, his Mustang flipped head-over-heals. So as not to slip into unconsciousness, he managed to count everyone of those flips, thinking the last flip would be the last one he’d have to count. It took nine flips to finally cause his car to lose all the momentum necessary to bring it to a screeching halt. He managed to crawl out of what was left of the back window of his car and fell to the ground. What followed was an NDE so transcendental, Lou prefers to call it a “Life After Death” (LAD) experience. Indeed, according to his doctor, it was a miracle that Lou survived. His encounter with the Being of Light and the archangels Michael and Gabriel, and his visions of the future concerning the constellation of Orion makes his experience one of the most exceptional NDEs I have ever read.

Table of Contents

  1. Hearing the Voices of the Angels
  2. Out-of-Body and On the Way To the Hospital
  3. Walking Through the Emergency Room Door
  4. Through the Tunnel Towards the Light
  5. His Life Review and Encounter With the Being of Light
  6. Meeting the Archangels Michael and Gabriel
  7. The Orbs of Light and the Crystal Platter
  8. The Signs of the Time of The Gathering
  9. Becoming a Part of the Universe
  10. Orion and Prophecies of the Future
  11. The Message of Love For the World
  12. Returning To Life
  13. Other Prophecies of the Future and the Orion Constellation
    a. Orion as a Sign of the Times for Earth Changes
    b. Orion, More Than a Constellation
    c. The Giza Pyramids and the Constellation of Orion
    d. The Orion Key: Unlocking the “Clock of the Ages”
    e. Jesus and the Giza Pyramids According To Edgar Cayce
    f. The Bible, the Giza Pyramids and the Coming of the Messiah
  14. More Information on “The Gathering”
    a. Lou Famoso’s NDE Information About the Gathering
    b. Pioneer of Out-Of-Body Experiences, Robert Monroe, and “The Gathering”
    c. Natalie Sudman’s NDE Encounter With “The Gathering”
  15. Lou Famoso Links

1. Hearing the Voices of the Angels

I no sooner got to my feet when I heard an explosion and the shock blew me for what I figured was another 20-30 feet through the air. I started to get up again while wiping my face so that I could see where I was in relation to the car and the flames but no matter how hard or how fast I wiped I just couldn’t get what I now knew was blood covering my eyes.

I hear these angelic voices way off in the distance, they’re calling out my name and seem to be getting louder and louder. “Lou”, “Lou baby, come over here”, “Come to us.”

And I’m thinking, “No thank you, I’ve gone through enough tonight and I didn’t need any more surprises.”

I felt these hands reaching me and pulling me. I realized that those that were pulling me were actually holding me up, and, they were five of the girls from the party I was going to.

2. Out-of-Body and On the Way To the Hospital

When they noticed I hadn’t shown up yet, they decided to come to the base to hurry me up so that I wouldn’t miss out on that going away party. It was their headlights I saw headed my way just prior to the crash, and they were hysterical watching this car flipping and careening down the road right before their eyes, bursting into flames. But the real horror was when they found out it was my car. All I remember them saying was, “You better not die on us”, and I wanted to do them that little favor so I flipped them a “thumbs up” sign. It was about all the strength I could muster by then.

They were trying to whisk me into the backseat of it, and rush me back to the base hospital so I could keep my promise. Three of the girls got into the back seat and the remaining two girls laid me across their laps. Then the two jumped into the front seat and gunned that Ford toward the base as fast as they dared; and believe me, they dared.

As I lay across their laps I heard one of them say through her tears, “Look, Lou saved Tigger.” And when she reached for the stuffed animal she was horrified to see the blood start gushing from my head again and immediately replaced Tigger to it’s lifesaving duties. Another one noticed my hand bleeding from all the glass and tore up her skirt to make a bandage. I was thinking how great these girls were for not worrying about the mess I was making on them and their car.

I suddenly found myself, sort of sitting up right, looking out the back window of the speeding car, amazed at watching the burning and smoking blob that once was my “Stang” as it faded in the distance.

I looked down to see the three girls crying and shouting hysterically to the driver to hurry up, when it hit me, “WOW, that’s me on their laps and there’s nobody home!”

I’m looking at what was left of my poor, crumpled Mustang from out the window. The other me is just laying there without a care. I tried to tell the girls I was alright and they could stop the crying and slow down a bit. I reached for the driver to get her attention and she turned her head slightly toward me. She seemed to be talking to the girl holding my other head and not to me. She was saying that she was going as fast as this eight-banger would go.

I felt no pain, no fear and I was with five girls speeding down the highway, me and me. What a night so far!

3. Walking Through the Emergency Room Door

When we pulled up to the hospital, both girls in the front ran out like it was a relay race and they hit the doors running. I started to get out and headed for the swinging doors when they were back already with two corpsman and a gurney. I stepped aside to watch them load that other me on it and as they whisked him away, I watched the other three girls compose themselves. All five headed toward the emergency room.

I decided to follow since no one seemed to notice me and I wanted to see what all the commotion was about.

There were nurses and corpsmen and a doctor all fussing about and a couple of the girls were at the front desk giving information about me to the desk clerk while the rest of them were pressing their noses against the operating room windows. I walked down the corridor and looked at some of the people sitting on the benches and chairs, apparently waiting their turn to be attended to, but there was the other me at the head of the line, so I excused myself and headed there also.

I walked straight through the doors and walked around the doctor and nurses who were tearing off my clothes and swabbing me down. The doctor noticed the large hole in the side of my head and was cleaning it up when the corpsman, that was standing toward my side, asked if he could stitch up the gash on my hand. The doctor said it would be OK since he [the doctor] didn’t think I would make it anyway.

He said something about having to put a “plate” in my head but that I had lost a tremendous amount of blood and didn’t know if I would survive much longer. The nurse asked if she should have the base Chaplin standby, so the doctor lifted my dog tags.

When he read “Agnostic” and Blood type “O neg,” he said ” I don’t think this kid would care but you can call him if you want!”

I thought that was a bit insensitive, and I wasn’t happy about a corpsman practicing on my hand either. I thought to myself, “I should lodge a complaint,” but just as those thoughts flickered past, I started to float up toward the ceiling.

It finally hit me that I could see myself on the table being operated on desperately and I could now see the me that was mostly translucent floating above it all.

I looked around as I floated higher and higher and noticed the dirt and dust on the florescent lights in the operating room and thought, “Somebody’s going to hear about this too.”

I heard the doctor say, “Tagnbag him. We’re not going to need that plate nurse. Corpsman, are you done on that hand?”

“Yes sir,” he replied.

The doctor said, “Fine, sheet him for now son.”

I knew what was going on, just then, to the me I knew. But I wasn’t ready for what was about to happen to the “me” I now was.

I was about to attempt to reach the girls that were now crying and hugging each other but instead of going forward, I was being pulled backward and upward. I had no sense of fear, none of loss. Actually, all I felt was wonderment and curiosity and an anticipation of what was to come.

4. Through the Tunnel Towards the Light

I entered what I thought looked like the Holland tunnel without the cars and traffic and the ability to see what looked like light at its end. It was dark but not black. The path was slightly illuminated from what I thought to be the sunlight shining from the other end.

As I was being drawn toward the lighted end of the Tunnel, I carefully looked around, even squinting to see into the darker recesses.

I passed what I thought to be very religious men doing what they would do when praying to their GODS. They were all dressed in their finest garbs, robes, togas, head dresses, loin cloths and the like. Most of them were off to the sides of the tunnel, but one of them, that I seemed to float right over, looked oriental with a long grayish Fu Man Chu, sitting there in the middle of the tunnel with his hands clasped and his feet crossed.

Since I had just completed two tours “in country,” I figured he must represent the last of the religions I sought to make my own. I was raised Catholic but withdrew from that faith at an early age and delved into many others from the Mian to Koran to Hopi as well as all North and South American Native beliefs. It looked like they were all represented here.

When I floated past the monk just below me, I thought he could actually see me because it appeared like he began to smile a smile of passage. All the other religious men were mumbling sounds of prayer and were moving their arms about as if making gestures of a blessing. I wasn’t sure if they were blessing me or the Tunnel. I noticed none of them were actually standing or sitting in the Tunnel but appeared to be levitated. I wanted to stop and speak with some of them, maybe ask a few questions like who they were and how long have they been here, but I was being whisked away toward the light.

I saw wisps of smoke I believed to be incense. It came from all portions of the great Tunnel from one end to the other. I could see and smell, but I had yet to have the sensation of touch since my feet were never touching the Tunnel’s floor. I seemed to be traveling squarely in the center as I drifted toward the end. The closer I got to the end of the Tunnel, the brighter things got, and as I neared the end, it was like coming face to face with a huge canvas that was just recently blazed in the brightest white of whites. An empty canvas, ready to be painted upon and I awaited that painting.

5. His Life Review and Encounter With the Being of Light

Then in an instant, my entire life, starting from birth through the present was flashing before my eyes like a strobe light at half speed. Frame after frame, some parts in freeze frame, if only for a second, then on to the next. I felt as if I was being subjected to a test to see if this was in fact the “me” that was supposed to be here. Then it ended as fast as it had begun. The last scene was that of a rolling mass of metal finally bursting into flames, and I was looking at the canvas again.

While staring into the vast whiteness, I glanced down to look at my body and use it for a reference, only to find the translucent outline I once had was no longer there.

I thought, “How could this be? Am I now part of this empty white canvas, but if I were, then where are my thoughts coming from to be asking these questions?”

Instantly I recognized a brilliant glowing ball of gold headed my way. It grew larger as it grew nearer and when it reached about the size of a beach ball, just above and in front of me, it radiated brilliantly and transformed into an indescribable Being of pure LIGHT, now levitated right in front of me.

It was larger then the tallest person I had ever seen, wider then two of me but so evenly proportioned as to be of Magnificent Stature. It’s features were outlined as if made with a fine ink quill. hair, face, robe, all golden and flowing as would an electric charge perhaps even a nuclear charge. This was energy personified. As its form took on a more solid shape, all that was behind it did as well.

It was as if the entire Canvas of white, I had come to at the end of the Tunnel, was now alive and I was part of it.

Other figures appeared in front and behind the Being and myself – some winged, most not – some fully formed, others not – yet even others appeared only as glowing Orbs of light and color, bouncing as would bubbles in a glass of carbonated water.

6. Meeting the Archangels Michael and Gabriel

I could stand it no longer, every emotion I had ever known was welling up in me ten-fold. Just when I thought to speak, to question, The Being spoke to me. It’s voice was as a chorus of voices, not male not female, not loud not soft, not deep but perfect and all encompassing.

As I looked at the two gigantic, magnificent beings dressed in Brilliant capes just off to It’s side, IT said, “That is Michael and Gabriel. Michael has chosen you as his and Gabriel shall teach you the ways.”

I looked past them to another Large Being, so beautiful but darker in contrast, as was the sprawling robe it wore. This being had eyes that pleased but pierced with it’s gaze, and the Light Being said, “That is He who has been cast out. You who I have given choice may go with any of these of your choosing.”

I thought as I had a choice, and Michael had already chosen me then I would chose Him. He appeared so strong and mighty, as did the others, but in his eyes seemed a fire that was drawing and captivating to me. Gabriel’s eyes were softer and gave more in an understanding manner and I thought, “Oh how absolutely Beautiful are these Beings”.

I then looked to The Being before me and It’s eyes were full of Love and warmth, authority and compelling. He seemed to have approved of my choice, then said to me, “You will be my soldier and you will go with Michael for a while. Gabriel will come to you at times. I will send others to you and your fruit shall not fall far from the tree in the time of the Gathering.”

7. The Orbs of Light and the Crystal Platter

Just then I saw five Orbs of Light. They seemed to be playing, swirling round and about The Being and myself.

They had appeared from the outlying landscape and I noticed they were all the same size and shape but of different hues as subtle as shades of rose petals, save one which had a bluish hue.

Two of the pinkish ones seemed exactly alike, the other two were yet deeper in shades of red and orange, and before I could ask, IT spoke and said, “They, like all here are of you, who are of me, but these will come to you and you will care for them more. They will fly apart but come together at the time of the Gathering.”

I thought The Being might be telling me these were my children but I was only 21 and not only had never been married but had no plans to.

[Learn the identity of these five Orbs here:]

I didn’t understand how all this was of me, and me of HE, when a magnificent crystal serving platter appeared; and it shimmered the colors of many rainbows.

In an instant it shattered into thousands of pieces, each piece brilliant in its own right.

Ever so slowly now, all the pieces began to rejoin themselves to once again form the original serving platter once again; and I now knew what this Being of Light was showing me: we pieces are the platter. I was just one of those thousands of pieces, as were all those I was seeing here and those back in the “World.”

8. The Signs of the Time of The Gathering

Now my mind was still trying to ponder The Gathering. As I thought what could this mean, The Being answered, “Here you will see the signs that bring forth the Gathering.”

And with that, I saw frames appear like screens on a TV set. When I looked into the screens, the visions would gather up, pop off in an image, and enter my mind. I felt as if I was being pushed back with it’s impact. They were only glimpses but they were so realistic, as if happening right there in front of me in the now. I could not turn away and then it seemed that I had become a part of each of these visions.

There were scenes of men in uniform killing other men in uniforms, I recognized some of the insignias and some were from the USA. There were also thousands of them not in uniforms killing even more thousands not in uniform. It was like looking at toy figures moving on their own, mowing down other figures, different countries, different Nations, different Religions, different weapons, different Decades, but always resulting in hundreds of thousands dead and dying. I wanted out of there, I could feel the pain these people were suffering.

I asked the Being why was this, and how long was this to go on, and The Being said “Man will prey on man, Until Man will pray for man”.

The next vision was of floods, many of them spilling across the Earth on different continents in different seasons and I am again walking among it, feeling the force and taking in the smell of Death. Hundreds of Lives and acres upon acres of crops were lost as well as hundreds of stock and wild animals floating away into the abyss.

Then I was watching volcanoes from around the world erupting, first one then another. The molten Lava burying whole towns and villages and the people and animals within them. I gazed among the ruins and saw little left of what once stood there.

The last vision I saw in the screen were of earthquakes destroying sections of almost every continent. One was a massive one in America. Most others were in Europe and the Orient. Again thousands are killed, structures are crumpled, the landscape leveled and I turned again to the Being and He said, “There will not only be more of what you have seen but there will come a time when it will all happen at the same time and it will come the same time of mans’ greatest sins.”

I didn’t have time to ask, when HE said, “They will turn from ME and claim themselves like Gods.”

9. Becoming a Part of the Universe

With that Michael beckoned me to go with him and I now became part of the Universe. Novas, suns, planets, all that I looked at from the Earth, not so long ago, or was it?

We traveled toward the beginning of it all, the inner portions of the Universe. Kazillions of planets around kazillions of suns and the closer to the center we approached the more concentrated the number of galaxies. It is like the Plate you saw, the largest part, after it shattered was at the center and those parts that shattered first were sent the farthest from the center, So is everything in the Universe. All is but a circle within a circle wrapped in a circle. Each level, each dimension is but a layer of the original which is without end.

I watched as millions of Orbs systematically entered the many planets before me. They appeared as Bees flitting from flower to flower, pollinating each, one after another. Michael took me closer and I could now see that so many of these planets had life on them and the Orbs were joining with the creatures of these planets. Not every creature was the same on every planet but they all had some commonalities, a head, a body, extremities and the Light Beings would animate them for a time.

We headed away from the center now and Michael said that Gabriel would have more to explain to me and that He, Michael, wanted me to know that He was pleased with the many times He had called on me to do His bidding and that I performed my duties well. His parting words were “You will never again be made to forget!”

I was journeying back to where I knew Earth would be and watched as comets and asteroids casually passed by me or I passed them. The colors of the gaseous cloud formations were striking. I started looking at these infant galaxies as one would cloud formations back on Earth, imagining what shape they were taking on: this one a boat, this a bird with wings, this a scarf floating in the breeze, till I recognized what was the Constellation ORION and I knew I was getting close to my destination.

10. Orion and Prophecies of the Future

While drifting through ORION, I noticed two blazing celestial bodies racing parallel to its center, looking as Twin Arrows exiting from an Archers Bow and headed straight for the “Blue Marble” of home. Immediately a vision of millions of people crying because of the devastation of portions of New York City came to me. I became aware of a strange feeling I had not known previously, and I thought that might be because this was the city I had grown up in.

I saw a huge earthquake, a magnitude of 8.6 in someplace named EUREKA. A ham operator or radio announcer was directing thousands of people migrating from areas of frequent disasters to places of safety.

A space station appeared to be falling from the heavens because of an internal explosion.

Missiles were being simultaneously fired into space from several nations.

I thought the Light Being had shown me all there was to see but these were different, stronger, and there was no pre-screening as before. Gabriel appeared beside me, I thought because I had felt shaky; but he was to explain the now sprawling Galactic View of my Galaxy.

The sun was expanding and spewing off huge ecto-plasma balls, more then it has ever done in it’s past, and in the very direction the planets would orbit through. I could not take my eyes from the Earth and as I watched what effect these eruptions would have on the Earth.

A large mass passed me, larger then any of the planets known to me; and as it passes, I see the Earth wobble wildly as would a top toward the end of its spin. The rotation stopped and slowly started again but it was tilted now and I was drawn in closer like the zoom of a lens.

The ash clouds that had engulfed the Earth thinned, and like a tack welded piece of metal being dismantled.

I could see the ocean bodies starting to rise: first the Pacific along the “Ring of Fire”, then the others, synchronistical. As the waters shifted upon the landmasses, the landmasses started to sink under the waters added pressure upon it. When the pressures equaled out to the spin of the changing axis, the Earth no longer looked as it did moments before. It was newer, cleaner, more beautiful with darker greens and lighter blues. Some of the new landmasses looked similar to a few of the other planets I had recently visited with Michael.

People were upon this Earth and appeared happier and more content although seemingly living like the Native populations of old. Cities, built by the Ancient Ones, that were buried beneath the oceans were now being populated by the surviving people in this new world.

I saw tribes joining tribes and small nations forming, but it was what I didn’t see that made my heart burst. There were no more wars. True peace and happiness had finally befallen on mankind.

Gabriel now tells me that this is His message that I must take back: to let others know that there is little to fear, for the Earth will go on forever, as did all the planets I had visited.

I am to tell the world to look to ORION, and they will know when the new world will come upon them.

I asked Him, “What of the others there on Earth, during the change?” Gabriel told me that all will be lifted. Some will be lifted higher then others and no longer enjoy the physical plane, while some will be left on the Earth to replenish and rebuild the physical. They too will be of a higher elevation then any that are living there now!

11. The Message of Love For the World

I was now before the Light Being of Gold again. Those five orbs were still darting about. I wanted to stay and explore this realm with all the other Light Beings but I was told I could not.

I was brought here to go back to tell the others who would be coming after me, that if they would spread the Love they brought with them to the physical world they would know their Creator eagerly awaits them.

The Being told me that should I ever have questions of the heart or mind, that He will answer them, if I only look within myself, for that is where He will dwell. From this time forward I need only think it to be so, and it will be so, for I would forever know the truth.

I was told there was much work left undone and that He had set a road of rocks before me that I must sweep away for passage. Many will be set before me that I may help in my presence. And more I will not; but that I must not set aside wrongly – for a soul should not be lost within my heart.

I asked how I would know; and before I received an answer, I was being whisked away through that darkened tunnel like a dust bunny in a vacuum with about as much control as a runaway freight train.

12. Returning To Life

I awoke to a nurse scrubbing the encrusted blood off of the right side of my head. My body was racked with pain. I screamed at the nurse for what I felt was her lack of compassion and she had a shocked look on her face.

“Oh my God, welcome back sailor. We thought you were a goner for sure.”

I asked her where was I and how long had I been here and she answered, “You’ve been in a coma for seven days now. They thought you died on the operating table and was going to ship you to the morgue when the assisting corpsman noticed some movement under your sheet and rushed you back to the OR. The doctor checked you out and he was amazed to find your vitals were returning to normal but what really floored him was the hardened crust that had formed over the hole in your head seemed to have sealed most of the damage. He decided he didn’t even have to put a steel plate in your head any more as it had healed sufficiently on it’s own in the time you were gone.”

I said, “You mean that practicing corpsman that was sewing my hand in the operating room saved my life?”

She said, “Yes, but how did you know he was sewing your hand? You were unconscious the entire time you were in OR and never came to until just now.”

If she had only known all the things I knew from that time she would have surely gone in to shock.

I took the brush and towel from her hands and said I would finish the job for her; and she thanked me and said she was going to notify the doctors that I was alive and conscious!

I looked across the dorm and saw several sailors and a Marine lying in their perspective beds. The Marine looked familiar and was situated closest to me. He smiled and said “Hey, Mr. Chuck [a handle I picked up overseas], you missed a hellava party last week.”

I replied, “So I am told; but you should have seen the one I went to. It was a real mindblower.”

He told me I made the local papers and a picture of what was left of my car was photographed and on the second page of the news. Then he said, “I bet you’re glad they are going to sign your discharge papers and not your Death Certificate like they almost did.”

I joked and said, “Yeah, you know those Navy doctors, in and out, they’d sign anything to get their Liberty passes.”

The doctor finally arrived and started to check me out. He seemed genuinely interested yet amazed at my seemingly miraculous recovery. He checked the side of my head first, then ran his hands over my arms and legs. He asked if I could stand after giving me the “follow my fingers and how many are there” doctor thing.

I jumped out of bed and he stood aghast. He asked if I could raise my arms over my head [thinking I could not] and when I did he asked if I could slowly reach my toes [which I did] and then he sat me on the bed and started to talk to me.

He told me I was a medical miracle. Not only was I not supposed to still be alive after the massive blood loss; but the mental trauma of my head injury would at the least make me a vegetable. He also said that the injuries to my legs and arms alone should have kept me in the infirmary for another two to three weeks. Yet there I was, everything working fine, actually as good as new, not even any black and blue marks to show what my body had been through.

He said he had to admit it was truly a marvel; and when I asked if I could be returned to Active Duty, he said he really couldn’t see why not. He signed my hospital discharge papers and I was returned to my Squad the next day.

It was good to be among the living but I knew it was a far, far, better place I had been, than any place here on Earth will ever be again. I remembered everything that happened to me in that other place but spoke none of it to anyone because just the mention of having been dead was enough to make people twirl their fingers near their brain when they thought I wasn’t looking; and sometimes I wasn’t looking, but I knew.

[Lou Famoso’s testimony ends here.]

More NDE prophecies can be found at the NDE and the Future Research Conclusions.

13. Other Prophecies of the Future and the Orion Constellation

a. Orion as a Sign of the Times for Earth Changes

The late John Jay Harper (1951-2010) (, author of “Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century,” had this to say about Orion and the coming Earth changes:

“Our scientists are musing over the meaning of global warming and the melting of the Arctic ice cap with a subsequent catastrophic change in climate worldwide. What they don’t realize yet is that earlier civilizations that have come and gone; for example, Egyptian and Mayan, experienced this cataclysm and warned us about it. They coded this critical cycle of change symbolically as the revolving “circle of animals” in the Zodiac. These pictorial “signs of the times” were documenting the cause and effect relationship between the alignment of star constellations, specifically Orion, with Earth. That is, ancients knew that our Sun – our source of consciousness – would be entering into a new megacycle of solar power output within the Milky Way Galaxy at the turn of the 21st century – and beyond until the entire planet and its people were restored to celestial beings of light. Likewise, they forewarned us in myths portraying an apocalypse that this new cycle of consciousness evolution would trigger massive Earth Changes: surface and undersea volcanism that melts glaciers and alters coastal landscapes, earthquakes in unheard of places, and overall wind-rain-snow-ice superstorms of increasing severity and longevity that destroy crops and marketplaces. In a sentence, the poles are preparing to flip but that is what will open the third eye of mankind. This shift of the electromagnetic fields of the planet will bring a new heaven and a new Earth, a “telepathic society” capable of creative solutions to problems almost spontaneously as they arise; indeed we will be manifesting miracles beyond our wildest imagination. In no uncertain terms, the communication channel we had to God in the Garden of Eden is opening up within us, again. We are going back to the future.” (John Jay Harper)

b. Orion, More Than a Constellation

Ivan P. at wrote:

“It’s a global phenomenon. The Orion constellation is a pattern of stars that is repeated in monuments throughout the ancient world, from Egypt to Mexico, this constellation has been the center of the skies for our ancestors, but why was Orion so important to the ancient civilizations?… According to Egyptian mythology, the gods descended from the belt of Orion and Sirius — the brightest star in the sky. The people of ancient Egypt believed that beings from Sirius and Orion came to Earth to begin the human race.

“Sirius and Orion are critically important because they represent Isis and Osiris, the god and goddess from which all of Egyptian civilization and, ultimately, all of human civilization, supposedly sprang. The ancient Egyptians were very clear and we find evidence in writings that Orion was linked with creation, Orion and Osiris are the same in ancient Egypt and the Egyptians believed that Osiris will return from Orion one day, and not only in Egypt we find tales of “Gods” promising to return and we can find this practically in every culture in antiquity which had the knowledge of somebody who would return one day. The concept that the three pyramids at Giza are in a special alignment of Orion’s Belt is amazing…

“Just 35 miles northeast of Mexico City lie the ruins of Teotihuacán, an ancient city once inhabited by more than 150,000 people. Researchers believe the impressive structures here including two large pyramids and a temple were built in the second century B.C. and like the Egyptian pyramids of Giza, the monuments point directly to the three stars of Orion’s Belt.” (Ivan P.)

c. The Giza Pyramids and the Constellation of Orion

According to

Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert uncovered the key to the plan that governed the construction of the pyramids. They reveal in their book, “The Orion Mystery,” that the pyramids were much more than just tombs: they were nothing less than a replica of Heaven on Earth. The constellation of Orion was known to the Egyptians as “Osiris”. The air shafts in the pyramids point directly towards Orion with the aim of projecting the soul of the deceased king out towards the constellation … The King was very important because he was the link between the gods and men, and was accorded enormous respect in life and in death … From the moment of his birth he was groomed and trained for his return to the “First Time” (or “Zep Tepi”, a time ancient to the ancient Egyptians themselves.) All his life, every aspect of it, was associated with his journey. He was taught spells and incantations to secure a safe passage, many of which are collected in the Book of the Dead and the Pyramid Texts. His sole aim in life was his successful return to the First Time, and the pyramids, far from being a memorial or commemorative tomb, were the starting point of this greatest of journeys. The geometry of the pyramids has been a source of confusion for many years, as was the seemingly imperfect way in which they were laid out on the Necropolis site. The chain of command in Egypt was unbroken — each King, though a living, breathing being, was a renewal of the covenant which the gods made with man. The dead King, though dead to this world, lived on in spirit as he made his way back to the beginning, to the First Time. His son, the new Horus King, took over his place as surely as the dead King has taken his own, and ensured the continuation of the Great House, the Pr Aa.” (

d. The Orion Key: Unlocking the “Clock of the Ages”

According to Scott Creighton at

“Through the arrangement and dimensions of the various structures at Giza we are presented with multiple pieces of quite diverse evidence all pointing to a clear connection of the Giza pyramids with the belt stars of the Orion constellation. With this mathematical and astronomical evidence – together with the mass of cultural evidence previously cited by Bauval, Gilbert and Hancock supporting such a correlation – for Egyptologists to continue to reject that such an association was fully intended by the ancient designers surely now must be considered an untenable position. A sufficient body of evidence now exists to allow us to conclude safely that the structures at Giza were constructed with reference to a pre-defined, master plan. The evidence presented here in support of this view may not conclusively prove an Orion-Giza association but it is probably fair to say that if it is weight of evidence that counts then we must consider that the Orion-Giza association now has sufficient evidence to allow us to consider the hypothesis as proven beyond reasonable doubt.

“In acceptance of the Orion association with the Giza pyramids, what remains now is to consider the “why” question; why did the ancient designers expend so much blood, sweat and tears to create this great astronomical clock, indicating the past date of 10,500 B.C. and the future date of 2,500 A.D.? Is it significant that around 10,500 B.C. was when the last Ice Age came to an abrupt end with all manner of animal and plant species becoming extinct at that time? What event could have occurred on the Earth to bring about such dire global consequences? Whatever the reason, it seems clear that the reason must have been one of vital importance. Our civilization ignores these dates — these Orion ‘signs’ — at our peril.” (Scott Creighton)

e. Jesus and the Giza Pyramids According To Edgar Cayce

According to Edgar Cayce scholar David Wilcock at

Cayce scholars know that the Logos is of central importance in directing human civilization on Earth. The original incarnation of the Logos was known as “Amilius” from Atlantis who became the prototype for “Adam” in the Book of Genesis. Before the Earth’s poles shifted that caused the civilization of Atlantis to be lost, Amilius directed the people of Atlantis to go to Egypt which be the safest place to go for weathering out these Earth changes since it was situated at the center of the Earth’s Grid. This has now been scientifically verified through studies of the Becker-Hagens grid. Cayce identified another human incarnation of the Logos known as Hermes, who later was honorably referred to as “Thothermes Trismestigus,” meaning “Thrice Greatest Hermes.” The Egyptians lauded him as “the scribe of the Gods” or “lord of divine words”. Hermes of the Cayce readings is the one who designed and build the Giza Pyramids in Egypt through some esoteric means by which the stones were levitated and set in place. The Atlanteans wished to create a storehouse of their accumulated knowledge and wisdom so that it would not perish. They placed their records somewhere within the vicinity of the Giza pyramids which Cayce identified as the “Hall of Records” which has yet to be discovered. According to Cayce, as the time approaches when future Earth changes occur, these records will be discovered [Cayce reading 5750-1]. Some sources claim the Hall of Records have already been discovered.

Hermes is also the sage who began the Hermetic tradition. Hermes is also referred to in the Poimandres, as the “shepherd of men” who teaches that “the Word which came forth from the Light is the Son of God.” Accordingly, Hermes also taught that human nature consists of such divine elements as Nature, Light, Mind, and Life; and that by recognizing them we may return to the invisible, immaterial world of Truth. The Cayce readings say Hermes incorporated into the design of the Giza Pyramid “the position of the stars about which this particular solar system circles in its activity” [Cayce reading 294-151] and “As the changes came about in the Earth, the rise and fall of nations were to be depicted in this same temple, that was to act as an interpreter for that which had been, that which is, and that which is to be in the material plane” [Cayce reading 294-151]. These words from the Cayce readings agree with scientific measurements some of which had not even been discovered at the time of the reading! After many very historic spiritual incarnations including Enoch, Melchizedek, Joseph, and David, the final incarnation of the Logos on Earth came about in the life of Jesus, who called himself “the last Adam” (see Romans 5:14, 1 Corinthians 15:45). Once Jesus completed his personal initiation, he began saying “I am the Logos,” which again is now translated to “I am the Word.” The Cayce readings also say that Jesus was the first person to complete this process of self-transformation, and that others would follow a similar path at the end of the cycle.

f. The Bible, the Giza Pyramids and the Coming of the Messiah

According to John Zajac, a scientist and pyramid expert at, the correlation between the Book of Isaiah in the Bible and the Great Pyramid is as follows:

“In that day there shall be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the Land of Egypt, and a monument at the border thereof to the Lord, and it shall be for a sign, and for a witness unto the Lord of Hosts in the Land of Egypt” (Isaiah 19:19-24).

In the Hebrew language, each of the original thirty words has a numerical value because each Hebrew letter is also a number. When the thirty words are added up, the total is 5,449, which is one of the most significant and dominant numbers utilized in the construction of the Pyramid. It is the exact height of the Pyramid in sacred Jewish inches. Although the first books of the Bible were written after the Pyramid was built, the height of the Pyramid could not have been measured when the book of Isaiah was written, because the geometry required to make such a measurement had not yet been developed. Of course, being located both “in the midst” of Egypt and at the same time “at the border” seems to be a logical impossibility. However, in ancient times before the unification of the country, there was lower Egypt (north) and upper Egypt (south). The borderline between the two Egypts goes right through the Pyramid, thus placing the Pyramid both in the center and at the border of Egypt.

David, Jesus and Paul mentioned the Messiah to be “the capstone which the builders rejected” (Psalm 118:22-23, Matthew 21:41-43, Acts 4:11) with the “capstone” being an obvious reference to the top stone at the highest point of the pyramid. Jesus also mentioned how “signs in the sun, moon and stars” and events around Jerusalem and Earth changes will herald his return to Earth:

“When you see Jerusalem being surrounded by armies, you will know that its desolation is near. Then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains, let those in the city get out, and let those in the country not enter the city. For this is the time of punishment in fulfillment of all that has been written. How dreadful it will be in those days for pregnant women and nursing mothers! There will be great distress in the land and wrath against this people. They will fall by the sword and will be taken as prisoners to all the nations. Jerusalem will be trampled on by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled (This occurred in 1948 when Israel became a nation once again after nearly two thousand years). There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the Earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. People will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken. At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near” (Luke 21:20-28).

14. More Information on “The Gathering”

a. Lou Famoso’s NDE Information About the Gathering

The Being of Light and the archangel Gabriel revealed to Lou Famoso the following signs which would bring forth the Gathering and which would happen all at the same time. Apparently, before the major earth catastrophe and changes occur, “The Gathering” will yank the souls out of the bodies of those about to be killed — a mass out-of-body experience to the afterlife. The Gathering is an event similar to what fundamentalist Christians refer to as “The Rapture” (also Matthew 24:37-40, 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17) except that it occurs as a phenomenon not as a respecter of a persons religious belief.

(1) Men in uniforms from the USA will be killing men in other uniforms.

(2) Thousands of men not in uniforms will be killing even more thousands not in uniform from different countries and different religions.

(3) Many floods will spill across the Earth on different continents in different seasons causing hundreds of lives, animals, and acres of crops to be lost.

(4) Portions of New York City will be devastated.

(5) Volcanoes from around the world would erupt, first one then another, with the molten lava burying whole towns and the people and animals within them. Ash clouds will envelope the earth.

(6) Earthquakes will destroy sections of almost every continent with a massive one in America. A huge earthquake, a magnitude of 8.6, will occur in someplace named “Eureka.”

(7) A space station will fall from space because of an internal explosion.

(8) Solar coronal mass ejections will become more frequent and will hit the Earth.

(9) Missiles will be fired simultaneously into space from several nations.

(10) The Earth will wobble wildly as would a top toward the end of its spin.

(11) The ocean level will rise: first along the Pacific “Ring of Fire”, then the others, synchronistical, causing landmasses to sink under the waters.

(12) The archangel Gabriel tells humanity through Lou Famoso to look to the constellation of Orion as a “sign” to know when the new world will come upon them.

(13) During the Gathering, all the people affected “will be lifted” – some people will be lifted higher then others and no longer enjoy the physical plane, while some will be left on the Earth to replenish and rebuild the physical. They too will be of a higher elevation then any that are living there now.

(14) There is little to fear because the Earth will go on forever.

(15) After The Gathering, the people upon the Earth will be happier and more content although seemingly to live like the native populations of old.

(16) Cities built by the ancient ones which were buried beneath the oceans will be populated by the surviving people in this new world.

(17) Tribes will join tribes and form small nations, and there will be no more wars, causing true peace and happiness to come to humanity.

b. Pioneer of Out-Of-Body Experiences, Robert Monroe, and “The Gathering”

The late Robert Monroe (1915-1995) was the pioneer in investigating out-of-body experiences (OBEs) and was the author of ground-breaking books entitled, Journeys Out Of The Body, Far Journeys, and Ultimate Journey. Unpredictably and spontaneously, Monroe would find himself leaving his physical body and traveling by means of a second body to locations within the physical realm as well as the spirit realms. Monroe and his associates began working on a method to induce and control OBEs and other forms of consciousness in their laboratory. Because Monroe and his associates were specialists in creating effective sound patterns, they began their research using sound patterns. Their research ultimately yielded significant results. In 1974, he founded the Monroe Institute ( and began conducting seminars in self-control of human consciousness. Three patents were issued to Monroe for the methods and techniques so generated, and the trademark, HEMI-SYNC, also became broad public knowledge. In his book, Far Journeys, Monroe described his OBE travels to various spirit/afterlife locations including a location labeled “The Gathering” (also known as “The Big Show”) which is a level of consciousness where intelligences from other areas of universe (extraterrestrials) and dimensions gather to observe the upcoming Earth changes. According to Monroe:

“Somewhere between the Earth and the Moon” a host of countless numbers of forms glowing in various degrees of expectancy have come together to witness “a very rare event — the conflux of several different and intense energy fields arriving at the same point in your time-space.” The gathering is to observe the possible birth of a new energy that will “offer human consciousness a rare potential to emerge rapidly into a unified intelligent energy system that will range far beyond your time-space illusion, creating, constructing, teaching as only a human-trained graduate energy is able to do.”

For more information about Robert Monroe and “the Gathering” see also [1] [2] [3] [4].

c. Natalie Sudman’s NDE Encounter With “The Gathering”

The following is Natalie Sudman‘s ( description of her NDE encounter with “The Gathering” from excerpts of her book at, “Application of Impossible Things.”

“In this new environment, I stood on an oval dais… addressing thousands of white-robed beings or personalities. They were arrayed up and all around me as if I stood in the center of a huge stadium… The personalities were non-physical in essence, taking on form if they intended to do that for a particular purpose. I perceived the way they looked according to what I preferred for my purposes. At the time, since I had been abruptly transferred from the physical plane, it was simpler to perceive them in a human form, wearing glowing white robes… I knew the Gathering to be a meeting of many groups representing a wide variety of interests and responsibilities pertaining not only directly to Earth and physical universe energies but to dimensions and issues beyond… I presented what seems from my current physical body/conscious mind perception to be a transfer of information in the form of an inexplicably complex matrix… It included events, thoughts, incidents, individuals, and groups in all their relationship complexities: stories, concepts, connections, nuances, layers, judgments, and projections… Rather than being a classic ‘life flashing before the eyes’ scene, this download was a collection that emphasized what might be very broadly understood as cultural and political information. I was aware that I deliberately offered the condensed data in fulfillment of a request that had been made by this Gathering of personalities prior to my taking on this body for this physical lifetime… When the thought form or matrix had been absorbed by everyone, which took but seconds, discussions proceeded among the various groups and within the whole of the Gathering… All communication was accomplished through thought. They then requested that I return to my physical body to accomplish some further work. I was given to understand that my particular skills with energy were needed at this time and would be effective only were I actually present in a body within the Earth vibration… We agreed upon specific tasks that I would accomplish and specific things that they would assist me with once I was back in the physical… We discussed mechanical details of what I’d agreed to do for the Gathering, as well as some personal issues. Then I simply took a deep breath and popped back into the body… I hesitate to outline or specifically discuss the skills that were highlighted as useful to the Gathering. I consider them unique and interesting to me because they’re mine, but I don’t want a description of some of them to be interpreted as grandiose or ‘special’ in anyone’s value hierarchy” (Natalie Sudman).

15. Lou Famoso Links

Website: “A Journey from Faith to Knowing!

Videos: Prophetic Visions and Messages

YouTube: Lou Famoso’s Channel

Facebook: Life After Death Visions & Messages

Mailing List: Yahoo Groups: Life After Death/NDEs

Music: Digital Music by “Big Lou Famoso & Sha Stimuli”

Photos: Black Bart’s Bucket

Exceptional Experiences

Karen Schaeffer’s Near-Death Experience

As a teenager, Karen Schaeffer had several psychic experiences often occurring in dreams. As she grew older and life became more hectic, these experiences diminished and almost disappeared until the pregnancy of her first child. One psychic experience she had foretold of a horrible car accident. Her psychic vision came true one day and it lead to her NDE. Her experience includes an aspect that rarely appears. Karen is shown the future and is told that she can change the outcome if she chooses which she does. Because of this, the future she saw was averted. Her NDE is detailed in Kevin Williams’ book, Nothing Better Than Death.

Shortly after his birth I had the most horrific dream that I would be in a terrible car crash that would take my life. For months I was terrified and was extremely cautious and on the lookout for that monster vehicle. By the time my son was seven months old, I convinced myself that it was only a dream … nothing of what was to come. I had a brand new teaching position, a baby, a home, my husband to take care of … I had put too much energy into this thing. Then it happened.

I had left school right away that day. I wanted to pick up my son from his grandmother and hurry back to school to watch a baseball game. It was a picture perfect way to spend the afternoon with my son.

As I was exiting the freeway with usual caution, I made a left-hand turn on a light that had been green for some time. This was my lucky day I thought. Then in an instant I was gone.

Immediately I was in the most beautiful serene place I had ever been. My grandfather, another person whom I had known in a previous life, and a guardian were ready to help me with the transition. They told me of the accident, showed me the site. It was my time to come home they said.

The overwhelming love and happiness of that place was so inviting. I could feel myself becoming lighter each moment.

In a fit of fear and panic I began crying. No, I couldn’t be dead. What would happen to my son? He was seven months old! He would never remember me. His father didn’t even know how to take care of him. I didn’t want him raised by his father’s parents. No, no, no … this was not the time to go. They were wrong.

In an embrace of love, they calmed me by showing me that my son, my entire family would be okay after my death. My mother could lean on my grandmother. It would take time, but she would heal. My husband, hurt, sad, and lonely would also heal and eventually find love once again.

Death is part of the lessons we are to learn on Earth, and my death was an important lesson for those involved in my life. I was shown my funeral, taught how to be near those I loved and told I could eventually communicate with those whose spirits were open. I could accept this. They would be fine.

I was feeling lighter all the time. But wait … my son. I couldn’t leave my son! Babies need their mommies. I needed to be his mommy. I couldn’t let go. So much patience was shown to me – so much love.

My guides explained that the feelings I was having were still a connection to my human side. Once my human-ness wore off, I would feel light as air, utter happiness, and extreme love.

Words do not do the feelings justice. They worked to help me throw off my human weight. The feelings were so great and seemed to pull me in stronger and stronger; yet my connection to my son was so strong.

We wandered in this beautiful place for what seemed an eternity. We discussed my life, we discussed religion, we discussed secrets of the soul that as humans we must forget, lest we’d never be able to thrive on Earth. All the while I was in awe. Some things were just as I always dreamed an afterlife would be; some I was just plain wrong and I remember thinking, “Wow.” “Where were my other loved ones? When could I see my other grandparents who had passed?” In time – they were on a different realm. When my transition was complete I could choose to go to other levels when I was ready.

Every now and then, thoughts of my son would make me heavy once again. I couldn’t bear the thought of him growing up without a mother. I was told others would be a mother for me. First grandparents, and then they showed me Jake’s life. He was the most beautiful boy, so happy, but with a touch of sadness that seemed to pierce his soul. This was his lesson to tackle. He knew coming into this life the main lessons he was to learn. It was meant to be. I saw a new mom for Jake when he was about seven or eight. A beautiful woman, kind hearted who definitely cared for Jake, and treated him well, but she was to have her own child with my widowed husband and the love she showed for her own child was different and unequal to the love she showed for my child – her stepchild. This isn’t what I dreamed for Jake. This couldn’t be. I was happy for my husband. He was okay. He was happy. My son was a different story. Other lessons were learned in the constant patient job of transitioning me to the Other Side. I had to let go. At times I became hysterical and then moments later I was calm and serene.

I saw a girl child who had been meant in Jake’s place, but before conception, plans changed and there was a need for Jake’s spirit to take her place. There was much upheaval that Jake could help mend [and he did].

At a time when I felt the closest to accepting my death, I experienced a resurge of sorrow and pain, longing for my son, for my life. I couldn’t let go of my human life. My guides tried their hardest. They never gave up. They never became discouraged. It is unbelievable the amount of patience and love they exuded.

Finally, my hysteria was calmed by a higher spirit who seemed to envelop me in love. My guides were instructed to allow me to return. Despite their pleas to allow them more time, they were told that at this point, my spirit would not rest. It was best to let me return, to settle my spirit, learn further lessons. My pleading won my return for the time being. I understood before my descent that my friends and family had lessons that were being postponed, but they would have to learn the lessons at some point that my death taught.

Arrangements were made for when, where, how my spirit would return; what lessons were I to have enriched or acquire new. Some lessons learned in my arrival on the Other Side would have to be forgotten, and it was not good for my soul to know when I was dying again or else as a human I would focus on only that, especially as the time neared.

The last things I remember were being taken back to the accident site, and just before my descent, I was told that when my children were older it would be time to come home for good. I accepted it immediately, but then, wait! What qualifies as older? Does it mean only a few years older? Teenagers? Will I live to see them marry and have their own children? This was a difficult aspect to deal with immediately after the accident.

I had a life with my son again. I had to spend it right for I had no idea how much longer I had left.

I was told I was lucky to survive. A large utility truck ran a red light and hit the driver’s side of my tiny compact car. Despite wearing a seatbelt, the doctors say I would not have survived if it were not for the airbags to open, something that is not supposed to happen in a side impact.

The first year after the accident was an attempt to live the best I could, the happiest I could. I was suffering however from severe pain from a fractured shoulder bone, broken ribs, and two hip fractures. I was told the pain should disappear in six months to a year at the worst.

Three years later, the pain has not gone away. The second year however seemed to be the worst. I became so suicidal. All I wanted to do was to return to this place, this life that was so awesome, so love-filled, so joyous. My son, and later my daughter were the only things that made me go on. I was here for them.

Today, only three years later I have accepted my return to Earth, long to return to my afterlife home, and struggle to find peace and happiness until my time here comes to its final end.

Exceptional Experiences

Elane Durham’s Near-Death Experience

On October 22, 1976, Elane had a stroke, precipitated by a brain tumor, followed by a marvelous near-death experience. She has stated that this experience was the most singular and most important thing that has ever happened to her. She was attending the American Floral Arts School in Chicago and was just three days short of graduation when she suddenly began having seizures. A classmate of hers called the paramedics. The following NDE testimony by Elane Durham and her visions of the future were profiled in the television documentary entitled “Ancient Prophecies”. Elane was clinically dead for an hour and was being prepped for the morgue when she came back from the dead. Meanwhile she was give a tour of heaven as well as a vision of what could happen on this planet given our current course. Elane describes her NDE in her own words:

Table of Contents

  1. Elane Durham’s Near-Death Experience
  2. Elane Durham’s Prophetic NDE Visions
    a. North American Earth Changes
    b. Great Worldwide Destruction
    c. The U.S. as Two Separate Countries
    d. A New U.S. Seat of Power
    e. Native American Spiritual Influence

1. Elane Durham’s Near-Death Experience

“When I got to the hospital, it was not as if I was on the gurney look up, but I was moving, not necessarily walking, but I was at eye level along the right side of the gurney.

“And there was my body on it, but I did not have any relationship at all to that body.

“The next thing that I can remember is running across the fields of grass. There were maybe five or seven people that were there waiting for me. And I realized that one of them was my grandmother who died when I was nine years old. The other one was my husband’s friend Virginia and she had just died the previous February.

“There was sound in the air that completely defies description. It was as if there were a multitude of voices, and a multitude of instruments, blended and playing soft music. The twittering of birds, and other beautiful sounds, were all melodically instrumented into the music which wafted through the air. The sounds just flowed into me in a soft, soft manner.

“Looking about me, I turned toward the right, and I saw a distant light that resembled a bright star. The light began to move toward me at an incredible rate of speed; at the same time, I had a sense of moving toward the light.

“As the light got closer to me I realized that it had a personality to it. Love and understanding were emanating from the light. It was the most intense amount of love that you can imagine. It was as though you were in the presence of the one person in your life who had loved you beyond anything, despite what you might have done, and that love was magnified many times. That’s how it was, in a way.

“At that point the light spoke to me – only not in language as here on Earth. It spoke to me from everything that it was into everything that I was. I not only heard it, but I understood it with every fiber of my being. There was total communication between that being and my being.

“I was back in my body with a body slam and the defibrillators were above me getting ready to jolt me again. They continued to work with me but when my heart stopped again for the last time and I was pushed to one side to be prepared for the morgue.”

Once again, Elaine reported leaving her physical body and entering a spiritual realm of light.

“I was pulled into billions and billions of diamond-like sparkles and I was one of them.”

Then Elaine was shown visions of the future. After she received these visions, she returned to her body and found herself lying in the morgue.

2. Elane Durham’s Prophetic NDE Visions

The following prophetic NDE visions are from Elane Durham’s book, I Stand All Amazed: Love and Healing from Higher Realms (pages 53-56).

a. Changed North America

“As the angel pointed in front of me a wide view of land and water opened up, so that at first I thought I was seeing two countries.

“Instantly it was made known to me that I as looking at a vastly changed portion of North America, which was completely divided by a large body of water, and which had lost a large part of both eastern and western shorelines.

“As I saw this I was given a total understanding of the natural and man-made disasters that would need to occur to make these changes, and I was informed that these might or might not come to pass according to our choices as a people — according to my choices as an individual.

b. Great Worldwide Destruction

“In this scenario icebergs and polar icecaps were melting. Earthquakes had occurred and there had been hurricanes and fierce storms — the whole country had been ravaged by these things. I could also see massive fires burning here and there — not so much the flames as the smoke that was ascending toward me — as huge areas of the country seemed to be being burned. There were also explosions in some areas, sort of like sheet lightning in a dark sky, that were doing great damage.

“Where Washington and Oregon had been there were mostly islands, the water coming inland over most of California and Arizona and parts of Utah and Nevada. Yet there were also islands there, massive ones, so it wasn’t like it was all ocean….

“On the East Coast I saw that much of the eastern seaboard was gone, though the water did not come so far inland as it did on the West Coast. I was also aware that the southern half of Florida was under water.

“I don’t remember seeing anything like Central America or South America, for water surrounded what I was seeing, and I didn’t really focus on what was beyond that water. Yet at the same time, I had the understanding that the waters had risen around the entire Earth, and that everything had changed to one degree or another.

c. The U.S. as Two Separate Countries

“The area of water in the middle of… the United States was massive, and was widest or most extensive in the north. There were no Great Lakes as I had known them, for all of them had come together into this huge sea that extended northeastward into the ocean.

“The inland sea also extended southward, filling most of the Mississippi an Missouri River valleys and widening by many, many miles the Mississippi River where it flows into what we know as the Gulf of Mexico. This sea was so vast that I knew it could not be bridged, and so in essence the United States had become as two separate countries.”

d. A New U.S. Seat of Power

“I was also aware that the seat of power, or patriotism, had moved away from Washington, D.C. There was so much turmoil and warfare on the eastern side of this body of water that no authority really existed there. I understood then that in the scenario I was being shown, our country had come to the very edge of destruction — to the brink of losing everything, because myself and hosts of others like me had chosen to seek worldly things rather than loving or serving others.

“Additionally, we had refused to care for our precious natural resources. Because of our greed and selfishness our national government had lost most of its power, and could no longer completely govern or control. National laws were ignored, and there was no true nationwide governmental infrastructure left. What government there was seemed to be territorial, sort of like large tribes or groups of people who had banded together.

“And I saw that because of the ramifications of these day-to-day choices the people, especially on the eastern side of this new body of water, lived in great danger and fear. There was tremendous anarchy and crime — sort of like the Los Angeles riots spread nationwide. And the normal citizens kept themselves hidden away from all this, barricading themselves into their homes or wherever they had gathered together for security. many children didn’t go to school, commerce as we know it had pretty much ceased, many people were starving to death, there was terrible violence from people who seemed like roving gangs — it was just an awful scene of confusion and turmoil.

“Yet in this scenario there was less of that turmoil on the western portion of our country. There was even a certain amount of prosperity, and it was there that I could see the new seat of power, if that is what it could be called. This area, or city or whatever, while on the eastern edge or shore line of the western portion of land, was located in almost the exact center of the combination of both halves of the country. Later when I looked at a map of the United States, I realized that it would have been very near present-day Kansas City.

“From this location I could see power radiating outward, almost like light flowing out to strengthen and stabilize other areas. This power was what I called patriotism or strong moral character or spirituality — a true spiritual force that was the only real governing power over the whole land. This is why I called that area the seat of power.

“But I must state this power was totally spiritual — a true power of spirit such as the angel beside me was exhibiting, or that I had felt emanating from Christ while I had been in His presence.”

e. Native American Spiritual Influence

“I also sensed that some of the Indians — the Native Americans — were partially responsible for the peacefulness that was on the western side of this water. Some of these Native American peoples had a knowledge of how to live from the land, or how to be in harmony with it so it would bring forth in abundance according to their needs. They were teaching this spiritual knowledge to the people around them, and all the people were starting to learn to live in harmony with each other. At the same time they were beginning again to prosper by becoming harmonious with nature, or the natural elements upon which they depended.”

More NDE prophecies can be found at the NDE and the Future Research Conclusions.